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Jason Statham, Jennifer Lopez, Clifton Collins Jr., Wendell Pierce, Michael Chiklis ... see more see more... , Nick Nolte , Micah A. Hauptman , Patti LuPone , Emma Booth , Bobby Cannavale , James Carraway

Set amidst the unparalleled wealth and glamor of Palm Beach, Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez team up to get their cut in the crime thriller PARKER based on the series of bestselling novels by Donald ... read more read more...E. Westlake. The film is directed by Academy Award (R) nominee Taylor Hackford (Ray) and also stars Michael Chiklis, Wendell Pierce (HBO's The Wire) and Academy Award nominee Nick Nolte. (c) Film District

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R, 1 hr. 58 min.

Directed by: Taylor Hackford

Release Date: January 25, 2013

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DVD Release Date: May 21, 2013

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  • June 12, 2014
    Parker is one of those films that look great on paper, but when it was put to celluloid, it simply didn't deliver. What we have here is a film that lacks in what it tries to do. The film is poorly constructed and the result is a mediocre movie that ends up being tiresome instead ... read moreof entertaining and memorable. I really wanted to enjoy the film, but I felt that some members of the cast, especially Jennifer Lopez, who shouldn't act in the first place, brought the film down. Mix that with an undeveloped script and the result is a pointless action film that fails. What really is a shame is that, if given the write director, and a few rewrites, the film might have had a chance. However, that was not to be, and the finished film is just a boring action film with poor performances and in the long run, it's a forgettable affair that isn't worth your time. If you're expecting a good, entertaining film, you won't find it here. This film should have been good, and it could have, but it's a mediocre film, which just doesn't cut it. I love a good, mindless action yarn, but Parker tries far too hard at exceeding its limitations, and it comes up empty handed due to the lacking material that is given to the actors. One way to have improved on the film would have been to cast someone else in Lopez's role, and like I said, rewrite the script a bit so that everything would have had a nice flow, and in would have been a nicely thought out action film that would be entertaining from start to finish, instead of the poorly made mess that ends up being a not so satisfying film.
  • September 15, 2013
    Good movie for Jason Statham lovers like me. He is just so cool that even when the action gets implausible, you just shrug it off. It's pretty much Statham's show beginning to end, and he's the best thing going in the action genre these days...and he is nice to look at, too. :)
  • July 11, 2013
    Taylor Hackford decided to change things up and try his hand at a noir-ish crime thriller...and he really changes it up by casting Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez.

    Oh boy, this is an odd mix. Is it honorable that he tried to do something different? Yeah. Unfortunately, this is... read more a largely unremarkable thriller, and rather typical of Statham's recent output.

    Based on one of the Richard Stark (Donald E. Westlake) "Parker" novels, we get a typical story of a thief who is betrayed and left for dead following a heist, recovers, then decides to go out for revenge.

    This is as typical as it gets. At least it avoids having Statham hook up with Lopez. That was a nice touch. It's just a shame that the film is so uneven, especially with the tone. I appreciate a bit of humor with my action, but it doesn't really seem to gel that well here. Though, to her credit, Lopez is tolerable, and did sometimes get me to legitimately smile.

    I was also surprised, in a good way, by the level of violence here. I mean yeah, I knew it was to be rated R, but it was more graphic and brutal at times than I was expecting...and I'm actually okay with that.

    The film is watchable, and is pretty slick, and all that, but it feels far longer than it should be, and just kind of coasts along. Statham is fine, though pretty much doing more of what he always does. Like I said, Lopez is kinda funny, but it sticks out in a bad way. Chiklis is okay, but underused. Heck, all the main thugs are, which sucks considering that two of them are played by Clifton Collins, Jr. and Wendell Pierce. It also sucks that they wasted Bobby Cannavale.

    All in all, this isn't a totally terrible film, but it is unfortunately just a routine and rather ho-hum thriller. See it if you want, but it's totally fine if you don't.
  • July 3, 2013
  • June 9, 2013
    with shades of films like "payback" and "hard to kill", and an homage to kubrick's "the killing", this film teeters along as less than each of those films i mentioned, but isnt really terrible. lopez almost single handedly killed the film by herself, but the action was decent an... read mored the florida scenery impressive enough to make this an average watch.
  • June 8, 2013
    Parker was a very bland action flick. I just didn't care for it. I didn't like any of the characters and the story was just meh. Jason has been doing a lot of random action flicks lately and I wouldn't mind them so much if they were actually good action flicks. He's great ... read morein these movies. I have no complaints of his ability to pull the characters off or the acting. It's the films themselves. The directing and scripts are bad. It's not something I would watch again. Plus JLO wasn't very memorable at all. Anyone could have played her part.
  • fb100000145236770
    May 31, 2013
    "Parker" is the latest Jason Statham action movie, that is pretty much like the rest of his action movies. It has a simple plot, good fight scenes, and over the top, yet watchable acting. Only this time, it has Jennifer Lopez added to the mix. Statham stars as Parker, a ... read morethief who robs the Ohio State Fair with a group of guys he's never dealt with. Things go bad when they refuse to give him his share of the money, and they end up leaving him for dead. But, he isn't dead and tracks them down to Florida for revenge. He meets up with a real estate agent played by Lopez, and gets her to help him out. Lopez does OK, but really her role could have been played by anyone and it wouldn't have mattered. Michael Chiklis is the main bad guy, and he is much better suited for TV. Something about him just doesn't work in movies like it does for his television roles. He tries to be serious, but it ends up coming off like he is "hamming" it up. Statham, well he is the same as he is in all his movie, pretty much a badass. Fans of his or action movies in general will probably like this. But, just know if you've seen one Statham action movie, you've seem 'em all pretty much, so don't expect much different here.
  • May 10, 2013
    To get away clean, you have to play dirty.

    Very good movie! "Parker" is a thriller made for the thrilling action movies fans and specially, for Jason Statham's fans. It is an enjoyable thriller full of action and violence. The acting was good, the sequences well made and the pl... read moreot delivery surrounding the robbery was very believable unlike what we see in many similar films. The director Taylor Hackford has done a very good job because the movie amused movie during its entire length. Although the end is quite predictable, the movie contains some interesting twists. The cast is focused on both Jason and JLo. The other actors simply did a fine job. In conclusion, this is a very recommendable movie, specially when you just feel like action, entertainment, a nice city to watch and attractive people like Jason Statham and JLo. Do not expect anything very profound!

    Parker is a thief who has an unusual code. He doesn't steal from the poor and hurt innocent people. He is asked to join 4 other guys one of whom is related to a known mobster. They pull off the job flawlessly and Parker wants to part ways with them. But because he refused to join them for another job they try to kill him. They dispose of his body but someone finds him and he is still alive and takes him to the hospital. After recovering he sets out to get back at the ones who tried to kill him, another one of his codes. He learns where they are and poses as a wealthy Texan looking to buy a house. So he hires a Realtor, Leslie Rogers to show him around. He is actually trying to find out where they're holed up. And when he finds it, he sets out on his plan to get them. But when they learn he is alive, they contact the mobster to take care of him. So he sends a killer to take care of him.
  • May 7, 2013
    Wholly crap another novel adaptation! I was surprised to discover this character was actually the guy Mel Gibson portrayed in 'Payback', that did then ring a bell seeing as the characters in both films are the same, anti heroes. Back then the rights to the character name 'Parker'... read more weren't there apparently.

    So the plots to this adaptation and 'Payback/The Hunter' are virtually the same! 'Parker' is betrayed by a gang, shot and left for dead. He then proceeds to spend the entire film going after those who betrayed him. The problem here is the whole film is spread out with absolutely nothing of interest merely to see 'Parker' get revenge at the end. The film only had to be about 30min long and that would sufficed.

    The cast is a terrible mistake, every one. Statham is not the guy you want for a supposedly dark noir crime thriller (according to the original source), his presence merely lowers this films intelligence levels and gives everyone the wrong impression before seeing it. You know most people will be expecting a martial arts filled 'Expendables' type flick.

    The bad guys don't seem very bad at all, I mean they are not nice but they're hardly hardened criminals. Chiklis as the leader isn't threatening ever, I dunno why but he just looks like he's gonna burst out into slapstick. Another guy looks like a young Jon Cryer which isn't too good and Clifton Collins Jr. who is normally good for a violent nutter is very quiet.

    Then we have the car crash that is Lopez, dear lord how does this woman find work in Hollywood?!. She can't act, she's no good in a thriller like this and constantly ruins scenes, she looks like your typical wrinkled, bony, middle aged rich LA residing female with heaps of makeup and hairspray plastered on and all she does in this film is whine. It amuses me when these mega rich stars portray working class characters that are down on their luck, because they have no idea what its like to be in that situation.

    Its all very slick and glitzy with the glamorous Florida locations, fancy cars and huge mansions set against a sunkissed sky, you'd think it was a Bond flick. But none of this really seems to fit together well, it all feels bog standard and tired, amazingly generic, even the films poster is drab and uninspiring.

    A very mundane below par action film bottom line, no different from many other Statham efforts that have gone directly to DVD, did not pass go and did not collect $200. The whole thing is so utterly pointless, unoriginal and unexciting because apart from the very start and the very end there is nothing happening. 'Parker' simply wonders around breaking in here and there and stealing cars whilst all the while looking highly obvious while he does it.
  • March 5, 2013
    It`s a total blast of an action film. A crackling, riveting and endlessly enjoyable crime-thriller that pulsates with energy, style and stars. It`s razor-sharp and undeniably cool, the story rounds up some great characters and suspenseful moments that fill in for a great two hour... read mores of hard-boiled fun. A hard-hitting and adrenaline-pumping action-packed thrill-ride that never lets up for a minute. It`s a wickedly entertaining and surprisingly smart and delivers plenty of heavy duty fights and shoot outs to satisfy any action fan. A satisfying adaptation to Author, Donald Westlake`s novel. A great movie that`s cool, funny and action-packed and also has great character moments that add depth. Director, Taylor Hackford crafts a fine and explosive crime-thriller, that`s new territory for the veteran director and he delivers in it perfectly. Jason Statham is right on the money, he has all the right moves, charm and wit to make this character work, crafting his and most enjoyable performance yet. Jennifer Lopez is terrific, one of her better performances in the last few years. Michael Chiklis is excellent.

Critic Reviews

Trevor Johnston
March 5, 2013
Trevor Johnston, Time Out

Overall, it gets by, but bets are hedged when single-minded efficiency and ice in the veins would have been enough. Full Review

Bruce Diones
February 4, 2013
Bruce Diones, New Yorker

A cool, violent, efficient adaptation of the taciturn anti-hero (the creation of Donald E. Westlake, writing as Richard Stark), who's out to restore order in a bloody world in his own bloody way. Full Review

Rex Reed
January 30, 2013
Rex Reed, New York Observer

For an old-fashioned crime thriller, you need real pros. Mr. Statham is to acting what Taco Bell is to nutrition. Full Review

Laremy Legel
January 28, 2013
Laremy Legel,

Poster quote: "Parker," a film that's a little better than you'd expect! Full Review

Tom Russo
January 28, 2013
Tom Russo, Boston Globe

Parker's vengeance isn't thrilling, there's a pointlessly developed non-love triangle, even the glam settings look cheap, and the tough-guy exchanges are inexplicably flat. Full Review

Nick Pinkerton
January 25, 2013
Nick Pinkerton, Village Voice

Hollywood hasn't butchered Parker-which is to say that it has let him remain a butcher. Full Review

Peter Sobczynski
January 25, 2013
Peter Sobczynski, Chicago Sun-Times

Although working with material that is lackluster even by his standards, Statham manages to demonstrate a commanding screen presence that cannot be dismissed. Full Review

Rafer Guzman
January 25, 2013
Rafer Guzman, Newsday

"Parker" winds up with the worst of both worlds: It's pointlessly violent and nauseatingly cute. Full Review

Stephanie Zacharek
January 25, 2013
Stephanie Zacharek, NPR

You can use electricity to make ice, which is pretty much what Statham does in Taylor Hackford's jaggedly satisfying thriller, Parker. Full Review

Peter Travers
January 25, 2013
Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

A formula action movie that hits its formula marks as if no one expected more. I do expect more. So do Westlake fans. This Parker spits in our collective eye. Full Review

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    • Leslie Rodgers: Well, it's large and black, Jake. Where do you think I like it?
    • Parker: It's not about the money, it's about the principle.
    • Leslie Rodgers: It's just bills.
    • Parker: When I say I'll going to do something I always follow through... always.
    • Parker: I don't steal from people who can't afford it, and I don't hurt people that don't deserve it.

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