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300 2007,  R)
A Beautiful Mind 2001,  PG-13)
A Beautiful Mind
A Beautiful Mind is a beautiful film! There's not much to be said of it really.

The story is excellent, spanning over a period of many years in the life of mentally ill, John Nash, played by Russell Crowe. The plot with the reality and hallucination sequences was extremely affective, and well done. Also, powerful and touching.

The acting is fantastic, both leading and supporting roles alike. Supporting actors Ed Harris, Paul Bettany, Judd Hirsch, and Josh Lucas really give strong performances. Russell Crowe received an Oscar nomination...he gives a great performance, but it was the beautiful and stunning Jennifer Connelly who makes this film. Her performance as Nash's wife, Alicia, is of my favorite supporting performances. She's one of my favorite actresses. She definitely deserved her Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Excellent musical score by James Horner!

I think one of the things I liked most about the film is the emotion. Parts of the story are so sad, tragic even. I really felt for the characters and that made all the difference. There are some powerful and emotional scenes in this film.

Even though this film "stole" Best Picture from LotR: The Fellowship of Ring, this is still an excellent, near perfect film. Ron Howard brilliantly directed this movie, and it will most likely remain his very best. Everything about it is excellent...I love this film! I completely recommend this!
Amazing Grace 2007,  PG)
A.I. Artificial Intelligence 2001,  PG-13)
Atonement 2007,  R)
Simply stunning. One of the most beautiful films I have ever seen. A fantastic romance-epic.
Avatar 2009,  PG-13)
For sure one of the best action/sci-fi movies ever. It's so emotionally engaging, so mindbogglingly(?) epic, nothing compares to the epic awesomeness of this film. As I'm sure you can tell, I love this movie.
There are way to many people that simply "like" this movie and I don't get how that's possible. It's great in almost every way. Second, just becuase a film has similar theme and plot element as other films (Pocahantas, Dances With Wolves), does not mean it's automatically unoriginal? I see the similarities between the films, but it doesn't bother me. Why? Because this is a brilliant film. So what if it is, Avatar has created it's own little world when it comes to film. Nothing compares to the visual effects, graphics, and action. I don't think people realize that.
The best film of far. I would have loved to it win Best Picture. I really enjoyed The Hurt Locker, but when it was done, it was done. I felt almost nothing when it was over. Avatar gave me small emotional doses of what I experienced during the LOTR Trilogy. But I guess films like Avatar aren't Oscar material.
Also, I love Zoe Saldana's performance as Neytiri. The equivalent of Andy Serkis' Smeagol performance!
Loved every second of this film!
Batman Begins 2005,  PG-13)
Big Daddy 1999,  PG-13)
Black Hawk Down 2001,  R)
Black Hawk Down
Excellent, excellent, excellent!

In the same league as Saving Private Ryan, it's that good. BHD is not only one of my favorite war films, but one of my favorite films period!
The Bourne Identity 2002,  PG-13)
The Bourne Supremacy 2004,  PG-13)
The Bourne Supremacy
Certainly not as good as the other two in the trilogy, but this is still a really good action thriller in its own right. Great locations and awesome fighting sequences.
The Bourne Ultimatum 2007,  PG-13)
Bruce Almighty 2003,  PG-13)
Bruce Almighty
A good comedy movie! Jim Carrey and Jennifer Aniston are really nice here, and the casting of Morgan Freeman as God was perfect!
Casino Royale 2006,  PG-13)
Casino Royale
A total surprise! Not only is this a great Bond movie, it may very weel be the best Bond movie. Truly, a great film!
Catch Me If You Can 2002,  PG-13)
Catch Me If You Can
This film is so fun and nothing but a complete joy to watch. It's not your typical Spielberg movie, but it's definitely one of the most enjoyable. The cast, story, humor, cinematography, pace, flow, was all great! I'm thrilled to have this as part of my personal collection.

The performances were great all across the board. I'm not a big Leo fan, but I really enjoyed his performance here. He portrayed a wide variety of emotions and feelings throughout the film and I thought that he brilliantly executed each persona nicely. Tom Hanks is great, but is he ever anything less? Christopher Walken gives a highly overlooked performance as Abagnale Sr. He adds a tragic element to the story and gives the film a level of emotion that it easily could have forgotten. He gives a heart wrenching performance for which he recieved an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. It was also nice seeing Jennifer Garner in her tiny role. I had no idea she was in the film.

Of course, I can't forget my Amy Adams. This was the first major role for Amy Adams, and what a performance it was. She really holds her own against actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks. One of my favorite scenes in the entire film is the Hospital scene where we first meet her character, Brenda. She completely OWNS the stage. In her first 4-5 minutes on camera, she is able to make a huge impression on the audience. Her smiles, grins, and southern accent totally drew me in; it really is a brilliant performance. Yes, she is my favorite actress, but I really do think she gives a stellar peformance in this scene, and in all of her scenes, as well. She, like Christopher Walken, adds a level of emotion the film easily would have lacked.

The cinematography was good as well. As were the costumes. The 1960's appearance was very appealing.

Based of the true story of young Frank Abagnale Jr., Spielberg takes you on a journey that can't be forgotten. It is so fun and irresistable in every way. Great story, great cast, great suspense, great film. I recommend this excellent film to anyone that in for a fun ride!
Changeling 2008,  R)
Children of Men 2006,  R)
Children of Men
A great film! Very unique and interesting. I loved the action scenes, they were realistic and intense.
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe 2005,  PG)
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
A very good first installment to The Chronicles of Narnia!
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian 2008,  PG)
Clash of the Titans 2010,  PG-13)
Clash of the Titans
Very flawed, but the special effects were great. Also, casting Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes as important characters was a great choice. A decent film.
Crash 2004,  R)
A great movie! The thing that really stands out about this film is the message and how it's portrayed in a way that helps the audience relate to it in a deep and personal way. Each character is so raw, real, and flawed that the audience is able to see themselves as the characters, rather than the actors; this is one of the reasons why this film is so powerful and affective. I also love the way this film doesn't sugar coat the issues, nor does it beat around the bush. It gets right to the core of rascism in our culture and who we really are as people. The cast is just brilliant. Sandra Bullock, Matt Dillon, and Don Cheadle really let go of themselves here. Great performances all the way around.

This is one of the most touching and powerful films I have ever seen. Excellent! I definitely recommend it.
The Dark Knight 2008,  PG-13)
The Dark Knight
In my opinion, the best film of 2008! No doubt.
Dirty Harry 1971,  R)
The Enforcer 1976,  R)
Magnum Force 1973,  R)
Sudden Impact 1983,  R)
The Devil Wears Prada 2006,  PG-13)
The Devil Wears Prada
I'm pretty confident that I'm one of the only guys in the world that seriously likes this film. I think it's more than just a chick-flick; it serves, also, as a film about life in general. Great performances by Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. Solid performances by the supporting actors Stanley Tucci and Emily Blunt as well. I really love this film!
District 9 2009,  R)
District 9
This film really surprised me. I had high expectations, but I did not know this would be great. This film is brilliant!

The thing that caught my attention right away was the documentary sections. I did not think it could be so appealing, but the mockumentary strategy really sets this film apart from every other lame alien movie. It makes the entire story feel so real. Brilliant filmaking! For a relatively low budget, indie film, I was surprised by how great the special effects were. The action scenes were awesome, as were the aliens. I also really liked the gory parts of the film, it works. I was also very surprised by the acting, particularly by first time actor, Sharlto Copley. He gives a very strong and emotional performance that really carried the film and added a great level of emotion and intensity to the film.

This is an absolutely fantastic movie. Right alongside Avatar as one of the best films of 2009!
Doubt 2008,  PG-13)
Based on a play, also entitled "Doubt," the film unfolds much like a piece of theater would with the dialogue and actors all in the spotlight. It's in this way that Doubt ultimately succeeds. The performances are all fantastic. Meryl Streep is brilliant in the lead role, while Philip Seymour Hoffman owns as the Priest and Amy Adams shines in a more reserved role; throughout the film, I found myself anxious for the next scene where the 3 would be together because they had great chemistry. Also Viola Davis delivers a great performance, she has only one scene in the film but makes it count by stealing it from the great Meryl Streep. All 4 garnered Oscar nominations. The film also benefits from a really good screenplay. It is never too obvious in delivering its themes and topics, but the dialogue and drama is enthralling nonetheless.
Eagle Eye 2008,  PG-13)
Troy 2004,  R)
Alexander 2004,  R)
I wish I could say I was able to overlook the film's many flaws and say that it's a half decent film, but that would be a lie. Is this film really that bad? Sadly, and unfortunately, yes. This is a bad film; the pacing is horrible, the editing is atrocious, the performances are overly dramatic, the battle sequences are mostly mindless, it's unnecessarily gory, the story itself is unengaging, the direction is confused, and as far as historical biopics go this isn't one that all that accurate. All of these things combined with ambition could not save this film which is very sad and disappointing. The reason this film was so disappointing is because I believe this ensemble could have created THE biopic of Alexander the Great, instead we are left with this mess that makes us question the minds of those involved. I could go on for much longer about his film...
Antony And Cleopatra 1972,  Unrated)
Clash of the Titans 1981,  PG)
Facing the Giants 2006,  PG)
Fantastic Four 2005,  PG-13)
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer 2007,  PG)
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
I like this film, but I will admit that it's not of the highest quality. The story and acting are weak in this film. It's entertaining, but that's about it. I still love Fanastic Four, but this was unnecesarily bad. I would love a third one, but only if it's more like the first one.
The Family Man 2000,  PG-13)
Finding Nemo 2003,  G)
Finding Nemo
A great film! Only Pixar could take a story about 3 fish and turn it into a masterful, timeless film.

Finding Nemo is the film that really showed the world what they were made of. They showed that they could make an animated film that could compare to live-action movies.

Ellen DeGeneres is PERFECT as Dory. The best voice-over performance I have seen. She created one of the most memorable characters in recent years.

Also, the script of this film is.....legit. There were times I was laughing histerically at some of the things that were being said.

Nemo is great. Watch it!
Garden State 2004,  R)
Garden State
Garden State is such a great film. Zach Braff truly shows is talent not only as a performer, but also as a talented writer and director. A brilliant script, with smart dialogue in nearly every scene. Natalie Portman is nothing short of amazing in this film.

Absolutely fantastic film. I recommend it. One of my favorites!
Garfield - The Movie 2004,  PG)
Gettysburg 1993,  PG)
Gran Torino 2009,  R)
Gran Torino
Great film! Clint Eastwood is one of my favorite directors. Some of the poor acting in the minor characters didn't settle well at times, but that's one of the only negative things about this film.
The Great Outdoors 1988,  PG)
The Holiday 2006,  PG-13)
The Incredible Hulk 2008,  PG-13)
Inglourious Basterds 2009,  R)
Inglourious Basterds
A brilliant film that's one of Tarantino's absolute best. Some of the scenes run a bit long, but the sharp screenplay moves the plot along nicely. Solid performances. One of the best of 2009!
Iron Man 2008,  PG-13)
Iron Man
Great film! Marvel's best since Spiderman 2!

Ironman is an action packed, blockbuster movie that delivers on all levels. The special affects are beautiful and one of the best things of the film. The story is also highly engaging. Another favorite of mine.

Gwyneth Paltrow is absolutely perfect as Pepper. I love her in this film!
Iron Man 2 2010,  PG-13)
Iron Man 2
Another great action, superhero movie. Definitely not as good as the first, but I still absolutely loved it.

Robert Downey Jr. is great, and Gwyneth Paltrow is again, perfect. The addition of Scarlet Johansson was very nice as well.

Great film!
The Italian Job 2003,  PG-13)
Joe Somebody 2001,  PG)
Junebug 2005,  R)
Amy Adams is my absolute favorite actress and I'm so glad I finally saw this film. I really liked it a lot, and Adams is absolutely fantastic. She completely deserved he Oscar nomination, and if it weren't for Rachel Weisz's great performance in The Constant Gardener, she would have won Best Supporting Actress. But, her time IS coming so I can live with that! Truly one of the best films of 2005.
Juno 2007,  PG-13)
Completely deserving of the Best Screenplay Oscar......
"Sorry, I'm on my hamburger phone."
Love it.
Ellen Page is so brilliant!
One of the best films of the strong year, 2007!
Letters from Iwo Jima 2006,  R)
Letters from Iwo Jima
Clint Eastwood....he is such a brilliant director. He dared to take Hollywood where it had never gone before, the heart and mind of the enemy. With this film, he told a story that few have ever heard. Letters from Iwo Jima is yet another masterpiece by Eastwood and is a film that will proudly be among the best of his films.

The cinematography was something that really stood out to me. With the gray colors, dark setting, war torn scenes, gloomy horizons, a tone is established without even knowing the story. It shows the desperation of the Japanese. As the story begins to unfold, the emotions become present in the characters, emphasizing the tone and beautiful cinematography.

The story itself was absolutely fascinating. I love history and I've seen alot of war films, but this story was completely foreign to me. My perception of the opposing side was completely different than the story of the film. Eastwood brilliantly taps into the other side of the story, and magnificently captures it in this film. I felt touched, emotional, amazed, and educated while watching this film. Yes, it is only a film, but I believe much can be learned from the stories and emotions that come from film.

Ken Watanabe delivers an unmissable performance. He is fantastic here, as is the rest of the cast.

Although this film is very very slow, it is a fantastic film. One of the best war films, and also one of the best of 2006. See this film not only because it's good, but because of the story that it tells. It opened my mind to a whole nother point of view, and that's got to count for something. Letters of Iwo Jima is a brilliant masterpiece by Clint Eastwood. See this film! I recommend it! (Basically a 6 Star film but ......really, really slow.)
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 2001,  PG-13)
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
My personal favorite of the trilogy! A true masterpiece of a film. The pacing of this film is simply unreal. It's the best 2.5 hour experience available. It is developed brilliantly as we take in the beautiful scenery, story, and meet the characters. As a huge fan of the books, the characters were spot on from the book. Peter Jackson brilliantly selected every cast member perfectly. Gandalf, Frodo, Aragorn, Sam, Gimli, Merry, Pippin...they were all just as I had imagined them. The awesome ensemble cast from the large roles to the small roles were great. Ian McKellan and Elijah Wood in particular. The strong supporting cast, a cast of relatively unknown actors at the time, also gave good performances.
This is an masterpiece. Every second is simply golden. One of my all time favorite films. Definitely worthy of every praise it recieved! Absolutely love it!
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers 2002,  PG-13)
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
The third best of the trilogy. But, you can't say the worst of the trilogy because there's absolutely nothing negative about this film at all. The others are just more perfect. This installment of the trilogy introduces new characters as the adventure splits into different paths. We meet characters like Eowyn, Faramir, Eomer, which the supporting actors portray brilliantly. Again, as in the first film, the supporting cast really adds to the movie. The fighting scenes in this film are so epic. The Battle of Helm's Deep is so awesome.
This is a great, perfect film that adds depth, emotion, and character to the trilogy.
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 2003,  PG-13)
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
Brilliant! Peter Jackson has given us one of the of the best cinematic accomplishments of our time. It is the perfect ending to the world we fell in love with. The best thing about this movie is it's emotional power. It is one of the most touching, emotionally engaging films ever. The character's journeys have taken them to the edge of hope. We see the transformations within them; we see the desperation of their journey as it draws to a close. With the first two films and the addition of this one, we are a character. We experience everything the characters experience. When I watch this film, I am in Middle Earth. I think that is a sign of a masterpiece. It's incredible to know that Peter Jackson was able to create such epics films as this.
Million Dollar Baby 2004,  PG-13)
Million Dollar Baby
A brilliant masterpiece! For me, this is one of the best films of the decade. This is the film that Clint Eastwood will be remembered for. Such a great, touching story. Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman are simply stunning!
Minority Report 2002,  PG-13)
Munich 2005,  R)
An excellent movie! A little slow, but once the story and background information develops, it is worth the time because you're attached. I highly recommend this film!
Mystic River 2003,  R)
Mystic River
This is definitely a film that will have you yelling at the TV by the end. It's dark and depressing, but a great thriller nonetheless. It's backed up by a great storyline and an excellent cast. Sean Penn gave a great performance. I'm usually not a big fan of his, but he definitely deserved the Oscar. If you're a fan of Clint Eastwood films, you cannot miss this one! It's for sure in his best films alongside Million Dollar Baby. One of my favorite films!
Napoleon Dynamite 2004,  PG)
Napoleon Dynamite
One of those "so bad it's good" movies. Whether you like it or not, this movie has become a cult classic comedy. Unfortunately it also launched the career of Jon Heder.
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 1975,  R)
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Wow, just wow! A brilliant masterpiece of a film.

This is one of those films that can't believe I waited so long to see. From the first frame to the very last, I was completely amazed and taken in by the sheer brilliance of it all. Everything about it is stunning...the acting, direction, writing, emotion, conflict, humor, tragedy, realism, depth. It delivers on every level. It is one of my absolute favorite films of all time! There is so much that can be said about this film, but I will just mention one of the things that I loved, the acting.

The acting in this film is unbelievable. First off, Jack Nicholson delivers what must be the best performance of his career. Astounding in every way! The emotion, depth, and realism he brings to the character is outstanding. He is undoubtably deserving of his Oscar and proves himself worthy to be considered one of the best living actors. Louise Fletcher gives one the most memorable performances in cinema history as Nurse Ratched. At first I wasn't impressed with her performance; I found it emotionless, wooden, and boring. However, as the film progressed, I realized how fitting the performance was to her character. Even by being seemingly calm and emotionless, she still gets into your head. I frequently found myself hating her with a passion, but at the same time she remained entirely human. She, too, deserved her Oscar for her memorable and unique performance. The supporting cast was perfect. The film easily could have sunk in this area, but the 8 or so main patients all delivered a different aspect to the film. I particularly enjoyed Danny DeVito's role.

Jack Nicholson is perfect in this film, no doubt, but the performance that made this film for me...Brad Dourif. He gives a fantastic, unmissible, touching performance. He steals every scene he is in and really makes the film so much more. One of my favorite scenes in the movie, although tragic, is the second to last scene. It was at that time I completely fell in love with the film. He gives a brilliant performance and could have easilty taken home the Oscar that year for best Best Supporting Actor, but he only received the nomination.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is fantastic! I love this masterpiece and I recommend it to everyone.
Pan's Labyrinth 2006,  R)
Pan's Labyrinth
This film is absolutely fantastic! The story is great and unfolds in an almost effortless fashion with great performances by all the cast. They all were very convincing in their roles. The visual effects were stunning. Each of the characters were unique and intricate in appearance. This film is very dark and depressing, but beautiful without a doubt! A great movie. The best fantasy i've ever seen.
Platoon 1986,  R)
Excellent! A standout film for War cinema. Platoon goes where so few films do, the emotional side of wartime. The cast is perfect with so many great performances, especially Tom Berenger and Willem Dafoe, who both received Oscar nominations for Best Supporting Actor. A great story, intense action, good writing, and memorable scenes. A great film! I recommend it!
Pride and Prejudice 2005,  PG)
Pride and Prejudice
This film really took me by surprise, not by how good it was, but by how much I liked it. This excellent film completely took me in and I absolutely loved it.

There's really not much to say about this one. The story is great, and brilliantly adapted from the famous Jane Austen novel. The cinematography is excellent, as are the props, costumes, are truly transported into the era. The music is good; the writing is good; the cast is good...everything about this film is good.

Special mention must go to Keira Knightley Oscar nominated performance. It really was that good! She's an actress that I highly respect and enjoy despite the skeptics that accuse her of not being that great of an actress. But her performance here is proof of her talents. I loved her in this film!

Pride & Prejudice is an excellent film! A must see! One of the best films of 2005.
Pulp Fiction 1994,  R)
Pulp Fiction
I love this movie! I was hesitant to watch this film because, honestly, it looked pretty stupid. I was wrong....this is a great film.
The best thing about this movie is the script. It was perfect. Definitely one of the best screenplays ever. Each line was smart, short, affective, and hilarious, but not cheesy. I now know why this film is one of the most quoted films in history. Everything about it sticks with you. A brilliant cast also fuels the great script. My personal favorite cast member was Samuel L. Jackson as Jules. He was hilarious, definitely one of my favorite movie characters of all time.
Great film! Watch it.
Requiem for a Dream 2000,  R)
Requiem for a Dream
With a unique visual style and some amazing performances, Requiem manages to be one of the most effective films about drug addiction ever. Ellen Burstyn gives a stunning performance, and Jennifer Connelly is also really good. Right from the start you get the sense that the film will end horribly for these characters, but predictability aside, the film delivers a powerhouse conclusion that left me completely wrecked upon watching it. Disturbing, depressing, hopeless, and unforgettable, Requiem for a Dream is a really good little film from Darren Aronofsky.
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves 1991,  PG-13)
Seven (Se7en) 1995,  R)
Seven (Se7en)
Seven is one the best thrillers I have ever seen. Every second is smart and intense. I enjoyed Morgan Freeman and Gwyneth Paltrow's performance. This film has one of the best, creepiest bad guys ever!
The Shawshank Redemption 1994,  R)
The Shawshank Redemption
Outstanding! Brilliant! One of the best!
1994 will definitely reign as one of the strongest years for cinema during past few decades. Pulp Fiction, Shawshank, Forrest was up against some brilliant films. But this film is very special. It's touching unlike so many other films. With themes of hope, friendship, and courage, this film will touch me more and more no matter how many times I watch it.
Strong performances, again, by Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins. Great, incredible, brilliant, masterpiece of a film!
Sideways 2004,  R)
A special film, the kind that stays with you days after watching it. The word that comes to mind when I think about this movie is, rich. Each scene is so perfectly constructed and full of so much heart and soul; the characters are fully realized, well developed, and perfectly portrayed by an amazing cast. Payne's direction is brilliant, this is easily his best film he's ever done. And the script is fun, charming, interesting, real, and resonant.
Snatch 2001,  R)
The first 30 minutes or so were very hard to follow, there are a lot of characters, but once everyone is introduced and the story unfolds, the film is nothing but pure entertainment. Great cast, good characters, solid writing, and lots of action...Snatch. is a must see! Also, Brad Pitt is very good in this.
Spider-Man 2002,  PG-13)
A great film! Marvel's best superhero adaptation to date. This film, like the other superhero movies, is full of the things that instantly grab an audiences attention.....action, fighting, entensity, emotion, and story. Spiderman more than delivers in those areas. This film, unlike the other films in it's genre, has a perfect cast that makes this film more than typical. With leading actors like Tobey Maguire, Willem Dafoe, Kirsten Dunst, and James Franco, this film has a depthness that it otherwise would have lacked. Also a strong supporting cast with actors like Rosemary Harris and J.K. Simmons also adds to the film.

This is a classic film, one of the best superhero movies ever. One of my favorites!
Spider-Man 2 2004,  PG-13)
Spider-Man 2
Perfect! A fantastic film! Spiderman 2 is Marvel's best film! It's among the best of it's genre if not the best. Everything that was perfect about the first film the second exemplifies!

But, the thing that really stands out to me about this film is the growth and development of the story and characters. I think this film taps into the depth and emotion of the story. Sometimes films like this tend to focus on the action too much, but this film brilliantly taps into both, creating an emotional level unlike anything I have ever seen.

I LOVE this film. One of my favorites. This film is so underrated.....i mean yes, everyone likes it, but it is so much more. Brilliant!
Stranger Than Fiction 2006,  PG-13)
Stranger Than Fiction
This is one of my favorites! I love everything about it. This is my third review I have written for this movie; it's so hard to describe it and do it justice, especially when it's a little underrated.

First of all, the story is so smart, clever, complex, but all the while completely simple. The execution of it makes the difference, director Marc Forster did a perfect job with this one. It's different, touching, funny, and most importantly...thought-provoking! It really makes you think about life.

The cast is my absolute favorite thing about the film. I do not like Will Ferrell at all, nor do I like his movies. He's too over the top and rarely funny in my opinion, but here, he acts. He genuinely tries to portray a character, and he succeeds. He really gives a good performance, and to this day, this is the only film of his that I like and will confidently recommend to anyone. Emma Thompson gives a truly remarkable performance as the suicidal author, Karen Eiffel, who is plaqued with writers block. Her performance is so solid that I think she deserved an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress, but that's just me. I laughed at her, felt for her, and was even weirded out by her quirkiness. It's a well-rounded and highly memorable performance for me. Then there's the famous Dustin Hoffman who was excellently cast. Then there's Maggie Gyllenhaal, who plays one of my all-time favorite movie characters ever, Miss Pascal, a free spirited Baker who becomes the love interest in the film. It's hard to describe her really, but Gyllenhaal is PERFECT! A stunning performance that I will never forget. Also the small roles of Queen Latifah, Tom Hulce, and Linda Hunt are so nice.

The script is another one of my favorite things about the film. How in the word was this not nominated for Best Screenplay? I'm no expert, but the writing and script of this film is smart, fresh, and brilliant. There are so many memorable and quotable dialogue scenes, it's not even funny. Add to that a brilliant cast and a good director....everything falls perfectly into place.

Also the locations used in the film are perfect! It gives the film an indie feel that I absolutely love.

Stranger Than Fiction: a great, near perfect comedy film! Completely underrated, in my opinion. I recommend it!
Sunshine Cleaning 2009,  R)
Sunshine Cleaning
Released as a highly anticipated feature at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, and distributed by the producers of the acclaimed comedy, Little Miss Sunshine, everyone hoped Sunshine Cleaning would be brilliant. It is for those reasons that I think Sunshine Cleaning is not as liked as it should. I feel like because it was not as good as Little Miss Sunshine, viewers and critics unfairly judge the film. In doing so they missed out on a great movie experience. What I found in this film was a touching, emotional story fueled by a fantastic cast, and an indie flare that holds it all together.

The story was so depressing, more dpressing than I thought it would be. I imagined a comedy, but this film is most definitely a drama.

The cast was absolutely fantastic. Amy Adams amazed me as I knew she would. She's my favorite actress and she does not disappoint here. She delivers a great performance, portraying multiple emotions and experiences so much. She was so convincing and I felt for her character through the whole film. Emily Blunt also gives a fantastic performance as the sister. She experiences similar things as her sister, but still the character required a special approach, and Blunt delivers. The combination of Adams and Blunt is incredible...and they're both so cute. I can't resist the two of them together. Alan Arkin also is convincing as the lonely father. His character could have been more developed, but I thought he did a very nice job. Supporting actors Steve Zahn, Mary Lynn Rajskub, and Clifton Collins Jr., also work nicely in the film. Great cast!

I loved this film. I expected to like it, but I also was prepared for disappointment, but the movie delivered for me. I definitely think this film had opportunities to completely "hit it out of the park," but I still really really enjoyed it. I recommend this film!
There Will Be Blood 2007,  R)
There Will Be Blood
WOW! First, let me state the obvious, Daniel Day Lewis was absolutely fantastic. One of the best performances by any actor I've ever seen. He was so real and convincing, every moment was just perfect. A good performance by Paul Dano as well, especially in the church scenes and the final scene. I was hesitant to watch this movie because I've heard so many bad things about it, that it's too long, boring, and that it's pointless. I just have one thing to say.....all y'all There Will Be Blood haters are crazy. This is an epic masterpiece. By far the best movie of 2007, and one of the best of our time. My favorite scene in the entire film is the last scene, it really puts it all into perspective. This is a brilliant movie, you absolutely must NOT miss it.
The Usual Suspects 1995,  R)
The Usual Suspects
Great performances, especially from Spacey, a brilliant screenplay, and some excellent direction from Bryan Singer make THE USUAL SUSPECTS one of the most intelligently manipulative films you'll ever see. The plot is twisted and complicated, but by the end of it all, you realize you were fooled thanks to one kicker of a twist. I personally find the film hard to follow which is why I like it less than some, but the ending alone is worth seeing. One of the all-time great endings.
V for Vendetta 2006,  R)
V for Vendetta
Absolutely fantastic film! A modern classic in my opinion.

I love that we never get to see V's face.
Vertical Limit 2000,  PG-13)
Walk the Line 2005,  PG-13)
Walk the Line
Roger Ebert said this about the film and I completely agree with him: "The music is great, the drama is great, the writing is great, the performances are great, I love it!"

Joaquin Phoenix gives a brilliant performance as Johnny Cash, and Reese Witherspoon gives the performance of her career! She completely deserved her Oscar.
Watchmen 2009,  R)
I really like Zack Snyder so I've been wanting to see this for years. I might have been expecting a little more, but Watchmen does not disappoint at all. It's not even close to being perfect, but it certainly has MANY good things going for it...
We Are Marshall 2006,  PG)
The Wrestler 2008,  R)
The Wrestler
The Wrestler is an excellent film. One of the most depressing, yet utterly real dramas I have ever seen. Mickey Rourke gives an ASTOUNDING performance as Randy "The Ram" Robinson. He is worthy of every praise he received and i'm so thrilled he was able to come away with at least an Oscar nomination. Alongside Rourke is the stunning Marisa Tomei as the aging stripper, Cassidy. Another one of the powerful performances in the film. Evan Rachel Wood gives a stunning performance also, as much of the films emotional power comes from her character. The cinematography is top notch, brilliantly capturing the depressing tone of the film. The soundtrack is great. Everything is great. Fantastic, powerful, moving, memorable film by Darren Aronofsky!
X-Men 2000,  PG-13)
Marvel has certainly come a long way, but X-Men started it all.
X2: X-Men United 2003,  PG-13)
X2: X-Men United
A great addition to the X-Men series. I love that this film stays true to the original, but still maintains a unique identity as well. With many new characters, a great story, intensity and emotion, and great action, this film really adds to the series. Not as good as the first, but a great film nonetheless.
X-Men: The Last Stand 2006,  PG-13)
X-Men: The Last Stand
Not even close to the same league as the first 2 films. The Last Stand tries to do too much and appeal to so many people that, ultimately, it fails. It's entertaining and very enjoyable, but the story is too crazy and busy. The action and special effects are brilliant, but the storyline is very weak in comparison to the fantastic first 2.
X-Men Origins - Wolverine 2009,  PG-13)
X-Men Origins - Wolverine
This film really did not need to be made. An X-Men prequel? Really? With that being said, when I saw this film in theaters in 2009, I left the theater very pleased. It's not the best superhero/action film I've seen, but it very enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The action, fighting, and effects are great, and even the story is okay. This film barely fits into the stories of the other films, but overall it succeeds as a member of the X-Men saga.
Marvel's The Avengers 2012,  PG-13)
Marvel's The Avengers
If you have yet to see this film, get to the nearest theater right away...treat yourself to a brilliant film from Marvel Studios! It's that good...seeing it again in less than 24 hrs...I advise you do the same. It's awesome...
Drive 2011,  R)
Stylish and unique! One of the absolute best films of 2011. Robbed in virtually every category at the Oscars this year.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 2001,  PG)
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
A little lighter than the later (and superior) films, but this was a great entry for the franchise. Pure magical fun!
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 2002,  PG)
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Probably the weakest in the series. A lot like the first film. Highly entertaining and well-done!
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 2004,  PG)
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
I don't think this is my favorite HP film, but it certainly is one of the best. Alfonso Cuaron's direction is what holds The Prisoner of Azkaban together There are many brilliant sequences throughout the film, but there are also some moments where I felt the jumbled plot could have ruined the film, but Cuaron's vision and direction holds it all together and makes for a wonderful viewing experience. This film lacks some of the magic that the first films had, but the performances, writing, direction, cinematography, and tone are all spot-on. Really liked it!
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 2005,  PG-13)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
The turning point in the series. The Goblet of Fire is probably my favorite HP film in the series. I loved the Tri-Wizard Tournament, and I really enjoyed Brendan Gleeson's performance as Professor Moody. Voldemort's first physical appearance is what made the film for me; the film builds perfectly to a strong ending that really adds depth to Harry's character. Ralph Fiennes is terrific as the Dark Lord.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 2007,  PG-13)
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Great performances and a good plot couldn't overcome the fact that The Order of Phoenix lacks a strong ending like its predecessors.

I liked it a lot more the second time on Blu-Ray.
The Hurt Locker 2009,  R)
The Hurt Locker
I've seen this film four times now, and I must admit the first time I saw I wasn't a huge fan, but every time I've watched it since I've gotten more and more out of it. Stunning and amazing in many ways. A Kathryn Bigelow masterpiece.
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang 2005,  R)
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope 1977,  PG)
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
The best Sci-fi trilogy ever? Yes, clearly.
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back 1980,  PG)
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
My personal favorite of the saga!
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi 1983,  PG)
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
Does not disappoint. Fantastic!
Super 8 2011,  PG-13)
Super 8
Truth is...I didn't want to see this that bad. I only saw it because it got good reviews and the movie that I originally wanted to see (Green Lantern) didn't. I'm so so glad I saw this film in theaters! It blew me away and I absolutely loved it! One of the best films of 2011 so far.

First off, props to the kid actors. They were excellent, especially Joel Courtney and Elle Fanning. Sometimes films that revolve mainly around kids fail because of annoying performances, but Super 8 was very good. I thought all the young actors did a fantastic job, as did the entire cast, but this movie's all about the kids.

The story and pace of the film were also very good. The premise of the story is something that isn't entirely original, especially as of late, but I thought it was brilliantly executed by the cast, and director J.J. Abrams (Star Trek). The pace and intensity was constantly building as the film progressed. It would slowly answer questions but not giving away too much like so many films do. The film builds wonderfly to a somewhat obvious, but very effective ending.

Also the visual effects were awesome, as was the 1970's cinematography. Good musical score, too.

Super 8 is definitely the surprise hit of the summer! I loved every second of it, and i'm really glad J.J. Abrams was able to pull off another solid film after the near perfect Star Trek in 09. Super 8 = 100% recommended!
The Social Network 2010,  PG-13)
The Social Network
Wow!! This film is absolutely perfect! There are so few words to describe the brilliance of this film. The Social Network is a film that defines a generation; it is so real, smart, fresh....truly a product of it's time!

I was so hesitant as to whether or not the hype about this film was real. I mean, Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake, and Brenda Song in an Academy Award caliber film....? I simply did not see it. As more Oscar buzz and Best Picture awards began to pile up, I almost did not want to see it. I hoped that I wouldn't like it. I gave this film a shot.... I LOVED IT!

I have to mention the script. Basically, there is no way to describe the perfection of Aaron Sorkin's writing. So modern, real, powerful, fresh, truly is an outstanding script with each line and phrase packing such a touching feel to it. I also love the way it shows of the culture and society's impact on our language. It's a great depiction of the times we live in. It is no surprise that it has nearly swept this category at award shows. It soon will receive an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay. Simply phenomenal screenplay!

The cinematography is stunning also. The scenery, setting, locations. Perfect. I also love that Fincher included the usual darkness that seems to dominate his films. Very appealing.

The score is perfect also. So modern, fresh, and catchy. Again, a great depiction of the times we live in. Love it!

The acting is simply outstanding. Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake, Armie Hammer, Rashida Jones, Rooney Mara.....the cast is simply stunning. Each character delivers a great performance that adds a great deal of emotion to the relatively flat storyline. Justin Timberlake surprised me alot. I think of him as the NSYNC singer that's trying to become an actor, but he has some talent and it shows alot in this film. He is very convincing as the jerk, Sean Parker. I secretly wished he would have died or something, so he did his job. Jesse Eisenberg delivers also. I was unsure about what to expect of his perfeormance because I have only seen him in Zombieland and Adventureland, but he gives a great performance. Armie Hammer, too, gives a strong performace as the the Winklevoss twins.

The performance that steals the show, the performance that makes the film the brilliant masterpiece that it is....Andrew Garfield. He delivers one of the best performances I have ever seen. Stunning! Every scene he is in, a new angle of his ability and a new aspect of the character is shown. As the growth of Facebook continues and the tension between the character's heightens, his performance is the thing that holds the emotion together. I have rarely felt so emotionally attached to a character until now. I orignally thought Christian Bale was a lock for Best Supporting Actor, but now, I'm not sure at all. Andrew Garfield gives a perfect, brilliant performance!

Finally, this film is so much more than "The Facebook Movie." It's about life, relationships, friendships, growing up....Facebook is simply a tool used by the filmakers to tell a story that is relevant to our time. It is used perfectly and the story and film are a work of art that will be remembered as one of the best of our time, if not the best.

See this film! My ranting can only tell of a tiny bit of it's greatness! The Social Network = The best film of 2010! I loved it! Even though it did not win Best Picture or Best Director, this film will still be the defining movie of 2010!
Kill Bill: Volume 1 2003,  R)
Kill Bill: Volume 1
I really loved this movie! It was extemely exciting to watch: action, awesome fighting, blood, Tarantino dialogue. It is great!

Some things were definitely taken to the extreme, but I think it works here. I believe Tarantino is one of the few directors that is able to handle it. I could have done without some of the blood; it was a little stupid at times, but that's the only negative thing about this film.

From first glance, this film comes across as stupid, but that is not the case. It really is a highly enjoyable film.
Kill Bill: Volume 2 2004,  R)
Kill Bill: Volume 2
Definitely not as good as Volume 1, but still a good film. It dragged in a few places and wasn't as entertaining.
The Matrix 1999,  R)
The Matrix
An amazing Sci-fi/action film. Action-packed, stylish, but also unique and intelligent. Laurence Fishburne is a badass.

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