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Ip Man

Ip Man

93% Liked It
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Ip Man

Donnie Yen, Hiroyuki Ikeuchi, Fan Siu-Wong, Xiong Dailin, Wong You-nam

Wing Chun grandmaster Ip has an amazing wife, plenty of money, the most beautiful house in town, and a blossoming martial arts academy. But when the Japanese occupy his hometown of Foshan during the S... read more read more...ino-Japan war (1937), Ip, like the rest of the locals, is forced into hard labor and brutal sparring matches for the enemy's amusement. His incredible skills catch the eye of the Japanese Colonel, Mr. Miura, who wants Ip to teach Wing Chun to his soldiers. When Ip refuses, he faces the most intense challenge to both his training and his honor.

Id: 11094998

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Recent Reviews

  • January 19, 2014
    The unfortunate lack of structure and focus of the irregular script is compensated by an outstanding cinematography and production design, a wonderful score and - above all else - spectacular fight scenes of the most exhilarating and well choreographed ever filmed.
  • March 9, 2012
    An actual martial arts film that had drama that worked. It didn't rely on good choreography in order to make the movie entertaining; the character-driven plot was enough to keep me engaged.
  • July 2, 2011
    Ip Man is an excellent martial arts film that combines some of the best fight scenes on film with a great story that's involving, occasionally amusing, stirring, powerful, and true.

    The movie is split into two parts: the beginning, where we're introduced to Ip Man, his family, ... read morehis city, and his style of martial arts, and the second half, which chronicles the struggles and hardship of the characters after the Japanese invasion of World War 2. The tone of both halves is very different, but they both work equally well. And there are lots of fantastic fight sequences in both, though those in the second half are for far higher stakes than those in the first.

    Great acting, beautiful sets, and perfectly suited music accompany the strong story and fight choreography. It's no exaggeration to say that it's really hard to find fault in this movie. If you're at all interested in martial arts or this period in China's history, see Ip Man as soon as possible.
  • July 1, 2011
    I like a martial arts film as much as the next man. I haven't seen that many to be fair but it is my intention to do so but I'm certainly no expert.

    Ip Man is just as much about China during WW2 as it is about the legendary martial arts master and this is handled well. I didn'... read moret care much for the direction though, the awesome fight scenes aside, it was a bit 'Hallmark' for my tastes, the continual change of colour filters got on my nerves. I think a hardcore kung-fu fan would tell you otherwise but for me this was good but not amazing as many of the reviews I've read have suggested but it's definitely worth checking out, like I said, the fight scenes are awesome and Donnie Yen is one cool guy!
  • June 11, 2011
    Action drama and semi-biopic of one of the pioneers of the Wushu martial-arts school and also teacher and mentor to the legend Bruce Lee. Donnie Yen stars as Ip Man in 1930s China overcoming challenges by Kung-Fu masters seeking to prove the superiority of their technique over hi... read mores... they all fail, but when Japanese forces invade this presents new challenges of its own. The fight scenes are fantastic in this with brilliant choreography with the duels in the Japanese dojo being particularly brutal. Really enjoyed this, looking forward to the sequel.
  • May 13, 2011
    This movie is just plain awesome from start to finish. One of the greatest martial arts films ever made. hands down. A spectacular masterpiece of a film. This film has some of the greatest fight sequences ever put on a film, they are delivered with such fiery energy and ferocious... read more velocity and dedication. Donnie Yen gives a dazzling and remarkable performance that just shines. A powerful, riveting and utterly inspirational movie. A knockout that truly takes your breath away. An exhilarating action-packed epic that strikes with a deadly blow. This flick never lets up. A fast, stylish, eye-blasting and furiously entertaining action film. It's absolutely brilliant. An instant classic.
  • March 14, 2011
    Have I lost my interest in modern kung fu films or is this one just that bad. Missing are the old school sound effects thank god for that. Also missing are the Kung Fu Fantasy Moves like flying thought the air. But this is a modern film but time from is from time period Japan i... read morenvaded China. Of course when have Master IP who is hero that whips every bad guy that crosses his path. Only 3 stars from me on this one.
  • fb732260458
    March 11, 2011
    Mind-blowingly cool.
  • March 6, 2011
    Master Ip: I wish to fight ten men.

    Ip Man - the 'Life is Beautiful' of martial arts films.
  • February 18, 2011
    Biography loosely based on Ip Man, grandmaster of the martial art Wing Chun and early mentor to actor Bruce Lee. Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen plays the legendary martial artist. He presents him as a humble man who lives in an unobtrusive manner. His understated performance... read more adds significantly to this character driven film. Yen's subtle interpretation is diametrically opposed to the story's oversimplification of his life, however. The narrative can be rather fawning at times. The script glorifies him as an invincible saint. Any viewer will be able to predict how the showdowns will end even before they begin. Nevertheless, the fight sequences are highlighted by choreography that is nothing less than extraordinary. They are a definite high point. In one particularly stunning scene, Ip Man chooses to battle ten men in retaliation for the death of his friend. It's an exhilarating display worth the price of admission. If you're looking for a penetrating historical biography, look elsewhere, but if you desire an entertaining story with astonishing action, you won't be disappointed.

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