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House of the Dead

House of the Dead

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House of the Dead

Jonathan Cherry, Tyron Leitso, Clint Howard, Ona Grauer, Ellie Cornell

A group of unsuspecting teens stumble upon the living dead in an old house. When one of them dies during a rave at the house, the others band together to get revenge.

Id: 10894943

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  • fb733768972
    October 18, 2013
    From one of the most untalented directors of our time, comes one of the worst horror films I have ever seen. "House of the Dead" takes everything you know about zombie flicks and completely ruins it. Having absolutely terrible actors and a script as bad as they come, this film fa... read moreils to impress even in it's action scenes. The most commendable thing in this film are the many 360* shots throughout the final scene, but when they start to go on endlessly it get's to be tedious, even though the movie is already tedious enough. It is some of the worst filmmaking I have ever seen in a film. For a 12 million dollar budget, this crew should be ashamed of themselves. It is not scary and it is unintentionally funny the whole way through. "House of the Dead" is utter garbage.
  • December 10, 2011
    Uwe Boll's zombie movie is one of the worst films in the history of cinema. Uwe Boll has gotten himself the reputation of being one of the worst Hollywood directors in history. Based on a popular video game, House of the Dead is a poorly made film that is beyond awful. House of t... read morehe Dead will disappoint harden zombie fans because this is poorly conceived trash. This film has one thing going for it, it's unintentionally humorous. This film is so bad, that it's hilarious. Uwe Boll actually placed video games scenes in his movie to give it a "video game" type feel. Instead, it's hilarious. The use of cinematography is criminal in this film. Now, I'm an epileptic, and whenever the camera started spinning, I had to cover my eyes because it felt like I was going to have a seizure. If you're looking for a good, entertaining zombie film, you won't find it here because Uwe Boll can't write an effective plot to his films (under the very rare occasion, he's managed to direct two or three watchable films). However, House of the Dead is not watchable, this is a film with no plot, and bad acting, bad special effects, and it feel like a sci fi channel made for TV movie. House of the Dead is yet another prime example as to why video game to screen adaptations do not work. Occasionally they do, but not in the case of Uwe Boll's House of the Dead. If you're looking for a good zombie action film, watch Resident Evil instead, and skip this film. You'll be glad you did.
  • October 9, 2011
    Stop spinning the fucking camera Uwe!
  • September 24, 2011
    Since its release, I've always written House of the Dead off as a terrible piece of celluloid that should never have been made. I have since gone back on that statement for a couple of reasons. Don't get me wrong though. I don't consider it to be any sort of a masterpiece, or eve... read moren craptastic. It still falls into the category of being an awful movie, but there are a couple of things about it that brought me around to it a little bit more. First of all, there are, in my opinion, very overt humorous moments built into the movie. You don't catch them the first time through because you're too busy focusing on how terrible the whole thing is. Second, it has Clint Howard and William Sanderson in it, so that's got to count for something. Third, it has Ona Grauer's amazing cleavage bouncing around at every turn. Fourth, it's a very good adaptation of the game. Some might call me crazy for saying that, but if you've ever played the game, you know how terrible the story, the story logic and the dialogue is in those games. This movie matches that successfully. It's not that Uwe Boll knew what he was doing or anything (Alone in the Dark proves that), but his lack of talent makes it all work somehow. I can't say that I'd want to stick this on very often, but I did find it slightly more enjoyable this go round and I guess that's the most positive thing I can say about a movie everybody is so negative about - including myself.
  • June 4, 2011
    "Does anyone have... a cellphone?"
  • January 12, 2011
    Heard how bad this one was prior to watching it and it was every bit as bad as I anticipated... doesn't mean it wasn't fun though! I enjoyed watching its awfulness unfold before me. But to be fair it had a couple of impressively cool moments during the Matrix inspired epic shoot-... read moreout in the zombie graveyard. If you get enjoyment from hilariously bad movies than this is one of the best of them along with Shark Attack 3.
  • November 23, 2009
    A bunch of attractive college students go to an island for a rave and find its been overrun by zombies created by an undead pirate, or something. Sloppily made, with no characterization and terrible continuity, but it's never boring, and the Matrix-style music video zombie slaug... read morehter is so overdone it plays like a parody of the first-person shooter mentality.
  • February 2, 2008
    this concept had so much promise, but like many video game licences, it translates poorly to screen
  • January 18, 2008
    Feels like over lone music video with bad action scenes and teriable zombies. Made me want to tear my eyes out.
  • June 3, 2007
    Pure popcorn fun all the way. Tongue in cheek horror based on the gun game, this is good fun.

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