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On the Road Trivia

What movie did Drew Barrymore go on a road trip with a lesbian? Boys on the Side
Two guys (out of work musicians), being hunted by gangsters, dress up in drag to go on the road with a girl band. Name the actors? Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon
in what movie staring michael jackson had the song ease on down the road? The Wiz
Why did Danny have to drive during the race on Thunder Road instead of Kenickie in Grease? Kenickie hit his head before the race
in the latest casino royale how did james bond smash his car? lady was lying on the road
Starring Will Smith and his young son, who are on the road to find something everyone should have in life. The Pursuit of Happyness
In which horror movie does an unsuspecting family going on a road trip fall victim to a band of mutated, flesh hungry cannibals in the desert? The Hills Have Eyes
In "Roadhouse," what was the first song that the Jeff Healey Band played? On the Road Again
Cafe Roads, the coffee house in "So I Married An Axe Murderer," is based on what concept? "On The Road, " by Jack Kerouac
While on the road trip what does Jeremy do in Shop Girl ? listens to self help tapes on relating to women

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