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Atonement 2007,  R)
interesting film this and certainly a film i wanna see again, as getting to the end of this it certainly dawned on me i was watching in a different way, to what was happening on screen, and maybe that was the point, as it went to a okay film to a pretty good film, and knowing events are seen from a certain prespective, a pretty good watch. james macavoy stars as a groundman who has a thing for a respectable familys daughter in the 1930s played by keira knightley, while watching all these events are sister briony played by saoirse ronan who is a bit jealous of the situation, when a crime happens she fingers him as the culprit, more out of spite than anything else,and is arrested and sent to prison, cut to the war we see all charactors living there life and how events will or will not keep the two lovers apart, we see briony grow up into a young woman, and how that moment efected her life, everyones great in this especiially mcavoy, a young ewan mcgregor i see. great wartime setting, and the score is amazing, a great use of a typewriter, which does play a vital point in the film, so makes sence, and although it dident fully draw me in, the ending changed my mind and made really good sence
X-Men: First Class 2011,  PG-13)
X-Men: First Class
A great adition to the x men franchaise, and most definatly a massive inprovment on other origins story, Wolverine. the 60s setting works really well and of course tying events to Cuban missile crises works wonders. the two origin stories here of magneto and proffessor x is well handled as is the casting of the two leads. minor niggles in events concerning team they bring in, but doesent weight it down, it be great to see more adventures of these two charactors, as the ending certainly moves them in right direction.
The Last King of Scotland 2006,  R)
The Last King of Scotland
forest whiticker, takes on amin, the ugandan president, and up and coming james macavoy as scottish doctor trying to make a diference, but maybe getting to close to the president, both on fine form, macavoy portrays a cockey british guy, out of his depth, and whiticker, just chilling, although based on fact, i believe macavoys doctor is made up, but it makes a interesting story, as told through the young mans eyes, really authentic, ugandan setting, and story takes us places,
Rory O'Shea Was Here (Inside I'm Dancing) 2005,  R)
Starter for 10 2006,  PG-13)
Starter for 10
another winning role for james mcavoy, like ewen mcgregor in 90s, hes really making name for him self, here hes great as a college kid, dreaming of apearing on a famous british college show, and struggles along the way to get his dream, a light hearted look, with a really cool 80s setting, great soundtrack and humour, runs along quite nicely
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe 2005,  PG)
Gnomeo and Juliet 2011,  G)
Gnomeo and Juliet
The film plays out well, and theres lots of little humour to amuse adults, the look is nostalgic especially to us brits, and although its romeo and juliet, oviously it wont go that way, but it never takes anything away, theres enough set pieces to exite, and voice work from james mcavoy, emily blunt, and especially jason statham doing good, a pretty good watch
Wanted 2008,  R)
action fantasy, very matrix, not as influential, but certainly entertaining enough, with some great action sequences throughout, a silly premise, but done in a entertaining way, macavoy comes off great, entertaining to watch as a everyman, leading a new life, some funny moments throughout, and angie jolie stunning as usuall, in a good role showing her hard arse women,
The Conspirator 2011,  PG-13)
The Conspirator
Robert redford directs a interesting slice of history, here concerning a ladys guilt in the murderer of lincoln with 4 other men, due to the fact her son was involved and booth the actor assassin was a visitor to her house of business, we see the arrest and coiurt case that was piut on for her, and the lawyer who takes it on ratherv reluctantly. and of course the eventuall outcome which did to a degree change the way these things are dealt. the film works well at times with James mcavoy a good watch. the outcome of events here did go on to changing certaIn things are dealt with, so its a film with some history to it.
Penelope 2006,  PG-13)
charming tale if not entirely sucessful, rikki plays penelpe a girl cursed by having a pigs nose, and is locked away for her own good by parents, to reverse curse a special type of husband must be found, but no guy,,after seeing her wants anything to do wither her, due to one guys disgust, he and reporter played exellently by peter dinklage try to get photo to clear there names, as they been tarnished, and get in a young man played by james macavoy, to get it, and predictably he falls in love, all this and penelope trying hard to come to terms with her situation, this film is muddled in some ways, first off its set in london, penelope sheltered all life has american acent, macavoy is playing american not his natural scottish or even english, this film also seems very light and looking at it it be perfect for tim burton, rikki is charming enough and brings a lot to the role, and macavoy is best thing here, doing a unnessery american acent but great one at that, and bringing a lot to his role, as penelpe leaves comforts of home , maybe here the film looses focas, and the plot goes a little of, even producer reece witherspoon popping up quite a bit in second half as new friend, but seems misplaced and oviously only done it as shes producing, but ill say ne thing, shed also make a exellent penelope(why dident she do it) this film has been sitting on studio shelve for two years, and seems macavoy's sudden fame has saved film, amd been released, so not a bad film at all, good performances save the day

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