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Angels and Demons re-teams director Ron Howard and star Tom Hanks for the sequel to their international blockbuster adaptation of Dan Brown's novel The Da Vinci Code. Although the book Angels and Demo... read more read more...ns was written before the novel The Da Vinci Code, the movie transpires after the events of the earlier movie. Hanks stars as professor Robert Langdon, the most respected symbologist in the United States, who uses his knowledge in order to decode a symbol on the skin of a murder victim. The clues put him on the trail of an international conspiracy involving the Catholic Church. Ewan McGregor and Ayelet Zurer also star in the Sony Pictures production. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi

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DVD Release Date: November 24, 2009

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  • November 29, 2009
    Good suspenseful thriller. At the end the Cardinals lines "'Religion is flawed because man is flawed.'' what a classic. . great story better than Da Vinci Code.
  • April 11, 2014
    Much like the novel on which it's based (all of Dan Brown's Robert Langdon novels, in fact), if you can get through the first 10 per cent of the story - exposition and explanation clunking at every turn - you'll get swept up in the action and pace of the story. I might have even ... read moreliked this movie more had I not read the book first, as I knew what the plot twist was going to be... and that I remembered this years after reading the book, when seeing the movie, is endorsement enough. Not nearly enough literature puts story first... whereas in (popular) film, you pretty much have to. Pulse-pounding, if a little contrived and overlong. Worth seeing once. I though Tom Hanks was especially well cast.
  • March 9, 2013
    Follow-Up to the Da Vinci Code is an average adaptation of a very good book. Now I preferred the book of course, and I was curious to see how this one would look on-screen. Angels & Demons was a great book, exciting, pulse pounding and truly unique. Ron Howard's film version is m... read moreuch like his previous outing and it is a flawed, but nonetheless is entertaining for what it is. Acting wise, the cast do what they can with the so-so material and Tom Hanks doesn't really shine here, and he has performed in far better films than this. If you loved the book, you may like this one, but you'll also think it is lacking in terms of effective directing. Ron Howard used to make great films, but nowadays he seems fairly hit and miss=.Although Angels & Demons is a good film, it leaves a lot of room for improvement. This movie is simply a case of the book is far better than the film, and it lacks despite the fact that it delivers some entertainment value. I wasn't totally let down by this one, but there is just so many aspects that could have been improved upon. The best thing about the film is that they're fairly well adapted, but the performances just aren't as great as they should be, and the material could have been better in terms of the script. The problem I have with the film is that, though it's very close to the source material, there simply isn't any soul to the film. Overall it plays out like a mindless thriller that should have been truly something special. Angel & Demons is fun, but the book is better as it leaves constantly guessing and thrilled right up to the end. With the film adaptation, Ron Howard doesn't seem like he wants to take risk with changing a few things and really letting loose and making a movie that stands out as a fine thriller. Good, but could have been better. Read the book before seeing this average movie, you'll be glad you did.
  • December 17, 2012
    Cardinal Strauss: Religion is flawed because man is flawed.

    "They Have Come For Their Revenge"

    Angels & Demons is an interesting and entertaining film, but by no means is it a great, or for that matter, good one. I like the movie enough because of the subject material, but even... read more I can admit that it has more than a few problems. Overall, it's a fun ride, despite not really having the intelligence a movie like this should merit. I haven't read the highly proclaimed Dan Brown novel, but I can assume that the intelligence of the story came across much better in that than it did in this film.

    Robert Langdon is a symbologist and professor at Harvard University. When the pope dies, four Vatican Cardinals are kidnapped. The kidnapper says he will make a public spectacle out of each of their deaths. Also stolen, is enough anti-matter to completely destroy the Vatican. Langdon works with the authorities in Rome to try to save the Cardinals and find the anti-matter before it's too late.

    What I can say for sure about this film is that it is a big step up from The Da Vinci Code, which I didn't much care for. Ron Howard and Tom Hanks re-team here and are able to make a satisfactory movie, but still, it isn't what you'd expect when you look at the source material and the talent involved. You'd think this would be a great deal better than it is, but in the end, we don't get what we expected. 

    While the film is definitely entertaining and fun to a degree, it completely butchers the use of the illuminati. A feature film needs to be made that actually dives into this secret, global domination seeking, occult society. I would run out to see a movie that actually gives this interesting and scary society a movie based on the whole "new world order" aspect of the society. Yeah, but they probably wouldn't like that too much and since they run everything, including Hollywood; it will probably never happen. 
  • October 27, 2012
    It's just fun. Mindless fun. Nothing particularly good or bad about it.
  • August 14, 2012
    Just a tad better than The Da Vinci Code but not by much. The movie looks great, but the book is still far superior.

    The biggest change as far as this adaptation is concerned is that this movie is a sequel to the film version of The Da Vinci Code, while the novel version of this... read more was the predecessor to The Da Vinci Code. Other changes are to cut stuff for time and content, but the overall gist remains the same: Langdon is called in to help save some missing Bishops during a Papal conclave, with the perpetrators being a secret society long thought gone.

    It's the typical mytery thriller plot dressed up with a fair amount of thought provoking ideas and pseudointellectual hullaballoo, and though it might come off as silly, it's really well done (especially in the book's case) and you have to respect it for being so friggin' engaging.

    The locations and cinematography are great, Hanks is a bit better this time as Langdon, some of the other casting is pretty decent, and the art direction is just gorgeous. It still comes off as still and cold and overly dramatic, but a tad easier to swallow than the other film.
  • July 22, 2012
    I love the Dan Brown books and this is my favourite of the books. If you have read the book before going to see the movie, you could be disappointed. It has the fast pace of the storyline but no depth to the story. I didn't think Tom Hanks was the right actor for Robert Langdon i... read moren the Da Vinci Code but he has grown into the role in Angels and Demons. Robert is invited to the Vatican City to help solve clues to save four kidnapped cardinals, in the wake of the late Pope's death. He has to save the city from an anti-matter bomb planted by the secret society - the Illuminati. Ewan McGregor is the priest to the late Pope and my favourite character. Very dashing even for a priest! Again Dan Brown challenges the myths and theories of our time.
  • January 24, 2012
    liked this movie way more than I should have
  • fb729949618
    September 30, 2011
    Once again going against the grain for the sequel! I too thought this one was awesome. It kept going full steam and didn't lose pace from the first, I even thought it was better.
  • August 4, 2011
    It's not that bad of a movie (I can't say all that much, since I never read the source novel), but it can get boring in some parts.

Critic Reviews

Jonathan F. Richards
June 13, 2009
Jonathan F. Richards,

Why are quality pros like Howard and Hanks involved in this enterprise? Do they need the money? Angels and Demons is sure to make plenty. But their artistic souls will do hard time in purgatory for it. Full Review

Michael Phillips
May 29, 2009
Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

At one point Hanks can be glimpsed gasping for air, mid-endless-sentence. Has there ever been a flatter movie character played by a more innately likable star? Full Review

Ben Lyons
May 18, 2009
Ben Lyons, At the Movies

This is not a good movie. Full Review

Ben Mankiewicz
May 18, 2009
Ben Mankiewicz, At the Movies

We're left to wonder, who in the Vatican can really be trusted? And also, will Ron Howard continue to make movies about a character who comes alive on the page, but sputters on the big screen? Full Review

David Denby
May 18, 2009
David Denby, New Yorker

If these movies made any damned sense, the public response might be no more than a yawn. Full Review

Peter Rainer
May 15, 2009
Peter Rainer, Christian Science Monitor

Angels and Demons is an OK action film, but only the humorless will find it heretical -- or educational. Full Review

Kyle Smith
May 15, 2009
Kyle Smith, New York Post

Angels & Demons has some exciting sequences, a spectacular ending with a terrific twist and a grounding in the debate about science versus religion that could hardly be more timely. Full Review

Stephen Whitty
May 15, 2009
Stephen Whitty, Newark Star-Ledger

Angels and Demons is a truly handsome production, seamlessly mixing real locations with beautifully detailed sets. There are a few good performances here, and some thrills. Yet there's a flatness to t... Full Review

Stephanie Zacharek
May 15, 2009
Stephanie Zacharek,

Ron Howard's follow-up to the stiff, stately 2006 The Da Vinci Code, might have been classy, entertaining junk -- if only it were entertaining. Full Review

Christopher Orr
May 15, 2009
Christopher Orr, The New Republic

[T]he film does not conclude with Langdon being elected Pope himself, but, watching the spiraling inanities of the last 20 minutes, one might be forgiven for thinking it would be the next logical step. Full Review

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    • Vittoria Vetra: Are you really a symbologist or it was a joke?
    • Robert Langdon: Er... both.
    • Inspector Olivetti: Are you anti-catholic, Professor Langdon?
    • Robert Langdon: What?, No. I'm anti-vandalism.
    • Commander Richter: God particle?
    • Father Simeon: I need to see the Camarlengo.
    • Chartrand: He is not available.
    • Father Simeon: I NEED TO SEE THE CAMARLENGO!
    • Chartrand: HE-IS-NOT-A-VAILABLE!
    • Father Simeon: We will see that.
    • Cardinal Strauss: Religion is flawed because man is flawed.
    • Cardinal Strauss: Mr. Langdon, thanks be to God for sending someone to protect His church.
    • Robert Langdon: I don't believe He sent me, Father.
    • Cardinal Strauss: Oh my son, of course He did...

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