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Based on a true story, Moneyball is a movie for anybody who has ever dreamed of taking on the system. Brad Pitt stars as Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland A's and the guy who assembles t... read more read more...he team, who has an epiphany: all of baseball's conventional wisdom is wrong. Forced to reinvent his team on a tight budget, Beane will have to outsmart the richer clubs. The onetime jock teams with Ivy League grad Peter Brand (Jonah Hill) in an unlikely partnership, recruiting bargain players that the scouts call flawed, but all of whom have an ability to get on base, score runs, and win games. It's more than baseball, it's a revolution - one that challenges old school traditions and puts Beane in the crosshairs of those who say he's tearing out the heart and soul of the game. -- (C) Sony Pictures

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DVD Release Date: January 10, 2012

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  • August 20, 2014
    Never I seen Brad Pitt performance better than Hoffman to be honest, but when you saw 'Moneyball', you'll convinced that the real star and the only star of this movie is Brad Pitt himself. Not only he delivers a strong performance as Billy Beans but since this movie is all about ... read moreBilly Beane, Pitt's factor really bring it out.. While the element of surprise came from Jonah Hill's performance which is surprisingly good, but to be honest if I can vote whether he should receive an Oscar nomination or not, well I vote for another actor.. But overall, 'Moneyball' is an interesting drama about sports with good performance from the cast
  • May 20, 2013
    Moneyball was a huge snooze fest for me. I knew it would be. But against my better judgment, I watched it anyways. Why? Well because of the cast. It's been a few days since I watched this and I honestly can't remember much about it. I think I actually started readin... read moreg sometime during watching it. I just couldn't get into the film to save my life. I think I was under the assumption that there would actually be more ball playing in the film then there was. I am no fan of baseball. I usually can watch the movies though. But usually they have a lot of play time and less about what it's like behind the scenes of the teams. I am more of a football gal (Go Cowboys!). Still, the acting is solid and the cast is really great in this.
  • fb1019018362
    April 26, 2013
    Okay. This movie give me another preapective of money. A good prespective.
  • March 11, 2013
    I'm a big baseball fan . . . I can't understand how they could make such a great story so boring. And adding in the family nonsense only detracted from the real importance of the story being told. It's a new system jockeying for position with the old tried and "true" -- sometim... read morees -- method of nose to the ground scouting. And you know what? Mathematical percentages about a player's and his team's success has a rightful position in the mix. Not that it will ever replace good old fashion scouting, but it is at least as valid a tool. And this should be exciting, albeit for rabid baseball fans. But in this movie it's almost a non-event.
  • February 5, 2013
    It's hard for me to be objective with this film as 1) I'm a baseball fan, and 2) I remember that wacky season like it was yesterday (well, maybe the day before yesterday). After viewing this I pondered what someone who was not into baseball might think of this film - was there e... read morenough of the human element and the underdog effect to catch and hold the interest of a non sports fan? But then I realized... if you were NOT a sports fan, you probably wouldn't be interested in seeing Moneyball in the first place; so the question remains rather moot.

    From a filmmaker's point of view, the film is first rate all the way - from the pace and direction (which only occasionally fails to *ahem* keep its eye on the ball), to the seamless interspersion of archival film with the actors on the field as well as voiceovers from the guys actually announcing some of the contests (local Oakland broadcasters Greg Pappa and Glenn Kuiper). The film also has three terrific performances at its core as well as several wonderful bits of natural acting in small bit parts which make so many scenes seem as if you are really in the room as these career baseball scouts discuss the makeup of next season's team.

    The story, in case you are interested in such things, is simple and yet full of backstory which mirrors the great game itself. The small budget Oakland A's just took the mighty NY Yankees to the point of elimination in the playoffs. So of course the Yankees offer insane amounts of money to Oakland's best players, knowing that Oakland can't match their offer. Then the other bully in the league, Boston, gets into the act and so the carefully crafted team of A's general manager Billy Beane has been effectively gutted by the large payroll east coast teams.

    Rather than give up, Beane decides upon a radical plan that defies conventional baseball logic. It is this plan and its underdog aspects that are really what this film is about - how a new and different perspective can be met with skepticism by the established order, and how those shrewd enough to understand and accept it are therefore a leg up on the dinosaurs who don't.

    The beautiful script, co penned by Steve Zallian and Aaron Sorkin, ably explores these deeper undercurrents while at the same time ratcheting up the tension of a real baseball season, subtly reminding us why this particular one is so important to the players involved.

    Brad Pitt portrays Billy Beane, and he absolutely owns the role. Totally in the moment throughout the film, this is a masterful Oscar worthy work. The totally natural way he and co-star Jonah Hill work off of each other makes you totally forget that you are watching actors portraying characters. The same can be said for the understated performance of Seymore-Hoffman as the A's manager - the script does a beautiful job of shorthand in the verbal jousting between he and Beane; a terrific example of less often being more.

    In a way you can call this a biopic, as it is based on a non fiction book. I know the sequence of events is certainly true, and can even tell you where I was when Hatteberg hit that dramatic home run that put Oakland in the record books (I was gigging at a sports bar that had the game going on a big screen tv). Many have said that this film belongs in the Parthenon of great sports films - but really, while it is about sports on the surface, it is the undercurrent story of human will and heart that make this film a winner.
  • November 1, 2012
    It seems odd that a movie based on a non-fiction book that is very heavy on statistics and number crunching could be an enjoyable, engrossing, and wonderful piece of cinema, but this movie is the proof.

    Based on the aforementioned book of the same name, this is the true story of... read more how Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane, with the help of an Ivy League educated economist defied conventional wisdom and the system by using stats and outside the box thinking to create a successful baseball team on a meager budget during their 2002 season.

    Despite having a very limited budget, Beane (Brad Pitt) and economist Peter Brand (Jonah Hill) discovered that they could theoretically have a winning team by focusing on players with records of high on base percentages. There's a but more to it, and the movie is great at making everything understandable, and yeah, this gamble did pay off, and for better or worse, did change the game of baseball.

    To help make such dry seeming material more accessible and entertaining, the film does focus on the human element a lot as well, mostly the relationship between Beane and his young daughter, and little bit on Beane and his ex-wife, as well as some flashbacks which flesh out why Beane is the type of manager and thinker he is.

    This is definitely a sports drama, but it's not really a baseball movie, at least not in the conventional sense. Most of the focus is on the behind the scenes stuff, with many, many, many scenes of talking, but there's some game footage too, although a lot of it is in the form of stock footage from various audio and video archives. How they are edited into the rest of the film is one of the areas where the movie really shines.

    There's creative editing, sound design, and some excellent cinematography that really make this world come alive. It's all very low key, yet quite striking, too. This is some really effective and groundbreaking direction, and it might have really been the best possible way to adapt the material. The performances are also quite nice too, with Pitt bringing a great sense of wisdom and experience to the role, and Jonah Hill (pre-weight loss) really shining in a superb dramatic turn. He's treaded dramatic territory before, but it's here where he really gets his feet wet, and he does so without a hint of drowning. Hoffman is also good as the field manager, but he could have been used a little more.

    Despite all this wonderful stuff, which also includes a high degree of realism and accuracy, the film isn't totally flawless. It is fairly long, and rather slow at times, and while this wasn't really a problem with me, it could be for others. Given that this is a period piece, it is to the film's credit that it remains gripping even if the ending is known, but the film does tend to play up the underdog aspect of things maybe a little too much a bit too often.

    Aside from that though, this unlikely adaptation, like the story it's about, proves to be quite a success.
  • fb7018436
    September 8, 2012
    Science, a great script and Brad Pitt come together for a great tale of the underdog changing a sport forever.
  • fb1442511448
    August 25, 2012
    A crisp and sharp film that illustrates the hardships and triumphs in the world of professional baseball. Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill team up to bring the true story of baseball galore to life and award-winning is an understatement to describe the emotion the film brings about. 4/5
  • fb1664868775
    July 22, 2012
    For sure the best film about baseball I've seen. Great performance from Brad Pitt but really the whole cast shines.
  • July 7, 2012
    A pretty intriguing and unique take on a baseball story. One thing the film does beautifully is showing the anguishing and grueling struggle Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill have to go through in trying to save a baseball team. Pitt is very likable in the lead role and Hill delivers his ... read morebest performance to date (Not Oscar worthy, but still fine). Despite it's slightly bloated runtime, both sports fans and non-fans alike should find something to enjoy about this film.

Critic Reviews

Rafer Guzman
May 6, 2014
Rafer Guzman, Newsday

Moneyball is a winner, one of the freshest and smartest sports movies in years. Full Review

Tom Huddleston
November 22, 2011
Tom Huddleston, Time Out

As an example of smarter-than-average Hollywood fare - and a sly dig at modern sporting politics - 'Moneyball' has all the key bases covered. Full Review

David Denby
September 27, 2011
David Denby, New Yorker

One of the most soulful of baseball movies -- it confronts the anguish of a very tough game. Full Review

J. R. Jones
September 23, 2011
J. R. Jones, Chicago Reader

The real protagonist of Moneyball, however, is Beane himself, played with great charisma by Brad Pitt. Full Review

Peter Rainer
September 23, 2011
Peter Rainer, Christian Science Monitor

[Pitt] provides ballast and a swaggering humor to a movie that, too often, strives to be The Social Network of baseball movies. Full Review

Lisa Kennedy
September 23, 2011
Lisa Kennedy, Denver Post

Pitt, who has a producing credit, is not the sole reason this tremendous -- yet intimate -- sports tale soars over the fences. The bench is deep. And the script has a powerful but finessed swing. Full Review

Tom Long
September 23, 2011
Tom Long, Detroit News

Moneyball turns an unlikely subject interesting, making a professional sport the nexus where past and future collide. Full Review

Rick Groen
September 23, 2011
Rick Groen, Globe and Mail

Moneyball is exactly like moneyball -- infused with intelligence, amusing in its attacks on false gods, but way easier to admire than to love. Full Review

Stephen Whitty
September 23, 2011
Stephen Whitty, Newark Star-Ledger

A well-written, sharply acted film that's guaranteed to garner attention. Full Review

Peter Hartlaub
September 23, 2011
Peter Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle

Naysayers have been claiming for years that the Moneyball book wouldn't work as a movie. But ultimately, it's the cinematic touches that keep this film version from becoming something exceptional. Full Review

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    • Billy Beane: You think you're special?
    • David Justice: Well, you are paying me 8 million dollars a year, so yeah.
    • Billy Beane: No, no. We aren't paying you. The Yankees are paying half of your salary. The Yankees are paying you 4 million dollars to play against them.
    • Peter Brand: I think he was gonna say something else.
    • Billy Beane: When you get the answer you're looking for, hang up.
    • Billy Beane: Listen, man. I've been in this game a long time. I'm not in it for a record, I'll tell you that. I'm not in it for a ring. That's when people get hurt. If we don't win the last game of the series, they'll dismiss us. I know these guys, I know the way think, and they will erase us. And everything we've done here, none of it will matter. Any other team wins the world series, good for them. They're drinking champagne, they'll get a ring. But if we win, on our budget with this team, we'll change the game. And that's what I want, I want it to mean something.
    • Billy Beane: We want you at first base, it's not that hard. Tell him Wash'
    • Ron Washington: It's incredibly hard.
    • Grady Fuson: Now you need to have a little bit of faith and let us do the job of replacing Giambi.
    • Billy Beane: Is there another first baseman like Giambi?
    • Scout Martinez: No, not really.
    • Scout Artie: And if there was could we afford him.
    • Scout Barry: Nope.
    • Billy Beane: Then what the f**k are you talking about man! If we try to play like the Yankees in here, we will lose to the Yankees it there.
    • Grady Fuson: Boy that sounds like some fortune cookie wisdom to me Billy.
    • Billy Beane: No, that's just logic.
    • Scout Pote: Who's Fabio?
    • Scout Pote: He's the short stop, the short stop from Seattle.
    • Billy Beane: I'm not gonna fire you Gary.
    • Grady Fuson: Fuck you.
    • Billy Beane: Alright now I'm gonna fire you.

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