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A wholesome, Midwestern woman accidentally gets involved with an international super spy and is forced to flee the country with him while he protects a dangerous new piece of technology.

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DVD Release Date: November 30, 2010

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  • August 9, 2013
    When the movie started, I thought it might have been unjustly panned - there were some flashes that suggested it was a spoof - but as it went on, it closed in on and eventually captured boring, Romantic Spy Comedy territory, retaining the cartoony bits but expecting us to take th... read moreem at face value. I got the sense that somewhere along the way, the vision was compromised, and that maybe it was during test screenings, once the movie was already shot, meaning that the more marketable plot had to be pieced together from footage that didn't necessarily belong in that order, or in the film at all. It's wild speculation on my part, but I'm not sure how else to explain the way this one went off the rails - it was entertaining for a short while, maybe a half an hour, but then it suddenly seemed to not know what kind of film it wanted to be, and the result was something to which I was indifferent, in the end.
  • October 2, 2012
    An ordinary suburban woman unwittingly becomes the sidekick to a heavily armed covert operative on the run from his own agency and an international arms dealer when she bumps into him at an airport terminal. Knight & Day is EXACTLY what you'd expect from a film starring Tom Cruis... read moree and Cameron Diaz. It's a cynical attempt to be a rom-com version of The Bourne Identity in a desperate attempt to lure as many undemanding cinema-goers into the theatres as possible; romance for the girls and action for the boys with big names duly attached. It goes through the motions of the same stunts, car chases, shoot outs and comic mishaps we've all seen a million times before and is basically the kind of thing Mel Gibson used to be so good at before he became a fat, ageing bigot. Unfortunately Cruise just doesn't have the comedic chops to pull it off, being more Jerry Maguire than James Bond and there is next to no chemistry between he and the jabbering, squealing Diaz. It's probably great fun to Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz fans (basically the kind of cinema goers who see the movies as an excuse to put their brains in neutral for two hours) but anyone with discerning taste will see it for what it is; a joyless, mechanical and desperately formulaic slice of pointless Hollywood pap.
  • April 24, 2012
    Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise give some pretty good performances in Knight & Day which elevates this formulaic summer action-comedy considerably. It's got a good pace, good chemistry, a somewhat implausible and predictable story (but hey, it's summer fun, so what does that matter?... read more), and some good cinematography. Paul Dano also gives a really nice performance as Simon Feck. I found it to be great fun, charming and occasionally funny, and I found the ending quite touching and suitable (and funny). Others may find it cheesy....
  • March 24, 2012
    Cruise just doesnt fit the place in this disastrous puzzle im afraid.
  • March 6, 2012
    Over the top, pretty ridiculous and very silly but I think it's tongue is very much in its cheek and it was never the intention to be taken too seriously - and to its credit. I was pretty surprised and relieved that this film wasn't all that bad. It's fun. I think fun was its int... read moreention, so mission successful as far as I'm concerned. It does get a bit rubbish towards the end while Cruise takes 10 minutes out but it's forgivable for what it is. Two actors who I really dislike actually making a likable film, who would have though eh!?
  • February 29, 2012
    I wonder if I'd have ever watched this action thriller were it not for my brother. Surprisingly, it wasn't half as disappointing as I'd feared it to be. Fairly enjoyable.
  • February 27, 2012
    It's probably got the best formula for an action romance in years. Sophisticated and more gripping than Mr and Mrs Smith with a better plot, good summer action and a very enthusiastic Cruise and Diaz.
  • January 23, 2012
    I don't really watch Tom Cruise's movie but ended up watching this and it was really an awesome movie.
  • January 2, 2012
    An unmitigated amount of excitement throughout. Forgot how joyous my theater experience was with this film.
  • fb7018436
    November 15, 2011
    Come on Tom, you're better than this.

Critic Reviews

Dave Calhoun
August 5, 2010
Dave Calhoun, Time Out

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz! Tom and Cam! Cruise and Diaz! Together again! Full Review

David Denby
June 28, 2010
David Denby, New Yorker

Jumpy, unmotivated, and senseless. Full Review

Christopher Orr
June 25, 2010
Christopher Orr, The Atlantic

By the finale, it's hard to shake the sense that the movie has already expired, and everyone involved [is] just trying to prop it up, "Weekend at Bernie's"-style, long enough to heave it over the 100-... Full Review

Peter Rainer
June 25, 2010
Peter Rainer, Christian Science Monitor

The people who made Knight and Day may think they're giving audiences what they want but what they're really saying is: This is what audiences deserve. Full Review

Mary F. Pols
June 25, 2010
Mary F. Pols, TIME Magazine

The slick, proficient Knight and Day is proof that you should never count Cruise out. Full Review

Joe Morgenstern
June 24, 2010
Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

Knight and Day woke me up to just how awful some summer entertainments have become. It isn't that the film is harmful, except to moviegoers' wallets and movie lovers' morale, but that it is truly phen... Full Review

J. R. Jones
June 24, 2010
J. R. Jones, Chicago Reader

Cruise and Diaz have worked together before, but this is their first summer-movie pairing, and their star qualities are so similar that together, instead of romantic chemistry they generate a sort of ... Full Review

Richard Roeper
June 23, 2010
Richard Roeper, Richard

Beyond implausible, but loads of fun thanks to the chemistry of the leads. Full Review

Colin Covert
June 23, 2010
Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Cruise and Diaz share one indifferent smooch. They come off less like potential lovers than amiable traveling companions. Full Review

Laremy Legel
June 23, 2010
Laremy Legel,

What drags Knight and Day back to Earth is the reluctance to fully commit to the zaniness. Full Review

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    • June Havens: He was charming.
    • Fitzgerald: Charming one minute, homicidal the next.
    • Roy Miller: No one follows us or I kill myself and then her.
    • Roy Miller: June Havens! You've got skills!
    • Roy Miller: I don't believe in fate. I believe in luck.
    • Roy Miller: Sometimes things happen for a reason.
    • June Havens: Ok, ok, just, just STOP SHOOTING PEOPLE!
    • Roy Miller: Ok, relax. I'm just going to go talk to the truck drivers. [gets up and leaves]
    • Roy Miller: [stops and comes back] Actually, I'm just gonna go shoot them, but you get the idea.

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  • (2001) This movie used the anachronistic gimmick of modern day music and dress, in its telling of the story of a squire taking up his master?s lance and pretending to be a knight, when he lacked the required pedigree for the job. What was the name of the film?   Answer »

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