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In this sequel, the G.I. Joes are not only fighting their mortal enemy Cobra; they are forced to contend with threats from within the government that jeopardize their very existence. -- (C) Paramount

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PG-13, 1 hr. 30 min.

Directed by: Jon M. Chu

Release Date: March 28, 2013

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DVD Release Date: July 30, 2013

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  • October 3, 2013
    Originally intended to be released in the summer of 2012, G.I. Joe: Retaliation was pulled back because, presumably, they wanted to convert it to 3D, but many suspected it was to add more time for star Channing Tatum after his box-office domination that year. Well, wrong on both ... read moreaccounts, because maybe it was merely kicked back because, get this, it's not terribly good. I had the lowest possible expectations for the 2009 G.I. Joe movie but came away having a fun time; it was the right kind of enjoyably stupid. Well now it's just stupid. Cobra has kidnapped the president, inserted a doppelganger, and now wants to rule the world that to an evil satellite that drops giant metal rods into space as weapons. Why are these rods not part of the Earth's orbit after release? There are all sorts of gadgets here that make no sense but somebody thought might sell some toys. The central storyline is almost a knockoff of Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol, a small group of Joes having to clear their names. Then because that isn't enough material to work with, there's a mini-movie about ninja warriors avenging their fallen master in the mountains, and of all people, the RZA is supplying lengthy exposition. The action sequences are absurd without having enough style to excuse the absurdity. Everyone is a superhuman but also incompetent when the plot demands it (ninjas can shoot flying knives but not a big person jumping off a wall?). Adding The Rock is always a bonus in my book; the man is charisma personified. But the storyline of Retaliation is so sloppy, the villains so lame, and the movie lacks the high-spirited imagination to keep the stupid at bay. I was never a G.I. Joe kid so maybe those with nostalgia will be more charitable than I am, but G.I. Joe: Retaliation is a poorly executed next step for a once-budding franchise.

    Nate's Grade: C
  • September 6, 2013
    Compared to the first movie, 'G.I. Joe : Retaliation' wasn't meet everybody's expectation of a better sequel.. The death of Duke character at the beginning of the movie, and then the change of the leader into Dwayne Johnson wasn't as smooth as they predicted.. Truthfully, I must ... read moresay that the scene stealer show is (and still from the the first movie) Byung-hun Lee as Storm Shadow and D.J. Cotrona who made a quite scene stealer performance as Flint.. Overall, I wasn't hope for another sequel of this movie but if Hasbro still want some profit maybe they can make at least another movie of this movie..
  • August 10, 2013
    They certainly made great strides over their first try, but it still just isn't quite there yet. Shades of awesome, and a whole lot of filler. The action is decent enough, but never quite feels up-to-par. The tone of the humor is established from the get-go, with lots of goofy ... read moreone-liner attempts all over the place that never quite hit their mark. Also, the story just isn't incredibly exciting. I've heard rumblings of a third film trying to gain traction, but they'll still have some work to do if they want to do this franchise right.
  • July 25, 2013
    While no better than a series of elaborately choreographed music videos with a bunch of uninspiring teen movie clichés to fill out their running times, Jon M. Chu proved with his two "Step Up" films that he could really direct a high energy, color saturated set piece. With "G.I.... read more Joe: Retaliation," Chu proves that his skills don't translate to directing mega budget action films and that it is possibly to screw up about movie about ninjas fighting super soldiers. "Retaliation" is not only worse than its predecessor, the goofily hyperactive "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra," it's easily one of the most tiresome, unenthusiastic popcorn movies in years.

    Dwayne Johnson stars Roadblock, the second in command of an international Special Forces organization lead by Channing Tatum's Duke. Chu does well with a pre-credits sequence that highlights the efficiency of Joe team. It's directed well with a clarity and humor and quickly gives way to a scene where Johnson and Tatum bond while playing a Call of Duty style video game that the viewer is at first lead to believe is life or death combat. Though neither of these segments are particularly revolutionary, they are dynamic and suggestive of a film that is better "Retaliation" ends up being.

    As soon as the enjoyable relationship between Tatum and the Rock is established, it's destroyed after Duke, and most of the cast of the first film apparently, are killed in an attack ordered by an imposter President (Jonathan Pryce). The rest of the film is follows three separate plotlines: Johnson and surviving Joes, Adrianne Palicki and D.J. Cotrona, plotting to wrest control of the government from their enemies, lone wolf Joe Snakes Eyes (Ray Park) and his apprentice Jinx (Elodie Yung) as they hunt down renegade ninja Storm Shadow (Lee Byung-hun), and Cobra Commander (Luke Bracey) and Firefly (Ray Stevenson) as they slowly work to take over the world. By (poorly) dividing the narrative focus three ways, it loses momentum. By killing off the film's funniest character, it loses its heart.

    What's left is a bland series of action movie clichés. The heroes return home to regroup and plan. The young heroes enlist a retired mentor figure (Bruce Willis) to join the battle after a setback. And a female soldier's motivation revealed as an unresolved disagreement with a parent - information relayed while the character is undressing because the movie doesn't trust the audience to not get bored during a conversation. When the small human moments of an action movie fall flat, all the action scenes follow suit. And Chu isn't a Michael Bay level stylist; the boring parts aren't even profoundly numbing, they are just silly and arduous.

    There are moments in the film that break up the tedium but they are few and far between. Walton Goggins plays a super prison warden with zero authenticity and maximum swagger which makes him the smartest performer in the film. Jonathan Pryce has a lot of fun hamming it up as a shape shifter with a penchant for one liners and his joy is infectious. And the film's best sequence, critically misplaced in the middle of film, where Snake Eyes and Jinx battle a horde of ninjas in a mountain fortress, is actually great. It's just narrative inconsequential and so much better than the finale that at throws the film out of balance.

    No one goes into a movie called "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" expecting a great piece of cinema, you go in wanting to see bullets getting chopped in half by katanas and mini-guns being used in a one on one gun fight. When it fails, by being unfocused and lazy it's a special kind of disappointing. Because the expectations are so low, when a film misses the bar by this much it's completely confounding. How did a director, two veteran screenwriters, a cast full of experienced actors, a toy company that's produced six feature films and a film studio that carefully test its films as a matter of course make a film this terrible? How can thousands of people take $135 million and make something so totally uninteresting?
  • July 25, 2013
    So just a couple of people decided to come back for the sequel and even then one of them doesn't stick around all that long and you know a film is bad when Marlon Wayans doesn't even want to be in it. Instead of writing a story they seem to have just written several action scenes... read more and then tried to piece them together. I don't know, maybe that's action film practice but I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to be so obvious. Some of the action scenes are quite good and some of it is mindlessly cheesy enough to entertain but a masterpiece this ain't.
  • July 14, 2013
    After the abortion that was the first movie, thought this was going to be just as bad. But in all fairness, it was a pretty decent action movie with some decent set pieces. Tongues firmly in cheeks and doesn't take itself too serious.
  • July 11, 2013
    The first film was a horrendous CGI filled mess that offered nothing in terms of intelligence or originality, although its scope and grandiose finale did warrant some positive feedback. Have people learned from the previous film? well no, is it me or does every action film these ... read moredays have destruction porn in it? I mean seriously...

    Cutting to the chase this is exactly the same drab, cheesy, bland, generic, shoot em' up crapola we see all the time now, there is nothing original here, nothing to applaud, its in fact worse than the cartoonish original. I'd say about less than 10mins into the film and I knew it was gonna be shit. The first bit of action we see, a fight sequence that is nothing more than the usual slow motion fancy ass martial arts showcasing that is so SO overused these days, every damn film. Straight away we know the film has no creativity of its own its gonna be one of those films again.

    From then on its pretty much exactly what you would expect from a cookie cutter film like this. The usual macho posing and attempted humerous dialog between characters to try and make them appealing yet comes across as exactly that...posing. Every member of cast is covered head to toe in layers of makeup, all of them having the heaviest tan and whitest teeth jobs I've seen good god! could these people be more artificial!. Johnson looks like a tattooed hotdog and his arms are perpetually glistening...oh for the love of...

    Everything about this film is utterly stupid, 'Lady Jaye' always looks good, doesn't matter if she's in a combat situation, soaking wet, preparing to go undercover, just got up, whatever...she is always plastered with makeup and her hair is always perfect lol!. I know it doesn't seem like a big gripe but its shit like this that just makes these types of films such a joke. She's knee deep in blood with bombs going off all around her but she's still got her max factor on and her hair looks glamorous, sheesh!.

    The reason this film is actually worse than the first is mainly because, and you're gonna love this, there isn't as much happening!!. Yep believe it or not this film isn't saturated in bad CGI, this time they have gone the other way and just cut out most of the action!. Nothing much really happens accept for an attack on the Joes' at the start, a battle on a cliff face with 'Snake Eyes' and then the obligatory explosive finale. The rest is just close up shots of the pretty cast , Johnson's big shiny arms and lots of gun porn, LOTS of gun porn.

    Might just add, if you're looking for the most ridiculous fight sequence for sometime, you might wanna watch the cliff side battle with 'Snake Eyes' and a never ending stream of ninjas on ropes. This is the 'Mortal Kombat' looking sequence basically (it had to happen) and has them all swinging across a massive vertical drop from rope to rope like Tarzan. It doesn't get more toonish than this folks, oh and 'Snake Eyes' is carrying 'Storm Shadow' at the same time just in case it wasn't ridiculous enough.

    Despite this being a film based on a kids franchise you still gotta pay attention to the plot geez!. Many characters, flashbacks, lots of dumbass names flying around, you gotta think about it at times. It also makes me laugh at how blasé the plot is about the destruction of London! millions clearly die yet its no biggie, and you know they just have to show some kind of destruction porn, gotta squeeze it in somewhere.

    Bit cheap the way they handled 'Destro', clearly weren't getting Eccleston back for the role so they just leave him in that water tank prison thingy. Not sure why either I thought he and 'Cobra Commnader' were a team, why did he leave him?.

    I knew exactly what to expect with this yet I also thought they had done something positive with it. I thought they had tried to make it slightly more sensible, sure I still expect the explosion porn and the gun porn and the gun sound effects porn etc...but its still a piece of crap. We do see some killing and a hint of blood so that's a good sign, unfortunately its swamped by terrible acting, terrible action sequences which mainly show lots of big slow vehicles blowing up and totally and utterly generic unoriginal choreographed fighting. There's no real grit or rawness here, its all so polished, slick and painfully fabricated visually, what's the point in that?.

    This franchise has become the new 'Transformers' for me, its the epitome of complete and total modern day Hollywood drivel that is churned out over and over and over. They messed up the first and they've had a chance to do something about it but have simply tossed out another factory line pile of poo. The one and only decent thing I thought they did well was 'Cobra Commander's' outfit and that's it, that looked really good. I also thought the use of kinetic bombardment as a weapon of mass destruction was the only half original idea here, an interesting concept.

    Apart from those tiny plus points the rest is about as good as the mindless, incapable, inept and never ending hordes of henchmen that get mown down by the invincible heroes without breaking sweat. Seriously don't these bad guys ever train their men? they're like dummies in a shooting gallery for pete's sake! literately running into the bullets.
  • June 1, 2013
    Retaliation's a confusing one; it's a sequel AND a reboot. I don't see the need for a reboot; the first one was, albeit, a forgettable flick, but it wasn't such a stinkball. Regardless, "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" dropped into theaters and it delivered exactly what it intended to do:... read more mind-numbing, over-the-top action. Yet, it was so unfulfilling.

    I think action directors need to understand something here. Though many old-school action flicks may not have the production value, over-the-top spectacle, or the creativity within its action scenes, audiences still left theaters thoroughly pleased. They resonated with the film and there was, for the most part, positive feedback. But why is it nowadays when we see even grander, more epic, and larger-than-life looking explosions and set-pieces that we leave extremely disappointed even when the exact purpose of watching that particular flick was for mindless action? I think it's the lack of magnetic characters and the director's lack of understanding the art of shooting not only engaging but memorable action set-pieces. Retaliation misses it's mark exactly for those two reasons.

    Hey, I'll be the first to admit: its predecessor had a horrible story, but there ain't much to draw up from its source material, and that's completely fine. In fact, the first live-action outing of G.I. Joe was perhaps more faithful to the show than Retaliation ever was, tonally that is. Right from the start, the film decides to throw in a screwball into the narrative, which admittedly surprised me, but right afterwards, the story lacks any sort of an engaging plot, heart, and the cartoon-y tone. Let's just put it like this: you just don't care what happens.

    Alright, so let's just brush that aside and admit that Retaliation's story sucks -- how's the action? It's bigger, it's shot with precision, but even more forgettable than "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra". Don't get me wrong: from the moment you set your eyes on action-packed galore, it fills your senses. You're enamored and almost hypnotized by the endless explosion flurry. The second it ends, the second it leaves your mind.

    Retaliation's just another big budget, mindless action movie. Nothing new here. Just another forgettable, testosterone-packed flick thrown on top of an entire decade bloated with movies just as forgettable. The ninja cliffhanger-esque scene was pretty badass though.
  • May 13, 2013
    A forgettable movie with forgettable acting.
    Not even this action packed drival will keep you entertained!
  • May 6, 2013
    It's better than the first movie, way better and keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way to the end. A big, high-octane and adrenaline-soaked action-packed thrill-ride that's just a total blast. An explosively exciting, wickedly funny and tremendously entertaining adventur... read moree. A spectacular and awesome action movie that delivers the goods in every way you want it. An exhilarating and incredibly fun film that improves over the original film. It has a more impressive style and more interesting approach toward the characters and has a more realistic tone. Director, Jon M. Chu crafts a stylish, hard-rocking and impressively cool action flick. Dwayne Johnson is excellent, he proves to keep his action hero crown on tight and show some great character stuff in his performance. Johnson is one of the true action heroes. Dwayne Johnson and Channing Tatum are fantastic together, they have great and very funny chemistry in their scenes together and prove to be some of the best scenes in the film. Ray Park shows great physical ability as Snake Eyes. Ray Stevenson is excellent. Bruce Willis is terrific, he proves a great combination to the cast, a true action legend mentoring this young group of talent who all manage to stand their ground and have a great time. This is one hell of an explosive and ultra-cool movie. It's wonderfully over the top with suspense, humor and non-stop action.

Critic Reviews

Wesley Morris
January 3, 2014
Wesley Morris, Grantland

Did you think a second G.I. Joe movie was a good idea? Full Review

Peter Hartlaub
March 29, 2013
Peter Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle

The filmmakers appear to have handed a dozen or so G.I. Joe dolls to a 9-year-old, watched him play for 110 minutes, and then shot a scene-for-scene remake. Full Review

Liam Lacey
March 29, 2013
Liam Lacey, Globe and Mail

What a blast G.I. Joe: Retaliation is! And then another blast, and another, in a series of concussive jolts that shred any conventional sense of story as thoroughly as anything since the last Michael ... Full Review

Glenn Kenny
March 29, 2013
Glenn Kenny, MSN Movies

When it comes to big and loud, this is the movie to beat for at least this week; what makes it entertaining is its unabashed wallow in these qualities ... Full Review

Keith Uhlich
March 29, 2013
Keith Uhlich, Time Out New York

Plays like a tiresomely extended evening of channel surfing. Full Review

Tom Long
March 29, 2013
Tom Long, Detroit News

No go, "Joe." Full Review

Richard Corliss
March 29, 2013
Richard Corliss, TIME Magazine

Retaliation is less a sequel than an antidote to the calcified mound of crap that ostensibly inspired it. Full Review

Mark Jenkins
March 28, 2013
Mark Jenkins, NPR

What's the difference between an action figure and an action star? Very little in G.I. Joe: Retaliation, which features no performances of note, even from such combat-tested thespians as Bruce Willis,... Full Review

Neil Genzlinger
March 28, 2013
Neil Genzlinger, New York Times

There should be a "Fans Only" sign at the door of every theater. Full Review

Joe Morgenstern
March 28, 2013
Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

I won't pretend that I had a great time watching "G.I. Joe: Retaliation." Full Review

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    • Cobra Commander: The Cobra Revolution has begun.
    • Cobra Commander: I want it all!
    • Cobra Commander: Destro, you're out of the band!
    • Firefly: Let me see that face!
    • Duke: Hell yeah!
    • Firefly: Boom!

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