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Aein (Lover) (The Intimate)

Aein (Lover) (The Intimate)

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Aein (Lover) (The Intimate)

Dong-hyuk Jo, Ye-ryeong Kim, Hyeon-a Seong

In a bare-it-all exploration of spontaneous passion, acclaimed actress Sung Hyun-Ah gives a sensual performance as an engaged woman who spends a wild night with a stranger.

Id: 10008121

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  • December 31, 2008
    A personal and (as the title suggests) intimate tale of life's perfect love. A Boy and a Girl meet, and after some flirting, quickly give in to their sexual instincts. In this respect the relationship almost plays backwards. They have just one day together before the Boy leaves f... read moreor Zanzibar. They have a fake wedding and refuse to get to know each other personally. It captures those wonderful moments in romance and excludes the hardships, but suggests that part of a great relationship is the hardships themselves. Wonderfully portrayed and scripted, it really does bring a smile to your face. The characters quickly seem as though they have known each other for years, yet know nothing. In a way it's quite depressing, but as long as the two can hold onto those moments they'll never have a better romance with anyone.

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