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In the futuristic action-thriller "Repo Men," humans have extended and improved our lives through highly sophisticated and expensive mechanical organs created by a company called The Union. The dark s... read more read more...ide of these medical breakthroughs is that if you don't pay your bill, The Union sends its highly skilled repo men to take back its property -- with no concern for your comfort or survival. Remy is one of the best organ repo men in the business. But, when he suffers a cardiac failure on the job, he awakens to find himself fitted with the company's top-of-the-line heart-replacement -- as well as a hefty debt. When he can't make the payments, The Union sends its toughest enforcer, Remy's former partner Jake, to track him down.

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DVD Release Date: July 27, 2010

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  • June 8, 2012
    I really liked Repo Men, it's part future shock (Think Allen Moore in 2000AD back in the 80's) and part Philip K. Dick story with a little bit of Monty Python thrown in for good measure - it even shows the clip from 'Monty Python's The meaning of Life' - where it seems the idea c... read moreame from. It's well cast and well filmed considering the budget. There are so many scenes where they get it just right (Sexual bar-code scanning anyone?), never shying away from showing a bit of blood or pretending that our hero isn't all 'nice guy'. It's much better than most of the big budget Sci-fi rubbish of late. I'm in the minority here but I loved the ending, that's classic sci-fi for you - if you don't like it it's because you like the hijacked rubbish version of the genres that Hollywood have been churning out. Ever-so slightly predictable at times but future cult classic for sure and an interesting comment on the American (and soon to be British) health-care system to boot!
  • April 27, 2012
    Working for a mysterious, nefarious organization, two men collect organs on lease in the near future.
    Released in 2010, after the latest financial meltdown ravaged the U.S. economy, Repo Men is a satire clearly aimed at American big business, equating their greedy foreclos... read moreures with stealing people's lifeblood. It's clever, and the novel on which this film is based probably works better, but as a film, the exposition is entirely too long. Also, the characters degrade into gangster film cliches. Remy has the disapproving wife and innocent child, and he eventually grows a conscience about his work (but seems to have no problem with the blood-letting of his former co-workers), and Jake is as gung-ho as ever. We've seen these characters in many genres, and the concept doesn't do enough to set them apart.
    Other reviewers have revealed that there's a twist ending, so I'm able to say that I liked it without giving it away.
    Overall, there's a lot to like about the concept and the story here, but the characters remain types, not unique or fleshed-out people.
  • December 19, 2011
    The RZA was pretty cool...I guess. The acting by Jude Law and Forrest Whitaker can't stop the terrible mess this film becomes in its 2nd half. The ending is like Brazil, a deus machina, but fails flat. Overall, the only outstanding positive part would be the gore and action which... read more shows that you don't mess with the organ business.
  • August 17, 2011
    I loved it all the way to the end. I thought it was a total buzzkill.. no coworker is going to be that malicious. Get Real. It sorta felt like Carlito's Way. It's brutal as hell. Total dude movie. Whatever. I needed to watch a happy movie or take a shower right after.
  • August 16, 2011
    You know, when it comes to movies, me and my brother seem to disagree about everything. He hated "The Wolfman", "The Book of Eli" and "Daredevil" but I loved them. He liked "Spy Kids 1", and I hated them. But this is one of the few movies we can both agree was quite good. Great, ... read morealmost Oscar worthy script, fantastic acting, good pace. I'm not sure why so many people didn't like it.

    The only thing I didn't really like was the ending. It started out pretty good, but once the credits role, me and my younger brother were pretty confused. My suggestion: Fast forward the last scene and look it up on Wikipedia, it's a lot easier. It is one of the worst endings I have ever seen ever. Seriously. Ever.

    Besides that, it was all in all pretty good. The script was amazing to say the least. There were at least like 12 memorable lines in this one, most of them coming from Jude Law's character (Remy).

    The acting was really good too. Forest Whitaker and Law do a very good job as the leads, putting a lot of energy into their roles without over acting. Liev Schreiber did a fantastic job as Remy and Jake's (Whitaker) despicable boss. As for Alice Braga? She was solid, but not spectacular. Ask me, they should have used Mila Kunis instead.

    The character development is really something special. Remy is a "Repo Man" which means he retrieves, often violently, artificial organs from customers who can't pay for them. However, when he get's one he can't afford, he must go into hiding, while protecting another person carrying organs she can't afford. His development through out the movie is really something special. Jake is also very developed. He is Remy's partner who is stuck between following the orders of his boss, and therefore killing his best friend, or protecting Remy from a terrible fate.

    The fight sequences, particularly the last one before the ending, are very, VERY well choreographed. Much better than what I expected from a movie like this.

    Over all, I found this a really, really good movie. For once, my brother was right. It was even better than "True Grit" in my opinion.
  • August 16, 2011
    An interesting premise is only interesting if you buy into what is being sold... and here I'm not quite sure if the filmmakers were truly aware that they were dealing with a bit of dark satire - even though the script was penned by the author of the book to which the film was bas... read moreed.

    The film's poster further belies the book's intent; showing the two main characters, Jude Law and Forest Whittaker in an action pose carrying big, scary looking guns - which I assume was the studio's idea of selling this film to young teen boys. This is unfortunate, for the futuristic story is not really about that, but a social commentary on corporate greed knowing no bounds.

    At the core is that age old morality tale - a Judgment At Nuereburg dilemma - "I was just doing my job" being the mantra towards any job where there exists a certain moral murkiness. This theme is a tired one and here comes off a bit heavy handed, even when hidden within the futuristic society bent, which suffers from a gaping hole of implausibility, regardless of the intended jab at corporate greed.

    The film craft on display here is apt enough - good acting from the leads and especially Live Schreiber as the slimey boss of the corporation; and while I admit that the script has a certain glibness to it, I couldn't help but think that this film tried to cover too many bases and suffered for it.

    I must also mention that the film has a rather inventive twist to it, which you may or may not find amusing. I felt that it fit the tone of the film, but like the rest of the film, felt uneasy about it; not sure if it was intended all along or a simple tag line device, done for no other reason than it could be done.

    In the end I was mildly entertained by this, but was plagued by a nagging thought that something was somehow missing.
  • fb535316333
    July 19, 2011
    A largely forgettable action Sci Fi flick with a numbing plot that delivers a twist ending that's... largely inconsequential to the story.

    In the end, the film just doesn't leave much of an impression and although the premise is somewhat original the Scifi themes that come along... read more aren't explored rendering the experience down.

    There's also a clear over emphasis on action and sex appeal with a story that for the most part, is character driven. What the hell?

    Just a combination of poor choices. :[
  • July 10, 2011
    Good bloody sci-fi-action flick with Jude Law who is such a badass, plays the part well. It's a good made film although there is a lot of violence and it is very gory. The beginning scenes had the atmospheric feel of sci-fi flicks such as Blade Runner, Minority Report and ... read moreTotal Recall.
    The story has a poor description of this futuristic society, where a corporation has the power of God, tricking clients and using abusive means to retrieve the prostheses from those that do not pay the bill. When we see the line of production, it is hard to believe that the prostheses are so expensive that the company needs to retrieve them. If the intention is to intimidate the clients to pay, this type of marketing would never work. Therefore, the principle of the story is stupid and contradictory.
  • June 15, 2011
    Good premise and good action. It could've been so much better though.
  • fb100000145236770
    June 3, 2011
    This movie is part action and part gore fest. Very bloody film, so if your squeamish then don't watch it. The concept of repossessing peoples organs when they can't make the payments, is pretty fascinating. I can really see that happening in the future. The theme may be intere... read moresting, but the movie made me lose interest half way through. It's an ok movie, just couldn't get into it like I thought I would. I used to be surprised Jude Law didn't do more action movies, but after seeing this I can see why he doesn't. He may look like an action guy, but he really isn't. He just doesn't have "it" like other guys, like Jason Statham or The Rock. I think if this movie had Statham in it, it would have been a completely different and better movie. Good for a one time watch, but other then that it's pretty forgettable.

Critic Reviews

J. R. Jones
December 15, 2010
J. R. Jones, Chicago Reader

This was too long, mean, and gory for me, though the satirical gloss and well-executed trick ending will probably impress some. Full Review

Rafer Guzman
July 6, 2010
Rafer Guzman, Newsday

Better and smarter than you might expect. Full Review

Ian Buckwalter
July 4, 2010
Ian Buckwalter, NPR

The overused homages and a tacked-on twist ending are just failed attempts to save Repo Men from its own shallow blood lust. Full Review

Dave Calhoun
April 15, 2010
Dave Calhoun, Time Out

Law and Whitaker are disastrous in the lead roles. It's a dreary and violent film that betrays its three years spent on the shelf. Full Review

Keith Uhlich
March 24, 2010
Keith Uhlich, Time Out New York

There are plenty of moments when the appearance of a flying, green-glow Chevy Malibu would be a welcome distraction. Full Review

Liam Lacey
March 19, 2010
Liam Lacey, Globe and Mail

Alternately smirking and dully disgusting. Full Review

Tom Long
March 19, 2010
Tom Long, Detroit News

Repo Men, rough though it is, is disturbing enough, funny enough and shocking enough to work on some weird level. Full Review

Stephen Holden
March 19, 2010
Stephen Holden, New York Times

As a recession-era satire, Repo Men strikes a very bitter chord. Full Review

Kathleen Murphy
March 19, 2010
Kathleen Murphy, MSN Movies

Still, despite its flaws, this ambitious parable is enjoyable, and sometimes viscerally moving. Full Review

Joe Morgenstern
March 19, 2010
Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

Repo Men is basically a soulless slasher flick, and one that demeans its gifted performers. Full Review

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    • Remy: Who do you think he's gonna send after me?
    • Jake: Maybe me.
    • Remy: At the end, a job is not just a job, is who you are, and if wanna change who you are, you have to change what you do...
    • Remy: He'll sign it. Everybody signs it.
    • Frank: You owe it to your family. You owe it to yourself.
  • Consider them your final notice.

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