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The world's deadliest CIA operatives are inseparable partners and best friends until they fall for the same woman. Having once helped bring down entire enemy nations, they are now employing their inco... read more read more...mparable skills and an endless array of high-tech gadgetry against their greatest nemesis ever - each other. -- (C) Fox

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PG-13, 1 hr. 38 min.

Directed by: McG

Release Date: February 14, 2012

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DVD Release Date: May 22, 2012

Stats: 5,376 reviews

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  • July 7, 2014
    Another bland, boring and misfire of a romantic comedy, this film could have been terrific, but it wastes all its potential on such a lacking script that elements that normally would gel together simply don't. Instead, This Mean War is a tedious affair, a film that relies on genr... read moree clichés in order to create its plot and jokes. I must admit, I did smile a few times, but I didn't laugh one bit. This film really could have been much better, but as it is, it's a film that misses the mark. Considering that Tom Hardy was in this, I was hoping that he would this dreadful picture, but he didn't. This Means War is void of laughter, and it doesn't reinvent the genre in any way. I didn't this film to be as bad as it is, but sadly it is, and it's a film not worth seeing. I was mildly curious to watch the film because, the premise pretty good, but the execution just doesn't deliver. The film might have looked good on paper, but on celluloid it's a whole different story. This is simply a dull picture, one that doesn't succeed at making you laugh or more importantly, entertain you. This is your typical rom-com, and it's quite predictable and though it uses an interesting idea for a story, the payoff is quite weak, and most all, Hardy's skills as an actor are wasted here. However, at least his filmography is pretty solid, and with this bomb, it doesn't anything do tarnish his incredible work. Same goes for Chris Pine, who was wonderful in Star Trek, Smoking Aces and Bottle Shock. This Means War is a wasted opportunity and it really should have been a good affair, but it relies far too much on genre clichés to create its plot that it's just a flat, boring film that fails to grab your attention.
  • May 6, 2013
    This was an enjoyable film, good to see that there are a few big budget Action/Rom-Coms being made that have a great balance of action and humour. Similar to True lies, Knight & Day and Date Night so if you liked any of those you'll enjoy this to.
  • October 9, 2012
    Unsurprisingly enough an average, unfunny comedy.
    Amoungst the Love triangle, there's a pointless understory, undeveloped characters and not enough action to make this movie any more exciting.
  • October 4, 2012
    A fun and cheeky film with some good comedy, but the end is a total sell out. I won't recommend it, purely because the end is so terrible. Neither male characters are desirable by the end which makes me feel this film is pointless.
  • August 7, 2012
    "It would just be two stars but Tom Hardy is worth the extra half. Now to the movie. It wasn't as funny as I was hoping. The action, when there was some, was pretty good. I enjoyed it more then I did the comedy part. Chris Pine makes it easy to love him in this movie with that sm... read moreart-ass wit and those gorgeous eyes. Tom Hardy is funny and easy to love as well. Just look and listen to him. I could forever LOL. Anyways, Witherspoon was just OK for me. The guys really outshined her. I would like to see them in a great action flick."
  • July 23, 2012
    I enjoyed this. I do have a soft spot for Reese's movies. I find her very cute, funny, and sweet. Plus, I am a Tom Hardy fan...very much so! On that note, I may be a bit biased, but I found this movie very enjoyable.
  • July 1, 2012
    Why? Why did anyone think this would have been a good idea? Two spies fall for the same girl and have to duke it out for her heart. First off, NO ONE IN THIS FILM IS LIKEABLE! Each person in the love triangle either lie and or cheat on a person with another person. Chris Pin... read moree is the womanizer dirtbag who just wants to get in Witherspoon's pants and tries to trick us into thinking he has a heart. Witherspoon is a unlikeable character who tries to screw anyone who are willing. And shock shock Tom Hardy is the only person you somewhat like. Hardy, to me, is a great actor and I dont understand why he's doing films like these. I almost think think that the writer wrote the part for Hardy and that was the only reason he was like, "sure, why not." I will say this about the film: If you watch it as a 2 hour music video (which it is) then you might enjoy it............... why is Til Schweiger in this film? 3/10
  • June 13, 2012
    You can easily see the initial appeal of this film. With a good mixture of comedy, romance, and action, it seems like the perfect date movie for those couples that subscribe to gender genres. Something for the girls and something for the boys. This Means War has two CIA agents ba... read morettling for the affections of the same woman. It all starts out innocently enough, but when Reese declares a sex "tie breaker" I lost all respect for her. Had the genders been switched, this movie would've had a completely different ending. Pine plays FDR, the womanising cool cat that originally sees this as a sport. Hardy is the sensitive guy with a son and a failed marriage. He has genuine feelings for the girl. They start to spy on Witherspoon, which gives them insights into how their dates went, and Pine learns to be a bit more sensitive whilst Hardy lets loose with his more cavalier side. I really didn't feel much chemistry between Witherspoon and either of the lads, but this may be because Pine and Hardy had such fantastic chemistry. I never once doubted their friendship and feel this should have been the true focus. They did bromance without making us doubt their masculinity. There's also a plot involving Schweiger's evil German coming for revenge after the boys kill his brother in the beginning, but this is just for a quick and convenient action ending that can wrap things up. The comedy is very gentle but does manage a few chuckles. The romance is sweet at times but also ruined by a certain air of creepiness from the boys and bitchiness on Witherspoon's part, and the action is very well handled but also very far apart. For a lot of people the biggest thrill will be seeing who WItherspoon ends up with. Simple and competent but like so many spy comedies, it just needed some balls.
  • June 9, 2012
    A sexy and stylish action-comedy. It`s swift, smart, outragious and wickedly enjoyable movie thats loaded with explosive action, crisp romance and great humor from start to finish. A perfect blend of a spy-action film mixed with romance and buddy comedy. A wildy hilarious and ext... read morereamly entertaining movie that you cant get enough of. Chris Pine and Tom Hardy are a dream team, they have wickedly good chemistry together and are a charming and awesome action duo. These guys are too much fun to watch, two great stars with lots of heart keep this film going strong. Reese Witherspoon is a delight, she and her two co-stars bring on loveable and fun romantic chemistry. A thrilling, slick, fall-down funny action romp. Director, McG`s best film yet. If you loved films like True Lies and Mr. and Mrs. Smith, This Means War is your tickett to a great time.
  • June 5, 2012
    Nothing new to see here in this movie, every single scene feels as though it has been ripped off from another movie. Also, Reece Witherspoon is TERRIBLE! She cannot act, has no comic timing and has a head like a skull with skin stretched across it.

Critic Reviews

Tom Huddleston
February 29, 2012
Tom Huddleston, Time Out

Yet another case of Hollywood execs trying way too hard to give the audience what they think it wants. Full Review

Anthony Lane
February 21, 2012
Anthony Lane, New Yorker

The director is McG, who allows no motion to pass without a musical energy boost. Full Review

Colin Covert
February 17, 2012
Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune

"This Means War" is the worst McG film yet. And good Lord, that is saying something. Full Review

Peter Rainer
February 17, 2012
Peter Rainer, Christian Science Monitor

The best you can say about This Means War is that it would make a good date movie for couples in the witness protection program. Full Review

Laremy Legel
February 17, 2012
Laremy Legel,

Slides by on the strength of Tom Hardy. Full Review

Richard Roeper
February 17, 2012
Richard Roeper, Richard

And we have our first lock for the Worst of the Year list. Full Review

Linda Barnard
February 17, 2012
Linda Barnard, Toronto Star

Not even cutie-pie Oscar-winner Reese Witherspoon can hold our attention for long in this ridiculous, bombastic romance. Full Review

Rene Rodriguez
February 17, 2012
Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald

It's a date movie for suckers. Full Review

Wesley Morris
February 17, 2012
Wesley Morris, Boston Globe

You can imagine how the ball got rolling on "This Means War.'' You can also imagine how the folks who rolled the ball started to lose their minds. Full Review

Leah Rozen
February 17, 2012
Leah Rozen, TheWrap

In the dictionary, "frothy" is defined as being "light and entertaining but of little substance." This Means War is a totally frothy film. And that's a good thing, at least here. (Sometimes substance ... Full Review

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    • Ivan: See you in the office?
    • Tuck: No, I'll see you in a few mate.
    • Ivan: Come here.
    • Tuck: Come here.
    • Ivan: I love you.
    • Tuck: I love you too.
    • Ivan: Family always and forever.
    • Tuck: Yeah, sorry.
    • Ivan: Take care.
    • Tuck: Take care.
    • Lauren: You have the emotional intelligence of a fifteen years old boy!
    • Tuck: Sometimes, falling is the best part.
    • Lauren: What do you do when you don't know what to do?
    • Trish: I know he's fat and ridiculous. But his my fat. And my ridiculous. And I like the way that I am with him.
    • Ivan: You slept with my wife!

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