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Gattaca 1997,  PG-13)
Ableism (They say that disabilities (in this case, lower limb paralysis) exclude people from being "productive members of society".)
Ghost in Your Genes 2007,  Unrated)
Ghost in Your Genes
That's really really cool.
What Darwin Never Knew 2009,  Unrated)
What Darwin Never Knew
Ableist slurs: "Mental R-------tion" is not a "medical term" and has been removed from medical terminology for over 150 years, once it entered layman vernacular as a dehumanizing slur. Chris Walsh of Children's Hospital Boston- I was going say 'take the extra two seconds to state how he is intellectually or neurologically disabled- but then you bulldozed ahead and went on to state that not "aquiring language normally" was devastating to the individual, gesturing to a profoundly undevastated boy. But that was just a segway into the real reason. Poor poor parents. Why do you never just admit the fact you research eugenics because parents don't like their children, NOT BECAUSE PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES DISLIKE EXISTING. If you're actually not ashamed of not wanting to have a child because of the work you'll have to put in- If you're actually not ashamed, just say it. Your love is conditional, you think some people don't really count as people, and you don't think a disabled life is worth living. Some people aren't worth the effort. Fine. But then don't try to get other people to still treat you like you're not a bigot. You are the kind of person that religious people rightfully point to as an example of genocidal fanaticism caused by support of scientific rather than religious belief. Both are an excuse, and you're just a shitty person, looking for an excuse to be a shitty person. And this isn't about the right to choose to abort or not. Its about your reasons for doing so.
Ableist eugenics (genetic screening to abort fetuses with disabilities). (And they say it like it's no big deal, And almost like they don't know that they're saying something disgusting and evil. Wild stuff.)

Meh. The premise of being overwhelmed by the idea of evolution and not being able to understand how "changes happen"...
it posits that a person needs to understand how each change happens in order to accept that the changes happen at all. Which is mad-backwards. Why try to explain how something happened if you don't already believe it happened. PREMISE II - fake confusion involving denial that such changes take place. With this premise, anyone who believes that humans are genetically identical. That all humans are clones, all reproduction is incest (at a DNA level), and all your children are identical. Which is obviously just grossly ignorant. You actually have to be pretending to believe that you don't notice that people look different from each other. So I don't understand what the problem with the premise of natural selection. Are they disputing that things die, or that all things are not the same as each other.
I'm not impressed with Darwin, and I think we should worry about people who think they have a concrete objection (as opposed to, say, ignorance armoured by fear.)

And no one wants to talk about the actually interesting part of evolution: mutagenics, Though I guess that's a very very very wide topic. We should look at specific genes and what specific changes to them does. And how those changes might be caused in nature. LET'S TALK ABOUT FRUIT FLIES FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. (ps. they actually start gonig into DNA mutation right at the end. If the whole documentary was like this it'd be brilliant.) (OH MAN, but then right at the end they just crammed a whole bunch of dystopian killing-people-with-disabilities-cause-their-lives-are-worthless propaganda. Which is a rather serious turn to just casually take in an otherwise child-oriented introduction to a broad subject.
The Origin of AIDS (Les Origines du SIDA) 2004,  Unrated)
The Origin of AIDS (Les Origines du SIDA)
First of all, how is the only other review "Oh, well, maybe it's not a god punishing gay men for being disgusting", (which of course god would do by infecting more heterosexual women than anyone else.
You're an idiot, and a bigot.
And wtf, if they contracted it through the blood of an animal they hunted for food, that's the will of God? What is it, would you say, that makes the choices and actions of a white man his own doing, and those or a black man just nature playing out. You racist piece of shit.


Child abuse
Racism (why use proper medical procedures for Africans)

A look at a origin-theory for the inter-species transmissions SIV to HIV/AIDS in humans.
Someone should note that the human and simian version of this disease were discovered at the same time. So. Another thing may have started them both.

Is the polio vaccine linked to HIV? (historyofvaccines.org)
In the 1990s, certain critics began to blame the testing of a live, weakened polio vaccine in Africa in the 1950s for the spread of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Those behind the accusation argued that chimpanzee cells were used to create the vaccine, and that those cells had been contaminated with a virus that sometimes affects chimps: simian immunodeficiency virus, or SIV. When the vaccine was given to children in Africa, they argued, SIV mutated to become human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, which causes AIDS.
The accusations, however, were demonstrably false for a variety of reasons. Most notably, the weakened polio vaccine was not made with chimpanzee cells, but with monkey cells. The vaccine was later tested using a technique that can detect viral DNA (the PCR technique, or polymerase chain reaction); it did not contain SIV or HIV.
Researchers at the University of Birmingham in Alabama demonstrated in 2006 that while HIV was in fact a derivative of SIV, chimpanzees in Cameroon that had been infected with SIV in the 1930s were the most likely source of the AIDS epidemic-decades before the weakened polio vaccine was tested in Africa.
X-Men: First Class 2011,  PG-13)
X-Men: First Class
Body policing, body shaming
Victim blaming
Setting up Xavier as super-crip, from where he shames others into also being superhuman. And shames them for disliking people who hurt and abuse them. And telling them that feeling that way is wrong. Perpetuating the idea that oppressed minorities have the obligation to be above reproach in order be justified in defending themselves.
Homo Sapiens 1900 2000,  Unrated)
Homo Sapiens 1900
Physical abuse of asylum residents
Women's as brood mares & property of the state

"Self taught anthropologist" thinks we should use "aesthetic genetics" (???) as a guide to "racial eugenics". oh okay.

All these screens of dramatic words written in Russian with no explanation or translation (even though the doc is in English) are really really stupid. Stop. Some guy just talked for 2 minutes straight in Russian in an English documentary, with no explanation or translation. Who the fuck is directing this, they're an idiot.

As a documentary, this is hella shit. There's not even a decent excuse for most of the shit they did wrong. It's honestly like they never considered that this would have a viewer at some point.
As a subject, very interesting.
Atlantis: The Lost Continent 2001,  Unrated)
Atlantis: The Lost Continent
Racial segregation/Eugenics
White supremacy

The Egyptian Atlantis myth via Plato from the Discovery Channel.

Okay... I thought the name Atlantis was a modern media invention, and has nothing to do with it's geographical placement, AND specifically that it wasn't in the Atlantic at all. Or are they just choosing to pretend not to know that part of the myth's development.

They're just picking an choosing historical facts to make up their own fictitious narrative. Shame on you.

Also, boring.
The Omega Man 1971,  PG)
The Omega Man
Eugenics arising from ableism
Sexual objectification of women
Fetishization of black women
White saviour bullshit

A cascade of limp one-liners in a one-man show. You can tell this era really drooled over "White Masculinity", capital W, capital M.

HAHAAHHA!! I didn't realize White Zombie got the ideas/clips for the songs on Astro Creep 2000 from this movie. It gets points for that.
Ancient Secrets of the Bible: Tower of Babel - Fact or Fiction? 1997,  Unrated)
Ancient Secrets of the Bible: Tower of Babel - Fact or Fiction?
Intelligence shaming
God as a racial supremacist

Christian bullshit.
Europa Europa 1990,  R)
The Canary Effect 2006,  Unrated)
The Canary Effect
Mass killings
HUNTING/Commodification of the bodies of POC
Concentration camps
Forced sterilization
Cultural genocide
Child abuse / neglect / torture
Residential schools
Victim blaming
Abuse apologism/Gaslighting
White privilege denial
Racist genetic theory

[It's for the good of the native. It's the white man's burden]
"Here let me rape you for your own good, you'll really enjoy it, you know you want it. It's the same thing - the colonialist's mentality is a rapist's mentality. And all those polemics that are used to defend a rapist - it's always the fault of the victim, she flirted, she wore the wrong clothes, she teased, she did this, she did that. The rapist's argument- apologetic, defensive posture. Which is hackneyed, in the extreme. It's transparently see-through. It's exactly correlated to the arguments colonists use to justify colonialism."

Well that was sickening.
Richard Dawkins Presents The Genius of Charles Darwin 2000,  Unrated)
Richard Dawkins Presents The Genius of Charles Darwin

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