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Jennifer Hale, C.D. Barnes, Susan Blakeslee, Tress MacNeille, Russi Taylor ... see more see more... , Andre Stojka , Holland Taylor , Rob Paulsen , Corey Burton , Frank Welker

Experience a compelling twist on the familiar fairy tale in an animated Disney sequel that explores just what may have happened had the mythical glass slipper not fit. Cinderella's wicked stepmother h... read more read stolen the Fairy Godmother's magic wand, and now she's determined to turn back the hands of time. Now, in order to break the evil spell, the frightened Cinderella will have to find her beloved Prince Charming before her time runs out. Gus, Jaq, and all of the characters who made the original Cinderella a beloved classic return in an enchanting animated sequel filled with show-stopping musical numbers, nail-biting suspense, and magical wonders for the entire family. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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G, 1 hr. 14 min.

Directed by: Frank Nissen

Release Date: February 6, 2007

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DVD Release Date: February 6, 2007

Stats: 2,058 reviews

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  • February 28, 2011
    You guys have to admit, this is one of the few better Disney sequels, even compared to others, & it is a helluva lot better than Cinderella II.

    Animation: The animation was beautifully done as it should be, & the characters remained the same.

    Characters: The stepmother was ... read moreas evil, & as she was in the first two films, but lacks the scariness she had in the very first one. Cinderella was the fighter as she was, & the rest of the characters were they're usual. Anastasia, became much more fleshed out & likable. The problem was how they removed the rest of the mice & birds.

    Plot/Story: It works perfectly for the movie. The idea of Cinderella having to fight to get back things the way they were because of the cruel, selfishness of her stepmother makes the movie worthy.

    Music/Songs: The songs are terrible & forgettable. The score fits nicely, but the songs in here, I was wondering if the directors &/or songwriters were even thinking while the singers sang them. I wish Alan Menken would have written the songs.

    So in final summation, it's not as good as the original (obviously), but its written very well compared to other straight to DVD Disney sequels.
  • fb653545547
    December 14, 2011
    Better than it has any real right to be, Cinderella III is a true movie made for the small screen, not episodes of a defunct television show strung together or full of sub-par animation. A Twist in Time may be obvious at some points and become downright grating in the last ten m... read moreinutes, but there's always something (even mildly) entertaining going on. Am I saying it's great? No. It's enjoyable, right down to the same smooth animation style-lack of fine detail in the human characters-from the original movie.
  • October 15, 2007
    Really liked it. This is the real Cinderella. This was a pretty good adventure. I really liked the story. Sequels are usually bad this one is good.
  • fb1644764650
    August 7, 2011
    Providing an accurate backstory on its original, and developing its characters in honest emotion, Cinderella 3, while it has its corny moments, is still a rare gem in Disney's line of DVD sequels
  • May 27, 2007
    Cute and surprisingly clever storyline. Does the original proud!
  • November 6, 2012
    A fun and funny kids film that is better than the first 2. A very good film. GRADE:B+
  • April 22, 2012
    It was a great Disney sequel. It had great animation, music, adventure, backgrounds, characters, voice cast, acting and a very fun storyline. I like this one better than the original. I strongly recommend this movie for kids and adults.
  • October 10, 2011

    This was very entertaining considering Cinderella's awesome carriage-jumping and the Prince having an actual personality (and jumping out of a palace window). Love it.
  • January 18, 2009
    this movie got 5 satr cuz this was better than the orginal one.This was a great movie.I luv this more than the other one.LUV THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • October 10, 2008
    you can tell it's a different artist because Cinderella doesn't look the same and I don't like how they don't go back to the life they had before stepmother rewinded

Critic Reviews

Tim Brayton
June 11, 2013
Tim Brayton, Antagony & Ecstasy

It is, at a minimum, fun to watch; occasionally because it is clever, frequently because it is dumbfounding. Full Review

David Nusair
November 4, 2008
David Nusair, Reel Film Reviews

...rarely possesses the feel of an organic follow up. Full Review

Kevin Carr
March 22, 2007
Kevin Carr, 7M Pictures

this film captured my attention more than most Disney sequels Full Review

Rory L. Aronsky
February 12, 2007
Rory L. Aronsky, Film Threat

At the very least, this was treated with a level of dignity and poise that you generally don't get from the kind of low-grade trash that our mermaid, genie, and Indian princess counterparts have endured. Full Review

David Cornelius
February 5, 2007
David Cornelius,

Your kids will really enjoy Cinderella III for about a week, and then they'll forget all about it. Full Review

Brian Orndorf
February 5, 2007
Brian Orndorf,

Sharp direction, a healthy attention to sillyheart detail, and warm voicework lift this sequel away from mediocrity at every turn. Full Review

John J. Puccio
January 28, 2007
John J. Puccio, Movie Metropolis

...all in all, Cinderella III makes a fairly good showing for itself, insofar as these direct-to-video affairs go. Full Review

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    • Stepmother: So this is how Cinderella did it? What delicious irony! Do you realize what these means girls?
    • Drizella: Yes! No more laundry!
    • Stepmother: Power, riches, revenge!
    • Anastasia: This is the answer to all our problems!
    • Stepmother: A stick?
    • Drizella: Oh, let's beat her with it!
    • Cinderella: What a wonderfully perfectly perfect year.

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