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Andrew Booth, Shane Briant, Liz Burch, Malcolm Cork, Gary Day ... see more see more... , Jonathan Hardy , Rebecca Rigg , Stephen Davis , Patsy Kensit , Ray Marsh , Robert Reynolds , Craig Ashley , Justin Monjo , Philip Proctor , Howard Hesseman , Ernest Anderson , Edwina Anderson , Roger Bowen , John Candy , Chevy Chase , Danny Dark , Tom Davis , Joe Flaherty , Rod Gist , Lorry Goldman , Gerrit Graham , Rick Hurst , Bob McClurg , Mary McCusker , Laraine Newman , Sam Riddle , William Schallert , Lynne Marie Stewart , Al Franken , Neal Israel , Joe Roth , Ron Silver , Howard Storm , Betty Thomas , Danielle von Zerneck , James Bacon , Pamela Toll , C.D. Taylor , Frank Alesia , Jimmy Martinez , Ron Prince , Julie Mannix , Phil Proctor , Beans Morocco , Stephen Feinberg , Shane Bryant

A committee investigating TV's first uncensored network examines a typical day's programming, which includes shows, commercials, news programs, you name it. What they discover will surely crack you up... read more read more...! This outrageous and irreverent spoof of television launched the careers of some of the greatest comedians of all time.

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DVD Release Date: April 16, 1996

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  • February 18, 2009
    A bit funny. A bit racist. A some is just unfunny crudeness. Well it's amusing, and an interesting look at future TV. Some of it has come true, most of it, thank god, hasn't.

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David Stratton
March 26, 2009
David Stratton, Variety

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Emanuel Levy
July 9, 2005
Emanuel Levy, EmanuelLevy.Com

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Dragan Antulov
September 13, 2002
Dragan Antulov,

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