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Top 10 - Futuristic Prison Escape Movies

  1. SirPant
  2. Anthony

Futuristic Prison Escape Movies

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Escape from New York 1981,  R)
Escape from New York
John Carpenter was deservedly given a bigger budget and the outcome was awesome. This is a superior action film to anything that's been released since. An absolute original, quintessential Carpenter.
Fortress 1993,  R)
Fortress has a cult cast to die for. It's probably the last great B-movie. I love it!
Fortress 2: Re-entry 1999,  R)
Fortress 2: Re-entry
This sequel is a very poor cash in on the first, watch the first film and leave it at that!
Logan's Run 1976,  PG)
Logan's Run
Logan's Run is set in a Dystopian future where life ends at 30 due to a malfunctioning robot. It's much cleverer than that sounds though, questioning governments, societies, morality and religion. Its only downfall is that it hasn't dated that well. It does have a certain kitsch chic about it though and it's content still stands bold against contemporary cinema - It's still far superior compared to it's loose remake, The Island.
Lockout (Unrated) 2012,  PG-13)
Lockout (Unrated)
Putting aside some truly shocking special effects, Lockout is a perfectly acceptable action film. I quite liked it in fact, the initial interviewing scene was really well done and even though the story was familiar, I liked what they did, and the characters/performances were all good. I really like Guy Pearce as an action hero, he did a really good job of it. He's worth watching it for alone! Ignore the overly-harsh reviews and give it a go!
Wedlock (Deadlock) 1991,  R)
Wedlock (Deadlock)
Rutger Hauer lost his way a bit in the late 80s/early 90s but that said, his films were the talk of the school playground back in the day. 'Have you seen Blind Fury'?, have you seen 'Wedlock'?, I didn't see either until recently so I was one of the sad kids. Much like Blind Fury was an update of the Zatoichi films, Wedlock is an update of The Defiant ones. It's pretty good fun too, it's no masterpiece but it never takes itself too seriously. If you want a proper 'Futuristic prison escape movie though, see Fortress starring Christopher Lambert, its much better and stars a who's who of modern b-movie favourites.
Alien3 1992,  R)
It's a real shame they didn't stay with the original script of a load of Monks living on a wooden planet. The first film is about rape, the second about motherhood and this one was supposed to be about faith but it all went a bit tits up. Never mind, its still a good film. Fincher got shafted by the producers but still made a beautifully shot film, shame about the dodgy SFX though. It really isn't as bad as everyone says (The Megadrive game was pretty good too).
Star Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country 1991,  PG)
Star Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country
The last Star Trek film with the complete original line up isn?t the best of send offs but its subject matter is probably the most original and fitting with the universal, multicultural and ?everyone?s welcome? feel of the cult following.
No Escape (Escape from Absolom) 1994,  R)
No Escape (Escape from Absolom)
This came out the same time as Fortress, the later is a much better film but this works as a modern B-movie action film.
The Island 2005,  PG-13)
The Island
Ewan McGregor, Scarlett Johansson, Djimon Hounsou and Steve Buscemi. How did this film go so wrong? Michael Bay, that?s what! Watch Logan's Run instead or THX 1138 or the news or read a book, have a bath?

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