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Movies I Should Have Loved But Didn't

  1. oingoboingo
  2. Dr. F

(CURRENTLY IN PURGATORY) Movies that everyone seems to offer copious amounts of praise for but i thought they were just 'alright'.

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A Clockwork Orange 1971,  R)
A Clockwork Orange
I understand what this represents but i'm still not totally enthralled by it, and i don't understand why people devote themselves to it either. I feel like i'd probably have to never have been exposed to anything similar to really be shocked by it, like it's not as interesting because culturally A Clockwork Orange is blasted in my face from every direction since the beginning of my time. Other than that Alex is definitely played perfectly and the story is of course great, i'm a sucker for anything totalitarian. I just wish i could get into the mindset of WHY this is SO brilliant...the clothing and sets are tacky at times, i HATE Beethoven and i'm not so interested in any of the characters, i don't really like the accents either but that's not their problem that's mine. Generally this is kind of boring, i accept that it's made an impact though.
Die Hard 1988,  R)
Die Hard
A great movie, it has the classic characteristics of any good action adventure. Though I found Bruce Willis's acting quite flat at the beginning especially with the dialogue but as soon as everything got going it was alright. I'm not sure as to why this has such a big reputation as being so brilliant, only that i found it generally average at best but perhaps i'm overlooking things that I would otherwise think nothing of. Alan Rickman plays Hans very smoothly but what's with all the weird hair styles with his henchman? I really enjoyed Die Hard, i hope to see it again sometime.
Eraserhead 1977,  R)
It was everything everyone said it would be yet i didn't think much of it. Not to say i didn't enjoy the wonderful artistry, subtext, the beautiful use of lighting for black and white and the ear bleeding sound effects. It just didn't grab me and some of it is quite flat, i wasn't all that bothered about Henry either. Eraserhead is unique and i appreciate that though.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind 1977,  PG)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
I don't know whether my copy was bad but the audio was terrible, especially towards the beginning...i couldn't really hear a full sentence. On saying that though the end was spectacular, i nearly shed a tear when all of those little aliens came out of the spaceship, it was definitely one of those magical movie experiences, especially as someone that has seen a spaceship from another world, the rest of the movie beforehand obviously had a purpose but i do wonder why people rave about it. That little boy is super creepy on his mini xylophone.
Life of Pi 2012,  PG)
Life of Pi
Stunning, very engrossing. Sad in places, i think i cried every time an animal died. I love the metaphors, enjoyed the more humorous moments and i'm pleased to have seen it. The reason though that i have only given it 3 & a half stars is because it's not something i'd really watch again, it's not something that speaks to me or has other qualities within it that'd keep me interested, also i felt that it could have had a shorter running length but to be honest i didn't get bored or feel like the film dragged too long except for the very end. So whilst i think this is great for others who are more into this kind of story, and i praise the craftsmanship that has gone into this i don't think i'd wish to see it in a while.
Mary Poppins 1964,  G)
Mary Poppins
I haven't seen this since being a kid, i always thought it was fairly enjoyable but it's another one of those movies where it just take SO FREAKIN LONG to get anywhere. I never liked the songs either. Mary Poppins also scared the crap out of me, in fact there's a fake trailer on Youtube of a horror movie version of this Disney effort. I don't think i'd have the time for this these days but perhaps that's because i can't be bothered with the damn telephone and chimney sweeping.
Up 2009,  PG)
So i finally saw the movie after all the hype was over and the theater stopped showing it and i have to say that i really liked it. It's so sad, sweet, touching and fun that i don't think i should try and put it down at all. I love the scenes in Carl's past, the musical score that accompanies them could make me weep like a baby. Russell is cute also! Whilst it is good i kind of lost interest towards the end but i think i'll have to see this again.
Thor 2011,  PG-13)
Thor was better than i had anticipated, he was never one of my favorite comic book characters but i definitely love the whole mythology. I didn't like Chris Hemsworth all that much but i don't know an actor that could have been any better. I thought the CGI in this looked terrible and that detracted my enjoyment immeasurably. Most of this i guess was kind of boring too but there were some nice moments. What gripes me is the fact that all of this Norse fantasy was at Kenneth Branagh's hands and feet and THIS is what he presents to us?
Skyfall 2012,  PG-13)
I loved the graphics at the beginning, this was definitely a step up from Quantum of Solace, but the story is abysmal, all of that just for an aging woman! If he was that mentally unstable then perhaps there could have been a few more manic laughs and psychotic chair rocking. The action is good, the actors all good, although i couldn't take to Naomie Harris. There is some humor but to be frank it fell short, only two people in the whole audience chuckled. CHUCKLED. I'm also sort of disliking Craig as Bond, he just doesn't have much charm.
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 1971,  G)
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
I used to watch this all the time as a kid, constantly making jokes about Veruca Salt's weird ass name. I also love the edible/lickable wallpaper. Gene Wilder's Wonka is also a little scary, he comes off as someone who's about to snap, a repressed man with a personality disorder, i guess he sort of does towards the end but seriously if you think about it, he's actually a serial killer with a chocolate factory house of horrors. One thing that i don't particularly like about this is the musical aspect, the songs are quite boring in my opinion and sound ancient but the boat scene is classic.

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