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The Courier 2012,  R)
The Courier
"I really like Jeffrey Dean and Mickey Rourke, but man was this movie just awful. I was hoping for a low budgest action film that would surprise me by being good. But unfortuantely, it was just a bad low budget movie with dodgy acting. I have seen much, much, much better acting and movies come from both of these actors. Not even their performances, which were not that great either, help this film. It is poorly directed, scripted, acted, and casted. Nothing I can think of stands out as being good in this flick. This is actually a movie I would consider people skip. I know I usually say see it, make up your own mind, but not with this one."
L!fe Happens 2012,  R)
L!fe Happens
"I have actually (when I was 20/21) been a roomate to a single mother and a single father. Yep, at the same time. She was my bestie and he was her cousin. Odd little family we were. So I've seen how hard; and I know how hard, it is to be a single parent, being young, and having to work. It's scary. I felt especially bad for Kim. Having no family to count on, I can't imagine. I also felt for her roomies, Deena and Laura. It is not easy being a roomate to someone with kids. You can't be free to do whatever whenever when you share a house with kids. Although they (the parents) had to grow up fast, it also makes you grow up right with them. Kim is a single mom just trying to do her best and feeling trapped while everyone around her is moving forward. The story iteself was OK. I liked the characters. I thought the acting was good and the movie had it's funny moments. The movie is basically about making choices, dealing with the consequences, and in the end, growing up and moving on. Not sure if it's a movie I would watch again. But not one I would turn off if I seen it playing on T.V. Worth seeing at least once."
Butter 2012,  R)
"What a fun quirky film. You never know what your going to get with an indie flick. In this one you get a butter sculptor, crazy stepford wife, a stripper, lesbian daughter (getting some lesbian action for you gals and guys who enjoy that stuff), an orphan, and a hillbilly car dealer. Yes, all in one movie. If that doesn't draw you to this movie like a fly to an electric bug zapper (I'm not going to pretend I know what those are formally called), I don't know what would. I liked it. It was funny. I laughed even more when they showed the blooper reel at the ending. My favorite being of Olivia eating shit on the bike. Good times."
Dakota Skye 2009,  R)
Dakota Skye
"It wasn't a horrible movie, but it wasn't that great either. I was hoping that just because the cast has some unknowns (at least for me), that it would turn out being good. But, it wasn't. The acting left something to be desired and the story itself was boring. I didn't care for the characters and I didn't care for the story. I did think the only one who did a good job in this was Ian Nelson as Jonah. Eileen Boylan over acted. So that's about all I gotta say about this."
Pitch Perfect 2012,  PG-13)
Pitch Perfect
"Seriously? Is everyone from the Twilight films musicians and singers? Anna with this, Kristen in Runaways and Into the Wild, Robert with the Twilight films, then Nikki Reed sings with her hubby, and Jackson has his own band as well. I feel like there must have been a lot of jam sessions with these folks while filming those films. I wonder whose next?
Back to the movie. It was a lot fun. I liked most of it. But there was plenty of eye rolling worthy moments. Rebel Wilson made this film. She's highly hilarious. I lurv her. Skylar Astin reminded me a lot of Dane Cook. That's who I thought of when I watched his performance. He kind of looks like him too. I liked Anna Kendrick in this too. All in all it was a fun, funny movie. Unfortunately the thing that bugged me the most wasn't even the cheese it served up, it was how they happened to put every funny moment into the trailers. It didn't leave much left to laugh at. Besides that, it was an OK movie. I'd probably watch it again just for Rebels performance. She's my kinda funny."
Premium Rush 2012,  PG-13)
Premium Rush
"I really had fun watching this. Loved Michael Shannon in this. He's such an odd man. I love him in movies. He brings a bit of quirkiness to every movie he touches. JGL is one my faves so of course I have nothing bad to say about him.
The movie was fast paced and had a lot of action with tons of chasing and plenty of thrills. I enjoyed it a lot. The story didn't suck either. Nima has a very important package she needs to be delievered, but things get out of control when a dirty cop with a bad gambling problem has other intentions for her package. The movie takes off right when it starts and only stops with the ending credits.
Lot of fun. Great action. I even enjoyed the directing. I would definitely see this again."
Looper 2012,  R)
"Sometimes when a movie gets so much hype, it ends up not deserving it. But this movie does. It's one of the smarter sci-fi films I have seen in recent years. The film has a great cast, I love JGL, Bruce, Jeff Daniels, Emily Blunt and Paul Dano. The acting is great by them all. JGL is transformed into a younger version of Mr. Willis, and it was a little creepy. But he was able to pull it off by adding a few of Bruce's mannerisms. The young boy, Pierce Gagnon, who played Cid, was really good in this movie too. He scared the hell out of me and then made me want to pick him up and cuddle and protect him. Great acting by that little guy.

The story is really interesting and makes you think. The time travel is nicely done and doesn't come as cheesy and cliche'd like in so many other films. I kept going back and forth on how I thought it would end and who I wanted to survive, the older Joe or the younger Joe. They both had good reasons for wanting to survive. But then when it ended I was still surprised by the choice that was made. It's really a great film with plenty of action. I would definitely see this again."
Red Lights 2012,  R)
Red Lights
"Red Lights was a good movie. Not the best, but really good considering the low budget. It also had a really good strong cast of actors, who were all really good in this as well. I enjoyed the story. Creepy, mysterious, and entertaining. I didn't see the movie ending the way it did. It was a nice surprise. I hadn't known anything about this film and probably wouldn't have seen it if I didn't stumble upon it streaming on Netflix. So glad I seen it. I would watch this again, if not for the story, then for the performances."
Hide Away (A Year in Mooring) 2012,  PG-13)
Hide Away (A Year in Mooring)
"I guess this movie was about moving on from a tragedy and trying to deal with that. But the movie was just not good. The whole thing seemed pointless. He spent most of his time drinking and passing out on his boat by himself and not talking to anyone. It was just a bit too depressing for me, which is shocking, I like dark depressing flicks. Just not this kind I guess."
Comes A Bright Day 2012,  Unrated)
Comes A Bright Day
"I was lucky enough to stumble upon this streaming on Netflix. It's a film that can logged under the following, comedy, crime-thriller, and romance. It has all of that going for it, including some quirky characters. The script is pretty good. The dialogue between the characters is the best part of the film. The bickering and bantering is quite funny. I really liked Craig Roberts in Submarine and he doesn't disappoint in this either. Imogen Poots does a really good job in this as well. They are my only purpose for pushing play on this film to start. But it ended up being a pretty good flick. I'd see it again."
Margin Call 2011,  R)
Margin Call
"I liked the movie. I thought the cast was excellent as well as most of the acting. I think some characters were not needed (cough, cough, Penn Badgley). I also thought the film was extremely boring at times. I only saw the movie for the cast and wanted to see them all act together. I think they all did a great job. The story is interesting, but it really starts losing steam quite fast. It's not something I would see again."
Skyline 2010,  PG-13)
"I have been on a roll at picking shitty films lately. I seriously only picked this because I wanted to watch an Alien flick. Again I have chosen a film with a crappy cast, a crappy script, crappy everything. I kinda liked the concept, but the conclusion was messy and unexplained. You never find out why they are there and why they are doing what they are doing. It's another messy crappy sci-fi flick."
Shoot the Hero 2010,  R)
Shoot the Hero
"The movie is dumb, silly, and sometimes funny. I don't know why people waste their time making these types of films. But here is a good example of a shitty film that has shitty acting and was a waste of money that could have went towards a decent film. Waste of my time, their time and film. Move along. Nothing to see here."
The Inbetweeners 2012,  R)
The Inbetweeners
"I love the T.V. show. Big fan. That being said, the film wasn't as brilliant as the show. The first half of the movie and the middle is a lot of fun, but near the ending it starts to lose some steam. I still found it to be funny, awkward, grosse, and entertaining to say the least. These four boys really have no shame. As a viewer, that is awesome. They really let anything and everything happen to them and own it. If you enjoy the show, there is no way you can be disappointed with the movie."


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