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Pacific Rim 2013,  PG-13)
Pacific Rim
Watched this on 13/07/2013
Pacific Rim is like mixing special effects into the Power Ranger series. It doesn't have a science filled plot for a fault, but the energy and charisma of the film is beyond comparison. The most emotional scene in this film comes in the first half when the memory of Mako Mori's troubling childhood is shown while drifting. This film has a lot of good supporting characters and the leads are more or less like supports only. The best supporting actors are Charlie Day( Dr. Newton), Idris Elba(Stacker Pentecost), Ron Perlman and Burn Gorman(Gottlieb). This film is inventive and explicitly directed by Guillermo Del Toro. The visuals are top grade, both the monsters as well as the robots. This is the best visual fiesta that I have seen since Inception and Transformers: Dark of the moon. I have recently seen absurd visuals in Man of Steel, which was really bad when thought about the visuals and also the visually unconvincing Iron Man 3. The monsters in this film are so live and it is unlike any thing that I have seen.
Fast & Furious 6 2013,  PG-13)
Fast & Furious 6
Saw this on 24/05/2013
Fast and Furious 6 is on par with Fast 5, it is just as good. That is rare for a sequel. F & F 6 combines smart and quick one liners that work wonders with high octane action scenes. I recently have a big letdown when I see Hollywood movies on theatre. I don't know why, every movie that I go to end up being bad or that I just only go to bad movies. The only exception was Dark Knight Rises(2012) which was like a patch of green on a desert. In the past year I saw movies like Total Recall, Snow White and The Huntsman, Expendables 2 and Taken 2 on theatres, I simply yawned and lost all my money. This year I started it out right, where F &F 6 is the first movie I saw on theatre. F & F 6 marks a connection with the other movies, the 3rd, 4th and 5th films which the previous entry failed to did.

Now as far as the story is concerned, it is just ok for an action entertainer and I really have no intension at all in writing it all down. The action scenes are a plus point for the film and also they have introduced a race into this film which actually was the trademark of the first four films and which the previous entry omitted. This film has a few suspense scenes and a lot of good hand to hand combat scenes (you should credit Dwayne Johnson and the few actresses for that). As far as emotions are concerned, this film is average, but who needs them in a film like F & F. The stunt scenes are mostly good, but all of them are not logical. There is a scene where Vin Diesel almost flys from a speeding car. That was an eye candy, but it lacked logic for all reason. The film shows you what the trailer promises, but they showed the climax in the trailer! You don't really have to leave your brain at home because this one isn't that exactly ridiculous, I say this on the experience that I saw Bad Boys 2 (2003) yesterday, and I tell you, this film is not exactly as ridiculous as the Bad Boys 2.

I saw this movie on an Indian local theatre, a grave mistake. The volume was too low when the movie started, so the audience showered there abuse on the people working the projectors. Then there were multiple power loses and they had an offline inverter, so it took like 2 minutes to reboot. Then everyone howled and showered the words again. When the power came, they skipped a bit. Then again you hear the commotions. My point is that even after watching a 1 hr 45 min movie with a time of over 2 hours filled with a lot of noises, power losses, skipping and rewinding, I really enjoyed this one. You can also enjoy this one if you see movies as a viewer and not as a critic trying to find only the plot holes and mistakes. The acting in here is just like almost the same, Paul Walker, The Rock and Michael Rodriguez are all good and the others become part of the movie and jell up along with the action and humour.

Fast and Furious doesn't end here dudes, they just hinted for another part in the climax. So let's wait for that.
Insidious: Chapter 2 2013,  PG-13)
Insidious: Chapter 2
Watched this on 14/10/2013
Budget- 5 Million $, Gross- 104 Million $ (world wide).
Insidious(2011) is one of the better horror films that I have seen in the recent past. The only reason that I like that film is that it is rather inventive and uses relatively scientific methods for eradication of the horror causing troubles. The first film had a messy final act, mostly due to the insufficiently low budget of 1.5 Million $ that made it look extremely cheap. Insidious 2 rectifies that mistake and provides a more credible and engaging final act along with proper syncing to the events that took place in the first film. This film uses a lot of intermittent contents and subplots and is successful in doing so as well. But this film is not as scary as the first one, but one can easily ignore that for sure.
Star Trek Into Darkness 2013,  PG-13)
Star Trek Into Darkness
Saw this on 13/09/2013
Star Trek Into Darkness is visually spectacular and superior when compared to the 2009 Star Trek film, but it cannot be equaled to it's predecessor in any other means. This film has a few suspense elements and intermediate twists combined with fine acting from an overall cast. What I find troubling with this film is that it has a weaker ending compared to the first film. Both the star trek films have one thing in common, they both have a competent main villain, but in this 2013 entry the story that backs the villain is narrow unlike the sentimental backdrop on Eric Bana's villain. How ever, this film is a fine watch for sure.
This Is the End 2013,  R)
This Is the End
Saw this on 05/12/2013
This is the End was funnier than what I had anticipated it to be. The film's best thing is it's ensemble cast and also they play themselves in this film. My favourite actor in this film is Danny MacBride. I liked his combination scenes with James Franco a lot. This film has a lot of adult comedy and I am not a big fan of these type of films in general, but this film turned out to be different. I liked MacBride and Franco in Your Highness. Anyway, this film has a poor story, just some apocalyptic stuff and some usual morals.
Gravity 2013,  PG-13)
Saw this on 13/10/2013
Gravity is one of the most anticipated films of 2013 and it doesn't disappoint. Gravity has a lot of good visuals, fine acting and valuable emotional content. Sandra Bullock yet again gives a good performance and proves that she is good in dramatic roles once again. But it was George Clooney who impressed me a lot. I was never a big fan of Clooney. I liked a lot of his film in the past as well, but was never too impressed by his acting. But in Gravity his comic timing is excellent and he is more or less like a comic relief. The only problem that I find with Gravity is that it is predictable to an extend. But it is extremely realistic, which is something that you cannot ignore. That is why they haven't filled this one with overabundant visual effects.
The Great Gatsby 2013,  PG-13)
The Great Gatsby
Saw this on 14/09/2013
The thing I liked most about The Great Gatsby was Tobey Maguire's narration. It was one of the best narrations that I have seen in the recent times. Visually Gatsby was extraordinary and it had good performances from an overall good cast. Leonardo DiCaprio's Gatsby was not what I expected. I expected that it would be like another one of his usual millionaire characters like that of Dr Hughes from The Aviator(2004), a film that I would have hated if not for a mind blowing performance from DiCaprio. I liked the acting of the three main leads in here, amongst whom Tobey Maguire is my favourite. Gatsby did not bore me, I liked this film because in this DiCaprio is a lover and not a short tempered selfish millionaire. I liked Amitabh Bachchan's cameo role as well.
Oz the Great and Powerful 2013,  PG)
Oz the Great and Powerful
Saw this on 20/09/2013
I expected Oz the .... to be extremely horrible since I did not like the trailer much. I liked it much more that what i had anticipated. Actually I liked James Franco's acting in this film. He was not doing what he really does in here, but he is not bad while doing comedy. He acts precisely in the way in which all showbiz magicians would behave. I have seen a lot of magic shows and I felt that Franco was more natural than most of the magicians. As for the witches, Michelle Williams looked most attractive, but I liked Rachael Weisz's acting more. Mila Kuniz was not her usual self, but she was ok-ok. The best things about this film is the flying monkey(who along with Franco brings out a lot of wit) and the China girl( girl made of POP who brings in a lot of sentimentality into this otherwise barren adventure). Visually this film is extraordinary, but somewhere in the beginning, it felt that the characters were cut off from somewhere and pasted into a colourfull atmosphere.
Now You See Me 2013,  PG-13)
Now You See Me
Watched this on 07/12/2013
As a mystery film, Now You See Me succeeds well. It has extraordinary visuals and style combined with good acting and intensified robbery/magic acts. Mark Ruffalo is the best actor in here. Morgan Freeman is also great. The four magicians have nothing much to do but to perform the tricks. Anyway this is a good suspense film and it keeps it to the very last. I didn't really feel that I would like this film at all, but it turned out to be good. The most interesting characters in this film are that of Ruffalo and Melanie Laurent, two police officers.
Prisoners 2013,  R)
Saw this on 09/12/2013
Prisoners is a good drama mostly due to good performances from Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal. Although Prisoners brings in a lot of twists then and there, some of them are left unattended and unexplained. The reference to a maze adds to the complexity of the film in the second half, but just to know that towards the end it has no use. Also of the two children who were abducted, one returns back all of a sudden and they really don't explain the events behind that. On the whole Prisoners is a good film and it gets that name because almost more than half of the characters are imprisoned at some point of the time in film. I wished that they made this into more of a thriller than a drama. Although Jake Gyllanhaal plays a usual cop seen in many films as a man who lives for his job, who works for all the time and still his character is the most interesting in the film.

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