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Ameara Lavey, Maja Lee, Pig Lizzy, Hank Skinny, Princess Pam ... see more see more... , Allen Nasty , Miss Pussy Pants

The gruesome tapestry of psychological manifestations of a nineteen year old bulimic runaway stripper-turned prostitute as she descends into a hellish pit of satanic nightmares and hallucinations.

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Unrated, 1 hr. 11 min.

Directed by: Lucifer Valentine

Release Date: February 14, 2006

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DVD Release Date: February 14, 2006

Stats: 131 reviews

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  • fb100000185301014
    August 10, 2013
    This is not even a film. It's junk. Everything about this so called film is bad. There's no story line, no acting. simply unwatchable. Being a fan of the most disturbing films out there, this one is rubbish.
  • October 16, 2007
    This is baaad. Forget the bad concept for a second, as hard as that is, and let it be known that the editing, directing, acting, lighting, shot compostion and simple storytelling is as bad as I've ever seen. This whole extreme cinema bullshit is starting to piss me off. I love... read more extreme cinema! Irreversible, I Stand Alone, Baise Moi, Funny Games, Piano Teacher, Cannibal Holocaust...fuck, the list is endless of stuff I love that people may think I'm sick for. But this shit? You gotta be fuckin' kidding me? To call this a movie is really stretching the definition of movie, it's the equivalent of filming a disgusting bowel movement and writing a threadbare story around it...oh no, I hope I haven't given any extreme horror filmmakers any ideas for their next films. The worst.
  • September 26, 2013
    not even amusingly appauling or entertainting.. just pure appauling wannabe shock value scene after scene... no entertaiment value what so ever

    but to be fair.... the title does say it all... ha
  • August 28, 2012
    Probably the most fucked up movie I have ever watched. I don't suggest anybody watches it.... I gave it 5 stars for how sick it was.
  • fb555928095
    August 11, 2012
    AL's Patented Disclaimer: Don't watch Slaughtered Vomit Dolls unless you are a fan of truly degenerate cinema. Frankly, SVD is one of those films that I have a hard time rating--like the August Underground films. It terms of disturbingness, it ranks rather highly with its disgu... read moresting blend of vomit, gore, sex, etc. And it really wants to be artistic in its almost stream-of-consciousness aesthetic in which it is never really clear what is memory, what is reality, and what is hallucination. Also, who is doing the killing? Such ambiguity could be provocative, but the film just ultimately ends up being tedious even though it is only 71 minutes long. By the end, you will just think: oh great more puking and nudity? Who cares?
  • fb638929899
    July 13, 2012
    Slaughtered Vomit Dolls (Lucifer Valentine, 2005)

    I gave the second film in what is now Lucifer Valentine's Vomit Gore trilogy, ReGOREgitated Sacrifice, a thoroughly awful review a while back (24 June 2010, to be exact). So what on earth possessed me ... read moreto watch the first film in the trilogy, knowing I would hate it just as much? I couldn't tell you the answer to that. But watch it I did, and I got pretty much what I expected.

    If you think about the definition of pornography, not necessarily the strict one used to judge obscenity cases but the more relaxed cultural one-what you have here is a simple fetish porn film. It contains no hardcore sex, but the rest of the ingredients are there. There is the sexual fetish (Valentine freely admits in interviews that he's an emetophile, or vomit fetishist), there is copious nudity, there is a complete absence of plot. There is also some low-budget gore, but I do have to give Valentine a bit of grudging respect in that some of it (the removal of the eyes form the flensed face early in the film particularly stands out) looks pretty durned good given the probable budget here. The soundtrack is also just as solid as that in ReGOREgitated Sacrifice (while reading an interview, I did find the answer to the question I posed in that review; the soundtracks are composed and performed by Valentine himself, which makes me wonder if he's ever considered a career in noise), and is once again the best thing about the film. Ameara LaVey, once again playing main character Angela Aberdeen, is quite easy on the eyes and spends most of the flick in various states of undress. Is that enough to sustain an almost eighty-minute film, especially one in which people make themselves puke as much as possible? (Though it must be said, if I'm remembering correctly, the second film has a lot more of that than this one does.) I'll let you be the judge of that. For me? No. Which once again brings up the question of why I watched it. And I still don't have an answer. (half)
  • November 15, 2010
    Slaughtered Vomit Dolls is a fucking disgusting pukefest with senseless excretions and nudity (and some OTT gore). I don't think it qualifies as a film; more a homemade compiling of abominable footage that naturally makes humans reach for the sick bag. There is really no plot, an... read mored no way to determine one since the communication relies on characters speaking in badly manipulated audio, and stories that overlap in a badly edited fashion. There's a lot of female objectification, an obvious excuse for the director to spawn this film (Part 1 of a trilogy), and uncomfortable close-ups of the women. They barf by sticking their hand in their throats, no doubt following orders of the director, and the camera follows every aftermath of the blown chunks. When it gets to the redhead guy, who projectile vomits into a cup, then swallows, then vomits, then swallows, etc., you won't be able to stomach anymore. Amidst all of the vomit, there are two graphic gore scenes, one where one of the females gets her eyes stabbed out for several minutes, and another one where a guy has his head popped open, and is thrown up on. In the gore arena, these scenes indicate some horror talent, without its excesses.

    Does one make a film about coughing, or yawning, so as to get its viewers to naturally mimic the actions? If not, then why make a film about vomiting?

    Despite everything, I think it's interminably hilarious that someone would film it, and I can't say I didn't expect seeing this garbage from that sexy movie cover, and the suggestive title. Funny controversy, bad film!
  • February 27, 2008
    If there was an art in "boredom" and "repetitiveness", this would top the list for both. Hardly disturbing and not fully disgusting
  • October 6, 2007
    The director calls this movie a piece of art. I think that is stretching the meaning of art a little too far. He created a new genre called vomit gore. This is the first in his trilogy, the rest are due out soon.

    I am a big fan of plot. What did this movie not have? Plot. It was... read more supposed to be about a bulimic stripper turned prostitute who gives her life to Satan. I could have enjoyed that movie. What it really was about was nudity, a medium amount of blood, a more than normal amount of puking, and not much else. Valentine tried to make it artistic by using homevideo quality filming and too much voice distortion. Personally, I would like to understand what my whores are saying as I see them spew and die, but that is just me.

    It was distributed by Kingdom of Hell Productions. The director calls himself Lucifer. The actress claims her surname to be La Vey. There are goat heads all over the dvd case and dvd menu. So how much does the movie actually involve Satan or Satanic rites? In one scene Ms. La Vey reads a pact that she is making to Satan, as she is being raped. That is all. Big freakin' deal. Satan's School of Lust had more devilishness and just as much nudity.

    It is more than obvious that the "stars" of this film were very high and/or drunk. Did that affect their acting abilities? I don't think it mattered, to be honest. This movie was a big let down. Was it worth the $35 I paid to order it from their website? No. Am I going to buy the sequel? More than likely. Don't you see the word "sucker" tattooed on my forehead?

    If you want to see it, don't waste your money. Email me and I will let you borrow it.

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