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The Courier 2012,  R)
The Courier
"I really like Jeffrey Dean and Mickey Rourke, but man was this movie just awful. I was hoping for a low budgest action film that would surprise me by being good. But unfortuantely, it was just a bad low budget movie with dodgy acting. I have seen much, much, much better acting and movies come from both of these actors. Not even their performances, which were not that great either, help this film. It is poorly directed, scripted, acted, and casted. Nothing I can think of stands out as being good in this flick. This is actually a movie I would consider people skip. I know I usually say see it, make up your own mind, but not with this one."
L!fe Happens 2012,  R)
L!fe Happens
"I have actually (when I was 20/21) been a roomate to a single mother and a single father. Yep, at the same time. She was my bestie and he was her cousin. Odd little family we were. So I've seen how hard; and I know how hard, it is to be a single parent, being young, and having to work. It's scary. I felt especially bad for Kim. Having no family to count on, I can't imagine. I also felt for her roomies, Deena and Laura. It is not easy being a roomate to someone with kids. You can't be free to do whatever whenever when you share a house with kids. Although they (the parents) had to grow up fast, it also makes you grow up right with them. Kim is a single mom just trying to do her best and feeling trapped while everyone around her is moving forward. The story iteself was OK. I liked the characters. I thought the acting was good and the movie had it's funny moments. The movie is basically about making choices, dealing with the consequences, and in the end, growing up and moving on. Not sure if it's a movie I would watch again. But not one I would turn off if I seen it playing on T.V. Worth seeing at least once."
Butter 2012,  R)
"What a fun quirky film. You never know what your going to get with an indie flick. In this one you get a butter sculptor, crazy stepford wife, a stripper, lesbian daughter (getting some lesbian action for you gals and guys who enjoy that stuff), an orphan, and a hillbilly car dealer. Yes, all in one movie. If that doesn't draw you to this movie like a fly to an electric bug zapper (I'm not going to pretend I know what those are formally called), I don't know what would. I liked it. It was funny. I laughed even more when they showed the blooper reel at the ending. My favorite being of Olivia eating shit on the bike. Good times."
Dakota Skye 2009,  R)
Dakota Skye
"It wasn't a horrible movie, but it wasn't that great either. I was hoping that just because the cast has some unknowns (at least for me), that it would turn out being good. But, it wasn't. The acting left something to be desired and the story itself was boring. I didn't care for the characters and I didn't care for the story. I did think the only one who did a good job in this was Ian Nelson as Jonah. Eileen Boylan over acted. So that's about all I gotta say about this."
Pitch Perfect 2012,  PG-13)
Pitch Perfect
"Seriously? Is everyone from the Twilight films musicians and singers? Anna with this, Kristen in Runaways and Into the Wild, Robert with the Twilight films, then Nikki Reed sings with her hubby, and Jackson has his own band as well. I feel like there must have been a lot of jam sessions with these folks while filming those films. I wonder whose next?
Back to the movie. It was a lot fun. I liked most of it. But there was plenty of eye rolling worthy moments. Rebel Wilson made this film. She's highly hilarious. I lurv her. Skylar Astin reminded me a lot of Dane Cook. That's who I thought of when I watched his performance. He kind of looks like him too. I liked Anna Kendrick in this too. All in all it was a fun, funny movie. Unfortunately the thing that bugged me the most wasn't even the cheese it served up, it was how they happened to put every funny moment into the trailers. It didn't leave much left to laugh at. Besides that, it was an OK movie. I'd probably watch it again just for Rebels performance. She's my kinda funny."
Premium Rush 2012,  PG-13)
Premium Rush
"I really had fun watching this. Loved Michael Shannon in this. He's such an odd man. I love him in movies. He brings a bit of quirkiness to every movie he touches. JGL is one my faves so of course I have nothing bad to say about him.
The movie was fast paced and had a lot of action with tons of chasing and plenty of thrills. I enjoyed it a lot. The story didn't suck either. Nima has a very important package she needs to be delievered, but things get out of control when a dirty cop with a bad gambling problem has other intentions for her package. The movie takes off right when it starts and only stops with the ending credits.
Lot of fun. Great action. I even enjoyed the directing. I would definitely see this again."
Looper 2012,  R)
"Sometimes when a movie gets so much hype, it ends up not deserving it. But this movie does. It's one of the smarter sci-fi films I have seen in recent years. The film has a great cast, I love JGL, Bruce, Jeff Daniels, Emily Blunt and Paul Dano. The acting is great by them all. JGL is transformed into a younger version of Mr. Willis, and it was a little creepy. But he was able to pull it off by adding a few of Bruce's mannerisms. The young boy, Pierce Gagnon, who played Cid, was really good in this movie too. He scared the hell out of me and then made me want to pick him up and cuddle and protect him. Great acting by that little guy.

The story is really interesting and makes you think. The time travel is nicely done and doesn't come as cheesy and cliche'd like in so many other films. I kept going back and forth on how I thought it would end and who I wanted to survive, the older Joe or the younger Joe. They both had good reasons for wanting to survive. But then when it ended I was still surprised by the choice that was made. It's really a great film with plenty of action. I would definitely see this again."
Red Lights 2012,  R)
Red Lights
"Red Lights was a good movie. Not the best, but really good considering the low budget. It also had a really good strong cast of actors, who were all really good in this as well. I enjoyed the story. Creepy, mysterious, and entertaining. I didn't see the movie ending the way it did. It was a nice surprise. I hadn't known anything about this film and probably wouldn't have seen it if I didn't stumble upon it streaming on Netflix. So glad I seen it. I would watch this again, if not for the story, then for the performances."
Hide Away (A Year in Mooring) 2012,  PG-13)
Hide Away (A Year in Mooring)
"I guess this movie was about moving on from a tragedy and trying to deal with that. But the movie was just not good. The whole thing seemed pointless. He spent most of his time drinking and passing out on his boat by himself and not talking to anyone. It was just a bit too depressing for me, which is shocking, I like dark depressing flicks. Just not this kind I guess."
Comes A Bright Day 2012,  Unrated)
Comes A Bright Day
"I was lucky enough to stumble upon this streaming on Netflix. It's a film that can logged under the following, comedy, crime-thriller, and romance. It has all of that going for it, including some quirky characters. The script is pretty good. The dialogue between the characters is the best part of the film. The bickering and bantering is quite funny. I really liked Craig Roberts in Submarine and he doesn't disappoint in this either. Imogen Poots does a really good job in this as well. They are my only purpose for pushing play on this film to start. But it ended up being a pretty good flick. I'd see it again."
Margin Call 2011,  R)
Margin Call
"I liked the movie. I thought the cast was excellent as well as most of the acting. I think some characters were not needed (cough, cough, Penn Badgley). I also thought the film was extremely boring at times. I only saw the movie for the cast and wanted to see them all act together. I think they all did a great job. The story is interesting, but it really starts losing steam quite fast. It's not something I would see again."
Skyline 2010,  PG-13)
"I have been on a roll at picking shitty films lately. I seriously only picked this because I wanted to watch an Alien flick. Again I have chosen a film with a crappy cast, a crappy script, crappy everything. I kinda liked the concept, but the conclusion was messy and unexplained. You never find out why they are there and why they are doing what they are doing. It's another messy crappy sci-fi flick."
Shoot the Hero 2010,  R)
Shoot the Hero
"The movie is dumb, silly, and sometimes funny. I don't know why people waste their time making these types of films. But here is a good example of a shitty film that has shitty acting and was a waste of money that could have went towards a decent film. Waste of my time, their time and film. Move along. Nothing to see here."
The Inbetweeners 2012,  R)
The Inbetweeners
"I love the T.V. show. Big fan. That being said, the film wasn't as brilliant as the show. The first half of the movie and the middle is a lot of fun, but near the ending it starts to lose some steam. I still found it to be funny, awkward, grosse, and entertaining to say the least. These four boys really have no shame. As a viewer, that is awesome. They really let anything and everything happen to them and own it. If you enjoy the show, there is no way you can be disappointed with the movie."
The Usual Suspects 1995,  R)
The Usual Suspects
"I don't know exactly what has taken me so long to see this, but I'm glad I finally did. Thankfully it's streaming on Netflix or it might have been even longer.
The movie is really good with a somewhat great cast. I think if you've seen the movie, or maybe just by looking at the cast, you can see who those 'somewhat' actors are. But the true star of the show is my long time favorite, Kevin Spacey. He makes every role look easy.
The film has a great script. It's smart. The beginning your to believe it's the good vs. evil, then by the end it gets all twisted with a great spin. I had it figured out, because unfortunately, with films today it's hard to not see a twist coming. I'm sure when the film was made and seen, the twist had a much bigger affect on the audience. A great film. I will see it again."
Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol 2011,  PG-13)
Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol
"This happens to be my first Mission Impossible movie. I'm not even sure how many there are of these films. But I can honestly say that this one was good. I'm not a huge fan of Tom Cruise. I know, shocking. But I saw that there were a few other actors in this that I liked, like Simon Pegg. So I thought it wouldn't be to bad to give it a go. In the end I actually enjoyed it. I loved all the action and the humor. The stunts were pretty impressive. So after watching this, I am considering seeing the other films before it. Hopefully there as good a this one."
The Hours 2002,  PG-13)
The Hours
"The Hours, is a sad depressing film. Besides that though, very good. It is filled with top notch actresses and a few brilliant actors too. The movie ties together each story and character quite well. The script is deep and the performances powerful. I was really impressed with the movie. I want to read the book now. It's a very honest look at depression and the effects it has on not only on the person suffering from it, but also on those who are close to them. If you haven't had a chance to see this, then do so."
Clay Pigeons 1998,  R)
Clay Pigeons
"What an interesting film. I didn't really know much about it before seeing it. But with Vince Vaughn and Joaquin Phoenix being in the film, you really can't pass that up. So glad I made the choice to watch it. I really liked it. The acting was good on most parts. That being just from the two leads and a couple side characters. Vince stole the show though. He was evil, but likable. It made it a little difficult to be disgusted with him since he was such a charmer. I am not sure what that says about me, but anyways. I really liked his performance in this. The movie moves along quickly which leaves you little room to be bored. If you like morbid comedie's and a good old serial killer flick, this one will suit you just fine."
Cook County 2011,  R)
Cook County
"Sick and disturbing. Those are the two words that I was left with after seeing this movie. The things that Bump does in this film made me absolutely sick. Its like a train wreck, you don't want to watch, but you can't seem to look away. I had a hard time with one scene in particular. I won't give it away, but I'm sure if you see the movie, you might guess which scene that was. I would like to think that these things are far from how it is with real drug addicts, but it's not. Those who have been around this kind of scene will know that it doesn't trail too far from being absolutely true to the behavior of someone who's addicted to methamphetamine. It's sad. See it if you want. I know I won't be watching it agian. Once was enough for me."
Bottle Shock 2008,  PG-13)
Bottle Shock
"I really didn't care for the movie. It's just not my type of film; nor was I the right audience for it either. I still enjoyed bits of it. The acting is good by most and there was some funny moments too. Plus, just seeing Chris Pine in a blonde wig (I hope it was a wig) dancing around being a hippie was kinda worth it. Initially the actors are what drew me into seeing the film. I don't drink wine so the fascination and the different names and types were lost on me. I'm more of a whiskey kinda gal. So those of you who are a big fan of wine might like this much more then I ever will."
Mission: Impossible III 2006,  PG-13)
Mission: Impossible III
"Really liked this one. Probably my favorite out of all of them. I loved the cast. A lot of talent in this one. The story was really good too. The action was awesome. Although I saw the twist coming, it was still nicely done. These movies never have a dull moment and when I have a stressful day, this is the type of movie I wanna watch. I wanna see non-stop action and see shit get blown up. I have never been a huge Tom Cruise fan, but I really enjoy him in these movies. I think action is where he shines the most. Definitely my favorite so far."
Mission: Impossible 1996,  PG-13)
Mission: Impossible
"I am seeing these movies in an odd order. I seen the last one first, the first one second, and the third one third oddly enough. I have yet to see the second one, but it's on my list of films to watch next. This one has been my least favorite of the ones I've seen so far. The action is good and the story is solid. I just didn't find it as good as the last nor as entertaining as the third. Which actually is a compliment to this series, cause they get better as they go. Great acting, good action, and an interesting story. One to see."
Ted 2012,  R)
"Funny and original. Disturbing yet heartfelt as well. A unique mesh of a film. I enjoyed seeing Markie Mark literally getting his ass whooped by a teddy bear. There are many funny moments in the movie actually. Not a lot of laugh out loud ones, but enough to make smile. My favorite part of the movie is Giovanni dirty dancing to Tiffany. I LOVED THAT SCENE. So sexy, LOL. The movie is full of just crazy funny scenes and that will leave you talking about it afterwards. Still I was hoping it would funnier."
The Untouchables 1987,  R)
The Untouchables
"First, what a great cast. De Niro, Costner, Garcia, and the great Connery. You can't wrong with a line up like that.
The story is about the newbie, Ness, taking down the ruthless, fearless gangster Al Capone. With the help from Malone, Ness is able to bring together a small group of cops who are not afraid to go up against Mr. Capone. Soon Ness's family is being targeted and the rules he always lived by go out the window and he starts playing the game as dirty as Capone.
The movie is a great gangster classic. It has a great plot with lots of action. The acting is great of course. I'm glad I finally got around to seeing this. If you get the chance, check this one out."
A Warrior's Heart 2011,  PG)
A Warrior's Heart
"The story is about a boy who is angry at the world and is aggressive on the field. Although he seems to have the talent for the game, his temper gets the best of him which makes him a liability on the field. So when his dad comes home from the war, he moves his family to his old home town and has his son attend the same school he did so he can play on the same lacrosse team as he did. But soon after arriving his father is killed in action. This makes Conor act out more and eventually leads him to being arrested for destroying school property. Then enters Sgt. Major Duke Wayne. He takes Conor up to some kind of camp to have him work through his issues and discover why there is no "I" "TEAM".

A sad sappy movie with not enough heart. Not to mention some shitty acting. The plus side of seeing this movie is that I learned something new about the game lacrosse. I would go into great detail of what that was, but I forgot, lol. So maybe I didn't learn anything from seeing this afterall. Oh well. See it if wanna."
From Dusk Till Dawn 1996,  R)
From Dusk Till Dawn
"I have finally seen the movie all the way through. I usually would catch the middle or ending on T.V. I really do appreciate all the good stuff I find on Netflix.
The movie is bloody, silly, funny, and very entertaining. The special effects are crap, but I didn't mind it considering the year the film was made. Tarantino and Clooney are a great match in my opinion. I thought they were great together. I really liked Juliette Lewis in this as well. Some of the acting was really bad and cheesy, but I guess it was supposed to be considering how silly it all was. I would have actually liked this more if it stayed a thriller instead of a vampire flick. But it was still a fun watch. I would see this again."
Freerunner 2011,  R)
"This actually had a good concept. If only they would have gone about it a different way. Like making it to where some big time gangster or some big honcho wanted something stolen and hired these guys to do it. I was impressed with their skills, but not so much with the movie. Oh, and the acting.. Jeez. It was not stellar at all. Sean Faris isn't a bad actor. He just has a bad time getting into a lot of good movies. See it for these guys impressive moves, but that's about all."
Guns, Girls and Gambling 2012,  Unrated)
Guns, Girls and Gambling
"That title alone is, I'm sure, some guys and gals wet dreams come true. :) It was a good enough movie. I only watched it because I saw that Gary Oldman was in it. I like Christian Slater too, but I haven't liked a lot of stuff he's been in lately. I was a little surprised that Gary Oldman would do such a low budget film. But I've seen him in worse (Red Riding Hood). I can only assume he does movies like these for fun.
The story is about four or five (I can't remember) Elvis impersonaters, some Cowboys and Indians, and a lethal Blond all on the hunt for a tribal mask that was stolen from the Indian casino during a poker game. You also have some shady sheriffs and a rancher thrown into the mix as well. Its entertaining if nothing else. But it's nothing I would see again."
The Way of the Gun 2000,  R)
The Way of the Gun
"The Way of the Gun is a pretty good B-movie. The performances are pretty good by most. I usually really like Juliette Lewis, but I didn't care for her acting in this movie. She was just way too dramatic as a pregnant chick. I loved Del Toro in this one. His character was ruthless and honest about his intentions. Phillippe was good in this too. The script is good. But it comes from the same guy who wrote Usual Suspects, so it has to be right? Definitely not as good, but good. The story is about a kidnapping gone bad. A rich couple is paying Robin to be a surrogate for their unborn child. Parker and Longbaugh get wind of how much they are paying Robin to nest their egg and think it would be fast and easy money to hold her for ransom. The 'easy' job turns out to be more than they had anticipated and chaos errupts. Although I did like the movie, I don't think I would watch it again."
High Road 2012,  R)
High Road
"I just wanted to watch a funny senseless movie. I'm really bad at picking these since they always turn out to be crap. But hey, at least I always finish them. This was a little bit funny. But mostly just bad. I'm not sure why I thought this would be funny. I just always end up picking odd movies. Some are really rare jewels and some, like this one, are just huge turds. Yep I said turds. Obviously I won't be giving this one a second look. You may like this though. What I think of as a turd can be a jewel for you. LOL. Ok I'm gonna stop saying turd and end this.. TURD! Yeah I'm a little immature."
Now Is Good 2012,  PG-13)
Now Is Good
"I was completely sobbing by the end of this film. Ugh, hate crying. But the movie was too heartbreaking and touching to keep them from spilling down.

Seventeen year old Tessa is dying of leukemia. She is desperate to live as much as she can before her disease claims her life. Tessa is angry, as one would be in her position, and she acts out a lot against her parents. Her mother is a complete flake that infuriated me more than once during the movie. But her father, played by the great Paddy Considine, is nothing but caring and desperate to keep his baby girl alive and with him. But Tessa refuses any more treatment knowing it's only going to prolong the inevitable.
Soon she meets Adam. He is just as important in this film as Tessa is. Adam becomes Tessa's first and last love. If it had to be anyone, he was the perfect choice. Adam helps Tessa accomplish some of the things on her list as well as helps her find out who she is in such a short period of time. He was everything she needed at the end.

The acting is solid and Fanning does a good job with her british accent. It's my first time seeing Jeremy Irvine in a film. I really liked his performance. He brought a lot of emotion to his character. Paddy is always great. I love him in movies. It's a really good tear jerker. I would definitely see it again. I plan to read the book now that I've seen the movie. Hopefully the emotions poor out of the book as well as it did through these characters in the film."
Greedy 1994,  PG-13)
"Greedy is a great title for this film considering all the crazy money hungry characters that are in this flick. I remember seeing this a long time ago. I couldn't remember what it was all about, so I decided to give it another look. It's funny, silly, cheesy, and at times, acted poorly. Kirk and Fox are the stars of the show. They are great together on screen. Uncle Joe strategically puts his family members against each other to see how far they will go to try and win him over for his milions. There is always some kind of scheme going on whether it's coming from Uncle Joe or his crazy nieces and nephews. It was a fun watch. I wouldn't mind seeing it again later on down the road."
Night Train 2009,  R)
Night Train
"I really like Steve Zahn and Danny Glover. But this was not their best performances. Well no, more like not their best film cause their performances were solid. The movie tries to be mysterious, but it only ends up being confusing and pointless. The ending was crap too. I really enjoyed the first half, but by the middle it started losing its steam (pun inteded). Leelee impressed me by being really creepy in this movie. You never knew if she was being sincere or just waiting for her chance to strike her scythe (not literally, figuratively) down on you. It just wasn't what I was hoping it would be. Not worth seeing more than once."
According to Spencer 2001,  R)
According to Spencer
According to Spencer wasn't exactly what I had hoped it would be, which was funny. Jesse Bradford and Mia Kirshner are the only reason to watch this. I really liked them both. But their performances couldn't save this bad flick. Plus Giovanni Ribisi is in this and I lurv him. His character is weird and so like him to have played a part like that. David and Adam bring a little bit of humor to the film, but mostly it's all bad. The script and most of the performances are really bad. See it if you want, but I know I won't be wasting my time by seeing it again."
Beautiful Girls 1996,  R)
Beautiful Girls
"Beautiful Girls is my kind of movie. It has a great cast, a smart script, and it's funny. I love Rosie O'Donnell. I think she's really funny in this. Her rambling about the perfect woman compared to a real woman was something to be watched. I thought it was really honest and funny. Many guys have these pictures on their walls and under their beds thinking that they may one day be able to have it. The thing is, women too have a picture of a perfect chisled man in mind. But this is how we differ, we know the difference between a fantasy and reallity. Michael Rapaport's character, Paul, is a perfect example of the men I described. Rosie O'Donnell says it best in her rant. The best performances for me was from O'Donnell, Hutton, and Portman. Although Huttons' character creeped me out a bit. If you've seen the movie or plan to, you will understand why. Not an amazing movie, but it was good enough for my tastes. I would watch it again. "
The Paperboy 2012,  R)
The Paperboy
"This movie reminded me just how creepy John Cusack can be. I am a huge fan of his and when he does films like this, it is a great reminder of how truly talented an actor he is.
I wasn't quite sure if I was going to like this film. I had heard about it around the movie sites and seen a glimpse of a preview for it, but I never really knew what it was about. I guess I was pleasantly surprised. I wouldn't say I enjoyed it, because it isn't a film one enjoys considering the things that take place. But it was good. I think what made this story work was the actor's. Their performances alone made this movie. I think I was mostly surprised by Kidmans performance. Its unlike anything I have ever witnessed her do before. She was raunchy with no shame. She just seems so shy in real life that it was like having cold water thrown in your face to see her do a performance like this and do it so well. I thought she was fantastic. Efron continues to impress me not only with his choice of movie roles, but his performances. He is turning out to be a good actor. I was sure I would never take him serious, but here I am doing just that. McConaughey gives out a good performance as well. He is never disappointing in such serious roles. Another surprise was Macy Gray. I liked her character, Anita, and I thought she was really good in this.
The story is one disturbing tale of Chalotte's obsession with prisoners and her new found love in Hillary Van Wetter, a man sentenced to death for killing a local Officer. Charlottes swears his innocence and brings in Ward and Yardley to help her prove he is innocent of the crime. But once you see how creepy and crazy Wetter is, it's hard to tell if the man really is innocent. I won't give any of it away.
It's a solid movie with great performances form a great cast. I would see it again."
Hit & Run 2012,  R)
Hit & Run
"I think Dax and Bell are really cute together and they are great together on screen as well. I enjoyed the movie. It's a lot of fun. The cast is good in this too. And there was some surprise appearances by some well known actors that popped up through the film as well. Cooper is funny in this. I liked his character, even if he is the bad guy. I liked the relationship between Charlie and Annie. There is plenty of car chasing action too with some nice rides. There isn't as much humor as I was hoping, but there are still plenty of funny moments. I would see it again."
The Giant Mechanical Man 2012,  PG-13)
The Giant Mechanical Man
"I am sure this was suppose to be some meaningful and inspirational movie about finding the one who supports all your dreams and makes you feel all whole inside. But it only annoyed me and bored me to death. I am all for quirky films with out of the box characters and unique stories. But I just could not give even just a half of a fuck for this one. Which sucks because I am usually the biggest supporter of small indie flicks like this, but it just wasn't working for me. Plus Topher plays the BIGGEST douche bag I have yet to come across in a movie this year. Jenna Fischer's character was pathetic and a pushover which made her unlikable. Malin's character was annoying as hell. Just wanted to put a fist through her skull. Chris Messina was the only character I liked. Which isn't saying much since most of the movie he is dressed as some oversized robot who doesn't speak. Hmm. Well I guess what I am trying to say is, I didn't like the movie. I thought I would just put that out there in case it wasn't obvious."
S.W.A.T. 2003,  PG-13)
S.W.A.T. has two people I love watching on screen. Samuel L. Jackson for his tough attitude and his smart-ass mouth and Colin Farrell. Well, he's just nice to look at, Lol. Also he's a badass and I like watching him is action flicks. LL Cool J isn't bad to look at either. It has nice action and not a bad plot to boost. I enjoyed all the performances, even the not so stellar ones. It's a movie I can watch any time. I've seen it more than once and will probably see it again. Give it a chance. It's not amazing, but its fun and action packed. Sometimes these kind of films are just what you need on a rainy day."
Tears of the Sun 2003,  R)
Tears of the Sun
"Tears of the Sun is one of those films that left me feeling gutted after seeing it. It's been a while since a film has left me feeling so many emotions. I had a lot of mixed feelings going on throughout this film. Many of them being disgust, anger, saddness, horrified, and lastly proud. I know these characters are fictional, but the events that take place to these unfortunate people is very real. Just knowing that people have lived through these kind of events really is sickening and terrifying. So when you see A.K. (even if he's not real, I'd like to think someone would have done what he did) turn the plane around and take his group of solidiers to a fight that is not theirs just because it might save lives and is not only the right thing to do, but the human thing to do, is greatly satisfying. I was sickened with what these armed guerillas not only did to these poor people, but to these women and children. I was even more horrified by what they did to nursing mother's. It really just broke my heart and made me cry. I can't imagine seeing this in real life let alone living in it. It's truly a film that makes you not only feel grateful for the life you have and the country you live in, but that their are people out there fighting for these countries and sees that it is wrong and want to help prevent these things from happening anymore. We are all human and deserve to be treated as such. It's really scary knowing these things are still happening. See the film. You won't be able to get it out of your head days or weeks after seeing it. I know I won't."
Seven Psychopaths 2012,  R)
Seven Psychopaths
"Seven Psychopaths was so, so good. It is one of my favorites that I have watched this year. What a great cast firstly. Collin, Walken, Rockwell, and Harrelson. That right there should be enough to see the movie all on it's own. Then there is the script. What a great story. It's smart, funny, and delivers great performances from the leading men. Love, love, loved Walken in this. I just really liked his character. Collin plays a bit of a scaredy cat in this which is a huge change from any other role he has ever been in. It was nice to see him in a new light. Rockwell is honest and a lot of fun. I really liked his character as well. Harrleson as Charlie was a perfect fit. He played his part to the T. It was funny seeing such a tough gangster type falling apart at the site of his dog. The movie is a good time. So glad I watched it and I will definitely be seeing this again."
Biloxi Blues 1988,  PG-13)
Biloxi Blues
"Biloxi Blues is about Eugene Morris Jerome who is drafted and shipped off to boot camp in Biloxi, Mississippi near the end of World War II. Right off the train Jerome immediately falls under Sgt. Toomey's shit list. Jerome is sarcastic and Toomey is a little off in the head, so they really don't mesh well together. Toomey targets Jerome for most of the film making him the outcast along with his fellow soldier Epstein, who is constantly put on latrine duty. Jerome learns a lot about himself during his time in Biloxi and has a lot of firsts. I must admit that losing his virginity has to be one of the funnier moments in the film. The way he's climbing all over her like a monkey was pretty funny. Walken and Broderick have great chemistry on screen and give really good performances. But Walken steals the show. The film is enjoyable and I really liked it. I would for sure see this again."
Bringing Up Bobby 2012,  PG-13)
Bringing Up Bobby
"Bringing Up Bobby was really bad. I just could not get into it. I like Bill Pullman and he gives a solid performance. But man Milla Jovovich was so bad in this. I was surprised at how annoyed I was with her performance and her character. Rory Cochrane was bad as well as was his character. The little boy gave a good performance though. The story is about a mother who came to America looking for a better future for her and for her son. But instead of a better future she has turned to a life of conning and stealing. This eventually lands her in Prison and her son off and adopted by a man who accidently hit her son with his car. That right there says enough about this film. Not seeing this again obviously."
S.W.A.T.: Firefight 2011,  R)
S.W.A.T.: Firefight
"S.W.A.T.: FIREFIGHT has a different cast with a different plot, which was a bit disappointing honestly. I would have liked the cast from the previous film, but this one wasn't awful. The story wasn't too bad either. I didn't care for the insta love between Cutler and the cops psychiatrist. Once that happened the ending kinda wrote itself. The film had a set of decent actors. Their performances weren't amazing, but some did well enough. I like Gabriel Macht. The story ended up being too predictable for my taste. The action was good though. I enjoyed most of it. I would have liked it more if the story wasn't wrapped up in the first half of the film."
Scrooged 1988,  PG-13)
"Scrooged is by far one of my favorite Christmas flicks. Yes I know were in Februrary and Christmas has come and gone, but I couldn't resist watching it when I saw it on Netflix streaming. Plus it was about 4 in the morning and I had nothing better to do. I love Bill Murray. He is one of my favorite comedy actors. He has perfect timing with his lines. Carol Kane is my favorite ghost, that being the ghost of Christmas Present. She made me laugh the most. She and Murray were great together. The movie is a lot of fun and you can't come away not feeling a bit happy after watching it. It's too much fun. Watch it if you get the chance. Who cares if it's Christmas or not. I can watch this anytime."
The River Murders 2011,  R)
The River Murders
"The River Murders felt like a made for T.V. movie. It's not awful, but yet not very good either. Jack Verdon is a police officer who finds himself caught up in a murder case that he happens to be the main suspect in. The reason he is the main suspect is because the victims are all females he has had sexual encounters with in his past. I guess Police Officer Verdon was quite the ladies man and soon the bodies start piling up as the serial killer continues to make his way through Verdon's past of women leading him to Verdon's current wife. The movie unravels like a good T.V. mystery. It kinda felt like it would belong to one of the many cop shows on T.V. The performances are nothing that would be remembered, but good enough for the movie. It's not something I would see again, but I don't regret seeing it. Worth at least one watch."
Freelancers 2012,  R)
"Freelancers was a miss for me. I didn't like the movie and I was extremely disappointed to see Mr. De Niro associate himself with such a bad film. The main character, that being the rapper 50 cent, was dull and unimpressive. I didn't care what happened. I just wanted it over with. The movie is another dirty cop film that brings nothing new to the table and is forgetful. I won't be seeing this again."
Edison (Edison Force) 2006,  R)
Edison (Edison Force)
"Edison Force is a good thriller. I was surprised that with it being good and with the cast it has, that it was a film that went straight to DVD. I enjoyed the story and thought all of the acting was solid. I am usually a disbeliever of rappers and singers being good actors, but LL Cool J continues to prove me wrong. I really enjoy him in movies. Plus he's nice eye candy. Justin Timberlake was also good in this. I've see in a few movies now. His acting has definitely gotten better since this movie. The movie is your basic cops gone bad with a news reporter seeking out the truth trying to expose those said cops. Although the story is not original, it is still good. I would see it again."
Changing Lanes 2002,  R)
Changing Lanes
"Changing Lanes is a good thriller. It's original and gives two great performances from Jackson and Affleck. Gavin Banek and Doyle Gipson happen to literally run into each other on a very important day of their lives. This run in ruins their important day which engulfs them into a day filled with vengeance and chaos. Their back and forth tit for tats end up leaving them both feeling horrible for the things they just did to each other. But yet the hits keep coming and with every hit one gets the other hits back harder. There is no winner. No evil winning over good. They are both deep down good people. This is a perfect example of how good people can be pushed to do awful things when certain lines are crossed. The ending was satisfying and I really enjoyed the movie. I'm not sure if I would see this again. Although I enjoyed it, there wasn't enough action for me considering this was a thriller. Still a solid thriller though."
The Experts 1989,  PG-13)
The Experts
"The Experts is a silly bad film. But I can't help but have kinda loved it. I mean the plot alone is laughable. The acting is so cheesy and the dance scene between Travolta and Preston is something to be seen. I have never laughed so hard while cringing at the same time. I love the music and the clothes are fantastic. The big teased hair and odd mismatched clothing really puts you back in that era. If your in the mood for a silly film that you can just have fun with, then this would be a perfect film for you. I would probably see this again just for a good laugh."
Black Hawk Down 2001,  R)
Black Hawk Down
Black Hawk Down is one of the many war films I have watched recently. It too is one of the better one's I have watched. It is packed with a lot of talent. Which of course makes this film that much better because the performances are so good. Tom Sizemore is good in this movie and it makes me kinda sad to see his life go to shit, cause he is a tallented actor. Eric Bana was a bad-ass in this movie. He moves like a panther and doesn't seem scared but determined. Ewan McGregor plays Ranger Specialist Grimes. He is very comfortable with his position of being behind the desk and out of the fighting scene. But when his time comes it's a big surprise at how he handles himself in the crossfire. Plenty of action in this film. It's loaded with plenty of exploisions, blood, and gore. It's sad, funny, and like any war film, scary that people go through this. It's not a movie I would watch again. I just don't watch most war flicks more than once."
Platoon 1986,  R)
REVIEW SOON..............
We Were Soldiers 2002,  R)
We Were Soldiers
"We Were Soldiers is a really well made war movie of the Vietnam War. It's really intense. The action never lets up. There is constant chaos and bodies dropping while more are being let off of the helicopter's. The acting is really good in this. I was surprised with how much talent was in one film. Usually you get a movie with some big leads and then some other small known actors. But there was plenty of well known actors which made this film all that much better because of the great performances that were given. I liked that the film showed both sides of the Vietnam War. I also liked how it showed how hard it is for the women waiting at home. It really was one of the better war films I have ever watched. A must see."
Bad Girls 1994,  R)
Bad Girls
"Bad Girls wasn't exactly bad enough for me. I was expecting some bad-ass chicks stealing and causing chaos in some small towns. I guess they did a small amount of that, but not enough for my tastes. I'm not a big fan of Westerns in the first place. But even with the so and so plot and it being a Western, I still enjoyed it. I like Drews character, Lilly the most. She wasn't scared to get crazy. I might watch this again. Maybe if I was to catch it on T.V."
Very Bad Things 1998,  R)
Very Bad Things
"Very Bad Things is a crazy movie. I thought it was going to be a little like the movie Hangover, but I was really wrong. This film is a twisted in a good way. It goes to places I didn't see the movie going. There is chaos throughout. It's not a film meant to be taken seriously. It gross, funny, and disturbing. I enjoyed it. The cast was good and the ending was pretty funny. I'm not sure if I would see again though."
The Third Wheel 2002,  PG-13)
The Third Wheel
"The Third Wheel was a lot of fun to watch. I wasn't really sure what it was going to be about, but seeing Ben and Luke on the cover I thought it couldn't be too bad. I was right. It was actually pretty funny. I laughed a lot. Jay Lacoop as Phil was funny. Luke had some good bantering as well. I even really liked Denise in this. I forget sometimes that she is a decent actress and not just the poor soul who married the 'Winning' Mr. Sheen. I liked Ben in this too. He is more of a side character, but still is funny in this. My favorite part is when he tries to get freaky with Melissa McCarthy on his motorcycle. This movie has the best ending credits. I loved it. If your in the mood for a laugh then give this flick a try. I would definitely watch this again."
I Melt with You 2011,  R)
I Melt with You
REVIEW SOON...........
The General's Daughter 1999,  R)
The General's Daughter
The Generals Daughter is a great mystery thriller and one of my favourite John Travolta movies. The movie is loaded with great talent that produce really good performances. Travolta and Stowe have great chemistry in this. The story was a great mystery. The secrets revealed in this story is sickening and really broke my heart for Elisabeth Campbell. To have her father brush away what happened to her and tell her to forget had me fuming. It is not something one could forget and brush off. It was disturbing and gut wrenching watching what happened to her. The movie is one of the better mystery thrillers I have ever seen. A must see in my opinion.
The Man in the Iron Mask 1998,  PG-13)
The Man in the Iron Mask
The Man in the Iron Mask is a tale of a the Musketeers who must reunite to capture the evil King Louis XIV and replace him with his much kinder, but unknown, twin who has been unjustly locked away in the dungeons. I am not a fan of Leonerdo DiCrapio. Yes I spelt that wrong on purpose. I think he's too cocky and thinks his shit don't stink. So excuse me while I don't flutter at the sight of him. I've seen better performances from all these actors. DiCrapio included. So the reason I gave it three stars is because I did enjoy the story. It was interesting and it played out well enough.
Basic 2003,  R)
"Basic was a good movie with a lot of twists. Everytime I thought I had it figured out it changed on me again. It was surprising right down to the ending credits. The movie is about the murder of Sgt. Nathan and most of his squad. The suspects are the rest of his squad that came back alive. Agent Tom Hardy is called in to investigate the murder with the help of Captain Juila Osborne. They don't really hit it off since Capt. Osborne believes she is more than capable of doing the investigation on her own. The story continues to change as the mystery of what happened to Sgt. West is unraveled. The film has a pretty decent cast with a great performance from Travolta. I would see this one again."
Red Hill 2010,  R)
Red Hill
"Red Hill starts off quite slow, but picks up gradually. A town secret soon turns into their worse nightmare in this thriller. Unfortunately the newbie Shane Cooper gets caught in the crossfire. Story isn't too bad. The acting is choppy, but I liked Ryan Kwanten. He was a really good strong lead. He carried the movie and made it watchable. It's not something I would watch again."
Face/Off 1997,  R)
"Face/Off is one of my all time favorite thriller/action movies. Travolta and Cage have great chemistry and I would really like to see them do another film together. They both play crazy well. Cage in the opening scene makes me laugh every time. I love him when he plays crazy. The movie is about a terrorist named Castor Troy and the cop, Sean Archer who has a personal vendetta in putting him away. The movie is packed with action and great performances. This will always be my favorite Travolta and Cage film. "
Boys and Girls 2000,  PG-13)
Boys and Girls
"Boys and Girls wasn't too bad of a film. It's about a girl who's a carefree soul befriending an uptight guy who believes that everything is supposse to be planned out. They continue to meet unexpectedly throughout their lives and officially become friends in college. They both agree that love is overrated, but keep falling into relationships that don't work out. Soon the line of a relationship and friendship gets blurred and things become awkward for them. The movie made me miss the good R&B music that came out of the 90's. The story is OK as well as the acting. Nothing special. But it was decent enough. Not something I would see again."
The Frighteners 1996,  R)
The Frighteners
"The Frighteners is a movie I have always wanted to see, but never had the chance to. It has been on T.V. a lot but I've never been able to catch it from the beginning. Although some of the quality of the movie was a bit cheap looking, you have to remember the year it was made. I really enjoyed the movie. It had humor, horror, and a good story. I was surprised at how dark the story was. I thought it was just going to be a silly ghost film, but the story is really disturbing. I miss Michael J. Fox in movies. I know his disease keeps him from acting, but he's missed. By me at least. I will be seeing this again."
Total Recall 2012,  PG-13)
Total Recall
"Total Recall was a action packed blast. I like movies with a lot of action. It leaves less room to get bored with the film. I love me some Colin farrell and he's at his best in films like these. Kate and Biel are some badass chicks and hold their own in this as well. I've never seen the original Total Recall for the simple fact that I don't care for Arnold. I know, shocking. But maybe if I get some replys on how great it is I might just change my mind and give it a shot. It was the perfect film for a rainy stormy night that I am having. Action packed, good plot, and some nice eye candy. I'd see it again."
Sahara 2005,  PG-13)
"Sahara is action packed with not even one boring moment. I really liked McConaughey and Zahn together on screen. They have great chemistry and work great off of each other. Penelope does a good job in this too. Macy brings humor to the mvoie. I liked his character. I appreciate humor in a movie when it's not meant to be a comedy. It makes the film more enjoyable and Zahn is very funny in this. It's a great adventure film if you get the chance to see it."
Immortals 2011,  R)
"Immortals was OK. I enjoyed the action and the blood and gore. But the story was lacking for me. It is visually nice and there are a lot of great action scenes. But I was a little bored. I just didn't care about what happened. The acting was OK. I really like Luke Evans. I wanted to see more of him. I liked John Hurt in this as well. It didn't impress me. The film is worth seeing at least once."
Stolen 2012,  R)
"Stolen needs to be added to all the bad films Nicolas Cage has made lately. It's not his acting. The man is a good actor. He is, and will always be, a favorite of mine. But the material this man has been doing lately is garbage. I don't understand why he continues to pick these films. But it also had Josh Lucas and Danny Huston in it as well who are good actors too. I guess everyone just wanted an easy paycheck. The action is mediocre and the acting is OK, but over the top by a couple. The only one I really liked in this was Malin Akerman. The movie is poorly directed and scripted. They managed to pull off a good cast, but even they couldn't save this."
Safety Not Guaranteed 2012,  R)
Safety Not Guaranteed
"Safety Not Guaranteed is one of those odd quirky indie films that I love finding. The story is original and unlike anything I have watched before. That is why I love indie films. They are always bringing something fresh to the screen. I'm a fan of Jake Johnson. I love him in New Girl and I think he's very funny. I'm a fan of Mark Duplass as well. He's funny and plays odd characters. Aubrey Plaza I haven't seen a lot of, but I liked her in this. The movie is funny, adventurous, and sweet. A good little romance film for V-Day. If your a fan of odd and quirky and like out of the box films, this one is for you."
Scream 1996,  R)
"One year after the death of Sidney Prescott's (Campbell) mother, two students turn up gutted. When a serial killer appears, Sidney begins to suspect whether her mother's death and the two new deaths are related. No one is safe, as the killer begins to pick everyone off one by one. Everyone's a suspect in this case. The Scream movies are some of my favorite Wes Craven films. The movie was refreshing because to be honest, there are way to many remakes and way to many movies that are just stupid.This film was such a great relief to know that great slasher flicks could still be made. It had everything you would want in a slasher. A great cast, it was funny, had great suspense throughout, great plot, and a smart way of making fun of itself and all other great scary flicks. Which is why Randy is my favorite character in this movie. He gives all the warnings in scary movies. Verbally states them and then you see the other characters doing the things he had just said not to do. I just think the movie and the ones that followed it are great. If you haven't seen them then you most definitely need to. Even after it being so long since the movie has been made and knowing what happens, I still found myself jumping at some of the scenes and found the movie to still be as intense as the first time I had watched it. Just a great movie.. See it if you haven't."
The Perks of Being a Wallflower 2012,  PG-13)
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
"The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a beautiful yet tragic story of a boy named Charlie who is haunted by his past. The movie didn't feel like another 'teen flick'. It didn't even feel like a movie. I felt much like I felt after reading the book, like I just experienced something. The movie really did the book justice. I enjoyed it just as much and the actors did an amazing job in their roles. It's a story of a troubled young man who has had awful things happen to him and to people he cares about and not having the emotional ability to deal with any of it. Sooner or later it all becomes too much for him, which leads him to finally remember what he's been blocking out for so long. It's really a sad, dark, but touching story. It really takes a strong person to live with the struggles of the way he is feeling. It's not easy to feel trapped in those emotions and try to live a normal everyday life. Especially when you're as lonely as Charlie is. It's a great character study film and book that should be seen and read."
Scream 2 1997,  R)
Scream 3 2000,  R)
Captain America: The First Avenger 2011,  PG-13)
Captain America: The First Avenger
"Captain America: The First Avenger is one of the better made action hero films that has came about. I like Chris Evans, and I think he did an amazing job in this role. The man beefed up pretty big. I was impressed with his physique as much as I was with his performance. The movie had great talent in it. Tommy Lee Jones, Hugo Weaving, Stanley Tucci, to Samuel L. Jackson. Impressive. They all of course gave great performances even though their roles were not very big. The action and story line was good as well. I have never read any of the comics or knew much about the stories to any of the Marvel comics, but I do enjoy the films. It was a good movie. See it if you have yet to."
For Ellen 2012,  Unrated)
For Ellen
"For Ellen is a sad movie. Joby Taylor has always wanted fame, but has little of it. He left behind a wife and child trying to achieve it. When his estranged wife wants a divorce, Joby agrees to sign the papers thinking he will get half of the money from the sale of their home and shared custody of their daughter, Ellen. Joby is unaware of the final print in his divorce which states that since he will receive half of the homes sale money he will therefore sign over all rights over to his wife. Although I am no fan of absent father's, I did feel a little bad for Joby and sad for his daughter, Ellen. Joby's lawyer, Fred, tries to find a way for Joby to have shared custody, but is unable to. Joby talks his way into spending time with Ellen for the first and last time. Very bittersweet. Paul Danno is amazing as always. He really does give one of his better performances. The weight of the film is all on his performance for he is alone most of the time. All of the other actors play minor roles. It's not a film I would probably see again though. It's depressing."
Little Birds 2012,  R)
Little Birds
"Little Birds is a film about a teen named Lily that is desperate to escape her small town and the baggage it brings with it. She is itching for freedom from her boring life. When Lily and her best friend, Alison stumble upon three street kids and one invites Lily to join them back home, they decide to see how far some freedom will take them. Alison is quite comfortable in her life, but she is in some way desperate to please Lily so she does what she can to make their friendship survive. Even if that means stealing her bosses truck to help Lily escape for awhile. Juno Temple is fastly becoming a favorite of mine. She is fearless in the roles she takes. I admire that in an actress/actor. It was my first time (I think) seeing Kay Panabaker in a movie. I think she's great. Her and Temple really worked well together. Everyone else does a good job in this as well. I would have liked if there was a little bit more story to these young ladies past. All in all a good indie flick."
Nobody Walks 2012,  R)
Nobody Walks
"Nobody Walks is a artsy film that is suppose to be poetic and meaningful. I got the atrsy part and even the poetic part. The meaningful part is what I am having problems grasping. The film is pointless and has no real conclusion. Some films can work with just being that. This one, not so much. It's basically about lust and betrayal. A girl moves in with the family, there on business, ends up being a little whore messing around with just about every male she encounters. Olivia Thirlby plays Martine, a very unlikable character. I just didn't like her at all in this. Although, I did enjoy the performance from some of the actors, like John Krasinski and India Ennenga. She's a good little actress. The movie is obviously one I wouldn't see again. It's a shame. I usually really enjoy artsy indie flicks. But this one just didn't do it for me."
Alex Cross 2012,  PG-13)
Alex Cross
"Alex Cross should have stayed in the books. Well, at least this time around. I've seen the other movies (Kiss the Girls being a fav). The movie felt like a made for T.V. flick. I thought Matthew Fox did a pretty good job at playing crazy. Freaked me out a little. But the acting wasn't very good by him or Burns. But what really through me off the movie was Tyler Perry. He just did not belong in this role. His performance was bland and boring. I thought it would be interesting seeing him in an action role, and it was, but it wasn't very good. Rob Cohen could have done a better job here too. It's not something I would want to see again."
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 2012,  PG-13)
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2
"Breaking Dawn Part 2 is in my opinion, the best made movie of the bunch. If your not a fan of the books, there is no way you will enjoy these movies fully. Well, even being a fan of the books you may not enjoy these movies fully. The first Twilight film was bad. The acting, directing, and the writing. The second one was much better. I know most found it boring, and I see their point. But if you had read the book and then seen the movie you would have gotten how extremely close Chris Weitz got the movie to the book. I thought David Slade did a great job with Eclipse. Eclipse was my favorite book and had been my favorite movie of the bunch. That was until this one. I've seen these actors in other films, I know they can act. But only when given the right material and the right director. Which is what they got with this movie and the one before it. Bill Condon was able to make everything better. Even getting the best performances from the actors then any of the other directors were able to. The ending was and will be a surprise for those who read the book. It was completely different. But it was different in a good way. If only Stephenie would have written it that way to begin with. I like the book the least out of them all. So to see the movie bypass the film, well that's an accomplishment for the director and the screen writer. If your a fan of the books and these films then you will love this movie. If your one of the many haters these books and films have, then pass it."
Fun Size 2012,  PG-13)
Fun Size
"Trick or Treat, Bitch" Fun Size was a fun movie. It's not great in any means. But it made me laugh and gave me the mind numbing I was looking for. The little boy playing Albert was really funny. He is the best part of the movie. This movie is for a teen audience. I have a teen, so therefore I watch a plenty of these films. It's not the worse one I've seen of the bunch, but it's definitely too mature for younger kids and too immature for us adults. But it still made me laugh and exceeded in keeping my mind from wandering. I'd probably see it again. It's just one of those movies you can see or pass. Up to you.
House at the End of the Street 2012,  PG-13)
House at the End of the Street
House at the End of the Street wasn't very good. I liked the performances from Shue, Lawrence, and Thieriot, but the script is what killed it. It just wasn't what I was hoping for which was a good thriller. I need new material movie people. I am running out of patience with seeing recycled stories played over and over again. Wow how original for a young hot blond to enter a creepy basement and unlock a locked door and think gee wow this is safe and not creepy at all. These films need to be smarter and with less cliche choices, but with more unpredictable moments. Ok, rant over.
The Cold Light of Day 2012,  PG-13)
The Cold Light of Day
The Cold Light of Day was not what I was hoping it would be, which is a great action packed thriller. Instead it was action packed and just OK. The story was lacking. I just didn't care what was happening or if he saved his family. I know, awful. But I was bored. I shouldn't have been considering all the action surrounding the story, but I was. The acting was just OK as well. I was a little disappointed with how much Bruce we get in the movie as well since he and Weaver were my main reason of seeing the film. In the end the film is a turd that could not be polished with the likes of Willis or Weaver. Disappointing.
Let Go 2012,  Unrated)
Let Go
Let Go is a film I wish I would have let go right on by instead of stopping and clicking play. It was so SLOW. The story is bland. The only thing worth watch is the car scene with Alexandra Holden and Kevin Hart. I laughed pretty good at that part. It was THE only thing memorable about this film. The rest a slow dying death of a blur. I can't believe the film is as long as it is. There is so many unnecessary scenes. It's an unnecessary film. Plus I had an extremely hard time seeing Simon Helberg as some big bad gangster who cuts people fingers off. Really? I don't think so. I did enjoy Edward Asner in this. It's probably the only solid performance this film gave.
For a Good Time, Call... 2012,  R)
For a Good Time, Call...
For a Good Time, Call... was a unique, funny, clever, and shameless good time. I love when gals can get down and raunchy without shame. Besides it being a bit naughty it also had some heart. I love Ari Graynor. I think she is a funny chick. I like Justin Long as well and thought he did great at playing Jesse. Lauren Anne Miller is a new actress for me. I've never seen her in anything before. She was just OK for me. I thought Ari stole the show. I liked all the surprise callers. The movie is a lot of fun. It's silly and touching at times as well. It's a great indie comedy, one I would see again.
10 Years 2012,  PG-13)
10 Years
10 Years was a forgetable film. I didn't hate it though. I actually enjoyed most of it. Some of the story lines were a bit boring. The ones I enjoyed were Jake and Jess, Marty and A.J., then Reeves and Elise's. The rest kinda faded in the background or were just annoying. I didn't attend my high school reunion and probably never will. I really can't remember much of the classes I had, but I remember all the partying, Lol. I guess you could say I wasn't really "there" a lot. So I don't feel the need to go back. Plus I still have the huge group of friends I had then, so if I wanna reminisce I can just call them up Lol. The movie isn't something you would miss if you didn't see it. Just an average flick with forgetable performances.
Girl Walks Into a Bar 2011,  R)
Girl Walks Into a Bar
A Girl Walks Into a Bar was a fun watch. It's an oringinal, funny, smart flick. I really liked the cast too. The story moves quickly leaving no room to get bored. I liked how all the characters are all linked in some way. I really liked Carla Gugino as Francine. She is snarky and I like that. I also liked Aaron Tveit (first time seeing him in a film). I found him charming and funny. The movie is about Francine, an ex-cop, who is doing a case with a fellow cop named Sam in catching a dentist who is looking to hire a hit-man/woman to kill his cheating wife. While waiting for said dentist to retrieve his mulah, Francine runs into Henry, a really good pocket picker. He charms her and takes her evidence against the dentist which leads her to several bars searching for him. It's a rather short film, but I really enjoyed it. It's just different from the norm. Which is why I enjoy indie flicks so much.
To Rome with Love 2012,  R)
To Rome with Love
To Rome with Love was one of the most boring, messy, unineresting, long films I have seen recently. I can confidently say that I hated it. I gave it a star for the talent that was in the film. I have only liked a handful of Woody Allen's films. I think he's tallented and does unique films, but this one was pure crap. None of the characters are likable. I usually find Woody odd and a bit funny, but here he was just a mumbling annoyance. Baldwins performance made me feel like I was watching him in another commercial. It was just all so awful. It's not a film for me. It may be for you. But I doubt it.
Taken 2 2012,  PG-13)
Taken 2
Taken 2 wasn't as strong as the first film. It's not often the second film outshines the first so my expectations weren't too high, but it was still a pretty good runner up.There is still plenty of action. I enjoyed the car chase. I thought the mom was kinda of whinny and useless. Buck up bitch. Get mean and at least try to fight back. Besides that and the unnecessary Luke Grimes, it was a pretty good action flick.
The First Time 2012,  PG-13)
The First Time
The First Time is an honest look at teenagers falling in love and having sex for the first time. The awkward before and after. I really liked the two leads. I thought their performances were cute and genuine. For those who had their "first time" as a teen will probably be able to relate to this film. Well I guess firsts times are awkward no matter what age you are. I'm usually not a fan of most romantic comedies. But I like this one. Aubrey reminds me of myself at that age. So the film was relatable for me. The movie is charming and funny. It's not the typical dumb teenage flick that are so often made. This one is well written and directed. I would see this again.
So Undercover 2012,  PG-13)
So Undercover
So Undercover was like so totes amazeballs. Actually, not at all. I actually only wanted to see the movie because I was curious to see Kelly Osbourne in a movie. She didn't do too bad. He part wasn't very big though. But lets get to all the annoying things that made this film so craptastic. Miley dear, I will keep hoping that one day you will make a decent movie and will become a better actress. I love an under dog. Jeremy Piven is Jeremy Piven. I don't really see the difference from any character he ever plays. He's a one note pony show. If that makes any sense. It's late, I am tired. So more than likely, this will not make much sense and I might need to rewrite it. But I am pretty lazy and probably won't. The only part I liked was when Armon was flying high on the cotton candy mountain flying on the unicorns tears. I know you don't understand what I just said. So maybe that will make you a bit curious to see the movie just to figure it out. But then again once you get a look at the talent that is lined up for this flick and see who the director is, you might pass just for that. I wish I did. But I had little people over who enjoy these Miley films. I was no match to their persuasion. They always win...
Deadfall 2012,  R)
Deadfall was so good. I really enjoyed this thriller. I loved how messed up Liza and Addison were. So damaged and insane yet sane all in one. A crazy combination that made them such interesting characters. The movie had a great cast. The legends Ms. Sissy Spacek and Mr. Kris Kristofferson turned in good performances. I love Spacek. She has always been a favorite of mine since her Carrie days. The woman can play any role. Eric Bana and Olivia Wilde did great jobs too. I went from liking Addison to hating him then to being kinda grossed out by him. He is a very messed up individual. Charlie, Charlie. How I love me some Charlie. Jay is an ex-boxer who just got out of prison and is on his way home for Thanksgiving when he comes upon Liza. They get stuck together for a night and things escalate from there. I really liked Kate Mara as Hanna. She was sweet and didn't let the bullies in her department get her down. Her dad was a complete asshole and I couldn't stand him. I felt bad for her. The film is a bit twisted when it comes to Addison and Liza. I enjoyed the story. I'd watch it again.
High School 2012,  R)
High School
High School isn't funny considering it's a film about stoners. You can't smoke enough bud for this film to be funny. There are only two reasons to watch this film, Adrian Brody and Michael Chiklis. They are the only two who give out performances worth watching. They both play over the top characters. They are the only reason I stuck with the film until the end. See it if you want. I wish I would have puff - puff - passed on this bad excuse for a stoner film.
Nicholas Nickleby 2002,  PG)
Nicholas Nickleby
Nicholas Nickelby was a film I was looking forward to watching since it has Charlie Hunnam in it (such a hottie). I love him in Sons of Anarchy. I haven't seen him in many movies though. I really loved him and Jamie Bell's performances. Their characters were the only interesting ones of the bunch. I think everyone did an amazing job in their parts. Well, besides Anne Hathaway. She was forgettable. To prove that point, I almost forgot she was in it until I saw her picture reminding me she was indeed part of the cast. The story really isn't what I was expecting. I'm not sure why I thought this was going to be a fun and silly period film. I ended up with quite the opposite of that. I didn't mind though. I did have a few laughs. It was all in the most inappropriate moments, which happens a lot. I got some annoyed glances but I can't help I'm a bit awkward with emotional crap, oh well. Smike's story is really sad and I think Bell did such a great job in the roll. The Squeers are awful people. I wanted to go through the screen and beat Mrs. Squeer with that spoon. The movie was a bit too long for my liking. I think it could have done without some scenes. Probably not something I would watch again, but not something I regret seeing.
End of Watch 2012,  R)
End of Watch
Ugh, so good!!! review soon...
Why Stop Now? 2012,  R)
Why Stop Now?
review soon...........
Bachelorette 2012,  R)
Bachelorette was not funny nor entertaining. I was quite bored and annoyed by almost all of these characters. Regan, Katie, and Gena are self absorbed and awful to their loyal friend Becky. The way they talked about her as if she was undeserving of marriage to a decent looking guy and being happy because she is a fubluscious gal is something I find really gross and petty. I'm not a fan of catty biotches in life or in movies (which is why I have a lot of guy friends). I actually liked Gena and Clyde when they were off by themselves. I think Lizzy Caplan and Adam Scott were the only good things to come out of the film. I love Rebel Wilson, but she was not used nearly enough in this film. It's not something I would see again.
The Substitute 1995,  R)
The Substitute
review soon.........
The Hunter 2012,  R)
The Hunter
review soon....
The Hunted 2003,  R)
The Hunted
The Hunted was a pretty decent action flick. It's quick paced and the chase never lets up until the very end. I liked that it kept it going fast because this film had the potential to be a sleeper otherwise. Tommy Lee Jones is comfortable in these types of roles and he's good in them. Another great job. Benicio Del Toro is still a fairly new actor for me. I haven't seen him a lot of his films. I really like him and I thought he was great. But I saw him more as a tortured soul in this film. You teach people to be a vicious killer you shouldn't be surprised when that's what they turn out to be. The fight scenes were pretty intense and well choreographed. Good movie to watch on a rainy Cali night.
Here Comes the Boom 2012,  PG)
Here Comes the Boom
Here Comes the Boom was a film that I knew my low expectations would be met with no disappointments. I mean, I like Kevin James. I think he's a pretty funny guy. I even took notice to his more slender built. He must have physically worked hard for this role. But it seems like every Kevin James film or Adam Sandler film there is all of these recycled actors in the mix. The films are basically made up of other actors they are friends with. You get a new face here and there, but it's mostly the same cast in every film. I guess it's nice of them to give them roles to keep them employed. But it gets a bit old. So does these unfunny films. I liked that they gave notice to how important the music is in schools. But all of the rest was farfetched. I laughed a couple times, but still the film fell flat. I only even watched it because my nephew loves Kevin Smith (He's obsessed with that damn mall movie he's in). It's not something I would see again unless I caught it on T.V. Well that and if my nephew begs me. I can't say no to him. He is my kryptonite.
Sinister 2012,  R)
Sinister ended up being a big fat dud for me. I was quite bored with the whole damn thing. Many on here have really liked the movie and have even went as far as to say it's the scariest film they have ever seen. Which I find hard to believe since my 8 year old nephew said, "Man that movie was awful!" after it went off. I'm actually a little bummed I didn't have the same reaction like those who liked it. I was really looking forward to a good scary flick. Instead I got some cheap predictable scares. I will admit that the story isn't too bad. I mean the whole thing is kind of interesting on what is behind the killings. But everything just seemed so long and a big build up to a disappointing climax.
Killer Joe 2012,  R)
Killer Joe
Killer Joe ended up being a pretty dark, but funny movie. I don't think this movie will be for everyone. It only will attract those of us who like these gritty dark humor indie flicks. I think the performances were the best thing to come from this movie. The characters are all a little off the wall nutty. Which is a common thing in indie films. There was never a boring moment. It's a violent movie with a lot of nudity. I give Juno much props for being able to have the courage to be so comfortable with herself to go nude so much in her films. McConaughey does a really great job in this movie. He is so believable as the character it's creepy. I love Emile Hirsch and he does a great job here as well. It's really a good thriller if you can handle all the quirks that comes with it. I would see it again. So if your in the mood for a disturbing movie with some dark humor and odd characters, this one would be for you.
Hotel Transylvania 2012,  PG)
Hotel Transylvania
Hotel Transylvania was a cute cartoon. I enjoyed all of the different characters. It had some laughs. Of course Adam brought in a lot of his friends to do the voices for the characters. I didn't mind it so much this time since I didn't have to see them. My nieces and nephews really enjoyed it and said that the movie was really good and is now one of their favorites. So I guess all that matters is that the kids love it since it is, in the end, intended for the children.
Rock of Ages 2012,  PG-13)
Rock of Ages
Rock of Ages was a complete silly, fun, good time. I had no intentions of seeing the movie. I probably never would have if it wasn't for my niece. This movie was her pick for the night. She loves musicals and plays. I on the other hand don't care for musicals. I try to avoid them. I've only watched three being Mama Mia, Dream Girls, and Grease. So going into this movie I knew very little. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. If not for the music and over the top acting I probably would have never sat through the whole thing. I know the movie has gotten pretty bad reviews, but I took the movie for what it was. Silly. I mean you can't take this movie serious when you see Tom Cruise in a thong with his package being covered with a crystal devil that has a long red tongue. Seriously! Who was the genius who thought that up? I kinda threw up in my mouth at that part. But I have to admit, he did a pretty good job in this movie. Him and Malin were hilarious together. I also about died when Brand and Baldwin started singing 'I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore'. I was in hysterics. I was completely impressed with Diego Boneta. The boy can sing. I thought him and Julianne Hough did a great job. The talent in undeniable and the singing was awesome by most. This probably has one the best soundtracks a movie can have. I am HUGE 80's fan. I think those who don't care for musicals might like this one. It is tolerable and funny. It is a film that doesn't take itself too serious and actually pokes fun at itself. I also enjoyed seeing some of the greats from the 80's era when they were all rocking out to "We Built This City'. It was cool to see them be able to be apart of the movie. I will definitely be seeing this again.
The Hunger Games 2012,  PG-13)
The Hunger Games
"I am one of the many who read the series. I liked the film, but I didn't love it. I understand a lot has to be taken off the table in order to put it on film and not everything is going to make it into the movie. But some of the things I liked about the book were left out. So that was a little disappointing. But I enjoyed what I saw of it. I do feel like some of the film won't make sense to most if they didn't read the book first. I feel like that is a fail for the film. It should have been made in a way for those who didn't read the book to understand it as well. I understand not eveyone is a book nerd like myself. :] So besides that and some scenes from the book I would have liked to have seen played out in the film, it turned out to be just OK for me."
Home Run Showdown 2012,  G)
Home Run Showdown
review soon...
Shaft 2000,  R)
Shaft is who SLJ plays in every movie. He is a constant badass in most of his films. I won't say it's a problem. I mean why fix what isn't broken right? He's good at playing these characters. They suit him well. I didn't love the movie. I thought it was kind of cheesy at times. But the action was OK and the acting wasn't too bad. It reminded me of a movie that would have went straight to DVD. I just wasn't impressed and it's not something I would see again.
Battle Royale 3D 2000,  Unrated)
Battle Royale 3D
Battle Royale has impressed many and is loved by a lot. I must have missed something. I liked the concept of the film and enjoyed some it. But I guess what really put me off was some of the dialogue and some of the acting. It was just too cheesy for me. I couldn't get passed it. Plus a lot of the gory parts looked really fake. I know they are but you want it to at least look realistic. It just wasn't a movie for me.
Catch .44 2011,  R)
Catch .44
Catch .44 was just a blah of a movie. Their isn't anything to love in this movie. It was quite unimpressive. The way it's told was a bit annoying and predictable. I like Nikki Reed in this which is unfortunate since she doesn't last very long. Forest Whitaker as Ronny was a joke. I couldn't take his accent serious. It sounded so silly. Even Bruce's character was over the top. I just found the film silly and forgettable. Nothing to see here folks!
The Escapist 2008,  R)
The Escapist
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This Must Be The Place 2012,  R)
This Must Be The Place
This Must Be The Place was a strange wonderful film. I loved Cheyenne. I haven't loved a character so much since Hesher. Sean Penn gives out such a great performance in this movie that I forgot that it was him. The story is unique and so interesting. I didn't read what the movie was about. I simply seen Penn all dolled up in make-up and had to see why. So I was really surprised where the story took me. Cheyenne is a washed up musician who has been out of the game for 20 years but is still famous and recognizable by most. He's kinda hard to not be noticed with his appearance. He has kinda checked out on life too so when the news of his fathers passing comes, who he hasn't seen or spoken to in 30 years, he takes the opportunity to leave Dublin and travel to find his fathers Nazi tormenter. The movie is one of the better independent films I have seen in a while. I really loved the cast. I enjoyed the music too. It really is one of those films that are only going to be loved by some and hated by others. It takes a certain taste to enjoy this strange yet intriguing story.
The Longshots 2008,  PG)
The Longshots
The Longshots is a predictable but enjoyable film about a young girl who just wants to blend in. She's a bit awkward and hides behind her books and is pretty much a loner. She would rather be left alone and seems pretty depressed about her father abandoning her. Her mother Claire works hard long hours and enlists her daughters fathers brother to look after Jasmine while she works. He refuses at first, but eventually agrees. He's not happy about the situation and she's not all that happy about the arrangement either. Curtis finds Jasmine to be rude, distant, and a bit weird since she ignores him behind her books. She doesn't care for him all that much either. She rags on him about his clothes and tells him a few times that he smells. Eventually they find a common interest, Football. Over the sport the two become very close and start to care a lot about each other. I am always more interested in the relationships between the characters. I enjoyed watching the relationship between the uncle and niece build up from being cold and distant to loving like a father and daughter relationship. Of course there was football in the middle of all that. Curtis helps Jasmine come out her shell by teaching her how to play football and by encouraging her to put herself out there. In turn she helped him peel off all the layers he had been hiding behind as well and become more than the smelly man who drinks beer out of a bag. It's a cute charming film. One the family could enjoy.
Lay the Favorite 2012,  R)
Lay the Favorite
Lay The Favorite was just an OK movie for me. I really love Bruce, Vince, and Josh. That is the only real reason I wanted to watch it. I usually let the actors I love lead me to the movies I watch. Unfortunately I wish it would have been in a film with a better script and directing. Plus the leading actress, Rebecca Hall, annoyed me to fullest. I am pretty sure it was her voice and her acting and her facial expressions. She just annoyed me all the way pretty much. She made it hard to pay attention to what was going on. All her quirks were just too much for me to look past. Bruce, Josh, and Vince are better than what this film offered. I don't see myself ever watching this again.
Red Dawn 2012,  PG-13)
Red Dawn
Red Dawn is another remake of a film made back in the day. I have only had the chance to see this version. I am not sure if it is similar or if it is of it's own story. Everyone seems to be in an agreement that the original is better than this one though so I will have to watch it when I get the chance. But what I do know is that the film in itself could have been better. I liked some of the actors and most did a good job here. But some were a bit overboard on the dramatic part and made some of the scenes come off a bit cheesy. The action was good. I enjoyed most of those scenes. I really didn't care for the ending. I thought is was just a bit messy and it made the film feel unfinished. I would probably watch it again if I saw on T.V. But it's not something I would buy or rent again.
Liberal Arts 2012,  PG-13)
Liberal Arts
Liberal Arts is smart, charming, funny, and well made. I really have like the two films Josh Radnor has put out. That being this film and HappyThankYouMorePlease. I think he did a great job with both films. In this movie Jesse Fisher's Prof. from college is retiring and has invited him to his retirement party. When arriving he meets his prof. friends and their young daughter, Zibby, who is a sophomore at his old college. There is an instant connection between the two. They meet up later on that night after Jesse runs into Nat, (who Efron did such a great job at portraying) who drags him to a frat party. After meeting they exchange addresses and decide to stay in contact the old fashion way, by written letters. After quite a few of exchanged letters Zibby asks Jesse to come back to visit her. He does this without wanting anyone to know because Jesse isn't feeling too confident about the difference of his age of 35 and her age of 19. So when spotted by his old prof. Jesse panics and starts rethinking his decisions and choices he has made. Jesse also meets a troubled soul named Dean. He sees how depressed he is and after learning about his earlier incident, he decides to be a friend to him. Great acting by all. I really loved Nat though. Zac Efron was hilarious and made his character stand out. I would love to watch this again.
Savages 2012,  R)
Savages was a great thriller. I loved most of it. The actors are in a wide variety. I enjoyed that. There are some performances that were so, so and others that really stood out. The two male leads are drool worthy, but besides that, they did an awesome job in the movie. I love Taylor Kitsch and have bee a fan of his since his Friday Night Lights days. The ones who bothered me the most was Travolta and Hayek. I thought they both were over dramatic and cartoonish in their performance. Especially Travolta. Blake Lively is another one who bothered me. I have yet to see her in a role where she doesn't come off bored and uninterested. It's like she's just a pretty girl they put in the film to look at. She is forgetful and a boring actress who never brings any worth to the films she miraculously gets roles in. But besides those flaws, the film was actually pretty good. I thought it could have been tied up better at the end, but still a good film worth seeing.
Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding 2012,  R)
Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding
Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding was a quirky eccentric film. Jane Fonda as Grace was the perfect role for her. She played it with such ease that it was obvious that part of herself was reflected in the character. The essence of Jane Fonda's past definitely comes into play with this character. Catherine Keener does a great job at playing the proper defensive attorney daughter of the free loving hippy Grace. When Mark tells Diane he wants a divorce she packs up the two kids to visit her mother who she hasn't seen in 20 years. The kids and grandmother have never met and are quite taken with each other. Zoe is upset about the divorce and confused by her mothers behavior. She is judgmental and can't see past her on views. She is like her mother in that aspect. Jake is more nonchalant about the divorce and really doesn't seem affected by it until you see the screening of his short film. Which by the way, was really good. It was probably my favorite part of the film. The film is basically about letting go and acceptance. I really enjoyed the film and I look forward to seeing it again.
noobz 2013,  R)
Noobz was exactly what I was hoping it would be. A mind numbing fun time. I have no idea if the movie is accurate when it comes to the gaming world because I am not a gamer nor do I know one. But the things I did love about the movie was how much it made me laugh. Blake Freeman and Matt Shively were the funniest of the group. The one liners really had me rolling. I know most aren't huge fans of vulgar comedy and especially gal's, but I do. I guess it's from having so many guy friends. So if you just want to have a good laugh minus all the seriousness and a movie that has no real point, then this is a film for you. I would watch it again.
Ruby Sparks 2012,  R)
Ruby Sparks
Ruby Sparks is one of the more unique films I have had the pleasure of watching this year. It's a really smart film and I loved finding out that it was written by Zoe Kazan. She is quite the talent. She and Paul were pure chemistry magic on screen. Their of screen romance melted well onto their onscreen romance. I love them together. Paul has been a favorite of mine for a long time and he does a great job in this movie. He never gets the praise he deserves in films though which is sad. This film is one of the many reasons I love Independent films. They always bring fresh and unique scripts to the screen. I can't wait to see what else Kazan does in the future. Now about the movie; It's a good look at how both men and women dream up the perfect person think they have found them and then get disappointed when they find a flaw. Once the flaw is found we try to change the person into what we want them to be. This is a perfect film to show that it never works. You have to love the person complete with flaws and all. We are who we are and we shouldn't have to feel the need to change one another and maybe if we just started accepting the flaws and imperfections within each other then maybe more relationships would last. Too many spend so much time trying to change their better halves instead of just enjoying the time and company of them. So let this film be a lesson to us all.
Django Unchained 2012,  R)
Django Unchained
Django Unchained gives out some of the best performances from Foxx, Waltz, Jackson, and DiCaprio. Yes I said DiCaprio. I know I have stated many times that I'm not a huge fan of his and I think he's over-rated, but he impressed me in this movie. But my favorite in the film was Waltz as Dr. King Schultz. He was so, so good in this role. He was quirky, funny, smart, and one hell of shot. The movie has a large variety of different actors. Some I haven't seen act in a while and it was nice to see all the different actors in their small roles. They all did a good job making the film that more enjoyable. The film is extremely bloody and violent. I think I seen more blood in this film then I have in any slasher movie I've ever seen. I'm not a fan of westerns, but this a Tarantino film, I had to watch it. I am so glad I did. It is one of his best films he has yet to make and one of my favorites from him.
The Samaritan 2012,  R)
The Samaritan
The Samaritan has to be one of the worse films SLJ has starred in. The script, acting, directing, and even the little bit of action was all bad. Then the big reveal of who Foley and Iris are to each other after everything they did made me absolutely sick. I was completely disturbed that Iris knew and continued to do the things she did with him. It's a film I will for sure avoid in the future.
The Sessions 2012,  R)
The Sessions
review soon....
This is 40 2012,  R)
This is 40
This is 40 was not as funny as I was hoping it would be. I did laugh at a couple spots, but mostly is was just OK for me. It is still fun and Mann and Rudd are still one of my favorite on-screen married couples. It stays true to how relationships grow and get distant. Life changes fast and sometimes those changes can completely side swipe you. Pete deals with the stress of trying to keep a family together through financial crisis and feeling obligated to his father and trying to keep the peace is obviously hard for Pete. Soon all of that blows up in his face and he has to face the reality of it all and try to fix things. Debbie is an emotional mess. She feels like her age is defying her and it is hard for to accept getting older. Then the news of new life really brings her emotional rollercoaster on some extreme highs. The children really don't make it easy for her either. The teenager is going through changes and just wants to be left alone with her devices and her obsession with the show Lost. The youngest is stressed by all the fighting and wishes things would go back to way it was. She misses her changing older sister playing with her and is kinda sad. I found the youngest to be pretty funny in this movie. I would watch this again.
Parental Guidance 2012,  PG)
Parental Guidance
Parental Guidance was a funny movie. The kids in the film are really cute, funny, and charming. It's a good movie for the whole family. The way our parents parented are much different then the way most parent today and this movie gives a great example of it. Billy Crystal and Bette Midler are some of my favorite actors. I loved seeing them together in this. They were a perfect match for the movie. Tomei and Everett are great as the up tight "share your feelings" parents. It's a fun watch if you get the chance to see it.
Red Corner 1997,  R)
Red Corner
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Return to Paradise 1998,  R)
Return to Paradise
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Silver Linings Playbook 2012,  R)
Silver Linings Playbook
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Future Weather 2013,  Unrated)
Future Weather
Future Weather isn't a film I had planned on watching. I didn't know anything about it. But when I saw that it starred Amy Madigan and Lili Taylor I thought I would check it out. The film has gotten high praise from the critics which is rightly given. The film is really well done. The story is about a young girl named Lauduree, who is in a really tough living situation. She has a mother who is young and a bit lost in life. She is flaky and unstable. Lauduree is one of those unfortunate kids who end up raising themselves. When her mother abandons her to follow her dream of being a celebrity make-up artist in California, Lauduree tries to take care of herself without the help from anyone. She gets a job tutoring thinking she can pay all the bills with the money. Soon she realizes that things cost more then she can afford and ends up shop lifting and getting caught. The cops call in her alcoholic grandmother, Greta, who had no idea her daughter has skipped town leaving her granddaughter behind. Greta tells Lauduree that it's best she move in with her. Lauduree refuses the idea not wanting to leave her project (her trees) behind. But she doesn't have much of a choice. I think Lauduree focuses so much on her project and Global Warming because she feels like this is something she can control since her life is so unpredictable. She just wants to make the world a better place and maybe find a place she belongs in the process.
Wild Cherry 2009,  R)
Wild Cherry
Wild Cherry is not one of those films you watch thinking it's going to amazing. I knew it would be stupid and have bad acting and bad everything else. But I was looking for a mindless brain numbing movie and that is what I got in Wild Cherry. It made me laugh a couple of times. The scene with Tia Carrere yelling out "PUSSY IS POWER", had me dying. It was just so silly and stupid. Then there was the part where all the girls trick the boys to strip, be blindfolded, and to stand under a water fountain while they blindly fondle each other thinking it's one of the girls. I think that was a great prank. So even though the movie was by far one of the dumbest I have come across, it still gave me a few laughs. I won't be seeing it again though.
Broken City 2013,  R)
Broken City
review soon.....
Mission: Impossible 2 2000,  PG-13)
Mission: Impossible 2
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John Dies at the End 2013,  R)
John Dies at the End
John Dies at the End get's one star for being original and creative. The second star for having some of the movie filmed in my home town. I didn't know this before hand. But then when David is leaving the police station, which isn't a real police station, I was surprised to see that it was Center St. in my home town. Weird. But the movie itself was really cheesy with so/so acting. It's not something I would watch again.
Peeples 2013,  PG-13)
Safe Haven 2013,  PG-13)
Safe Haven
Safe Haven was as predictable as they come. But I still kind of liked it. I have really enjoyed a few of Nicolas Spark based movies. But this one just didn't hold as much depth as the others that I have enjoyed. I really like Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough is growing on me, but I thought together they were cute and believable. The story is tragic and sad. You feel for Katie and the awful situation she has found herself in. The story of Alex is sad as well and makes you feel even worse for his kids. Who, by the way, were adorable. It's not the best of films, but still one worth seeing. I would probably see it again."
Moneyball 2011,  PG-13)
Moneyball was a huge snooze fest for me. I knew it would be. But against my better judgment, I watched it anyways. Why? Well because of the cast. It's been a few days since I watched this and I honestly can't remember much about it. I think I actually started reading sometime during watching it. I just couldn't get into the film to save my life. I think I was under the assumption that there would actually be more ball playing in the film then there was. I am no fan of baseball. I usually can watch the movies though. But usually they have a lot of play time and less about what it's like behind the scenes of the teams. I am more of a football gal (Go Cowboys!). Still, the acting is solid and the cast is really great in this.
Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son 2011,  PG-13)
Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son
Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son was a big fail. The first one will continue to be the best of them all and should have ended with that one. I laughed maybe twice and became very bored about a quarter in. It is just a mess of a film that felt rushed and under developed. The movie tried too hard to be funny and ended up just being another eye rolling sequel. Hopefully this will be the end of it.
Celeste and Jesse Forever 2012,  R)
Celeste and Jesse Forever
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People Like Us 2012,  PG-13)
People Like Us
People Like Us was a good movie with a great cast. The story was really good. I loved that Sam started out self absorbed to by the end being so open and loving. His mother and father really did a number on him. She is where I think he got his selfish ways. The fact that she made her husband give up a relationship and any kind of connection with his daughter really made me dislike her. I loved Pine and Banks together on screen. They flowed well together making is very easy to believe they had a close connection. I think Michael Hall did a great job in this. He held his own with these actors. I look forward to see how he does in future films. The ending was really sweet. It couldn't have ended in an any better way. It is a great family drama. I will definitely be seeing this again.
Playing for Keeps 2012,  PG-13)
Playing for Keeps
There are some big actors in this movie and that is one of the main reasons I wanted to watch the movie. But even they couldn't save the film. It's not the best movie I have seen come from the actors, but still not the worse. The movie is quite predictable and one of those cookie cutter rom-coms that I tend to loathe so much. But still, it wasn't eye rolling worthy so I have to give it a little bit of props. It's a cute film but nothing special going on here. It's probably not something I would see again.
The Dictator 2012,  R)
The Dictator
I was quite bored with this movie. It wasn't funny or clever. It was just annoying and stupid. I didn't intend to watch it but thought I would see what the fuss was about since it was streaming on Netflix. Still don't understand the fuss. It's just not my type of humor I guess.
Tonight You're Mine 2012,  R)
Tonight You're Mine
This movie was fun and brainless. I enjoy movies like these on stressful days. It was funny with likable characters as well making it that more enjoyable. It had great music to boot. I wish there was more music and that it was a bit longer, but still it was a lot of fun and I would watch it again if given the chance. I loved the two leads together. They had great chemistry. But my favorite was Matthew Baynton as Tyko. He cracked me up. So did Gavin Mitchell as Boaby, the creepy manager. So much fun. See it if you get the chance.
Stand Up Guys 2013,  R)
Stand Up Guys
The movie was a bit dry but I liked it. The cast is the best part of this movie. I mean you have three of the best; Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, and Alan Arkin starring together. You can't go wrong with this cast. The movie in itself could have been better. But still, I enjoyed it. I liked the humor and the relationship between Val and Doc. It was so sweet and funny. Hirsch was a lot of fun and was in some of my favorite scenes from the movie. I wish he was in it more.
Gangster Squad 2013,  R)
Gangster Squad
review soon...
The Intouchables 2012,  R)
The Intouchables
I fucking loved this movie. It is touching, funny, inspiring, and by far one of my favorite movies I have watched this year. I loved the story and the relationship between Philippe and Driss. Philippe taught Driss responsibility and gave him a home and a job when he really didn't want it. Driss taught Philipee to accept himself and how to live again. It is one of those films that leaves you all warm and fuzzy with a big smile. I will for sure be seeing this again.
Girl In Progress 2012,  PG-13)
Girl In Progress
Girl In Progress is a film based on a strained mother and daughter relationship. Grace is quite a mess at motherhood. She got pregnant young and was kicked out of her mothers house to do it all on her own. It isn't easy and she doesn't make it any easier on herself. She's not a present mother and leaves Ansiedad on her own a lot. She's involved with a married man who she works as a maid for. She hasn't made the best choices and I really don't think she knows how to be a mother since she really didn't have much of one either. Ansiedad has decided she wants to speed her teenage years up and go straight into adulthood so she can leave her mother behind. But when her choices start back firing on her she finds herself to be even more alone then she started out being. The acting was OK and the story was interesting enough, but still it wasn't great. I probably wouldn't see this again.
Parker 2013,  R)
Parker was a very bland action flick. I just didn't care for it. I didn't like any of the characters and the story was just meh. Jason has been doing a lot of random action flicks lately and I wouldn't mind them so much if they were actually good action flicks. He's great in these movies. I have no complaints of his ability to pull the characters off or the acting. It's the films themselves. The directing and scripts are bad. It's not something I would watch again. Plus JLO wasn't very memorable at all. Anyone could have played her part.
Offender 2012,  Unrated)
Offender was a raw, intense, violent film of revenge. I really liked it. Joe Cole plays Tommy Nix and he scary good in this. His quiet lethal demeanor really worked well for his character. When Tommy's girlfriend is brutally attacked and left for dead Tommy seeks revenge of the men that did it. But the men have been locked up for a different crime they had already done so Tommy does what he must to make sure he gets put right where they are. It's a great prison flick. I would definitely see it again.
The Numbers Station 2013,  R)
The Numbers Station
It wasn't great nor awful. It fell somewhere in between. I am usually biased when it comes to John Cusack films. I am and have been a huge fan of his for forever. In my opinion he never turns out a bad performance. He just has the misfortune of being in bad films.
The movie reminded me a bit of Wanted. Not nearly as good though, but still worth seeing if you get a chance.
Snitch 2013,  PG-13)
A pretty good action flick that gets bonus points for being based on true events. I thought "The Rock" did a good job in this. I am usually annoyed with wrestling actors since 99.9% of them cannot act. But "The Rock" seems to be that 1% that can. I enjoy watching him in movies.
The story is pretty intense and really puts you at aw that a father went to such extremes to save his son from prison life. Father, I applaud you.
It was nice seeing Jon Bernthal. I miss him in The Walking Dead. He brought the crazy and I miss it.
The movie is definitely worth seeing if you get the chance. =]
Family Weekend 2013,  R)
Family Weekend
Family Weekend was a film I decided to watch because I just wanted something to watch to pass the time. But even though it's pretty cheesy it still ended up making me laugh. It has a great variety of characters which made the family in the film one of the more interesting ones I have come across. Joey King was awesome in this. Her character has a love for movies and her character kept reenacting some pretty famous roles. It was a lot of fun to see such a young talent embody them. The movie isn't something I would have originally have ever chosen to watch, but it's not one I regret seeing.
The Ledge 2011,  R)
The Ledge
I love, Charlie Hunnam. I am a big fan of his acting and looks. ;} But this movie just didn't do it for me. The story wasn't twisted or mysterious enough for me. Plus the ending sucked. I was hoping for a different outcome. The characters weren't that interesting and lacked depth. I couldn't bring myself to care for them and for what happened to them. Terrence Howard's acting is something I still find hard to like. I don't know what it is about the guy, but he just doesn't do it for me. It was a decent film, but if not for Charlie I wouldn't have rated it what I did or even given the movie a chance considering the plot of the film. If you choose to pass you wouldn't be missing anything.
Straight A's 2013,  R)
Straight A's
It's one of those odd movies that are suppose to have some kind of bigger meaning when it's over. It was sad and a bit on the boring side, but still enjoyable. Ryan really pulls out the better performance in the movie. The kids do a pretty solid job as well. Not too bad of a film, but one you can hit or miss. It really won't make much of a difference. But I like Ryan, Luke, and Anna's acting and thought it would be interesting with all of them in a film together. It wasn't great or awful and I more than likely wouldn't watch it again, but give it a chance if ya like! =]
It's a Disaster 2013,  R)
It's a Disaster
Funny and quirky are the two words to best describe this movie. I really liked it. I loved the odd banter and all of the unique characters. I also liked the way it was filmed. It's not a movie that looked like it took a lot of effort to create. It kind of made you feel like you were a fly on the wall and a part of the story. I would definitely watch this again.

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