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Movies of 1970

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Love Story 1970,  PG)
Airport 1970,  G)
This movie started out very slowly, focusing primarily on character development and giving an excellent glimpse into the everyday operations of a major aiport. But once the action picked up, and the characters were fleshed out, it turned out to be quite entertaining.
Beneath The Planet Of The Apes 1970,  G)
Darling Lili 1970,  G)
Darling Lili
A cutesy musical obviously based on Mata Hari. Hudson and Andrews were good together and Edwards keeps it from being farcical with just enough of a serious undertone.
Krajobraz po bitwie (Landscape After Battle) 1978,  Unrated)
Krajobraz po bitwie (Landscape After Battle)
Overdramatic and much like a silent movie at times; often symbolic. but mostly boring.
The Lickerish Quartet 1970,  R)
The Lickerish Quartet
Surrealistic, giallo-like erotica (without the gore) that actually deserves multiple watches due to its symbolism. Ultimately leaving one with the message that life is a stage and all of us but players on it.
L' Enfant Sauvage (The Wild Child) 1970,  G)
L' Enfant Sauvage (The Wild Child)
An interesting story, but very clinically presented. The abrupt ending also leaves the viewer hanging.
Quiet Days in Clichy (Stille dage i Clichy) 1970,  Unrated)
Quiet Days in Clichy (Stille dage i Clichy)
Having attempted to read Henry Miller and been bored, I found this beatnik surrealistic story to be much more entertaining on film from an artistic perspective. That being said, the insubstantial plot doesn't allow me to rate this any higher than I do.
The Ballad of Cable Hogue 1970,  R)
Les Cauchemars naissent la nuit (Nightmares Come at Night) 1970,  Unrated)
Les Cauchemars naissent la nuit (Nightmares Come at Night)
Silly, overdramatic, and boring.
Cotton Comes to Harlem 1970,  R)
Cotton Comes to Harlem
It gets points for comedy and for being a forerunner to the many blaxploitation films to follow, but otherwise it's just silly.
Catch-22 1970,  R)
M*A*S*H 1970,  PG)
I thought the show was boring enough, the movie was just stupid. Horrible writing and bad directing/acting. Pierce and McIntyre are two of the most annoying characters in film history, and none of the others are much better.
The Student Nurses 1970,  R)
Roxanna 1970,  Unrated)
No plot to speak of.
Notorious Cleopatra 1970,  Unrated)

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