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Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Alfred Molina, Rosemary Harris ... see more see more... , J.K. Simmons , Donna Murphy , Daniel Gillies , Dylan Baker , Bill Nunn , Vanessa Ferlito , Aasif Mandvi , Willem Dafoe , Cliff Robertson , Ted Raimi , Elizabeth Banks , Bruce Campbell , Brooke Adams , Joel McHale , Bonnie Somerville , Jason Ortiz

Stan Lee's all-too-human superhero returns to the screen in this highly anticipated sequel to 2002's blockbuster hit Spider-Man. Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) is attempting to juggle college classes an... read more read more...d his job as a photographer with the Daily Bugle while maintaining his secret life as costumed crime-fighter Spider-Man. Parker is also struggling to hold on to his relationship with Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst), who is beginning to enjoy success as a model and actress, and both Mary Jane and Peter have noticed he's beginning to buckle under the strain. Parker's friendship with Harry Osborn (James Franco) is also beginning to fray due to Peter's seeming alliance with Spider-Man, whom Harry blames for the death of his father, the nefarious Norman Osborn. As Parker weighs his responsibilities to himself and those around him against the obligations that come with his special powers, Spider-Man is faced with a new nemesis -- Dr. Otto Octavius (Alfred Molina), a deranged scientist whose latest project has turned him into the near-invincible cyborg Doctor Octopus. Spider-Man 2 was directed by Sam Raimi, who helmed the first film, and much of the original cast has also reunited for this sequel, including Rosemary Harris, J.K. Simmons, and Bruce Campbell. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

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  • July 16, 2014
    Peter Parker begins to find the life of a super hero a rather thankless task and increasingly stressed by his inability to balance work, school and fighting crime he decides to quit being Spiderman. Unfortunately he does not count on a disastrous scientific experiment that turns ... read morean altruistic genius into a mechanically enhanced megalomaniac! Spiderman builds on a fine original and delivers all it promised and more. The action sequences are brilliantly done and even more importantly, it intelligently fleshes out the characters with humour and depth. The way Peter has to confront the pros and cons of superhero-dom is really cleverly done and it injects even more clever humour; in particular the scenes when Peter accidentally dyes his smalls with his spider suit and taking a lift when his powers fail him. It's witty, funny and exciting and everything a superhero film should be. And once more I felt sorry for anyone having to share a scene with the brilliant J. K. Simmons! One of the best hero movies out there.
  • May 15, 2014
    So after the massive success of the first film and fears about a low budget horror director taking the helm put to rest, amongst other things, we get the obligatory sequel. A second chance for another Spider-Man thriller with better effects, better sets, better costumes, better C... read moreGI...better everything, but still just a tad exactly the same as the first film.

    Two years on and 'Parker' is trying to cope with his daily grind, his love for 'Mary Jane' and of course being Spidey. Ah but wait, Peter Parker let me introduce the rather stocky 'Dr. Octavius' and his obvious pending disaster he calls a self-sustaining fusion reaction. Before you can my Spidey sense is tingling it all goes tits up as the experiment goes errr...tits up! and the Doc becomes a dastardly baddie hell bent on...umm doing his experiment all over again for some reason.

    Yep the introduction of Alfred Molina was yet another brilliant bit of casting as his performance as the calm methodical Doc Ock (along with his perfect build and looks) save the film from becoming rather mundane. Just like the first film the villain is the winning ticket and gives this adventure a shot in the arm which is so clearly required. Now I'm not saying this film was bad but the strangest thing...back in the day I always preferred this film over the original, but now the tables have turned and I find myself enjoying the original much more. I think the problem with this film is it really starts to lose its sense of semi realism and my suspension of disbelief goes right out the window.

    Now I always though Spider-Man was merely a regular guy with extra strength, speed, endurance and jumping ability, along with the few special skills of being able to climb walls and shoot gooey web stuff. But he was still able to get hurt, cut, bleed and generally die. In this film Spider-Man is virtually invincible and practically as strong as the Hulk or Superman so it seems. I mean really...he's falling from massive heights and slamming into walls and cars, he can hold up huge metal structures, lift incredible weights and stop a runaway train with his gooey web stuff and arms! Was Spider-Man always this powerful??

    There are also some really silly hokey issues dotted throughout that bugged me. Doc Ock hides out in the one and only run down shack in the middle of the harbour and it stands out like a sore thumb, no one ever thought of looking there? even when the lights were on? When Doc Ock robs the bank no one notices him just standing there right next to the vault door in his long trench coat, hat and shades looking pretty suspicious. Oh and how do you hide four giant mechanical arms under a coat? Why does the Doc go from being a decent human being into someone who would kill innocent people? even when he's got the arms fused to his spine or whatever he's still the same guy, but for some reason he suddenly decides hurting people is the way to go. Plus when the Doc goes to see 'Osborn' for the tritium why didn't he just force Osborn to hand it over instead of agreeing to get Spider-Man in exchange for it, surely that would have been easier and saved time.

    How does the Doc get all that expensive equipment? I know he pinched some cash from the bank but that wouldn't cover it. Plus how was it delivered?! didn't anyone notice all this stuff being delivered to this abandoned building in the harbour where no one goes or lives? didn't anyone think it was odd or suspicious? And what on earth was his experiment about?? what was it for? what would it do? it just felt like an outrageously diabolical device just for the sake of being a diabolical device. If he managed to finish it then what? would he become a good guy again? all he wanted to do was finish the experiment so its not like he was trying to do anything bad, and the experiment was suppose to be for the good of mankind right? maybe let him do his stuff?

    The special effects in the film were an improvement over the first film but again looking back they still look a bit dated. Seeing Spider-Man swing through the city (but what the hell is he attached too?? its hilarious!) is looking much better but most of the shots were we see Doc Ock walking along via his four mechanical arms are really bad at times. The entire runaway subway train sequence is really dodgy looking nowadays, the fight on top of the train and seeing the Doc throw those obviously bad CGI people from the train...blimey its bad!

    So yes the action is bigger louder and more impressive than the first film but the CGI effects are way more obvious to me, far more hokey looking. Close up shots of Doc Ock and his arms are fantastic, the way the arms lift him up, the way the arms look...all brilliant, but the bad outweighs the good I'm afraid. There is so much dodgy CGI and bluescreen work in here, the sequence where Parker rescues the little girl from the burning building, rescuing 'May Parker' from the Doc halfway up a skyscraper made me cringe especially, the car being chucked through the cafe window etc...Oh and why does Parker seemingly lose his Spidey powers halfway through yet gains them back again from nowhere? what was that about?!

    Surprisingly I didn't enjoy this as much as I thought I would...and I'm honesty being honest here. Molina is superb as Doc Ock and the action is deserving of kudos for the ambition, but visually it lacks quality in my opinion and there are lots more silly niggly bits that stand out to me. This sequel definitely felt more along the lines of a Schumacher Batman flick at times, its reasonable fun but the original still easily surpasses it.
  • fb733768972
    April 30, 2014
    Taking a huge leap forward in technology and storytelling, "Spider-Man 2" is not just your average superhero film, but it is a piece of super-heroic art to own for a lifetime that should be cherished upon, and never given up! There is still cheese in this film, just like the firs... read moret time around, but the characters have so much depth and the consequences actually come into effect. I do not see why anyone in their right mind would not like this film, because to me, it is "THE" greatest superhero film of all time! The shots are very impressive, the acting is very solid, the writing is on another level of great when it comes down to the considerations that it is a superhero film, and the action scenes are not something you can just walk away from. "Spider-man 2" is a movie that I will love forever! From the humour to the sad emotional moments, this film is brilliant in it's own way! It may not follow the comics to a "T," but honestly, we knew that going in. Forget that, and you have a masterpiece of a superhero film!
  • April 17, 2014
    Spider-Man 2 is great fun in its action scenes and surprisingly thoughtful in its dramatic ones. Peter Parker has to deal with balancing school, work, love life, and being a superhero and it quickly becomes too much. Comic book movies rarely venture into this territory, but Spide... read morer-Man 2 does, and emerges with a definition of what it means to be a superhero.
  • April 8, 2014
    The sequel to the superb 2004 entry, Spider-Man 2 is bigger and is more emotional. Tobey Maguire reprises his role as the web slinger. This time, he is to confront a new and improved villian. Personally, the main focus of this film should be Alfred Molina; who's portrayal of Dr O... read morectopus gives off pure power, sophistication and terror. This is possibly the highlight in the Spider-Man trilogy.
  • January 29, 2013
    27/01/2013 (BluRay, PS3)
  • fb1442511448
    October 2, 2012
    An exceptional sequel led by a superb cast and filled with a fantastic direction/script. Spider-Man 2 takes a deeper toll on the masked vigilante with an emotional as well as physical toll. With the addition of Alfred Molina as the famed villian, the film is a spin of fun. 5/5
  • July 13, 2012
    more effective than the first in character design. some of the sequences of the first were a tad better, but overall they are about equal in quality. i liked a lot about this film, but a great spiderman film is yet to be made.
  • fb100000145236770
    June 30, 2012
    Up until "Dark Knight", this was by far my favorite comic book movie. "Spider- Man 2" took everything good about the first movie, and built on it. Amazing effects mixed with an equally amazing story. The whole cast is back as Peter Parker(Tobey Maquire) deals with whether or n... read moreot he wants to be spider man, or to live just a normal life. He's haunted by the fact that he can never be in a happy relationship with Mary Jane Watson(Kirsten Dunst), and that his best friend Harry(James Franco) wants spider man dead for the death of his father. The whole time all this is going on, a new villain rises in Dr. Ock(Alfred Molina) and he threatens to destroy all of New York. Its a great film, and worked best as a true Peter Parker movie. You really go on a journey through him and see the ups and downs of being a super hero through his eyes. Side note, this movie has one of the best soundtracks ever. I absolutely love it to this day, and it features one of my favorite songs "Gifts and Curses" by Yellowcard. With the series being rebooted, making this trilogy kind of obsolete, this movie still stands as a phenomenal film.
  • March 10, 2012
    This movie is raved to be the best of the Spider-Man series, but I beg to differ. It just wasn't as interesting as the first one...

Critic Reviews

Jonathan Rosenbaum
August 5, 2013
Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader

Alfred Molina makes a more baroque supervillain than Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin, but the other stars seem happy to be giving us more of the same. Sam Raimi's direction, on the other hand, is even mor... Full Review

Christy Lemire
July 9, 2012
Christy Lemire, Associated Press

The web-slinging sequences are bigger-better-brighter-faster than the already spectacular ones in 2002's Spider-Man, and at the same time, the film's smaller emotional moments are denser, richer and m... Full Review

Joe Morgenstern
July 14, 2010
Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

A lot of talent to lavish on a single movie, but the result is uncommonly smart for the genre, and not just smart but tremendously enjoyable.

Nathan Rabin
July 14, 2010
Nathan Rabin, AV Club

Simultaneously funnier, darker, and more emotional than its forebear. Full Review

Dave Calhoun
June 24, 2006
Dave Calhoun, Time Out

All in all, this sequel is a blockbuster with both a heart and a brain. Full Review

Peter Rainer
August 7, 2004
Peter Rainer, New York Magazine/Vulture

It improves on the first one: better action, better comedy. Full Review

Anthony Lane
August 1, 2004
Anthony Lane, New Yorker

Like the first installment, refreshingly perverse in its intent. Full Review

Julien Lapointe
July 20, 2004
Julien Lapointe, Chicago Reader

Raimi is good with the details. Full Review

Andrew Sarris
July 9, 2004
Andrew Sarris, New York Observer

Spider-Man 2 is much more a grown-up love story than its predecessor. Full Review

Charles Taylor
July 3, 2004
Charles Taylor,

For a big-budget action movie Spider-Man 2 is modest and not assaultive -- it has a boring decency. Full Review

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    • Peter Parker/Spider-Man: Am I not supposed to have what I want, what I need? What am I supposed to do?
    • Dr. Otto Octavius AKA Doctor Octopus: Butterfingers!
    • Dr. Otto Octavius AKA Doctor Octopus: Find him or I'll peel the flesh off her bones.
    • Peter Parker/Spider-Man: If you lay one finger on her.
    • Dr. Otto Octavius AKA Doctor Octopus: You'll do what?
    • Joseph "Robbie" Robertson: The police say that Spider-Man was there.
    • J. Jonah Jameson: Where were you, photographing squirrels? You're fired!
    • Miss Brant: Jonah, the Planetary Ball.
    • J. Jonah Jameson: Oh, right. Parker, you're unfired!
    • J. Jonah Jameson: Spider-Man was a hero. I just couldn't see it. He was a, a thief! A criminal! He stole my suit! He's a menace to the entire city! I want that wall-crawling arachnid prosecuted! I want him strung up by his web! I want Spider-Man!!!
    • Peter Parker/Spider-Man: Here's your change!

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