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Superman Trivia

In which film does Clark Kent reveal the fact that he's Superman to Lois Lane? Superman 2
Which Superman movie stars Richard Pryor? Superman 3
For what article did Lois Lane win the Pulitzer Prize in Superman Returns? Why the world doesn't need Superman
in what superman film dose superman suffer from multiple personality disorder superman III
In which Superman movie did a fake piece of Kryptonite cause Superman to become evil? Superman III
We all know that Brandon Routh is the newest Superman, however who turned down the roll because they would not cast one of his friends in the movie? Also who was this friend he wanted casted? Tom Welling (Superman), Michael Rosenbuam (Lex)
In Superman Returns, what article won Lois an award? The World Doesn't Need Superman
Was it "Superman" or "Superman II" or "Superman III" or "Superman Returns" where Superman has Lois Lane in one hand and a helicopter in the other? Superman
In which Superman movie was comedian Richard Prior in the cast? Superman III
What came first Batman or Superman? Superman

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