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Emma Thompson, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Rhys Ifans, Maggie Smith, Asa Butterfield ... see more see more... , Ralph Fiennes , Ewan McGregor , Oscar Steer , Lil Woods , Sinead Matthews , Katy Perry , Bill Bailey , Daniel Mays , Eros Vlahos , Rosie Taylor-Ritson , Nonso Anozie , Ed Stoppard , Toby Sedgwick , Katy Brand

A struggling mother receives some much-needed assistance tending to the family farm and raising a group of spirited children while her military husband is fighting overseas in this sequel to the whims... read more read more...ical 2005 fantasy comedy Nanny McPhee. Mrs. Isabel Green (Maggie Gyllenhaal) lives in a scenic valley with her two sons and one daughter. They each understand the importance of working together as a family, and things are going remarkably smoothly for the rural quartet until a pair of spoiled cousins arrives for an extended stay, effectively turning the quaint little farm into a virtual zoo. As the situation quickly gets out of hand, Nanny McPhee (Emma Thompson) suddenly appears on Isabel's doorstep claiming that she can bring a much-needed sense of order to the out-of-control household. In time the mysterious helper does just that, using powerful magic to teach her young charges the importance of getting along, and gradually winning their trust in the process. But when the piglets escape from their sty, the contentious kids must work together to recover the family farm's most valued assets, or risk losing everything their father worked so hard to build before he went off to fight in the war. Rhys Ifans and Maggie Smith co-star. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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DVD Release Date: December 14, 2010

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Flixster Reviews (1,972)

  • February 14, 2014
    Nanny Mcphee and the Big Bang (or Nanny Mcphee returns as it was unimaginatively called in the USA) is much like the first film, Mary Poppins with half the charm and none of the animation. A sweet film, the big selling point really is Nanny McPhee's rule; 'When you need me but do... read more not want me, then I must stay. When you want me but no longer need me, then I have to go' but like I said, Mary Poppins with half the charm. The fantasy element is actually wasted here, the time and location is unknown but it's basically England during WW2. I'm guessing they never divulge the exact date so no one can't point out the various continuity and historical inaccuracies. It shouldn't really matter in a kids film but somehow here it does. Enough now I think, the novelty is over.
  • August 29, 2011
    Cute. Nowhere near as good as the first.
  • July 3, 2011
    Not as good as the first one. And how did she get hideous again? They should have left the movie at part one instead of making a boring sequel to it.
  • June 30, 2011
    Nanny McPhee Returns (2010) is about a nanny that teaches some out of control kids some lesions.
    Good plot
    Some funny parts
    Lacking acting
    Some gross parts
    Too childish.
    As I said before I liked Mary Poppins better.
  • April 15, 2011
    She may not be as charming and polished as Mary Poppins, but Nanny McPhee is every bit as needed and loved by those in her charge, even if they don't know it at first. This delightful follow-up to 2005 original sees Emma Thompson returning to the eponymous role, as well as screen... read morewriting duties, but with the action fast-forwarded to WWII. It is a classic family fun.
    Those in long pants, though, be warned, that this is a busy and picturesque picture that can't help but feel static and colour-by-numbers. It's seriously hampered by Maggie Gyllenhaal's pantomime performance. She appears to be trying super hard to either look enchanted or in need of smelling salts, and never clicks with the material. Rhys Ifans's approach is similarly head-smackingly, talk-to-himself cartoonish, but it at least suits his villain. Old-pro Thompson centres proceedings, and the kids are all terrific and will be first in line if they ever decide to reboot Harry Potter.
  • January 15, 2011
    Cast: Emma Thompson, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Oscar Steer, Asa Butterfield, Lil Woods, Eros Vlahos, Rosie Taylor-Ritson, Daniel Mays, Rhys Ifans, Maggie Smith, Ralph Fiennes

    Director: Susanna White

    Summary: When Nanny McPhee (Emma Thompson) arrives at the Green farm, she uses h... read moreer blend of magic and discipline to help frazzled Mrs. Green (Maggie Gyllenhaal) run things while her husband's off fighting in World War II -- and to help the Green kids deal with their nasty cousins. Soon motorcycles start flying and statues come alive as everyone learns important lessons.

    My Thoughts: "Not very many sequels live up to the potential of the first, but that doesn't seem to be the case with this film. I think I may have enjoyed this one just a smidgen more then the first film. I liked that there was ties to the first film as well. There was only a handful of good kid films made last year, and this is one of them. The film also had a great supporting cast, including the great Maggie Smith. She was very funny in the film. My niece's and nephew loved the movie and had me replaying some scenes over and over just dying of laughter. So I am sure if you have little ones around they will enjoy this film, and luckily so will you. It's a great film for everyone."
  • October 23, 2010
    A sequel from a family movie created by Emma Thompson in 2005 called 'Nanny McPhee'... Like the first movie which is suitable for the whole family, this sequel was also suitable to be watched by children with their parents... There aren't much differences from the first movie wit... read moreh this sequel because Nanny McPhee still have 5 lessons for the children to be learned... Emma Thompson write another story that enjoyable for the whole family to watch and I gave her a credit for that... With a new cast for the children's role and a big name like Maggie Gyllenhaal, Rhys Ifans, Maggie Smith, with a cameo from Ralph Fiennes and Ewan McGregor, this sequel become more interesting to be watched... Overall, the story of this movie is still enjoyable like the first movie and they have a great lessons to be taught for the children...
  • August 28, 2010
    Delightful family-oriented comedy has the titular nanny returning once again to assist a struggling mother with her mischievous children and their two cousins. Christianna Brand's Nurse Matilda character is adapted for a second time with satisfying, albeit conventional, results.... read more The story is sweet and there's a mood of decency and goodness that graces the proceedings. Star Emma Thompson, who also wrote the screenplay, is enchanting as the Mary Poppins-like governess. Perhaps unexpected is how captivating the youthful cast is, particularly actor Eros Vlahos who suggests Little Lord Fauntleroy in his hilariously fussy portrayal as the city living Cyril. Wholesome fun for the young and the young at heart. Film named Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang everywhere but the U.S. and Canada.
  • August 22, 2010
    ms. thompson could do anything. she been artistically paired with every heavyweight in the brit pantheon and quite frequently beats them out of their tattered pants ... and then she chooses to update the british nanny-as-angel/mom tradition in her own good sense and free will, s... read morehe wants to entertain children. hear, hear! a charming work.
  • July 25, 2010
    "When you need me but do not want me, then I will stay. When you want me but do not need me, then I have to go."

    I liked it! i think the first one was better but this one certainly was entertaining!
    The cast was amazing didnt know there were going to be some many big faces!
    ... read moreMaggie Gyllenhaal was actually really good and convincing as an english person, it was funny, light hearted and sweet! You cant help but enjoy this movie, it will really brighten up your day!!
    It also sends out messages as well
    i think its worth a watch only if you watch it the once it will make you feel happy!!

Critic Reviews

Charles Williams
August 20, 2010
Charles Williams, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

A delightful family movie, filled with frolicking farm animals, flying motorcycles and life lessons worth remembering. Full Review

Adam Graham
August 20, 2010
Adam Graham, Detroit News

That those blemishes begin to disappear each time her kids learn from her teachings offers a somewhat disturbing statement on the value of physical beauty. Full Review

Jake Coyle
August 20, 2010
Jake Coyle, Associated Press

There's still a warm, British naturalism to Nanny McPhee Returns and an old-fashioned cheerfulness uncommon to most of today's kids movies. Full Review

Peter Rainer
August 20, 2010
Peter Rainer, Christian Science Monitor

The child actors are so funny that even the stalest jokes seem fresh. Full Review

Kathleen Murphy
August 20, 2010
Kathleen Murphy, MSN Movies

An authentic fairy tale for kids with brains and imagination, Nanny McPhee Returns"serves up a flavorful mixture of magic and melancholy, barnyard humor and old-timey British idealism. Full Review

Stephanie Merry
August 20, 2010
Stephanie Merry, Washington Post

It can take a miracle to create a movie that's fun for kids and their parents. Luckily, Nanny McPhee has a little magic up her sleeve. Full Review

Lou Lumenick
August 20, 2010
Lou Lumenick, New York Post

There's a charming little film struggling to get out of this nearly two-hour CGI extravaganza... Full Review

Mike Hale
August 20, 2010
Mike Hale, New York Times

The real scene stealers in Nanny McPhee Returns are the child actors. Full Review

Kirk Honeycutt
August 20, 2010
Kirk Honeycutt, Hollywood Reporter

Emma Thompson's Nanny McPhee is in fine form in her second comic outing for Universal. Full Review

Liam Lacey
August 20, 2010
Liam Lacey, Globe and Mail

Ultimately, the performances carry the film. Full Review

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    • Nanny McPhee: It's an odd thought, I grant you, but there it is.
    • Mrs. Docherty: You seem to have forgotten the way she works. When you need her but do not want her, then she must stay. When you want her, but no longer need her, then she has to go. I know from personal experience.
    • Nanny McPhee: I am Nanny McPhee. Small C, Big P.
  • The magic's back warts and all.
  • The magic is back!
  • Who's your Nanny?

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