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Johnny Tri Nguyen, Thanh Van Ngo, Dustin Nguyen, Nguyen manh Thang, Nguyen Chanh Tin ... see more see more... , Johnny Nguyen , Stephane Gauger , David Minetti

1920s. Vietnam under colonial French ruling. Anti-French rebellions emerge all over the country to disrupt the foreign occupiers. In respond, the colonialist employed units of Vietnamese agents to tra... read more read and destroy these rebels. The film follows the journey of LE VAN CUONG, a French cultured undercover elite. Although branded with a perfect track record, Cuong's inner conscience is troubled by the sea of Vietnamese blood he had spilled to uphold a French washed ideal. Following an assassination of a high ranking French, Cuong is assigned to seek and kill the notorious leader of the resistance. Cuong encounters VO THANH THUY, a relentless revolutionary fighter and the daughter of the rebel leader. Cuong's superior intends for him to use Thuy as a mean to get to her father but Cuong soon has feelings for her. Thuy's patriotism ignites conflicts between Cuong's consciousness and his cultured faith. Will Cuong discover his inner-self and find love or will he continue his mission? The journey unfolds...

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R, 1 hr. 43 min.

Directed by: Truc 'Charlie' Nguyen

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DVD Release Date: September 30, 2008

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  • July 16, 2009
    The Rebel: This is a non-stop action film, An Agent of the Vietnamese government goes deep under cover to infiltrate a group of rebels and find its leader, along the way he of course gets involved with the daughter of the rebels, his co-worker who is also after the leader in like... read more the Asian Terminator, nothing stops this guy. Dana White in the UFC would love to have this guy. The modern day kung fu action is at its height. The stunts would make Jet Li and Jackie Chan loose there breath. A good Asian Film, not sure if there is English Audio, I listen to Vietnamese with English Subtitles, I have to give this one a 4 Star rating
  • February 15, 2009
    Exhilarating and highly entertaining mix of martial arts and historial drama made in Vietnam. Amazing acrobatic fighting style.
  • December 22, 2008
    I might be rating this low, but it's still a surprisingly watchable effort considering the budget, it's just that the script and characters motivation are pretty much invisible. That said, the fight sequences are good, the Nguyen bros can kick a lot of ass. They deserve better ro... read moreles and not being used just as stock villians for Jet Li and Tony Jaa.
  • October 25, 2007
    A Vietnamese-French mixture that is worth watching. This may not look like a great film, but you get more than you are expecting from every aspect of this movie. This certainly gives Tom yum Goong a run for its money.

    The story takes place in the past (1920s) and is ac

    ... read moretually interesting and pretty well told. Unlike other films of this type, this film actually focuses on the story and character development rather than the action, which I will get to soon enough. Of course when you have a good story there is a good chance that the movie will move slow. Unlike the beginning of this film, the middle does move quite slowly. It sort of turns into a romantic drama, but not fully. The rest of this film moves at a decent pace and is filled with action.

    The action is a plenty and well choreographed. Johhny Nguyen really shows his stuff and can kick with the best of them. The real surprise is the martial arts done by Thanh Van Ngo. She shows that women can move just as good as the men. Dustin Nguyen provides some nice fighting as well, for the villains side. The editing does take away from some of the fights though, but for the most part the camera work is good. This film does the usual slow motion shots for the big hits or great stylistic moves, but it does a nice job of staying away from the "repeating shot from different angles" which you may have seen in Ong Bak, Born to Fight, and Tom Yum Goong to name a few.

    The acting is also pretty good compared to the previously mentioned titles. The beautiful Thanh Van Ngo gives us something to cheer about. She has beauty, good acting, and great fighting skills. What more can I guy ask for?

    This film won't seem that great compared to films from Hollywood, China, or Japan, but it is one of the better films out of Vietnam and Thailand. Fans of martial arts will want to check this out sometime.

  • August 18, 2012
    It been a while since I last check out a Martial Art film so I decided to checkout The Rebel which had a good reputation. It didn't live to all the praise it got I believe and it certainly could have been better.

    The Rebel is set in the 1920s when Vietnam is under colonial rul... read moree, one French elite will join a resistance fighter while battling his inner-self to retain his culture or continue his mission. I saw real potential in the plot, but unfortunately it never goes into any interesting direction and it's really unappealing to look at due to the bad color filter. The plot is pretty decent, but you'll see things coming a mile away in predictable manner. While well written for the most part, secondary characters are completely flat and not worth caring about. This movie also has a ridiculously powerful villain who can take a chair to the back, a chandelier to the head, and cut with a knife to his throat and walks it off like nothing happens. This kind of villain really doesn't for a movie who wants to be realistic. The plot is not the best in the Martial Art genre, but it's gets you through the film with enough violence to keep you awake. The fight choreography is performed well, but it's honestly nothing great. Our main man, Johnny Tri Nguyen, kicks way to much which made me wonder often if he forgot if he had hands. It's really distracting when your hero only line of defense is kicking 95% percent of the time. The cast acting is above average, but it's certainly better than what I've seen from Thailand Martial Art flicks. I like the design of the movie for making it look like the 1920s and by showing us allot of Vietnam scenery.

    The Rebel doesn't stand out in a populated genre in any way, shape, or form and highly doubt it'll get a bigger audience any time soon. This is by no mean a bad movie, but you'll be wishing more from the experience like I did.
  • November 15, 2008
    Excellent historical martial arts film from Vietnam. The guy from 21 Jump Street plays an awesome villain as well. Check out the Dragon Dynasty disc for an awesome print and great extras.
  • July 28, 2011
    The Rebel is a slam-bang martial arts romp that has pretty much everything you want in a cinematic experience. Excitement, romance, escapes, betrayals and much much more all jammed into just over an hour and a half of breakneck pacing. Set in the seldom used backdrop of France's ... read morecolonization of Vietnam, the film starts off almost immediately with a chatoic assassination setpiece and doesn't let up from there. The characters are believable and I held a rooting interest for them throughout the running time of the film. If you're looking for your daily fix of action, look no futher than The Rebel.
  • July 27, 2009
    An action-drama about the French invasion of Vietnam. The slam-bang finale make this worth watching.

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