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Bobby Campo, Shantel VanSanten, Nick Zano, Haley Webb, Mykelti Williamson ... see more see more... , Krista Allen , Andrew Fiscella , Justin Welborn , Stephanie Honore , Lara Grice , Jackson Walker , Phil Austin , William Aguillard , Brendan Aguillard , Juan Kincaid , Monique Detraz , Chris Fry , Cecile Monteyne , Stacey Dizon , Dane Rhodes , Gabrielle Chapin , Harold Evans , Camille E. Bourgeois III , Curtis E. Akin , Eric Paulsen , Belford Carver , Dennis Nguyen , Jedda Jones , Joseph T. Ridolfo , Chris Langlois , Trey Burvant , Larry E. Lundy Jr. , Courtney James , Andy Fiscella , Hayley Webb , Richard T. Jones

The Final Destination series gets a kick-start with this fourth outing, headed up by the production team behind the second film -- director David R. Ellis and writer Eric Bress. The New Line franchise... read more read more... will be presented for the first time in 3-D with this installment focusing on a teenager that dodges a trip to the grave at a racetrack, only to find that death has a way of equaling the playing field after the fact. Shantel VanSanten, Bobby Campo, and Hayley Webb star in the sequel. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi

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DVD Release Date: January 5, 2010

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  • December 21, 2012
    On a day at a car race, Nick has a premonition that there is a car crash and the stadium stands collapse. He saves his girlfriend and some other people in the audience. But death pursues them.
  • November 17, 2012
    two stars
  • March 12, 2012
    I have to say I expected much more from David R. Ellis as I thought the second Final Destination was really good. The writing is lazy, the acting is crap, the characters were unlikable and totally forgettable and the special effects, which is why people watch the film in the firs... read moret place, are terrible. They forgot about the build up, the tension, the idea of death stalking you - a clever and original premise, now it's just like watching a snuff video which isn't very pleasant in the slightest. Time to finish the franchise, I know there is a fifth but I'm not sure I'm that interested anymore.
  • January 3, 2012
    I have watched all the final destinations except the first one! Damn.
    But I'd say the second one is better than this. First time I found a movie like this (sequel looks better than the beginning one).
  • fb729949618
    December 6, 2011
    Some of the worst CGI I have ever seen. Considering this film was made in 2009, there should be no excuse! There is nothing new here as far as the script goes, just the same ol same (everyone dies in a certain order). ZZZZZZ goodnight.
  • August 31, 2011
    Well, you can't blame them for trying. In it's defense, I did rewind a couple of the death sequences. It's a formula that can't fail those that know what to expect. Unlike the first installment, the characters really have no life before they are killed, making this even emptier. ... read moreIn fact, two of the characters have a sub-credit of Racist and MILF, which pretty much somes them up. I expect the deaths to be big, but I was surprised at the tacky CGI. Probably to improve the 3D gimmick. The 3D is used to create a premonition for EVERY death. The first movie had subtle hints you had to look for. Now it's just all detailed, which makes none of the deaths surprising. Once again, it ups the bodycount. This means each death gets less of a build up, making them fast and cheap. Same as before.
  • August 19, 2011
    Although the others were pretty bad, this was awful. It was supposed to be the final one so it should have topped all the others. As usual the acting was bad and unfortunately they came up with nothing new plot-wise. Waste of time.
  • August 18, 2011
    Stupidest horror movie ever, what a terrible and gut wrenching disaster, i hated, hated hated, hated, this (excuse my language) bullshit.
  • fb733768972
    August 13, 2011
    This series has really hit it's lowest point. They are now trying to do whatever they can to base the movie solely on the deaths at hand and not even care about making a new way to tell the story. I watched this film, turned my brain off, had a lot of fun, but never really cared ... read morewho lived or died. The only thing truly great about this film was the 3D experience and how it made you feel like you were part of the death. There is not much positive about this film, but as always, I did manage to have quite a bit of fun watching it.
  • August 2, 2011
    How many times have they not recycled the same premise now? And apparently even a 5th movie is on its way. I guess one the reasons I still watch them is because I can relate somewhat to their basic concept. I don't claim myself to be a psychic or anything, but there have been tim... read morees in my life - altough very rarely so - where I've had brief glimpses of the future that have later come true in the same way in which I've seen them. Most people believe such things are just fiction, and I can understand why they would, but as someone who have had first-hand experience of that and other supernatural phenomenons, I know with certainty that there's more to the world than can be explained by science. Anyway, before I stray off subject here, this is a decent horror-thriller of the same substance - or perhaps I should say lack thereof - as the previous installments. Worth a rent, despite some really bland acting and an underwhelming script.

Critic Reviews

Jeannette Catsoulis
September 1, 2009
Jeannette Catsoulis, New York Times

Since not even 3-D can put your eyes out, our only hope is that this time, the title is a promise and not a tease. Full Review

Gary Goldstein
September 1, 2009
Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times

[A] silly and predictable fourth installment in the lucrative thriller series about pretty young people attempting to cheat death. Full Review

Scott Foundas
September 1, 2009
Scott Foundas, L.A. Weekly

[The] set pieces never quite muster the giddy brio of Final Destination 1 and 3 auteur James Wong at his best. Full Review

Elizabeth Weitzman
September 1, 2009
Elizabeth Weitzman, New York Daily News

With the exception of Williamson, the actors are as disposable as their characters, and there is no story to speak of. Full Review

Joshua Rothkopf
September 1, 2009
Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out New York

Even a mediocre FD is better than more Jigsaw. Full Review

Kirk Honeycutt
September 1, 2009
Kirk Honeycutt, Hollywood Reporter

Death comes in 3D but everything else is tedious.

Owen Gleiberman
September 1, 2009
Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

Once again, a group of pretty young things who have escaped the opening disaster proceed to die, one by one, as fate catches up with them. Full Review

Cliff Doerksen
September 1, 2009
Cliff Doerksen, Chicago Reader

Death, Be Not Boring would have been a better title for this fourth installment in the teen splatter franchise. Full Review

Wesley Morris
September 1, 2009
Wesley Morris, Boston Globe

The Final Destination is the movie equivalent of a struggling strip-mall store wedged between Metro PCS and a pawn shop. Someone please foreclose. Full Review

Tasha Robinson
September 1, 2009
Tasha Robinson, AV Club

Its chopping-block fodder is agonizingly bland; each character has one prominent major flaw, or no personality at all. Full Review

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    • Nick O'Bannon: What if us being right here, right now was the plan from the beginning?
    • Mechanic: Well, I guess it's not my turn to die. You all take care.
    • Racist: Back off, you fucking freak!
    • Hunt: We've just lost a really hot MILF.
    • Nick O'Bannon: Would it kill you to be a little sensitive?
    • Hunt: Are you shitting me?! That's the whole reason I came for these stupid redneck things. No offense.

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