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The Vow

The Vow

63% Liked It
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The Vow

Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum, Jessica Lange, Sam Neill, Wendy Crewson

A newlywed couple recovers from a car accident that puts the wife in a coma. Waking up with severe memory loss, her husband endeavors to win her heart again. -- (C) Sony Pictures

Id: 11145940

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  • November 21, 2012
    A bit gooey but earnestly and engagingly played. Knowing that its based on a true story makes some of the more odd elements easier to accept.
  • August 14, 2012
    "For some reason I was thinking that this film was going to be a rom-com. Big mistake on my part. It ended up being a rom-dram. I didn't think I would get so swept up in this love story since I'm not a huge fan of romance flicks, but this one got me. The story being based on true... read more events was what really had me thinking about the film differently. It made me like it more. You can't help but feel complete heartache for this couple. I mean to be so in love and to have something that horrendous happen and *SPOILER* to never get the memory of falling in love with you husband, your wedding, and your entire lively hood with this person is just heart breaking.*END OF SPOILER* I also kinda enjoyed that there was no fairy tale ending, even though I wanted one for her. Great acting by Tatum and McAdams. I thought they had great chemistry which is a plus when doing movies like these or the film would have never worked."
  • July 4, 2012
    Overall, not a bad movie. Certainly not "The Notebook", but it was an ok story about a man who never stopped loving the love of his life, for better or worse. I'm not quite sure if it's the presentation of the story, or Channing Tatum's moderate acting skills, but this movie didn... read more't quite move me like I wanted it to...
  • fb100000145236770
    May 24, 2012
    "The Vow" is one of those "love conquers all" type chick flicks. Newlyweds Paige(Rachel McAdams) and Leo(Channing Tatum) are sitting at a stop light,when a truck plows into them. Leo is fine, but Paige has suffered some brain damage and can't remember anything from the past... read more five years. Forgetting her relationship with Leo all together, he tries to figure out ways to help her remember, or fall in love with him again. I expected this to be "notebook" meets "50 first dates",and in some ways it is. But really, its just a good,sweet little drama,with enough heart and fluff to not be meladramtic. Adams is great,as she usually excels in romance movies. Tatum is just ok. He is a real movie star, but not a great actor. He's kind of one dimensional in dramas like this, but he does his best. Not saying I don't enjoy his movies, but I just don't think he's reached his potential. Women will love this(i'm pretty sure my wife loved it),and guys will either say 'meh that was ok". Or just skip it altogether. I think it's worth a watch,but in 5 years won't be remembered like "notebook" or "50 first dates".
  • May 22, 2012
    Question: Have you ever lied to a friend about why you saw a movie? I have. In fact, I told a little fib recently on why I saw The Vow in order to avoid some teasing. My friend asked if I was viewing the movie just for reviewing purposes and not because I wanted to. My response: ... read more"I sacrifice for you all". Such a lie...

    Bottom line: I am a romantic through and through; and some days I need a sappy, overly-cliched chick-flick to remind me that love is all around in this cynical world that we live in. Is there anything wrong with that? I hope not.

    So, I am now confessing, slightly red-cheeked, to the world that I went and saw The Vow because I WANTED TO (There, I said it!). Plus, I have seen an awful lot of "guy" films lately. There are simply times when I need to remember I am a girl and I do like some girl things; and The Vow was the perfect reminder.

    I would like to apologize to the male population now: Channing Tatum's character is what we girls dream of - not the looks (or maybe some of you do) but it's his actions towards the woman he loves, in The Vow, that make us weak in the knees and we want you all to be just like that. High standards for you all, I know. Sorry, but that is the honest truth on what "we" desire out of love. And I must apologize to the female population for spilling our secret, but I just had to because we really need to come clean.

    The Vow is based on a true story of a young couple who fell in love, got married and started a wonderful life together. One night there was a car accident and the wife (Rachel McAdams) has a traumatic brain injury that erases her memory of the past five years - the years she met, fell in love and had a life with her husband (Channing Tatum). When he discovers she has no memory of him or their life together it hit me hard. He portrayed a man who was just struck where it truly hurt him the most, but he had to remain strong to help her recover, mentally and physically. Channing Tatum did a fantastic job in this role, and it surprised me at how believable his character was to me. I got sucked right into the story because of him.

    What happens with the rest of the story will remain a mystery because that is how I do things around here. However, I will tell you guys to check out a few things that might help you understand us gals a little bit better. Think of The Vow as a good training tool for you boys. I am not saying this film will solve the entire mystery of us girls, because even I don't get us some days...haha...but when it comes to romance we are all pretty similar in what we want - simplicity and honesty.

    Before memory loss:

    The box (and its contents) he gives her while she is at work. So freaking cute.
    The reaction he has about her work. That's when you know someone truly loves you.
    And in his vows, one word struck me and just adding it in made the vows perfect.
    After memory loss:

    His understanding, patience and desire to take care of her.
    His reaction when he takes her on their second first date. Precious.
    The willingness to allow his wife to be who she was, at any moment, even if it wasn't in his best interest. The greatest gift you could give anyone - allowing them to be themselves and not change them to fit your desires.
    I will say there were definitely some sappy parts that did not tug at my heart strings, although I did hear many people weeping in the movie theatre. For once I didn't turn into a puddle of mush in a romance film. That kind of shocked me. But all-in-all The Vow was a sweet romance that I hope can teach people an important lesson - allow the person you love to be who they are, no matter what.

    Directed by Michael Sucsy, Screen Gems, 2012

    Starring:Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum, Jessica Lange, Scott Speedman and Sam Neill.

    Genre: Drama, Romance.

    My favorite thing: Channing Tatum.

    My least favorite thing: That I didn't have a good cry. I do like having those moments in the theatre - it's cathartic for me but maybe next time.

    Rating: PG-13

    Length: 104 Minutes

    Rating: 6 out of 10
  • May 5, 2012
    Inspired by a true story.

    Very good movie. Love it, a beautiful story and great acting, Channing Tatum has become a good actor. Rachael McAdams is perfect for this movie. The Vow is believable, and the fact that it is based on true events, make it even more heart warming. The mo... read morevie was great from start to finish.

    Leo and Paige are a couple who just got married. After an accident, Paige is left unconscious, and when she awakes she doesn't remember Leo. Her parents, whom she hasn't since she and Leo got together, come and visit her. She can't believe that she hasn't seen them for such a long time. Leo wants to bring her home with him but her parents want her to go with them. She goes with Leo but when she doesn't recognize anything, she goes to her parents. And she wonders why did she cut off contact with her family. She also runs into her ex and wonders why they broke up. Leo tries to win her back by courting her again.
  • April 26, 2012
    There's not a lot to this movie, yes its sweet and cute especially the way 'Leo' fought for the one he loved.
    It your a sucker for Love stories and like amenisia movies to add to the drama then you'll enjoy this movie.
    Other than that you can't really expect much, if anything its... read more a mediocre love story regardless by the fact that its based on a true story. Sam Neill wasn't in this movie enough either so even more disappointed!
  • April 1, 2012
    The Vow

    I vow that this is a cute movie, and will not hate on it

    The Vow is a cute romantic movie that is the perfect fit for a date. This is not the type of movie you would see alone, its the type of movie you take your date to. If under these conditions, ... read moreI am pretty sure you might enjoy it.

    Paige (McAdams) suffers a car accident, and when she wakes up from her coma, she losses all her memories, inlcuding getting married to Leo (Tatum). It is up to Leo to try and get her heart back.

    It is overall a good movie. The acting is ok. The soundtrack is pleasing. But overall its just another one of those romantic movies we see so often nowadays. I recommend it if you are taking someone, but not if you are alone. Unless you really are, forever alone.

    Leo: " Life's all about moments, of impact and how they changes our lives forever. But what if one day you could no longer remember any of them? "
  • March 11, 2012
    Nice movie based on a true story of a couple who are in a car accident, leading to the wife totally losing her memory of all the time they were together. For a sad story, this was actually quite romantic with all the flashbacks.
    Rachel McAdams, as always, lovely to watch here. ... read moreChanning Tatum is not the greatest actor and Scott Speedman runs rings around him for charisma, but they made a nice enough couple that you would hope to see them back together.
    Without saying too much, the ending, though not entirely ideal, was really sweet.
    This is quite a slow movie as it takes time to build the characters. I think it is really one for girls, I can't see a lot of men getting into it somehow.
  • March 6, 2012
    I have a soft spot for amnesia love stories, and this one is pretty decent. Channing Tatum is surprisingly light and funny in his mumbly, meathead way, "Can I at least give you an awkward hug?" The journey to "win Paige back" is maddening, difficult, and sacrificial (on Leo's p... read moreart), and *spoiler* there is a good side-resolution involving Paige's mom's decision to stay with her cheating dad. The movie also doesn't end all Nicholas Sparks-ly (which I originally thought was the source material) in that Paige never does recover her memory.

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