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Question 1

One of ur besties in the group wants to sing in this months TKSN show but, your running out of time and the group is getting really mad at you and just want to shot the show and put it together, And if you say your bestie can do it the group is going to get mad at you. What do u do?

Question 2

Your all bored and theres nothing to do so, you...

Question 3

Quick! Pick one...

Question 4

Quick! Favorite Celeb...

Question 5

What would you find in your bag???

Question 6

What is your perfect vacation???

Question 7

What would you do to get TKSN more viewers???

Question 8

Whats your favorite song???

Question 9

One of the others are talking about their favorite celeb that u don't like, U...

Question 10

Whats your favorite colour???
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