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Coming To America for EXPERTS ONLY!!!

A " Coming to America" Trivia Quiz

This is about those beautiful little details in Coming To America.

About This Quiz

Title: Coming To America for EXPERTS ONLY!!!
Description: This is about those beautiful little details in Coming To America.
Quiz Taken: 24277 times
Author: fb519325925
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Take the Quiz!

  • How many characters does Eddie Murphy play in Coming To America?
  • In the hotel that Akeem and Semi rent a room in, what type of problem does the bathroom have?
  • How long had Akeem been growing his princess lock before he cut it?
  • What title are the contestants in the pageant competing for?
  • Who did Randy Watson play in the "What's Going Down" episode of "That's My Mama".
  • Who plays the guy who tries to rob MacDowell's?
  • What does Daryl say must be a new experience for Akeem?
  • Who does Akeem tell Lisa and Daryl that the man in this picture is.
  • How many years of hard work does Cleo tell Akeem it will take for him to have a house like his?
  • What is the rest of this quote? "Now I don't give a damn who you are. This is America Jack. If you say one more word about Lisa...
  • How much did the earings that Akeem bought for Lisa cost?
  • What other movie were Randolph and Mortimer Duke in?
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