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Top 10 - Stop-motion animated features

  1. SirPant
  2. Anthony

My favorite Stop-motion animations of the ones I've seen so far, there are a few I'm yet to see so this list may change.

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Mary and Max 2009,  G)
Mary and Max
It is rare that a film is both heart warming and heart breaking at the same time, never as true here with Mary & Max. Adam Elliot has excelled himself after the success of Harvey Krumpet - a hard act to follow - and has cemented himself as one of my favourite writer/directors of all time (with only two films so far). This is a tale to be cherished, although your enjoyment is based on your outlook on life, are you a half full or half empty person, can you see the silver lining to every cloud, can you see truth beyond the fog of uncertainty? If not, Mary & Max can show you the way, just give them that chance. A new favourite of mine and Adam Elliot is definitely a name to look out for.
Harvie Krumpet 2004,  Unrated)
Harvie Krumpet
Harvie Krumpet is my new hero. No matter what life throws at him he decided to carry on and get naked. There is a message here for all walks of life, Harvie Krumpet says so much without uttering a single word. This is a little film to be watched by all and to be forever treasured. Brilliant x infinity!
The Nightmare Before Christmas 1993,  PG)
The Nightmare Before Christmas
I?ve finally watched, what has probably been the most hyped about film by my friends, ever! The good news is that my friends were right, The Nightmare Before Christmas is brilliant! Last of the great fairytales, a combination of Tim Burton?s wonderful imagination and Henry Selick?s patience and artistry. This is a wonderful original animation, already a classic and something very special indeed. New favourite too!
The Wind in the Willows 1983,  Unrated)
The Wind in the Willows
Classic animation, I watched it time and time again growing up!
Panique au village (A Town Called Panic) 2009,  Unrated)
Panique au village (A Town Called Panic)
One of the most bonkers films I've ever seen! It's quite wonderful too, very silly and totally original (at least I've never seen anything like it before!). I do wish they'd have dubbed it into English though (or I wish I could understand French a little better) as it is breakneck speed all the way, you blink, you miss! A kids film for adult that kids could also enjoy (if that makes any sense at all?). Highly recommended!
Wallace and Gromit in the Wrong Trousers 1993,  Unrated)
Wallace and Gromit in the Wrong Trousers
This is probably my favourite Wallace & Gromit film, the penguin is a fantastic villain!
Coraline 2009,  PG)
I enjoyed Coraline and loved the story and the animation but I have to say I expected more from a collaboration between Henry Selick and the brilliant Neil Gaiman. Unfortunately Selick made such an impact with Nightmare before Christmas and Coraline isn't Gaiman's greatest achievements (it's not bad, it's just not my favourite of his) that Coraline just doesn't live up to what has come before. Maybe I'm being unfairly tough, it's certainly tons better than most other Children's films of late and really does bring back that horror and fantasy element of the classic fairytale that is overdue a return.
Fantastic Mr. Fox 2009,  PG)
Fantastic Mr. Fox
A hard book to adapt, animation in this style was probably the best solution and it is beautifully realised. As an animation, it's a five star film, few have surpassed it but as a comedy/drama, it doesn't play so well. I'm a massive Anderson film, not a huge Dahl fan but Fantastic Mr. Fox is a fond favourite from my childhood. I just don't think his style (narrative/script/quirks) work here, don't get me wrong, I was entertained, just not blown away.
Tim Burton's Corpse Bride 2005,  PG)
Tim Burton's Corpse Bride
A short and sweet animation. Not Danny Elfman's best work though I have to say.
James and the Giant Peach 1996,  PG)
James and the Giant Peach
A very sweet version of the Roald Dahl story. Loved the animation!

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