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Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, Hugo Weaving, Art Malik ... see more see more... , Simon Merrells , Gemma Whelan , Mario Marin-Borquez , Asa Butterfield , Cristina Contes , Malcolm Scates , Nicholas Day , Michael Cronin , David Sterne , David Schofield , Roger Frost , Rob Dixon , Clive Russell , Oliver Adams , Geraldine Chaplin , Emil Hostina , Rick Baker , Emily Cohen , Jessica Manley , Dave Fisher , Olga Fedori , Lorraine Hilton , Antony Sher , John Owens , Barry McCormick , Jordan Coulson , Ian Peck , Richard James , David Keyes , Shaun Smith , Jake Nightingale , C.C. Smiff , Anthony Debaeck

Lawrence Talbot's childhood ended the night his mother died. After he left the sleepy Victorian hamlet of Blackmoor, he spent decades trying to forget. When his brother's fiancée, Gwen Conliffe, track... read more read more...s him down to help find her missing love, Talbot returns home to join the search. He learns that something with brute strength and insatiable bloodlust has been killing the villagers. As he pieces together the gory puzzle, he hears of an ancient curse that turns the afflicted into werewolves when the moon is full. Talbot must destroy the vicious creature in the woods surrounding Blackmoor, but as he hunts for the nightmarish beast, a simple man with a tortured past will uncover a primal side to himself -- one he never imagined existed.

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DVD Release Date: June 1, 2010

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  • fb573414556
    June 2, 2013
    As a remake 'The Wolfman' is as digitized as they get; offering what is supposed to be a dark insight into a land where the line between humanity and animosity is blurred and a savage werewolf brutally terrorizes Victorian Great Britain.

    'The Wolfman' suffers with the self-made ... read morejuxtaposition between what it strives to be and what it actually is. The few moments of thematic darkness are in vain when placed alongside the somewhat comedic, over the top violence and ungrounded tension. The films biggest problem however, is its overproduced mise-en-scene, its hard to suspend your disbelief when you're looking at something mediated within an inch of its life. A film attempting to deal with the raw, untameable nature of becoming a werewolf shouldn't take place in a land of carefully placed ?moody? shadow and glistening, overly clean Victorian attire, it should be an unstable journey into the mind of a man who is more beast then human.

    Despite its flaws with tone and stylistic uncertainty 'The Wolfman' does have its upsides: an interesting soundtrack and some rare moments of eerie beauty... If only it knew what to do with them.
  • June 8, 2012
    The Wolfman wasn't half as bad as I'd been lead to believe. In fact I thought it was quite good as remakes go. It has added a little more action, a little more gore but still retains the mystery and just the right amount of cheese. It's not perfect but I think quite knowingly so.... read more It's pretty entertaining throughout with a couple of stand-out exciting scenes, the only thing I don't really get is the casting of Benicio del Toro!?
  • April 10, 2012
    The remake of the classic horror tale of a werewolf curse does start out quite promising. Without wasting much time, the beast attacks and our protagonist returns home to investigate in his brother's gruesome death. The atmosphere and setting during those early scenes are working... read more quite well, the rural 19th century Britain is filmed rather nicely and the small villages and old manors look great. Sadly, once the curse takes hold of the protagonist, the film is getting more and more lazy. The transformation CGI is alright, but not mind-blowing and even the Oscar awarded make-up effects could have been better. The film does not take the easy path of giving us an evil and a noble werewolf, at the same time it makes it kind of difficult to care for a main character who shreds innocents to pieces. The rather predictable ending is the only possibly solution but still leaves you unsatisfied after a rather mediocre showdown. And what's even worse, it doesn't even address the possibility of the curse surviving the final confrontation. Genre fans could check it out, without expecting too much. Overall, the film is rather forgettable, even if partially well done.
  • January 10, 2012
    Please note that this review is in regards to the theatrical version. I plan on watching the director's cut, and, depending on how that goes, may readjust my review and rating.

    I has expecting a good amount from this movie. Unfortuantely, it left me unsatisfied. It's not terri... read moreble, but it's not really a whole lot more than average. I don't think that Joe Johnston is a hack, but I question if he was the right choice. I'm all for a director expanding their range, but I question if a more accomplished director (in general and with horror films specifically), would have been the way to go (depending of course, on the screenplay).

    As it stands, it can be hard to successfully blend the violence and gore expected by modern viewers with a traditional gothic setting and atmosphere. It can be done, but it doesn't happen here. I liked some of the gore, but some of it seemed a bit unnecessary. Same goes for the effects. I liked that some of it was done practically, but it would have been excellent to see all of it done practically, or with even less CG. I appreciated that they wisely decided to retain the Victorian era setting instead of doing something stupid like setting it in contemporary times.

    Considering that two Oscar winners appear in this, you'd think the acting would have been better. It's not. It doesn't suck, but a lot is left ot be desired. Hugo Weaving has some awesome mutton chops though, and, even though Emily Blunt is pretty, the quick glimpse of side boob from her seemed pointless.

    I like the general concept and story, but the specific plot and story for this film needed work. It's a shame considering Andrew Kevin Walker was involved in the writing. I expect a lot better from him. The big twist was revealed way too early, seemed telegrahed anyway, and wasn't handled very well. .I did like the music though, and the camera work was also quite nice, as was the art direction. That's probably where this film excells the most. Too bad the story and other stuff can't be at the sae level. There was one of the scenes at the asylum though, that was pretty damn decent, and it's probably the best sequence in the film (the latter sequence at the asylum, that is). I liked parts of the gypsy camp attack, but not all of it.

    This is not quite as terrible as people have made it out to be, but it's sadly pretty average, which sucks even more because this had the potential to be excellent. I am glad it was R though, even if some of the gore was a but much.


    I have now seen the unrated version. It is only a tad but better, but not enough so to give the film an extra half-star. It is longer, and the additional scenes are actually not extended gore, but scenes that give more depth and development to characters, as well as toying with plot developments. While these additions aren't bad, as they do flesh out characters, they mess with the pacing.

    Upon second viewing, I realized that the film is a little more boring than I first thought. The additional scenes just bog stuff down. Maybe had they been included to begin with, have the script and pacing be better overall, and make all of the effects be non CG, then this film could have been a quite passable B-Movie. Still though, it's not bad, just mediocre.
  • December 30, 2011
    A lot of CGI was used in this film, but it was appropriate for it's premise. I didn't feel that The Wolfman suffered from CGI Overload. But, The Wolfman is worth watching for it's great action sequences. However, there could have been more of them as I was waiting a while for the... read more first transformation to actually happen. The Wolfman was a great film for me. But for your average movie goer. It probably could have been better.
  • November 4, 2011
    This is the best movie I have ever seen period. I loved every minute of it. It had fantastic acting, great special affects, a surprising plot twist. It was down right amazing, and even better than I thought it would be. Truly the pinacle of film making.

    There are a few things ... read moreI want to say for anyone who saw this movie. First of all, don't expect something very scary, because it is hardly ever scary. There were a few creepy scenes, like the gypsy massacre and the nightmare scene, but this is really just a action film that thinks it's horror. Also, don't expect a story anything like the original Wolfman. They are very, very different, particulary the endings.

    Now that I got that out of the way, I can get on to what I liked. This was some of the best acting I have ever seen. Every single actor did a fantastic job, particulary Anthony Hopkins and Benicio Del Toro. Del Toro did an extremely powerful and realistic job as Lawrence Talbot, a man returning to his fathers estate in Blackmoor, England to visit his brother's funeral (SPOILER: He becomes the Wolfman)Lawrence is a sympathetic character with a very sad story, and we feel for him, and pity that even he cannot control the evil of the Wolfman at the full moon.

    The story is really good too. "The Wolfman", tells the story of a world renown actor named Lawrence Talbot, who has returned to his home in Blackmoor, England to search for his missing brother. When he get;s there, he finds his brother has been brutally murdered. While meeting with a group of gypsies to investigate, he is bitten by a werewolf, the same one who murdered his brother. After being bitten, he must find a way to control the beast inside him, or accept his new fate and become pure evil.

    Then of course, there was Anthony Hopkins. His role as Sir John Talbot was incredible. He manages to play him as a very mysterious character, who we don't really understand until the end. Is he Lawrence's freind, or his bitter enemy? You'll have to see the movie to find out.

    Emily Blunt was also really good. She was very emotional in her part as Gwen, the fiancee of Lawrence's dead brother. She seemed like a kind, sympathetic character who had no idea what to do when Lawrence was stricken with the curse.

    Of course, what's a monster movie without great special affects? And great these special affects were. The makeup was really realistic and down right fantastic. The choreography of the final fight scene was incredible, a synchrinized dance if you will.

    Another thing I particulary like was the plot twist. When Lawrence is taken back to the asylum, there's a great plot twist that will make fans of M Night Shyamalan squeal with joy. I won;t give it away though.

    I am a huge Joe Johnston fan, but after Jurassic Park 3, I thought I could never start liking him again. Well, The Wolfman, got me right back on the Joe Johnston fan train. I don't understand the massive amount of hate for it, and it frustrates me. In a sentence, this movie is a classic.
  • fb729949618
    November 1, 2011
    I hated this movie. It was poorly done and I felt as if it was completely rushed into theaters. Special effects are sub-par and acting is poor, this film was instantly forgotten about.
  • August 5, 2011
    A drawn out film which was darkly filmed for maximum effect, yet felt too dark to see the movement at times. The metamorphesis was impressive, which you can't help but compare to American Werewolf in London, that having been a much talked about part of that film.

    I did feel pre... read moretty disappointed by the final look of the Wolfman, to me it seemed not much more than an upgraded version of teen wolf and with the effects, make up and CGI these days I had expected more.

    Watchable but nothing special.
  • July 21, 2011
    Joe Johnston's 'The Wolfman' was a film that worked on certain levels, for the wrong reasons. It served better as a gothic B-movie comedy with graphic (and hilarious) kills that reminded you of films such as 'Shaun of the Dead' or 'Hot Fuzz'. It is pretty laughable if you conside... read morer the fact that the film was supposed to be generally wasn't. But it was fun! Weaving and Hopkins' performances aren't half bad, either. The production design was creatively distinct, and the cinematography could've been a lot worse. But the fact that the film completely missed its mark on what it was trying to accomplish genre-wise is just sad.
  • June 23, 2011
    Seriously underrated. The effects are wonderful and the story is good. Sure, it's flawed, but it still is a great story telling movie.

Critic Reviews

Keith Uhlich
February 17, 2010
Keith Uhlich, Time Out New York

When the beast finally bursts forth, the character becomes, for the most part, a digitally augmented blur -- there's no room for a performance underneath all the 0s and 1s. Full Review

Nigel Floyd
February 16, 2010
Nigel Floyd, Time Out

With its mist-shrouded sets, gruesome slaughter and copious CGI, this is a surprisingly respectful updating of the 1941 Universal original. Full Review

Ernest Hardy
February 12, 2010
Ernest Hardy, L.A. Weekly

Benicio Del Toro stars in this lushly art-designed 19th-century period film, but his beefcake-gone-bad magnetism is not enough to justify sitting through a movie that's full of sound, fury and uninten... Full Review

Amy Biancolli
February 12, 2010
Amy Biancolli, Houston Chronicle

Actors fulminate and masticate, spit, scowl and sob; what a gas it is to watch them overact with joy and conviction. Full Review

James Adams
February 12, 2010
James Adams, Globe and Mail

An ill-considered, utterly unnecessary remake. Full Review

Owen Gleiberman
February 12, 2010
Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

The Wolfman, hokey and uneven though it is, [has] the kind of authentic emotional hook that too many horror movies today don't have. Full Review

Adam Graham
February 12, 2010
Adam Graham, Detroit News

Benicio Del Toro pulls off a nifty trick in The Wolfman: He makes turning into a werewolf look as dull as doing your taxes. Full Review

Lisa Kennedy
February 12, 2010
Lisa Kennedy, Denver Post

Anthony Hopkins portrays Sir John Talbot. Benicio Del Toro is prodigal son Lawrence. That's a great deal of acting sinew for an oddly anemic outing. Full Review

Chris Vognar
February 12, 2010
Chris Vognar, Dallas Morning News

Consider The Wolfman a pedigreed genre yarn, mindful of its precedents but nimble enough to have a good time in the here and now. Full Review

Richard Roeper
February 12, 2010
Richard Roeper, Richard

It's exactly what it's supposed to be: an upscale goth B-movie with dark humor and buckets of blood. Full Review

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    • Constable Nye: One day we found him, he was torn appart and half eaten, whatever did it was big, fast, and bugshot couldn't kill him.. The men went home, to carze silver bullets, wouldn't leave the house on a full moon, from now on...
    • Butcher: Ha! He thought it was werewolf! [everyone laughs]
    • Lawrence Talbot: [Glenn shots and kills him, happening to end the curse] Thank you..
    • Lawrence Talbot: [sees his silver bullets] you hunt monsters?
    • Mr. Kirk: Sometimes monsters hunt you.
    • Sir John Talbot: Never look back, Lawrence. Never look back. The past is a wilderness of horrors.
    • Sir John Talbot: Terrible things Lawrence. You've done terrible things.
    • Maleva: Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms, and the autumn moon is bright.

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