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The Master Control Program is booted back up in this revamped Tron continuation that sees the return of original star Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn, the brilliant computer programmer whose disappearance... read more read more... leads his son, Sam (Garrett Hedlund), to search for him in and out of the computer world. Original director and co-writer Steven Lisberger produces the new film, which is helmed by commercial director Joseph Kosinski. James Frain, Olivia Wilde, Beau Garrett, and Michael Sheen also star, with Bruce Boxleitner returning as Alan Bradley and Tron, the heroic protagonist of the original film. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi

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  • December 23, 2013
    How the hell do you make a modern sequel to a likable but dated bit of sci-fi nonsense? Well, this is how! They could have just made a remake, one that is a bit like the old one but with updated technology and an annoying child in the lead role (not forgetting loads of product pl... read moreacement). They didn't though, they have made a very believable and intelligent follow up with great special effects, great story and something for the new viewers without compromising what the fans of the original wanted to see. It may be a first. The Daft Punk Cameo is awesome. Brilliant!
  • July 13, 2013
    Tron Legacy takes place about 15 years after the events of the first Tron film where Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) has gone missing and his son Sam (Garrett Hedlund) has grown up questioning where his father went. He gets a text from the video arcade where his father worked and goes... read more there only to be sucked into the digital world of Tron, where C.L.U., a creation in Flynns own image (Also played by Bridges,) Has taken over and Flynn has been forced into hiding in the outskirts of the city that he had created along with C.L.U. With the help of Sam and a girl named Quorra, they try to escape from the digital prison before the gateway closes.

    Tron Legacy is definitely a sequel that really steps up the game in terms of the style it shows. It is modeled after the style of the original film but like this new film, the world has evolved drastically since those times and everything is now much more high tech and creative in design. With CG the effects are very much improved from the first film and really are one of the shining points of this film and they look incredible. Now the Light Cycle battles look incredible and now there's not just light cycles, but light ships, light planes, and even light gliders, and each looks incredibly well stylized in this world and the CG really does help make this world and machinery look incredible.

    Now Tron Legacy doesn't have the best acting in the world and Hedlund and Quorra can get kind of annoying at some points due to how cheesy their dialogue is, but the main selling point in terms of the acting in this movie, is two people, Jeff Bridges and Michael Sheen. Bridges does a great job at being both calm and collected as Flynn and being a ruthless and horrible prick as C.L.U. and Sheen, though having little screen time, takes major advantage of this screen time and makes it so you never can take your eyes off of him just due to how bizarre and strange he acts and is the big show stealer in the whole club scene.

    The main thing that steals the show in this whole movie aside from the effects and scenery, is the incredible music, all done incredibly by Daft Punk. This techno sound that they traditionally are known for truly signifies the hi-tech feel and look of this world, and I personally think this is one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard in a film.

    Overall, this is an incredible sequel and a major improvement over the first film in the technical standpoint, and musical standpoint, and this is hands down one of my favorite films of all time. True it does have some falts like some of the dialogue in the film is incredibly cheesy, but the good dialogue from Jeff Bridges and Sheen does make up for the cheesy. I'd say check it out if you want an incredibly entertaining sequel to make up for the stupidness of some other action sequels done in the past.
  • June 6, 2013
    A sad attempt to capture some of the magic of a dated film. The special effects were pretty good though.
  • May 3, 2013
    After the events of the original Tron, Kevin Flynn disappears and his rebellious son enters the virtual world two decades later to find his father. The original Tron was a visually ground breaking film with an fun messianistic plot revolving around a population of personified "pr... read moreograms". Tron Legacy is more an update than a sequel and visually at least, they've taken the idea and ran with it to glorious effect. They've essentially Matrixified the digital world which gave the director room for some visually eye boggling set pieces including the familiar light cycles, disc duels and now light fighter jets. It takes a lot of cues from old school sci-fi, including 2001, Star Wars and even Flash Gordon and at one point even directly quotes kid's classic War Games. The plot is a little workman-like and much of the dialogue functional at best, but the audio visual overdrive certainly maintains the attention. Although Garrett Hedlund is a bit of a personality vacuum, 13 makes a sassy sidekick who's very easy on the eye and Jeff Bridge's' Flynn is an amusing combination of Neo and The Dude. It's a shame that Tron himself didn't get more of a look in as his character was relegated to a kind of digital Darth Maul but otherwise it was a fun bit of cheesy, undemanding sci-fi.
  • October 18, 2012
    There's not a whole lot to say here. The effects are staggering and the action is exhilarating, but the plot is a little lacking. This would have been an instant classic if the story was as good as the effects and action, but it still stands as a fantastic technical demo and one ... read morethat is ridiculously entertaining. The sound track by Daft Punk is also killer. Kudos to Disney for hiring them.
  • July 19, 2012
    Slightly less than decent sci-fi film. Could've been so much better if more thought had been put into plot.
  • June 28, 2012
    It was fairly entertaining. But I was also in another world at the time.
  • June 22, 2012
    All they had to do to make this a decent movie was have lots of cool looking 3d action sequences. What a ripoff.
  • June 3, 2012
    Can you call a film a classic if it didn't do well at the box office back when it was released, wasn't exactly a huge hit in rentals and reruns either and yet people of a certain age think back on it fondly as part of their childhood? The original "Tron" film from the 80s may not... read more show up in a lot of "favorite films" lists, but most kids at a certain age still perceived it as something unique at its time, if only visually. Almost 30 years later, there's the sequel now and you can see that the creators appreciated the original for its impact on special effects and visuals. Especially the beginning makes sure to pay tribute to the predecessor, including wonderfully cheesy 80s music playing at the arcade. To get right to the point: the sequel is a worthy one.

    Of course, the story easily fits on a beer coaster. Flynn's son (accidentally) goes into The Grid to find his father who has been missing for 20 years. It's not surprising to report that the plot has few surprises to offer (at least in the first half) and doesn't exactly reach Shakespearean proportions of drama. The movie's smart enough to add plenty of really gorgeously looking action sequences just at the right times. The visuals of the world inside The Grid is sometimes breathtaking, always impressive, but surprisingly dark. The decent but not stunning 3D effects are limited to this part of the film, the real world remains 2D.

    The list of actors worth mentioning is relatively short, considering 80% of the characters are wearing masks throughout the entire film. Newcomer Garrett Hedlund delivers a surprisingly confident performance as the leading man. Jeff Bridges sometimes even channels The Dude Lebowski in his role as older Flynn and reaches the excellent level of acting one can expect from him towards the end of the film. Olivia Wilds's character as female sidekick may not give her much space to shine, but yet she manages to add a quirky quality to it that's rather likable. Michael Sheen as flamboyant club owner overacts by a notch or two.
    The problem is the bad guy, a pretty well known but computer generated face, that once again shows that actors won't have to fear replacement any time soon. A couple of times you forget that it's just a computer trick, but most of the time it's a tad disenchanting.

    The soundtrack by Daft Punk, mixing a classic score with their pumping electronic rhythms, may be one of the best aspects of the film. Together with the stunning visuals the movie creates a pulsating, enchanting rhythm, especially during the club fight sequence that is a pleasure for all senses.

    The final verdict for the film may have been style winning over brains and heart, if it wasn't for the ending, which finally reaches an emotional level the viewer can connect to. And the final frame of the movie is actually so sweet that it entirely redeems the emotionally somewhat cool and indifferent first half of the story.

    It's easy to rip this movie apart if you're not willing to suspend disbelief and enjoy pointing out plot holes (or maybe I simply didn't get it.) Or you can just let yourself get drawn into his world and have two pretty damn entertaining hours with this. It's mostly up to the audience.
  • March 8, 2012
    *Looks down with sunglasses at hand*
    *Puts on glasses*

    "Tron Legacy" tries really, really hard to be a very cool and in some ways, it pulls off its tone. It's got some really breathtaking camera shots and especially with ... read morethe power of IMAX cameras, it's rich in detail and lighting. But for the rest of the plot, its dreadfully boring and the choreography for the action scenes is very simple. The entertainment value with these action scenes are heightened only due to the CGI effects going about.

Critic Reviews

Bruce Diones
January 10, 2011
Bruce Diones, New Yorker

Disney may be looking for a merchandising bonanza with this long-gestating sequel to the groundbreaking 1982 film, but someone in the corporate offices forgot to add any human interest to its action-h... Full Review

Rafer Guzman
January 3, 2011
Rafer Guzman, Newsday

Like the original, Tron: Legacy obsesses over technology and style but forgets important details like character and plot. Full Review

Stephen Whitty
December 17, 2010
Stephen Whitty, Newark Star-Ledger

It is genuinely exciting to see where this brave new world of CGI and 3D is leading. But on the whole, this isn't really much of a legacy -- or even as much fun as a round of Space Invaders. Full Review

Claudia Puig
December 17, 2010
Claudia Puig, USA Today

For a far more thought-provoking tale about the virtual realm, try The Social Network. Full Review

Joe Williams
December 17, 2010
Joe Williams, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

It's a triumph of streamlined design, but TRON: Legacy never enters the fourth dimension where it's worth a plugged nickel to humans. Full Review

Ian Buckwalter
December 17, 2010
Ian Buckwalter, NPR

Despite all the gloom and grandiosity, this can be a fun movie, particularly for those willing to sit back and let it wash over them. Full Review

Dana Stevens
December 17, 2010
Dana Stevens, Slate

Tron: Legacy is the kind of sensory-onslaught blockbuster that tends to put me to sleep, the way babies will nap to block out overwhelming stimuli. Full Review

Lisa Kennedy
December 17, 2010
Lisa Kennedy, Denver Post

TRON: Legacy proves once again that movies can be incubators for exciting technological and F/X advances... while leaving our need for narrative unsatisfied. Full Review

Liam Lacey
December 17, 2010
Liam Lacey, Globe and Mail

Another weak story with sub-B-movie dialogue, partly compensated for by intensely conceived geometric design and special effects. Full Review

Tom Long
December 17, 2010
Tom Long, Detroit News

Lots of sizzle, not much soul, and very little sense. Full Review

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    • Sam Flynn: Does the name 'Kevin Flynn' mean anything to you?
    • Destitute Program: Be quiet if you want to live.
    • Rinzler: User!
    • Kevin Flynn/Clu: Greetings, programs!
    • Sam Flynn: This is it! Come on!
    • Sam Flynn: I won! Now let me out!
    • Sam Flynn: Oh, come on! Is that even legal?

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