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The Dictator

The Dictator

45% Liked It
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The Dictator

Sacha Baron Cohen, Anna Faris, Ben Kingsley, Sayed Badreya, Jason Mantzoukas

The heroic story of a North African dictator who risks his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed. -- (C) Paramount

Id: 11162138

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Recent Reviews

  • fb576007796
    August 2, 2014
    Boring. They missed a great opportunity here.
  • April 12, 2014
    In this overly PC world (and ultra PC UK) Sacha Baron Cohen is an exhilarating breath of fresh air that is most welcome. This new film isn't quite as good as his previous films, 'Bruno' being the best for me, 'Borat' coming second and lastly 'Ali G' but this is only down to Ali G... read more needing a better film, the character is probably his best creation.

    As for 'The Dictator' its a sterling effort in harsh political satire, more typical stereotypes and vulgar verbal humour but the approach lets it down. Bruno and Borat were brilliant because they were basically a collection of individual embarrassing real time sketches that humiliated other people by Cohen himself, these were all linked together to make a loose general plot.

    This new film goes down the route of Ali G by having a rather poor plot, it seems to run along the same lines as 'Coming to America' albeit a completely racist, sexist bigot filled version. So the proper story route doesn't really work as well for Cohen's skills if you ask me but there are still some great comical cringeworthy scenes to be seen. The dialect/language of John C. Reilly's character in his scenes are really quite unbelievable! you're watching and thinking to yourself, should I be laughing at this? is it political...ah who cares.

    I enjoyed it but its not the best he's done. The beginning was good when he was all powerful and the sequences where he is getting used to life not being all powerful were good but it lags through the middle and the happy-ish ending spoils it a little. End of the day you all should know what to expect from Cohen and you all know he doesn't beat around the bush, this guy has balls!. Its offensive and in your face so only watch if you like the guy, simple really.
  • August 20, 2013
    Unwatchable. And I love Sacha movies.
  • June 29, 2013
    "The Dictator" speaks of painfully humorous comedy!

    Full review coming to on 7/5
  • May 29, 2013
    I was quite bored with this movie. It wasn't funny or clever. It was just annoying and stupid. I didn't intend to watch it but thought I would see what the fuss was about since it was streaming on Netflix. Still don't understand the fuss. It's just not my type of humor I guess.
  • May 21, 2013
    General Aladeen: From the mountain tops of North Korea to the jungles of Zimbabwe, let every child labourer and sweat shop factory worker sing... Oppressed at last! Oppressed at last! Thank Aladeen, I am oppressed at last!

    The Dictator is a comedy that relies on the same tactics... read more as Sacha Baron Cohen's other movies. Mainly these tactics are create a completely ridiculous character, add a lot of gross out humor, and make it as politically incorrect as possible. As far as the movie goes, it works, but just barely. There's nothing here that would make me feel the need to see this again, but there was enough laughs to make a viewing worth it. It may be nothing more than just another average comedy, but Cohen makes average seem just a little better. 

    General Aladeen has been the dictator of his country of Widiya since the age of seven. He enjoys having people executed and also having sex with famous American stars. When he must give a speech at the UN or face military action, he makes his way to America, alongside his trusted advisor. His advisor has other plans though and soon Aladeen is replaced with a double so that democracy can be brought to the country and corporations with oil interests can take it over. 

    The Dictator is a slight step up from Bruno in my opinion, but just a slight step. The movie has hilarious moments that are somewhat forgotten in the mess of missed jokes, but they're there all the same. It's a movie that appeal to fans of Cohen's form of comedy, but also will repel a great number of people with what some would call a tasteless form of comedy.

    Overall, this is nothing too great, but it's a somewhat fun time and the short runtime makes it easier to get through. It's a movie that you can just turn on when there's nothing better to do. It's stupid, it's raunchy, it's gross, and in ways it is tasteless. Good thing I'm not one of those people who really care about any of that stuff.
  • April 10, 2013
    Crude to some members of the audience with a silly slapstick, The Dictator become a terrific black comedy, with together the political satire and critic. The final speech of Aladeen could even remember the Chaplin's ending in the classic The Great Dictator. Surprising comedy pict... read moreure, one of the best of 2012.
  • January 31, 2013
    Dictators and Despots are fair game when it comes to making fun of them, they deserve everything they get. Charlie Chaplin had the same idea back in 1940 and sent up Hitler brilliantly in what is regarded as one of the greatest films of all time. The big difference between both f... read moreilms is that Charlie Chaplin's film was clever and funny. Sacha Baron Cohen is cleverer than this, in fact the only good thing in this film is towards the end where his character points out the similarities between the American government and a dictatorship. If they had concentrated on that idea throughout the film it would have been good but as it is it is just puerile crap and not in the least bit funny. I'm stunned by the good reviews it has got on flixster, for me it is one of the worst films in the last 10 years. It is a hugely wasted opportunity and for me highlights the decline in quality in today's film industry. All that time and effort spent on the films production obviously didn't go to waste but it certainly lead way for the biggest anti-climax I've known in recent years, if only they could have spent as much time on the film itself. Sacha Baron Cohen should stick to what he is good at but I guess he's too big now, so maybe it's time to call it a day. For me he was at his best on the The 11 O'Clock Show, 15 years ago. I'm guessing most people here are too young to remember it. He was never that good a writer either, he only real talent is that he can keep a straight face. All he is good for is cartoon voices, I dread to think what this Freddie Mercury Biopic is going to look like, yikes. Oh, and he was crap in Hugo as well, what's wrong with you people? PS. This isn't satire, anyone who thinks it is obviously doesn't understand what satire is.
  • November 25, 2012
    A passable comedy with not-so-great performances.
  • November 2, 2012
    Well boys and girls, Sacha Baron Cohen is at it again, this time with a new character, and in non-mockumentary fashion. Frequent collaborator Larry Charles is at the helm once more for this shocking, depraved, and utterly hilarious satire about a ruthless dictator of an impoveris... read morehed African nation.

    Admiral General Aladeen rules over the fictional nation of Wadiya with a rather iron fist. He's basically a more goofy and ignorant though no less rtuthless version of dictators like Saddam, Amin, or Kim Jong-Il. After being threatened by global forces, Aladeen travels to the U.S. to address the world at the U.N. While in town, he is betrayed, left for dead, and forced to roam the land as an unrecognizable ordinary citizen.

    His eventual quest for revenge sees him forming a highly improbable partnership and relationship with his polar opposite: a textbook hipster activist Zooey who runs an uber liberal activist co-op grocery store.

    Along the way, there's of course character change, growth, and development, but that's not what people want. They want the humor that is wildly gross, offensive, shocking, and funny as hell. This is a sharp movie. I didn't like it as much as Borat, but it's better than Bruno. The political jokes, ethnic humor, and all of that are dead on in their satirical greatness and subversiveness. This isn't Cohen's most inspired work (overall), but it is proof that he is one of the best and most important comic actors out there.

    While a lot of the jokes are great, including some stuff I never thought I'd ever see, not all are gold. A number of them fall flat, or just go on for way too long. And, while there are some surprises, there's also a lot of stuff I was expecting to be included as well.

    Still though, you really have to give props to Cohen and company for having the guts to continually push the limits of taste while furthering the realm of comedy. Also, special praise should be given for the fact that the film can be simultaneously witty satire with a sharp edge, and totally ridiculously goofy and dumb.

    Obviously this isn't for the easily offended, but if you're in the mood for a funny movie with a great vision, and don't mind cringe-inducing moments galore, then see this movie.

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