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Harry Dean Stanton, Suzy Amis, Crispin Glover, Dylan McDermott, Jenny Wright

Don't mistake this movie for the stormy special-effects blockbuster of the same name; the two films are light years apart. Based on Mary Robison's novel Oh!, this Twister was the quirky first feature ... read more read more...from screenwriter/director Michael Almereyda (Nadja, The Eternal) about an eccentric soda-pop tycoon and his dysfunctional family. Suzy Amis plays Maureen Cleveland, a single mother who lives with her precocious daughter, Violet (Lindsay Christman), and her very strange brother, Howdy (Crispin Glover), in the family mansion, tended by the young live-in housekeeper, Lola (Charlaine Woodward). Maureen's ex-boyfriend Chris (Violet's father) comes back to town with the intention of rescuing Maureen and Violet from Kansas so they can start a family of their own. This turns out to be more difficult than he expected. Maureen is still angry about their break-up and seems unresponsive to his earnest and somewhat clumsy displays of affection. Howdy is too busy writing nonsensical songs and hanging out with his new girlfriend, Stephanie (Jenny Wright), to be of any help. To complicate matters, their father, Eugene (Harry Dean Stanton), shows up with a prudish children's TV evangelist named Virginia (Lois Chiles) and announces their engagement. No one gets along, and soon all are trapped indoors during a particularly bad Kansas twister. As the storm rages outside, Maureen and Howdy cook up a plan to find their long-lost mother, who may be the only person who can explain why they are all so odd. Like Almereyda's later films, Twister is a kaleidoscope of absurd conversations, oddball characters, and events that seem to happen for no reason at all. It's a perfect vehicle for Crispin Glover, who delivers some of the film's wackiest dialogue as the rich kid comfortably living in his own fantasy world. Tim Robbins makes an appearance as Stephanie's jealous ex-boyfriend Jeff, and author William S. Burroughs has a cameo as a farmer shooting targets in an empty barn. ~ Anthony Reed, Rovi

Id: 10901436

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Recent Reviews

  • April 18, 2014
    A man seeks to reconnect with his daughter and her alcoholic mother, who rarely leave the family mansion they share with the family patriarch (Harry Dean Stanton) and a weirdo artist brother/uncle (Crispin Glover). With interesting characters portrayed by intriguing actors (there... read more's even a cameo by William S. Burroughs), it's a movie that keeps teasing that it's just about to get really good... then it ends.
  • October 23, 2011
    Typical American blockbuster.
  • April 5, 2011
    Don't get this movie confused with the 90s action adventure about tornado chasers! No, this is a comedy/drama movie about an eccentric family and their problems relating to people outside of their relatives. It's really very interesting, and the actors are good. I like it.
  • May 3, 2009
    1/2 star and I am being nice, I mean 93 minutes of sleep would been more of an adventure then this movie was. Yes it was that bad. I am trying to see all of Suzy Amis, at least I was till this point. I have seen some bad movies in my life and at least I found one or two good part... read mores in a bad movie, but good luck trying to find one in this movie. The movie is based on the 1981 Novel OH written by: Mary Robison's, The many reviews I have seen say that this family was trapped together in a house during a tornado, how untrue, a tornado past threw the town but trapped, I think Not. So why the Movie was called twister is beyond me. But confuse this not with the 1996 Movie Twister this is about tornado's. One of the few movies I am glad it was over when it was over even thought it was over when it started. 1/2 star
  • December 6, 2006
    I really hated how all the supporting characters had their little quirks which were supposed to make up for the weak story and lame starring cast. And the evil meteorology team.... ooooooh! Who could forget them!?
  • fb100001266995067
    September 19, 2013
    Twister is an odd 80s comedy which surrounds an eccentric family. The humor in this is undeniably cheap, but the execution is surprisingly strong. The family dinner scene has me cracking up. The rest is only funny in the sense of how weird it is, and it's the weirdest comedy I've... read more ever seen. Really random in humor, concepts, ans stpries, but it's not a movie to be completely brushed off

    2 stars-
  • November 21, 2006
    I have always been interested in Tornadoes. So I liked this movie. A good one to watch.
  • August 4, 2010
    Wierd. Random. And really nothing to do with tornadoes. Had guy from Back to the Future (Crispin Glover) playing a really out there guy. I wouldn't say this is a must see.
  • March 27, 2010
    Prepare yourself to be blown away. Aside from the tornado itself the natural disaster happening in the middle of America is an oddball family trapped in their farmhouse. The patriarch of the clan is a retired soda pop tycoon currently dating a children's TV evangelist. Also livin... read moreg at the farm is his layabout daughter and her precocious 8-year-old daughter, his would-be artist son, the son's fiancee, and the black maid. Also thrown into the mix is the daughter's ex-husband who is seeking to get back in his ex-wife's good graces.

    Based on the Mary Robison novel Oh and directed by Michael Almereyda, Twister features good acting performances from the following cast:
    1.) Harry Dean Stanton (Cleveland)
    2.) Suzy Amis (Maureen)
    3.) Crispin Glover (Howdy)
    4.) Dylan McDermott (Chris)
    5.) Lindsay Christman (Violet)

    While disaster-themed movies often feature tornadoes that destroy property and life, thus leaving behind the lives of everyone who struggle to survive in the aftermath, throughout the action-packed plot, this 1989-released Twister movie only features a sequence in which the tornado devastates the town during the first half. The rest, however, is a madhouse of a family who can't get along over personal issues, yet I understood some meaningful dialogue that was easy for me to hear, and I mustn't turn away from it. The makers of this movie labeled it as a comedy, but I felt more drama than anything else amusing. And as for the film title, its use is so coincidental that many people would easy confuse this with the 1996 film with Helen Hunt in it (which I liked better). It should have been called A Fighting Family In the Middle Of America instead - how about that? At least I can say that my viewing experience wasn't that bad at all, 'cause all I want to see in here is a tornado, and that's it.
  • January 9, 2010
    this movie was about the family as a unit, how they inner-twined wth each other. i thought it was a scary one from the title, it was an ok flick.

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