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The Best Movies of (2009) (*That i have seen.)

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Up 2009,  PG)
"Kevin's a girl?"

Let's start by saying this is by far my favourite of 'Pixars' films. It's faultless, there's no weak spot to be found - and I'm glad they haven't made a sequel because it doesn't need one.

'UP' is actually a heartfelt story of one man's quest to fulfill his wife's life ambition of living at paradise falls - a hidden area within Venezuela. He achieves this by attaching hundreds of balloons to his house and float there, but he ends up with an unexpected guest a young boy - Russell. The start of this film may be the finest start to a movie I have ever seen it's such a sweat, sombre and heart felt moment matched with a beautiful soundtrack - showing Carl throughout his life. The whole film is perfectly paced moving at a pave that children and adults alike will be able to follow without confusion.

Though I believe 'Wall-E' to be the best looking 'Pixar' film 'Up' isn't far behind. The stunning views of paradise falls and the house as it floats by with that vast sky backdrop is simply beautiful. The character designs are equally good 'Carl's' small and angry looking stature and the bird's oblivious looking face are just nice and funny look at it. But this is a department that 'Pixar' will never get wrong.

It's also an incredibly funny film it walks that fine line between kids and adults humour that it so difficult to get right. I think the paradise bird may be my favourite character the mimic scene in particular is just hilarious that's not to say the others aren't equally funny everyone has there moment even the many dogs and the villain of the piece.

'Up' is a glorious piece of animation and tops my list of favourite 'Pixar' films. It's funny, heart warming, emotional and it looks amazing. If 'Pixar' can ever top this it'll be some film - an impossible feat if you ask me. The perfect animated family film, this is a film for everyone.
Sherlock Holmes 2009,  PG-13)
Up in the Air 2009,  R)
Star Trek 2009,  PG-13)
District 9 2009,  R)
The Hangover 2009,  R)
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans 2009,  R)
Moon 2009,  R)
"Gerty, we're not programmed. We're people, do you understand?."

This is a film hard to describe, its sci-fi but not in the same sense that people know it to be - its more realistic and story focused. Its not action packed there's no bursting aliens its a straight up sci-fi that takes you on an intriguing ride that asks lots of questions about the human nature.

Starring 'Sam Rockwell' pretty much alone. He plays 'Sam' an astronaut - who maintains the lunar station but he's alone on the moon with no human contact and only a robot 'Bertie' for company. I can't really divulge any more without detailing some clear plot points. Suffice to say there are some intriguing, twisty moments.

The story unfolds at a nice place with the first half an hour detailing his monotonous day and how he deals with being on the station. It continues to grow and grow at a perfect pace it doesn't rush into it. Every now and then there's a new element introduced and there's more to think over.

The performance moves this film forward because its more or less 'Sam Rockwell' alone for 1hr 37mins he has to give an amazing showing - much like 'Ryan Reynolds' did in 'Buried'. He delivers in abundance, I've always liked him and this just increases my opinion of him.

One department that is a bit lacking but by no means finished the film are the sfx. The green screen is a bit off, you can clearly see that it's just an image in the background. Also despite the ending being satisfying it doesn't peak there which is a tad disappointing.

I wish I watched this when it released in 2009 because it's easily one of my favourite films of that year. 'Sam Rockwell' is superb and the film moves along at a nice smooth pace and proves that true science fiction has more to say than you might expect.
Watchmen 2009,  R)
Black Dynamite 2009,  R)

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