"Hunger Games" personality test

Find out which Hunger Games character best matches you personality amongst Katniss, Peeta, Haymitch, Primrose and the Careers.

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Question 1

Your greatest goal in life:

Question 2

Your idea of a good time:

Question 3

A friend of yours is about to get in trouble for sth you did. What's your reaction?

Question 4

Your favorite pass-time:

Question 5

Your favorite book from the ones below:

Question 6

You're about to go into the arena, select one of the items below:

Question 7

Which of the animals below best represents your spirit?

Question 8

You're completely alone on a desert island. Suddenly the hover craft appears and drops a small parachute. You're hoping it's a:

Question 9

You're in the arena and someone's about to plunge their kinfe in you but they briefly hesitate. You take advantage of that moment to:

Question 10

Now choose a token:

Question 11

You're hiking and get lost when suddenly you find an injured bird. What do you do?

Question 12

Any last word of advice?
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