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R. Madhavan, Bipasha Basu, Omi Vaidya, Milind Soman, Dipannita Sharma ... see more see more... , Mrinalini Sharma , Helen , Dipanita Sharma

Jodi Breakers is a cheeky entertainer which takes a peek-a-boo into dysfunctional romantic relationships that eventually lead to breakups. Sid (R Madhavan) is a break-up specialist helping wronged par... read more read more...ties out of bad relationships. He guarantees a quick, uncumbersome and final freedom to his clients. A chance encounter with the sharp Sonali (Bipasha Basu) takes his "business" to new levels. Both embark on a journey taking them through outrageous, hilarious cases that they solve with some wit and some vile... until love happens. Unexpected twists and turns in a case, however, turn their world upside-down. Sid has a lot of explaining to do but little time to course-correct. The 'Jodi Breakers' have to turn 'Jodi Makers' this time. -- (C) Official Site

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Unrated, 2 hr. 10 min.

Directed by: Ashwini Chaudhary

Release Date: February 24, 2012

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Robert Abele
February 27, 2012
Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times

[A] choppy, hammily acted and aggressively superficial factory product. Full Review

Rachel Saltz
February 28, 2012
Rachel Saltz, New York Times

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