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Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Rick Yune ... see more see more... , Chad Lindberg , Johnny Strong , Matt Schulze , Ted Levine , Ja Rule , Thom Barry , Vyto Ruginis , Hill Harper , Mike White

A magazine article about real-life car racing gangs for Vibe becomes this fast-paced automotive thriller from director Rob Cohen. Paul Walker stars as Brian O'Conner, a youthful FBI agent investigatin... read more read more...g a series of hijackings by going undercover with a street gang led by charismatic Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel). Caught up in Toretto's world of gang conflict that is resolved in late-night car races, Spindler starts to sympathize with his chief suspect and falls in love with Toretto's younger sister Mia (Jordana Brewster). In the meantime, Spindler initially suspects the wrong gang of complicity in the crimes he's probing, while Toretto remains involved in a forbidden romance, la Romeo and Juliet, with his girlfriend Letty (Michelle Rodriguez). The Fast and the Furious co-stars Ted Levine, Rick Yune, and Matt Schulze. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

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DVD Release Date: January 1, 2002

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  • fb619846742
    December 12, 2013
    Original, creative, and very watchable thanks to a commanding performance by Vin Diesel. Its flashy entertainment and sometimes a bit TOO flashy, but never uninteresting.
  • December 8, 2013
    I would prefer plugging this high speed action film to those interested in cars, but due to the recent loss of my friend Paul Walker, it has become quite sad to me. His role in this series of films(Brian O'Connor) is what he's known most for, but I do wish he had landed the role ... read moreof Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars pre-quels that he wanted more than anything. One thing I know for sure is that he is a Skywalker and undoubtedly one of God's best angels. His charitable work is a big part of who he was, and he was not afraid to help those in need even if it meant he was doing much of the physical labor himself.
    There is a great silence in the Force indeed.
  • September 12, 2013
    One of the most overrated ridiculous franchises ever? well you get what you pay for right, you see the trailer, you see fast cars and slutty girls, you know what you're gonna get. Apart from the visuals, you see who directs this and you know not to expect a great deal, Rob Cohen.... read more..a low rent Michael Bay who makes trashy flashy CGI filled flicks. But who knew how far this would go, how long this dumb adventure would last and why is it so popular?.

    I imagine it appeals to the young generation, fast cars, hot chicks and lots of huge stunts, I guess you could say its 'The Dukes of Hazzard' for the modern era. Unfortunately originality is not on the menu, the plot...a gang of fast car, street racing adrenaline junkies/petrol heads are hijacking trucks utilising their driving skills. Undercover cop infiltrates this street racing world posing as a fellow fast car petrol head to try and find out who is behind the hijackings.

    Wait a moment...a gang of surfer adrenaline junkies are robbing banks (although not utilising their surfing skills). An undercover cop infiltrates their surfer world posing as a fellow wannabe surfer to try and find out who is behind the robberies. Yep, this film is 'Point Break' but with cars instead of surf boards.

    None of it really makes any sense though, 'Toretto' seems to own garages and a property yet never has any customers or does any work, yet he's clearly loaded. He owns an array of cars that are all worth a fortune, all heavily modded and would cost loads to maintain and insure yet he treats them as if they were meaningless and crashes them left right n centre. Money seems to be no object to the characters in this film, oh I just smashed up my Mitsubishi with about 20K worth of modifications to it, oh well I'll just turn up in the next scene with another. Oh my Dodge Charger means everything to me cos me and my dad built it and put tonnes of money n love into it...meh I'll just race it against a train, no worries.

    Its also amusing how all the street racers drive around in car posses, taking up the entire road, yeah like that wouldn't attract the police. Oh and the police clearly have trouble catching these guys and their cars, OK, well why not drive around the suburbs and look for the houses with top line modded Jap cars parked outside. Yes they park their illegal fast cars in the street outside their abodes...oh dear.

    Now as I said you can't expect much from this film, its clearly style over substance, half the film is merely imagery of car porn and scantily clad ladies hanging around next to them. The acting is hilariously bad from everybody, I've haven't seen so much posing, swaggering, hardman attitudes and general showing off for a long time, (usually reserved for gangsta hoodie type flicks). Hordes of wannabes crowd around the main actors in the street race scenes all looking desperate to get on camera for five seconds...and its obvious. All the young super slim females look stunningly sexy (err kids film?) yet have no clue what on earth is going on, oh and then we have a sweaty looking Michelle Rodriguez...yikes!.

    Despite all the high fives and god awful bling the main crux of the film, the cars, is pretty sweet. If you are into cars such as myself then its fun purely for that, if you like Japanese super saloons then even more so. Take note kids this is about fast cars, no BMW's, Mercs or Audi's required. This is probably the only area of the film which is remotely interesting, there is a really good range of modified Jap cars here and not just top line models either, some nice retro gear. Of course this is a Cohen film so there has to be a bit of CGI in there somewhere, blasting through the engine as it ignites, not a bad idea but it looks hokey.

    The sequences where they hijack these big rigs are stupid, they don't make much sense, why not just stop the thing?. The finale is even dumber, again just stop the truck! or shoot out its tyres maybe geez!. Everything is naturally predictable and cheesy, plenty of tight vests, muscles and tattoo's. Vin Diesel shouts a lot, Rodriguez scowls a lot and Walker does his best Keanu Reeves impression. All this and hardly any guns in sight! that's because its a watered down action thriller folks.

    The big crash stunt at the very end involving Vin Diesel and his souped up Dodge Charger is admittedly very cool, best little sequence in the film really...I had to watch all this just for that?!. Well...the scene where they smoke the Ferrari had me smiling, Italian rubbish!.
  • fb733768972
    May 24, 2013
    This adrenaline flick classifies as one of my favourite films of all time, only because of how great it is put together! It is action packed, never get's boring, has an ensemble cast, the women are gorgeous, the acting is good enough to love the characters and care about what hap... read morepens to them, and the races are wondrous. The Fast and the Furious is a pure adrenaline flick about a cop (Brian O'Connor), who goes undercover, becoming best friends with a wanted fugitive and his pals who illegally race the streets for money and party every night. I have never seen a better racing movie than this. The Fast and the Furious is just plain amazing on a technical level and is easily one of my favourites ensemble films!
  • May 19, 2013
    As far as B-movies go, you can't do better than The Fast and the Furious. The story is a bit silly and runs familiar territory, but stars Paul Walker and Vin Diesel really have great screen presence. Pair them with their sexy love interests and one hell of a villain in Rick Yune,... read more the stakes get pretty high. Not to mention that Paul Walker's character is an undercover cop infiltrating Diesel's crew. With all this going on, you would think the film would lose its focus. It doesn't. It establishes intrigue as you are taken deeper into the world of Diesel's Dominic Toretto, a world that is as intriguing as it is dangerous.
    The film's last forty five minutes boast a lot of eye candy. There are also two amazing chase sequences, expertly staged and shot by director Rob Cohen. The truck hijacking is worth the price of admission alone.
    The Fast and the Furious is a well made, unpretentious action picture for car junkies and anyone looking for 105 minute adrenaline rush.
  • fb1442511448
    August 7, 2012
    Rob Cohen does a phenomenal job of bringing the world of street-racing to the big screen. An in-your-face, in-the-action direction plays well visually as well as the chemistry and performances from the main stars. The peril and interesting plot adds fuel to this machine to haul i... read moret to the finish line. 5/5
  • December 29, 2011
    It has it's moments of genuine thrills but it strongly relies on it's flashy vehicles and has a heavily uninspired, flimsy plot with very few action sequences that ultimately lets it break down. It's absolutely harmless fluff that's nothing memorable but will surely entertain tho... read morese that love racing movies and dont need a strong story to enjoy a movie. However, if you want a true high energy roller coaster ride with a good story I suggest you watch Death Race.
  • September 18, 2011
    I wouldn't say the car racing was awesome because it wasn't that amazing to me. Yes it's entertaining but it also lacked something. Good movie for people who loves car.
  • August 28, 2011
    The Fast and the Furious is a mildly entertaining decent action film about car racing. The film definitely lacks anything good, so if you watch this, don't expect anything good, intelligent, and thoughtful. I felt that that The Fast and the Furious followed the same trend as Poin... read moret Break, except the only difference is that Point Break had great acting, awesome action, and a cool idea for a film. But this film a film that has no substance to its material and relies only on its car racing scenes, which make the film a tad more interesting. Other than that, this is a forgettable film, with nothing exciting. The acting is terrible, and this is probably the film with the best example of some of the worst actors ever to be on screen in ONE movie. The acting and dialogue delivery is wooden, and forced. The two leads Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are terrible and the only thing that's entertaining about this film is the races. The story is copied from many other films and this type of formula has been done before, maybe not with cars, but with other plot devices as the backdrop for the film. The Fast and the Furious is a forgettable action film that has some cool cars, but not enough story development to make this a worthwhile addition to the action genre. The Fast and the Furious doesn't really deliver anything great or new to the screen for that matter. I'll stick with Point Break instead. I'm glad I never checked out the sequels to this film.
  • fb729949618
    August 1, 2011
    Descent plot, descent acting, GREAT cars...... make a pretty great movie. Ten years later, it's still just as fresh as ever.

Critic Reviews

Todd McCarthy
March 12, 2008
Todd McCarthy, Variety

A gritty and gratifying cheap thrill, Rob Cohen's high-octane hot-car meller is a true rarity these days, a really good exploitationer, the sort of thing that would rule at drive-ins if they still exi... Full Review

Reece Pendleton
March 12, 2008
Reece Pendleton, Chicago Reader

While few of the paper-thin characters register long enough to make much of an impression, Diesel carries the movie with his unsettling mix of Zen-like tranquillity and barely controlled rage. Full Review

Scott Tobias
June 15, 2006
Scott Tobias, AV Club

Returning the series to solid ground after 2 Fast 2 Furious leaned too heavily on cartoonish CGI effects, Tokyo Drift relies on old-fashioned stunt work that gives its best sequences a sense of brute ... Full Review

January 26, 2006
Time Out

It doesn't matter that we know where it's going, what counts is that Cohen keeps his pedal to the floor and that his actors gun their lines with absolute conviction. Loud cars, fast music: this movie ... Full Review

Owen Gleiberman
June 28, 2001
Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

Works hard to be exciting, but the movie scarcely lives up to its title. Full Review

Amy Taubin
June 26, 2001
Amy Taubin, Village Voice

Even those who've never heard of 'rice rockets' (Japanese imports souped up with computerized hydraulics and customized engines) might be charmed by the film's blend of kineticism, car-culture rituals... Full Review

Andrew O'Hehir
June 26, 2001
Andrew O'Hehir,

May not have much of a brain, but it's definitely got a pulse. Full Review

Curt Fields
June 22, 2001
Curt Fields, Washington Post

Diesel, Brewster and Rodriguez have undeniable charisma, while Walker is serviceable in his role. Full Review

Rita Kempley
June 22, 2001
Rita Kempley, Washington Post

The young and the restless with gas fumes. Full Review

Susan Wloszczyna
June 22, 2001
Susan Wloszczyna, USA Today

Cohen ... at least knows how to keep matters moving and the action sequences exciting. Full Review

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    • Dominic Toretto: I said a ten second car not a ten minute car!
    • Brian O'Conner: No Faith?
    • Dominic Toretto: Oh, I have faith in you but this isnt a junkyard, it's a garage!
    • Leon: Heads up bro,we got problems.
    • Dominic Toretto: What?
    • Leon: Jesse.
    • Dominic Toretto: Where is Jesse goin?
    • Leon: He just raced tran for slips.
    • Dominic Toretto: Oh Shit!
    • Dominic Toretto: It don't matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning's winning.
    • Vincent: Hey yo, Dom! Why'd you bring the buster here?
    • Dominic Toretto: CAUSE THE BUSTER KEPT ME OUT OF HANDCUFFS! He didn't just run back to the fort! The 'buster' brought me back!
    • Dominic Toretto: I live my life a quarter mile at a time. Nothing else ... For those ten seconds or less, I'm free.
    • Vincent: Why'd you bring the buster here?
    • Dominic Toretto: Cause the buster kept me out of handcuffs! The buster brought ME back, he didn't just run back to the fort.

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