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Top 10 - Films of 2001

  1. SirPant
  2. Anthony

My Top 10 favorite Films of 2001.

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Amélie 2001,  R)
An absolutely beautiful film, perfect in every way.
Spirited Away 2001,  PG)
Spirited Away
This was my first Miyazaki/Ghibli experience and it blow me away! Who needs all the Finding Nemo type computer graphics when all you really need is a good story. Not that the animation is bad you understand, it?s beautiful in its simplicity but also striking in its detail. A masterpiece!
The Piano Teacher (La Pianiste) 2001,  R)
The Piano Teacher (La Pianiste)
Intense and disturbing, The Piano Teacher isn't so much enjoyable to watch but more impossible to look away. Isabelle Huppert's performance is one of the all time greatest, and I don't mean for her, I mean ever. This film is awesome, unpleasant and one of the best in the last decade. There are so many great scenes here but the last one has to be one of my all time favourites, deliciously disturbing and relentlessly anti-Hollywood, probably my favourite Haneke so far.
The Devil's Backbone (El Espinazo del diablo) 2001,  R)
The Devil's Backbone (El Espinazo del diablo)
Great film from del Toro, everything is spot on. The keyhole scene is up there with the best classic horror moments. I wonder if we can expect another Spanish civil war story to complete the trilogy?
Ghost World 2001,  R)
Ghost World
A great comic adaption from Terry Zwigoff . It's fast becoming a bit of a cult classic and rightly so. Birch's unexpectedly good performance is what really makes the film though, while Buscemi is great supporting role seals the deal. A great little film that flew under the radar!
The Man Who Wasn't There 2001,  R)
The Man Who Wasn't There
The Coen's most beautifully directed film, hands down. The smooth black and white finish is sublime. Thornton is fantastic, in what I believe to be his best role to date (Just beating his character in sling blade). The whole cast are on top form and for me, this has my favourite Coen film ending.
Hedwig and the Angry Inch 2001,  R)
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
This is a great film! Watch the DVD because the documentary on the history of the theatre production is almost as good as the film itself! Brilliant and very funny!
A.I. Artificial Intelligence 2001,  PG-13)
A.I. Artificial Intelligence
I liked it a lot but i wish Kubrick had directed it. Spielberg does a good job but it's just too....well, Spielbergy!
The Royal Tenenbaums 2002,  R)
The Royal Tenenbaums
Gene Hackman really steals the show in this great film. It's probably Anderson's weakest film to date as it does meander towards the end, but its still brilliant. Anderson knows how to get the best out of his cast!
The Pledge 2001,  R)
The Pledge
Nicholson is great and Penn proves that he's not just a good actor! Brilliant!

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