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Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol Flixster Facts

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Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol (2011)

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner, Ving Rhames

PG-13, 2 hr. 12 min.

Directed by: Brad Bird

Release Date: December 21, 2011

Synopsis: This is not just another mission. The IMF is shut down when it's implicated in a global terrorist bombing plot. Ghost Protocol is initiated and Ethan Hunt and his rogue new team must go undercover to clear their organization's name. No help, no contact, off the grid. You have never seen a mission gr... read moreittier and more intense than this. -- (C) Paramount

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    • Ethan Hunt: Mission accomplished!
    • Ethan Hunt: Saturn, take the leap.
    • William Brandt: [exhales deeply] Ok. [clears throat] Jumping. Jumping now. Jump now?
    • Ethan Hunt: Yes, commit, jump.
    • William Brandt: Jump.
    • Ethan Hunt: Jump.
    • Benji Dunn: And I catch you.
    • Ethan Hunt: Now.
    • William Brandt: So, uh, you're sure about this suit, right, Benji?
    • Benji Dunn: Pretty sure.
    • William Brandt: [laughs sarcastically] Now you're pretty sure?
    • Benji Dunn: I have arrived at the party!
    • Ethan Hunt: Mission accomplished.
    • Benji Dunn: Why am I Pluto? It's not even a planet anymore.
    • William Brandt: Well, I think Uranus is available.
    • Benji Dunn: Ha ha haa, That's funny 'cause you said anus.
    • Kurt Hendricks: How will the world finally end? It is my job to predict the unthinkable. To treat the deaths of billions as a game. After 20 years of this, I was numb. Until a new question crossed my mind. What happens after the end of the world? Every two or three million years, some natural catastrophe devastates all life on Earth. But life goes on. And what little remains is made stronger. Put simply, world destruction is an unpleasant but necessary part of evolution. What happens then, I wondered, when mankind faces the next end of the world. I looked to Hiroshima, Nagasaki... thriving cities rebuilt from the ashes, monuments to the unimaginable, dedicated to the concept of peace. It occured to me here that nuclear war might have a place in the natural order. But only if it could be controlled. Only if it touched every living soul equally.
    • Ethan Hunt: You're not helping.
    • Jane Carter: This was not a rescue mission?!
    • Ethan Hunt: Let me put to you like this. If the secretary wanted me out of there, then things are really bad out here.
    • Ethan Hunt: You're not helping!
    • Jane Carter: Where's Ethan?
    • William Brandt: Your line's not long enough!
    • Ethan Hunt: No shit!
    • Brandt: 23 minutes until knocking!
    • Ethan Hunt: That countdown isn't helping!
    • Brandt: [slightly offended] Just sayin'.
    • Ethan Hunt: Who are you really, Brandt?
    • Brandt: We all have our secrets. Don't we, Ethan?
    • Ethan Hunt: I take care of my friends.
    • Jane Carter: Where's Ethan?
    • Benji Dunn: [points up]
    • Jane Carter: You've got to be kidding me..
    • Benji Dunn: The science is sound, all right? I'd be more worried about the heat.
    • William Brandt: And then there's that. What heat?
    • Benji Dunn: [laughing] Well, it's like any computer, isn't it? If you switch off the fan, it's gonna get really hot.
    • William Brandt: [laughing sarcastically] Of course.
    • Benji Dunn: Relatively, you know.
    • William Brandt: Of course it will. So I'm jumping into, uh, an oven, essentially.
    • Benji Dunn: Yeah, essentially. But, um, I'll catch you.
    • William Brandt: [unconvinced] Great.
    • Ethan Hunt: It was a setup.
    • IMF Secretary: The President has initiated Ghost Protocol. The entire IMF has been disavowed.
    • Ethan Hunt: We have to break into the Kremlin.
    • Benji Dunn: Ha! I thought you said the Kremlin. I thought you said the Kremlin.
    • Brandt: That's it. Next time I get to seduce the rich guy.
    • Benji: We have to get there from the outside.
    • Ethan Hunt: WE?
    • Benji: Well, I'm on the computer.
    • Brandt: And I'm just the helper, right?
    • Benji Dunn: How come I'm Pluto? I'm not even a planet.
    • Brandt: There's always Uranus [grins].
    • Benji Dunn: Hah, that was funny, 'cos you said anus.
    • Russian Agent: So we are on the same side?
    • Ethan Hunt: [nodes weakly]
    • Russian Agent: Hospital?
    • Ethan Hunt: Uh-huh.
    • Ethan Hunt: With great power comes great responsibility.
    • Benji Dunn: I'll catch you..
    • Ethan Hunt: I'm going to kiss you... Don't hit me.
    • Brandt: [after getting out of a giant fan] That's it. Next time, I get to seduce the rich guy.
    • Benji Dunn: Blue is glue.
    • Ethan Hunt: And when it's red?
    • Benji Dunn: Dead.
    • IMF Secretary: Your mission, should you choose to accept it...
    • Benji Dunn: [speaking in Russian to a Kremlin guard] You're going to regret this, Egorov.
    • Ethan Hunt: Come check.
    • William Brandt: Saturn's got your five-by-five, Jupiter.
    • Benji Dunn: This is Pluto. I have arrived at the party.
    • Benji Dunn: We're going to need to access the server from the outside.
    • Ethan Hunt: We?
    • Benji Dunn: Oh, I'm just the computer guy.
    • Ethan Hunt: [looks at Brandt]
    • William Brandt: I'm just the helper.
    • Ethan Hunt: JUMP!
    • Ethan Hunt: Jump. Juuuump!
    • Benji Dunn: I thought you said Kremlin for a minute there [laughs].
    • Ethan Hunt: Did you jump?
    • Brandt: Should I not have jumped? Cause I jumped!
    • Ethan Hunt: Light the fuse.
    • Benji: [after Ethan scaled the building] Whew! That was not easy, but... I did it.
    • Brji Nath: Are you impressed yet?
    • William Brandt: OK, yeah, but you, um, just breezed over something I think is really important. The computer array part, where I just... jump?
    • Benji Dunn: And I catch you.
    • William Brandt: Yeah
    • Benji Dunn: I don't... Why is that so hard to grasp?
    • William Brandt: Well, yeah, why? It's a 25 foot drop. And we're using magnets.
    • Benji Dunn: [grinning] Yeah.
    • Ethan Hunt: We were unprepared, in the dark, and disavowed. And the only thing that functioned was this team.
    • Benji: Phew! That was not easy, but I did it. What did I miss?
    • Brij Nath: Is that your husband or your boyfriend?
    • Jane Carter: He's more of a co-worker
    • William Brandt: What about me?
    • Benji Dunn: You're the helper.
    • William Brandt: Helper umm...
    • Ethan Hunt: Com check?
    • Benji Dunn: Were live.