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Seeking Justice

Seeking Justice

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Seeking Justice

Nicolas Cage, January Jones, Guy Pearce, Harold Perrineau Jr., Jennifer Carpenter

A happily married family man's quiet life is turned upside-down when his wife is brutally attacked one night while leaving work. The husband unwittingly pulls himself into a dangerous underground vigi... read more read more...lante operation after agreeing to an intriguing offer for a stranger to exact vengeance on is wife's attacker. While continuing to protect his wife from the truth, he quickly discovers that his quest for justice could lead to frightening and deadly consequences. -- (C) Anchor Bay

Id: 11154973

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  • August 10, 2012
    "Nicolas Cage is kinda back were I like him to be. In good movies doing good acting. Some of his work lately has been questionable. But I am glad that in this film he has restored my faith in him. The movie is not amazing, but it's a good action thriller about revenge. But the re... read morevenge that was suppose to be about "Seeking Justice" soon turns into this community of viscous killers out doing their own form of justice. I thought the story was interesting and I really liked Cage and Jones together. I thought he seemed too old to be playing her love interest, but I think it worked. Overall, the film delivered and I enjoyed it."
  • March 3, 2012
    A slick, hard-edged, surprisingly smart and riveting action-thriller thats visceral and filled with unexpected twist and turns. A strong film with solid performances from its great cast and two wicked twist that you wont see coming. An excting edge of your seat film that will kee... read morep your heart-pounding. It has a seductive rythem all its own. Nicolas Cage is explosive, one of his better performances and films in the last few years. Guy Pearce is at his best, giving an elctrifying performance. Cage and Pearce work well together and square off with explosive intensity. The film works profoundly well and has you screaming at the end wanting more. A wildly entertaining and mind-blowing thrill-ride from the start to its shocking finish.
  • March 1, 2012
    Vengeance always has a price

    Not bad at all, it's worth watching! Seeking Justice has some great action scenes and some interesting plot twists and i enjoyed it for what it was,a good action thriller.

    After his wife is assaulted, a husband enlists the services of a vigilante gr... read moreoup to help him settle the score. Then he discovers they want a 'favor' from him in return.
  • February 13, 2012
    As a time-pass thriller, it serves means to ends, but nothing beyond that. However, it amazed me that while Nicolas Cage was reasonably tolerable, Guy Pearce wasn't quite so.
  • October 30, 2013
    In "Seeking Justice," Will(Nicolas Cage), an English teacher, and Laura(January Jones), a musician, happily celebrate their fifth anniversary with friends and family. And then everything changes when Laura is brutally raped. While waiting in the hospital, Will is approached by ... read moreSimon(Guy Pearce) who offers to take care of the responsible party in exchange for a favor at a future date. After giving it some thought, Will agrees. Six months later, things have apparently returned to normal, even with Laura going behind Will's back to buy everything in a gun store except for a grenade launcher. That's when Will is called on for his favor, playing a game of Simon Says that begins with a letter to the North Pole...

    As a director, Roger Donaldson has gone back and forth between intelligent fare(The World's Fastest Indian) and more commercial fare(The Recruit). With his film "Seeking Justice," he tries to combine the two in a very awkward mix. While the movie desperately wants to have something to say about post-Katrina New Orleans and does have a couple of white knuckle moments, it also has more than its share of contrivances and is simply content to let its protagonist off the hook. While Guy Pearce is the best thing about the movie(but you knew that already), it is odd as always to watch Nicolas Cage trying to play a normal person and January Jones trying to play a human being.(The latter of which might explain why we do not get as much of Laura's story as we probably should.) All of which is especially sad considering the acute shortage of fictional ultra-secretive nefarious organizations these days, non-terrorist division, of course.
  • March 24, 2013
    "The hungry rabbit jumps." Seeking Justice is a provocative thriller that's full of intrigue. When Will's wife is raped he's approached by a shadow organization that offers to eliminate the rapist in exchange for a "favor," but he soon discovers that the organization's not what... read more it seems to be. The story starts out a bit slow and formulaic, but it gains momentum and eventually weaves a compelling mystery. The cast is pretty good, and includes Nicolas Cage, Guy Pearce, and January Jones; though their performances are fairly mediocre. While Seeking Justice is a typical action film in a lot of way, it's entertaining and has some intense moments.
  • October 9, 2012
    Seeking Justice is a rare example of a B-Movie blockbuster. This film may have been direct-to-video, but it features one hell of a cast, a ton of action, and a pretty decent storyline. Like most B-movies, this film was predictable as hell, but not in a bad way. Yes, I knew what w... read moreas coming, but I was still interested in seeing how it was done and what the results would be. Nicholas Cage is actual not the action star of this film, he is merely a High School English Teacher, with a seemingly perfect life. His world gets turned around though when his wife is savagely raped and beaten. As a result, Cage has two options, let the police do their thing or find someone else to take care of business. Can you guess which choice he made? Cage is of course fantastic as always. Even if the particular film doesn't suit your interests, when you see that it stars Nicholas Cage, you know you're about to be entertained. Guy Pierce is also excellent, giving a performance that was eerily similar to that of his character in Memento. Seeking Justice is definitely not an award winning film and is destine to fall under the radar of most moviegoers, but it's just as thrilling and entertaining as anything you'll see at the box office.
  • October 4, 2012
    This movie was formerly known as The Hungry Rabbit Jumps or on Sky Anytime just as Justice. It is an action film starring Nicolas Cage, January Jones and Guy Pearce. The film was safely directed by Roger Donaldson and that could be the reason why is not favourite with the critics... read more. Full with thriller clichés which are well done, maybe lacks in originality but not in excitement!

    Interesting story is happening in New Orleans and tells us about the tragic events in the life of Will Gerard (Nicolas Cage) - a humble English teacher at Rampart High School. Will's wife Laura (January Jones) is a musician who is in a local orchestra and one night, after a performance, Laura is beaten and brutally raped by a stranger named Hodge (Alex Van)... At the hospital, while Will is waiting for news about Laura's condition, he is approached by a man who calls himself Simon (Guy Pearce). Simon tells Will that he represents an organization that deals with people that the justice system has failed to deal with...

    There is not many movies like this on the market at the moment and I am glad I had a chance to catch this one!
  • September 8, 2012
    By-the-numbers, profoundly dumb, and acted flatly, Seeking Justice offers nothing to really warrant it's existence. It's not particularly fun, the action is pedestrian, the plot is exceedingly familiar, and the characters are not developed nor particularly interesting. Things are... read more done well enough to pass for a straight-to-dvd level of competence, but nothing to make it worth watching.

    2/5 Stars
  • June 22, 2012
    Is it just me, or is Nicolas Cage just doing films because he needs the money? Seeking Justice rides the line between a horrible joke of a thriller and a shred of a good idea. The cast is the film's saving grace. Put Guy Pearce in anything and watch audience's turn their heads to... read more see it. Plus, the beautiful January Jones can definitely get a man's attention. I am a die hard Nicolas Cage fan, through and through, so on paper, this film looked worthy enough to see. The plot, however, drives this film into the ground. The shocks are watered down, the performances are somewhat lacking, and there's a character that acts like a fairy Godmother, opening and closing doors just to further the plot. Though my hopes were never high for this film, there is simply something missing in this revenge thriller.

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