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The Best Movies of (2007) (*That i have seen.)

  1. paytonillustration
  2. Phil

The films i consider the best that i have seen from 2007. There are some of that year i have to see so it'll probably change.

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The Simpsons Movie 2007,  PG-13)
Zodiac 2007,  R)
Total film called it a masterpiece and i concur. In same vein as Finchers Se7en but Zodiac is based on true events and so much more expertly crafted in setting and story.

The setting of the 60s, 70s and 80s are or perfectly recreated. The tone of the story, music all gel together with nothing out of place in the slightest. Ruffalo and Downey as always bring there usual brilliance to their roles and the rest do a great job as well.

Zodiac is just brilliant from head to toe from the acting performances to the story itself. a must watch by everyone.
There Will Be Blood 2007,  R)
There Will Be Blood
"I hate most people...there are times when I look at people and I see nothing worth liking."

One of the films high up on my must see radar, a film released a good 6 years ago and iv'e only just watched it today - disgraceful. I should have watched it immediately because it's such a good film i'm finding it difficult to find fault at all.

Based on a called 'Oil!' it's a story of a mans ambition and need to progress by any means he deems fit. I found similarities in Flight with this - whilst it's not in the same manner or amount, 'Daniel' (Daniel Day Lewis) is self-destructive - through his ambition. All he cares about is his work and driving forward with his business he's someone not satisfied with what he has. Growth is everything. At first he seems a pleasant and thoughtful individual - meeting with clients and his son offering them something others cannot. But his true nature and intentions are shown slowly and come at full force when his son is deafened and sends him away. This is when we start to dislike him as a person and eventually hate him' 'P.T Anderson' masterfully toys with our feelings telling us when and how we feel about 'Daniel', he knows this and continues to crank it up as the film continues.

The second half of the film is better only because we know 'Daniel' and there's also some magnificent scenes particularly his drunk talk with his son at his house. 'Daniel Day Lewis' is quite frankly perfect as 'Daniel' not because of his name but he does such a convincing job and a well acted performance it's faultless. But 'Paul Dano' is also excellent - he's some way of Daniel Day Lewis but he's on fine form and probably should have won best supporting actor at the time.

'There Will Be Blood' is a powerful and thoroughly engrossing and dark film that i'm tempted to say is a masterpiece. 'Daniel Day-Lewis' at his best and delivers one of the greatest performances in movie history and 'Paul Dano' in fine form too. Widely regarded as the best film of the last decade and it's hard to argue.
Ratatouille 2007,  G)
The Bourne Ultimatum 2007,  PG-13)
Transformers 2007,  PG-13)
"No Sacrifice, No Victory"

Michael Bay hasn't made a good film since.....well ever. bad Boys was ok and it's sequel was acceptable but everything has been utter horse s**t.

So i was skeptical, really skeptical. When i first watched Transformers i thought what the hell? Bay has done not just a good film but great.

It's still lots of explosions but the way they're set up is spectacular but there is some plot as well surprisingly. It's basic and i didn't expect it to be for a film based on a kids toy - but it does the job fine.

The characterization may be a touch weak and i didn't fully care whether or not Sam survived but it's the set-pieces that make it work whereas big explosions tend to do nothing this time around the decent plot and sublime CGI on the robots that is hard to believe and still the best iv'e seen to this day.

It may be big and noisy but there is more to it than just that. The CGI is stunning and the plot is a nice add on to the big set pieces. Just a shame it's sequels are the typical Bay experience.
Live Free or Die Hard 2007,  PG-13)
Live Free or Die Hard
"Just sit tight, asshole. I got a check for you."

With the next installment of 'Die Hard' releasing this week i decided whilst this on TV to watch it. It also gave me a chance to compare the latest two better when i go to see it on Thursday. Iv'e already watched 'Live Free or Die hard' a few times and that's because it's a great action movie. It would drank second in my order of 'Die Hard' behind the original but above 2 and 3.

The reason why it is such a good action movie is because it doesn't get bogged down with cheesy dialogue, overly talkative villains who reveal everything and has a nicely simple plot. That's not to say the plot is too simple it's not - because whilst we know the villain is up to no good we don't know why. And that is the key to why it works it's not straight forward and not a case of 'Because he's evil he's doing this'. The film slowly shows his reasons and how he's able to accomplish everything with relative ease. If every action film used this as a blue print there would a lot more good action films today. It strikes the balance between action films of the 80s/90s and how they're done now. Yes there is a level of predictably the daughter for instance and the ending could have been better but it's not much of an issue.

Out of all the action movie actors 'Arnie', 'Stallone, 'Willis', 'Statham' 'Willis is by far my favourite and that's is because he's not just someone who fits the 'i'm a badass' role he's also a great actor. He's not wooden he strings believable sentences together and when he's in a rough spot spews out his characters frustration believably - which is the key. He may not be in a realistic situation as such but his character is.

Obviously the main purpose is the action, and it's solid throughout with Willis' improvisations like blowing up a helicopter with a car or using a car to run someone over inside a building. They're unexpected and even though i've seen it a few times i'd forgotten some of them - which shows how well they're staged. It's consistent action, then plot, action, the plot it gives you a small breather between each action set piece where we learn about the mysterious villain. For the most part it's proper SFX with action explosions and they're 100% effective but there's also some CGI which doesn't look the best since it's now 6 years old. There's only 2 or 3 CGI moments which confuses me why they're in there when it's used so little (which is a good thing.) - the only thing i can think of is budget. But it's a shame it would have been better without the CGI but some things are unavoidable.

One of the best action films of the last 10 years 'Live Free or Die Hard' is a fantastic roller-coaster with some mystery and a string of great explosive moments. It's not quite as good as the original but then again what films are - 'Willis' and the tam deliver another fantastic entry into THE best action series there is.
Persepolis 2007,  PG-13)
Rush Hour 3 2007,  PG-13)
Smokin' Aces 2007,  R)

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