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My Top 10 favorite Films of 1990

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GoodFellas 1990,  R)
Without a doubt, the best gangster film ever made!
Miller's Crossing 1990,  R)
Miller's Crossing
Miller's Crossing has always been overlooked in my opinion as being one of the best gangster films of all time The scene in the woods with Byrne and Turturro is an absolute classic! It funny how they won the Oscar 16 years after making this film for No Country for old men, they've been making masterpieces for years!
Life Is Sweet 1991,  R)
Life Is Sweet
Classic Mike Leigh - Unpretentious, unsweetened social realism that is loved by the pretentious, is as sweet as sugar and will have the BFI mob stating things like 'I knew those people/I ate in the Regret Rien/It's funny because it's true' . I love it, I'm in no way admitting that I'm pretentious in any way, I just love Mike Leigh's films but hate most other people who say they do, mainly the BFI mob. I hate the way Leigh has been treated by Hollywood but I feel it's nothing compared to how he's been treated in his own country and the city in which he resides. BFI and BAFTA owe him so much but always shit on him, it makes me quite upset for him! Not that he needs all these awards you understand, it would just be nice to see him rightfully recognised.
Nikita (La Femme Nikita) 1990,  R)
Nikita (La Femme Nikita)
Nikita is a brilliant film. It's Besson's first real action film and a hint of what was to come, particularly in his projects as writer/producer. Unfortunately, none of his later works have matched Nikita in its brilliance. This is classic Besson.
Tulitikkutehtaan tyttö (The Match Factory Girl) 1990,  Unrated)
Tulitikkutehtaan tyttö (The Match Factory Girl)
Absolutely heartbreaking, The Match Factory Girl is an absolute masterpiece and a fine final instalment in Aki Kaurismäki's outstanding 'Underdog' trilogy. Kati Outinen's performance is wonderful, my only criticism is that it was far too short!
Wild At Heart 1990,  R)
Wild At Heart
One of my favourite Lynch films. Watch his interview on the DVD extras of The Straight Story about 'Duck vision' then watch this film! It's also got a brilliant soundtrack!
King of New York 1990,  R)
King of New York
One of the best gangster films ever! This is a classic and one of Ferrara's best!
Riff-Raff 1991,  R)
A great slice of life from the king of gritty, Mr. Ken Loach. Ricky Tomlinson steals the show somewhat, the script - particularly his lines are very typical of him but also Loach with a little bit of Mike Leigh thrown in for good measure. This is very much my kind of film and a great example of the fantastic independent films that were being made in London/England in the early 90's. Brilliant stuff!
Edward Scissorhands 1990,  PG-13)
Edward Scissorhands
A great film, definitely one of Burton's best. It has the perfect balance of colourful urban exuberance and darkly gothic ambiance that's become typical of Burton's work and has since become his signature. Vincent Price's cameo was a fitting tribute as his last film role.
Darkman 1990,  R)
Probably my favorite 'alternative' superhero movie so far. It's Sam Raimi back when he was allowed to do his own thing, Batman mixed with The Phantom of the Opera in a noir comic book style, a cult classic. I love it. Like Evil Dead and Crimewave, Raimi does horror/thriller/action with a brilliant undercurrent of humour like no other director. It's cheesy and it's fun, not really what you expect from a horror/thriller but it's thoroughly entertaining and saddens me that films like this aren't made anymore. I'd watch this over Spiderman any day! Only gripe - not enough Bruce Campbell!

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