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One of Marvel Comics' most popular characters comes to the screen for the first time in this sci-fi action-thriller. Matthew Murdock (Ben Affleck) is a lawyer whose father, a prizefighter, was killed ... read more read gangsters when Murdock was just a boy. Since then, Murdock has devoted his life to bringing wrongdoers to justice and is willing to help others by taking on cases no other attorney will touch. Murdock is also blind, after being struck down by a truck while trying to save a man from being hit. What no one knows is that Murdock was also doused with an unusual radioactive isotope which had a strange effect on him -- while Murdock's sight may be gone, his other senses have been raised to such a keen pitch that they act like radar, allowing him to tell where he's going and what happens around him, both near and far away. Murdock puts his gifts to use at night as the costumed crime-fighter Daredevil, whose pursuit of justice has earned him the wrath of underworld leader Kingpin (Michael Clarke Duncan). Kingpin wants Daredevil out of his way once and for all, and hires Bullseye (Colin Farrell), a super-assassin with an uncanny ability to throw blades, to do the job. Daredevil also makes the acquaintance of Elektra Natchios (Jennifer Garner), a woman with super-heroic talents who is also on Kingpin's bad side, though it remains to be seen if she has aligned herself with the forces of good as Daredevil has done. Jon Favreau, Joe Pantoliano, and David Keith highlight Daredevil's supporting cast. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

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DVD Release Date: July 29, 2003

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  • August 12, 2013
  • July 29, 2013
    Back before the superhero invasion we were given this semi gritty realistic take to the man in red, and boy did they take it seriously!. Although there had been a few serious Marvel flicks before this, this was the first 'Batman-like' film to come along before the enormous Nolan ... read morefilm 'Batman Begins'.

    So what do we have? a blind man in a red leather outfit with little horns, super senses, martial arts and a custom designed billy club. To be honest I've never really been into this character and kinda though of him as a poor mans
    Batman. He pretty much does everything Batman does like lurking in dark alleyways and being vigilant from the rooftops in that traditional comic book gothic manner, accept DD is in New York and Batman is in Gotham. Just guys in slick suits with weapons.

    The plot includes the characters origins which is fine, of course its all quite predictable and similar to all superhero origins. As a kid 'Matt Murdoch' gets accidentally blinded by some radioactive liquid, his dad raises him whilst he boxes in the ring under 'Kingpin'. His dad refuses to throw a fight so he gets whacked, this causes the young Murdoch to seek revenge and become the 'Daredevil', fighting for justice, forever in darkness, a guardian devil blah blah blah...Must admit I did like the origins though, wasn't overly long and preachy, it was simple and straight forward, looked good too.

    To be honest the film isn't too bad it just lacks any real punch. There are of course plenty of money shots with DD leaping through the air in slow motion, plenty of acrobatics, martial arts and dark cityscapes for our hero to pose against, but its all style and no substance really...or should I say action. The opening battle within a seedy bar is by far the best action in the film, the whole sequence feels very 'Blade-like' visually and is good fun, After that everything is pretty anti climatic frankly, even the finale fights aren't that impressive.

    Don't get me wrong the film isn't bad, its well put together and looks quite good, its just rather dull for a superhero flick. Was this the first time we had a (sort of) crossover in a superhero flick? I think it might have been. The intro of female hero 'Elektra' is a nice add on in the film which does set up the spin-off nicely and future adventures, shame she is kinda useless here though. The bad guys are also kinda unadventurous here too, 'Bullseye' is performed amusingly at times by Colin Farrell but the character just seemed average. Apart from hurling paperclips at everyone with his deadly aim he has nothing else to offer...accept the obligatory martial arts. I just felt DD could beat this guy easily with all his super senses, body padded suit and amazing fighting skills.

    Clarke as Kingpin felt underused really, all he does is stand around and pose with his cane. His finale fight against DD is quite good but over too quickly, although I guess that is more realistic seeing as he's pretty heavy and slow. Not much of a fight for DD really. As for the Daredevil himself...well the character is kind of a second rate hero really, in my opinion, he's not up there with the main superstar heroes. In that sense Affleck fit the role perfectly because at the time he was a second rate action hero (still is). He doesn't quite have the looks, or the physique, or the voice, or the hair, or the jawline, he's a poor mans action hero, harsh but true.

    Funny to see a young Jon Favreau here, who'd have thought he would be so important in the future of comic book adaptations eh.

    I don't really recall the original theatrical version but this director's cut does feel much better, tighter, better plotting. I did enjoy re watching this and the added violence does indeed help. The film was never really gritty and dark but it has its moments, the DC does enhance that in places with a bit of blood, swearing and less romance...I think. But this version definitely comes across much better as I'm sure this film was much crapper when I saw it in the cinema.

    At the time of release this was probably one of the best Marvel flicks alongside 'Blade' and 'Blade II'. Believe it or not it was the darkest superhero flick seen ('Blade' aside as that's more horror) as 'Spider-Man' was very childish and 'X-Men' was clearly tamed for the kids. It still does hold up quite well despite cheesy billy club twirling moments, the iffy looking outfit, the hammy dialog with Elektra and typical dark goth shots on rooftops.

    With all those super senses I feel this guy should be a member of the X-Men really. And how exactly does getting splashed with radioactive goo in your eyes enable you to leap from the tops of skyscrapers and from rooftop to rooftop as if you can fly?!. It enhanced his senses so I don't get that connection but never mind.
  • January 9, 2013
    Shocking considering all who were involved. Affleck is good mates with Kevin Smith, why didn't he ask him for advice? I really hope this hasn't killed off Daredevil though as the Comics are really good! The Elektra spin off just adds insult.
  • August 31, 2012
    Altho referred to by some kinder folks as a poor man's Spider-Man, its clearer to say that ol' DD was originally intended as a direct reflection of Batman ... and has never left that admittedly very large shadow. The film tries, as the magazines did, but no. I added a star for ... read morethe attempt.
  • June 27, 2012
    One of Marvel's earlier and much more clumsy attempts of establishing their super heroes in the movie world. There are some great ideas in this, particularly the visualization of Daredevil's senses. The soundtrack is pretty cool too. Things already start to get messy with the cas... read moreting. Affleck does not work as Murdock and Farrell is hopelessly overacting as opponent Bullseye. Some of the action scenes are good, others are so clearly computer generated that they take some of the illusion away. Jon Favreau brings some direly needed humor into the film that is otherwise taking itself way too seriously. So, they wanted to reboot this one, and they will, the only way from here would be up. Make it so.
  • fb100000040220993
    June 1, 2012
    Given the source material, I'm always surprised when these movies don't turn out good. This rendition of Daredevil is worthless. It feels less like a superhero movie, and more like a backdrop for the intolerable Nu-metal that was wiping it's rectum all over the music industry a... read moret the time. This was poorly written, executed, and stands as an embarrassing example of the characters involved. Avoid this garbage at all costs.
  • May 14, 2012
    "When justice is blind, it knows no fear."

    A man blinded by toxic waste which also enhanced his remaining senses fights crime as an acrobatic martial arts superhero.


    Ben Affleck plays M... read moreatt Murdock, a struggling blind lawyer living and working around the dangerous streets of Hells Kitchen. On first appearances you'd be forgiven for thinking that he's like most other lawyers around today. For starters he's extremely committed to his job. He's also a man that takes the loss of a court case to heart. However, the similarities stop there. Why? Matt Murdock is Daredevil - The Man Without Fear, a powerful, masked vigilante that stalks the guilty and enacts his own form of justice. As a child he is accidentally blinded by toxic waste. To compensate for the loss of sight, he relies on his other four senses. His hearing becomes as sensitive as radar. He can form mental images from sound, which on film come out in a blue tint.

    The comic book probably deserves a better adaptation than this. Despite a few great action sequences, the movie is fairly dull and should leave many viewers wanting something more, or something different all together. The film seems to lack any real direction and many holes exist in the plot, a problem which seems to plague these sorts of action features. The romance feels forced and is poorly paced, making all the time between action set pieces drag to an almost unbearable extent. Many other elements seem too contrived, too convenient, or too poorly explained. The lack of any real character development is my greatest issue. The film just has no heart.
  • November 11, 2011
    This is my 2nd favorite comic book movie, mainly because I can't find anything bad to say about it. I don't care what other people say about it, it rocks.

    First, let's begin with the cast. I loved Ben Affleck's subtleness as Matt Murdock, and you can tell he's had experience w... read moreith similar roles. He even looks a lot like Murdock. Jennifer Garner did a good job too. Not amazing, but good. I'm guessing she did so well because of the chemistry that Affleck and Garner already had for each other, which was transferred when they played DD and Elecktra.

    Jennifer Garner was nothing like comic book Elecktra, but she was alright. She showed a lot of emotion, but not too much. If she wasn't called "Elecktra" then I would have praised her more. She was about solid.

    And of course, there was Michael Clarke Duncan, playing one of the best villain preformances I've ever seen. What makes him so good is that he doesn't have to confront the hero to make his life miserable, he's just there, and although he doesn't fight him head on until the end, he's as much a danger to Daredevil as any two of his other villain's combined.

    The cast and acting wasn't the only top notch thing about the movie. The fight sequences make Lord of the Rings look like Batman and Robin. They are perfected to the point it looks like a synchrinzed dance, only hardcore. This was especially true in the confronation with Daredevil and Bullseye in the church, which happens to be one of my favorite fight scenes. It was actually taken from one of the scenes in the comic book!

    That's not to say that the movie doesn't have it's emotional moments. The relationship between Murdock and Nachios is what keep's the movie together. It's a very complicated but intense relationship, and when Elecktra dies at the end, we feel Daredevil's loss.

    The directing was spectacular. The lines were given perfectly and every scene was at least remotley interesting. Mark Steven Johnson should be proud of himself.

    Although we don;t often, if ever, here the name "Daredevil" with titles like "Batman Begins", "Spider-Man" or "X-Men", we really should. Hands down, the greatest movie I've ever seen.
  • August 30, 2011
    I am surprised by the low reviews, it actually was an okay superhero film. The plot was a tale of revenge, which i actually really got into and the start of the movie makes it feel like this will be an intense story, and sure enough, it was pretty good. Ben Afflek and Jennifer ... read moreGarner suck, they did not catch my attention at all and I pityed the fools who casted them. The effects are cool and I really loved Bullseye and how they kept to Daredevils look and powers very well. I have to say the ending was pretty stupid, it really had no point and was a dissappointment. Overall just an okay superhero film, one ill watch if on TV.
  • August 16, 2011
    The movie itself wasn't a slobberknocker...But I knew nothing of daredevil before I saw it...Robin told me he was blind...but that's about it (I didn't even think it was true...what does he know). But I thought his story was a little interesting. So it was okay...Nothing more.

Critic Reviews

David Ansen
July 7, 2010
David Ansen, Newsweek

Torn between moody grandiosity and cartoonish mayhem, Daredevil tries to have it both ways, and succeeds at neither. Full Review

J. R. Jones
April 18, 2007
J. R. Jones, Chicago Reader

[A] dull actioner. Full Review

Trevor Johnston
January 26, 2006
Trevor Johnston, Time Out

Convincing in the physical demands of the role, Affleck persuades us of the pain of sightlessness and supersensitive hearing, although writer/director Johnson's scrappy construction fails him and ever... Full Review

John Powers
February 20, 2003
John Powers, L.A. Weekly

The movie has far less emotional weight than, say, Spider-Man. Full Review

Ed Park
February 19, 2003
Ed Park, Village Voice

The numerous fight scenes have been filmed in Confuse-o-Rama, a headache-inducing technique that mixes a dozen too many cuts per minute, projectile P.O.V., and intermittent glimpses of the hero's sona... Full Review

Michael Rechtshaffen
February 19, 2003
Michael Rechtshaffen, Hollywood Reporter

A collection of false starts interrupted by an awful lot of angst-ridden contemplation, the picture serves up soul-searching gush with scant pulse-pounding rush.

Richard Roeper
February 18, 2003
Richard Roeper, Ebert & Roeper

Daredevil has electric energy, a wickedly dark sense of humor, some ingenious fight scenes and that high-powered cast. Full Review

David Edelstein
February 15, 2003
David Edelstein, Slate

Kind of lousy. Full Review

Michael O'Sullivan
February 14, 2003
Michael O'Sullivan, Washington Post

Perfectly satisfactory without being deeply satisfying. Full Review

Stephen Hunter
February 14, 2003
Stephen Hunter, Washington Post

Daredevil doesn't take a single dare. Full Review

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    • Bullseye: You're good, baby. I'll give you that. But me? I'm magic.
    • Matt Murdock/Daredevil: As for Daredevil...well, soon the world will know the truth. That this is a city born of heroes, that one man can make a difference. Hell's Kitchen is my neighborhood. I prowl the rooftops and alleyways at night, watching from the darkness. Forever in darkness. A guardian devil.
    • Franklin Nelson: He paid in fluke. Fluke is a fish, Matt. Did you know that? Because I sure as hell didn't.
    • Matt Murdock/Daredevil: Well, Mr. Chang is a nice guy, he doesn't have a lot of money and he likes to go fishing on the weekends.
    • Franklin Nelson: Yeah, well I like to go salsa dancing on the weekends. But I don't shake my ass to pay my phone bill. You know what I'm saying?
    • Bullseye: I never miss!
    • Kingpin: How's your daughter?
    • Elektra: You don't know how I feel.
    • Matt Murdock/Daredevil: Revenge won't make the pain go away. Trust me.

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