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Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks, Jamie Bell, Anthony Mackie, Edward Burns ... see more see more... , Ed Harris , Titus Welliver , Genesis Rodriguez , Kyra Sedgwick , Mandy Gonzalez , Bill Sadler , Barbara Marineau , J. Smith-Cameron , Patrick Collins , Afton Williamson , Robert Clohessy , Joe Lisi , Candice McKoy , John Solo , James Yaegashi , Daniel Sauli , Frank Pando , Jason Kolotouros , Michael Laurence , Don Castro , Pooja Kumar , John Dossett , Sylvia Kauders , Felix Solis , Jabari Gray , James Andrew O'Conner , Ann Arvia , Jonathan Walker , Liz Holtan , Jason Furlani , Terry Serpico , Erin Quill , Arthur J. Nascarella , Jimmy Palumbo , J. Bernard Calloway , Gerry Vichi , Geoffrey Cantor , Brett Smith , John Comer

An ex-cop and now wanted fugitive (Sam Worthington) stands on the ledge of a high-rise building while a hard-living New York Police Department negotiator (Elizabeth Banks)tries to talk him down. The l... read more read more...onger they are on the ledge, the more she realizes that he might have an ulterior objective. -- (C) Summit Entertainment

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PG-13, 1 hr. 42 min.

Directed by: Asger Leth

Release Date: January 27, 2012

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DVD Release Date: May 29, 2012

Stats: 3,187 reviews

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  • November 6, 2012
    "I really liked this. I wasn't blown away with it, but it was close to being great. I enjoyed the story. I thought the way they planned it all was very smart. I was even surprised by the ending when their in the bar. I didn't catch on to who the bartender would end up being. I lo... read moreve a good crime thriller and this one delivers. I thought Worthington and Bell were really good in this. I wish Burns would have been used a little bit more. Kyra had a small part too, but it fitted. I love Ed Harris too. The movie has a wide range of good actors in the movie. I think without them the film would have failed. They story unfolds as it goes and I never felt lost. I guess your suppose to have an aha moment, but unfortunately some of the suspense was guessed pretty easily. But still this was one of the better thrillers I have seen lately. I would definitely see this again."
  • November 5, 2012
    For a thriller like this to work it has to rely on the small details but unfortunately the story is fairly light when it comes to those and instead tries hard to make the best of a good premise with very little to back it up with. The cast is eclectic but no one really stands out... read more, in fact it's a bad day at the office for most, worst performance award is shared pretty equally. The script is fairly horrific too, especially in the dreadful scenes with Genesis Rodriguez and Jamie Bell - possibly the most annoying couple in celluloid history? Hitchcock it ain't, it's quite arrogant to think it's as clever as that and I believe Asger Leth does.
  • November 1, 2012
    two and a half...
  • October 19, 2012
    Not as bad as the reviews. It kept me interested.
  • October 14, 2012
    A man (Sam) walks onto a hotel ledge, ready to jump. He is an ex-cop who escaped from prison to prove his innocence. Exciting thriller. Great cast. If you like Inside Man or Phonebooth you will like this movie.
  • October 3, 2012
    An interesting thriller that really kept me involved and wanted to know what's going to happen next. Whilst it's not perfect and there were many times I could guess what was going to happen but I really enjoyed the premise.
  • September 30, 2012
    A good action packed movie, with plenty of suspense and twists as it wound its way into the actual reason for Sam Worthington being on the ledge. The supporting actors of Elizabeth Banks, Ed Burns, Jamie Bell, and Ed Harris had plenty of chances to excel, and I think that they al... read morel did well. Nicely done movie...
  • August 27, 2012
    Despite an intriguing premise and some neat ideas, as well as a cast of rather notable (and some pretty talented) individuals, this is by and large, a rather flat, generic, and routine suspense thriller that doesn't thrill, or hammer home the suspense as much as it ought to.

    Ex... read more- cop and wanted fugitive Nick Cassidy plants himself out on the ledge of a high rise building while a troubled NYPD negotiator tries to talk him down, and quell some of her personal demons. It's a very simple set up, and in the hands of the right person, they could make a great film using just this set up alone. However, in a neat move, this set up is merely a pawn in a scheme for Cassidy to clear his name and settle an old score, complete with a few twists along the way. I'm okay with this, but I just wish it could have been handled and presented better.

    Sam Worthington agreed to this, finding the script intriguing, and also as a good way to try to get over his own fear of heights. In fact, in many shots, he, and the other actors are doing their own stunt work on an actual ledge on location, with the filmmakers using creative ways (both digitally and practically) to hide the wires and harness. That's cool. What's not cool is the by the numbers and phoned in performances. Worthington tries his best on all fronts, but he is a little too underwhelming. It doesn't help that his accent slips in a few times too many.

    I felt that Elizabeth Banks and Edward Burns fared better, doing the best they could with typical archetypal roles that don't really stray too far from the mold. Ed Harris does add some gravitas, but again, he's not given much to work with, and Alan Alda did a far better job in a similar role in the similar Tower Heist. Also, I love Kyra Sedgwick, but was she really needed for this? Her appearance seemed really random and pointless, especially given her caliber and level of recognition.

    So yeah, the movie is dumb fun, typical Hollywood popcorn crap, and while I ultimately don't think it's that great, I didn't hate it. It's not boring, there's some cool scenes and good ideas, and it takes a simple idea and tries to run with it in a neat way. It's just a shame that it really falls flat and fails to be as compelling and, more importantly gripping as the set up implies it should be.
  • August 4, 2012
    good movie full of excitement, and the was cast so good. action packed even though it centers around a guy on a ledge... I liked it.
  • July 25, 2012
    Asger Leth's Man on a Ledge lives up to its name. Just maybe not in the best possible way.

    With 100 minutes of screen time to fulfill, the plot for this picture is adequate enough to get by. What happens elsewhere in the story apart from this man on a ledge is somewhat

    ... read more intriguing, although not exactly gripping. As for the man on the ledge himself, his piece is amusing in the early going, before leading to a forgettable finale.

    It is disappointing because the man on a ledge concept definitely has its potential. The way it was handled just wasn't the best route. It wasn't a bad one; just not great.

    Sam Worthington works with what he has and while everything revolves around him, Elizabeth Banks is the star of the show. The rest of the supporting cast are overshadowed by Worthington's and Banks' characters, although Genesis Rodriguez is extremely easy on the eyes.

    As a whole, Man on a Ledge never gets exciting or thrilling enough, which eventually adds up to mild entertainment.

Critic Reviews

Anna Smith
January 31, 2012
Anna Smith, Time Out

This embraces its own lunacy readily enough, never aiming for anything more than the disposable thrills it delivers thick and fast. Full Review

Colin Covert
January 31, 2012
Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune

The solution to "now what do we do for 103 minutes?" is to pile as many silly distractions into the running time as possible. Full Review

Richard Roeper
January 27, 2012
Richard Roeper, Richard

'Man on a Ledge' is our first legit contender for Best Worst movie of the year. Full Review

Stephen Whitty
January 27, 2012
Stephen Whitty, Newark Star-Ledger

This is one of the few movies that, with its skyscraper action scenes, probably needed to be made in 3-D. As it is, though, it's barely in 2-D - and really, I'm not sure it needed to be made at all. Full Review

Tom Long
January 27, 2012
Tom Long, Detroit News

There's no escaping the sheer terror of a guy standing on a ledge that high up. "Man on a Ledge" delivers the sweats it intends to deliver. Full Review

Joe Williams
January 27, 2012
Joe Williams, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

When an action movie is as clumsy as "Man on a Ledge," it's begging to fall. Full Review

Rafer Guzman
January 27, 2012
Rafer Guzman, Newsday

A clumsily made thriller with very few thrills. Full Review

Sara Stewart
January 27, 2012
Sara Stewart, New York Post

[A] jumble of cop- and heist-movie clichés, dotted with appearances by actors you liked in something else... Full Review

Liam Lacey
January 27, 2012
Liam Lacey, Globe and Mail

Credibility takes a nose-dive long before its protagonist is separated from his perch. Full Review

Eric D. Snider
January 27, 2012
Eric D. Snider,

Dumb, easy-to-swallow fun, more or less - the sort of movie that makes people say, "Well, that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be." Full Review

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    • Mike Ackerman: Women jump for love. Men... we jump for money!
    • Lydia Mercer: I suppose that's a family heirloom?
    • Joey Cassidy: It is now.
    • Angie: You don't want to know everything. Nobody does.
    • Joey Cassidy: Sure I do.
    • Angie: Boyfriends? Girlfriends? Best sex of my life?
    • Joey Cassidy: Well, obviously.
    • Angry Traffic Woman: Anyone who creates traffic like this should be shot!
    • Suzie Morales: I couldn't agree more, ma'am.
    • Lydia Mercer: Watch him.
    • Jack Dougherty: You're getting a little too comfortable barking orders.
    • Joey Cassidy: Is she hot?

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