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*Movies I have seen because of Flixster*

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I watched these because of recommendations or high ratings.

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  SexiVixxEN's Rating My Rating
Flyboys 2006,  PG-13)
Excellent Movie !!! 5 STARS from me!
The Machinist 2004,  R)
The Machinist
Soooo Freaky !!!
Eragon 2006,  PG)
Surprisingly really good.Very good Special Effects!
Step Up 2006,  PG-13)
Perfume: The Story of a Murderer 2006,  R)
Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
The obsession of beauty within scent, I can't say anything else but brilliant... Very unique. The movie makes use of visuals to convey a sense of smell. You can almost smell what is seen on screen.Although Grenouille has an exceptionally keen sense of smell, he is only able to search for beauty but not to truly appreciate it, since he has no inner beauty at all. He longs to really love somebody and be loved but it turns out that only his perfumes are appreciated and treasured but never himself. At last he is devoured by the common people and returns to be part of the stench.
Perfume is a pretty original and cutting-edge movie. A mesmerising, captivating, and enchanting film. Whishaw adds such a simplistic nature to his character that he never comes across as evil, although his actions do.You will feel his characters frustration and loneliness, but are never so close his actions are justified. Check it out!
Little Miss Sunshine 2006,  R)
Little Miss Sunshine
About as real as it gets.Excellenet Movie! A must see!
She's the Man 2006,  PG-13)
Children of Men 2006,  R)
Children of Men
This was really good.Strong performances and great acting & Cast.The dangerous journey for this poor girl my God!!Amazing how it all ended up the way it did.I recommend this one.
Babel 2006,  R)
Very ,Very good,sad yet really eye opening.
10 Things I Hate About You 1999,  PG-13)
Fast Food Nation 2006,  R)
Fast Food Nation
Wow ,Ithought this was going to be kind of a lighthearted yet serious look at the "Fast Food Epidemic" in our Nation similar to Super Size me.Boy was I way off track.Very good movie huge cast,lots of familiar faces,The truth out there just gets scarier all the time if you ask me.This isn't for kids at all,there is drug situations and some fairly brutally, gory, scenes in the meat packing plant that kiddos don't need to see.But otherwise I very much recommend this one.=)
Lars and the Real Girl 2007,  PG-13)
Lars and the Real Girl
I have read quite a bit about this movie so I knid of knew what I was getting myself into.I was ready to expect the unexpected,Cause that what you get here.I would have never watched this by the way if it weren't for so many of you guys recommending it so please keep the recommendations coming.This is quite a different odd little flick,The brother in the movie will absoutely keep you laughing your ass off.The movie is much deeper though than the silliness on the surface and I think that Ryan Gosling is such a tremendous actor he nailed this character so well,He should have got an award I think,just like I think he should of for Half Nelson.Anyway ,when you are in the mood for some comedy,a few WTF? moments and a few moments of sad realization. You should give this one a try.=)
P2 2007,  R)
This was ok,it broke up the drama of the evening for me.It wasn't the greatest movie I have ever seen but by far the worst.All I can really say is this ever happened to any woman it would suck on too many levels to explain.Enjoy =)
Little Children 2006,  R)
Little Children
You know to be very honest,I don't think half the people on here really read these reviews.I know I do try to get all my friends and have watched several of their recommendations.So I think sometimes it is fairly unimportant for me to write these out.On the flip side in a year or two I guess at can at least look back at these and remember what the films were about right?This movie,Man where do I start with this??I am sad I waited to long to see it.I think alot of people and not going to like it...Why you may ask?Because it's everything opposite of what Hollywood hes diverted us into not appreciating anymore.No bombs,No gut wrenching car chases,no bullets.But for once in a long time a total breath of fresh air.So I loved the cast I always liked Kate Winslet since that one lil worldwide smash...God, what was that again oh Yes Titanic lol.I think she is a great actress,I am kinda new to this Patrick Wilson guy,Dont know much about him,but am wanting to see some of his other films now.Now the movie.Alot of people also wont be ready I think because of the content,Thick and deep folks.This is another Raw,In your face reality check movie.It explores everyday life in surburbia,with all the normal things that are really going on in the world.Some moments are chilling,Hauntingly real,You wonder what would it be like to be in that situation.Very thought provoking,Alot of sad moments,ones that make you wake the hell up and tell yourself that why we are out there every day wishing we were somewhere else.Or wishing that we WERE someone else,The grass is not always greener,Its just the fantasy that it might be.But the reality is this movie is a window to show you how life is life,It's what it is,and the choices you make affect everything.To love who you are with and your friends and family are all you really all you have when push comes to shove.Its a story about regonizing love that has been in front of you for a very long time ,but the distractions have veered you onto other paths,and you just needed one thing to happen in your life,a moment,A memory to throw your ass back to reality and realize what is truly important to you.Its a story of human just being human,through failures and triumphs that all we really need is each other.Ok I sound like a total treehugger now.You will understand when you see this movie what I am talking about ,I hope. Excellent movie Highly recommended! =)
Once 2007,  R)
Wow so what do you get when you take a story,A Plot and strip down and beat all the "Hollywood" off of it?Scary thought huh?Yes,Because then you are dependent oin2 things a story that can carry itself,and then actors who are convincing enough to keep you interested in that story.Not to mention I have never even heard of the actors that were in this before seeing it.However it doesn't matter something big came from something very small.This movie was likre the little engine that could It's like a present from your best friend that means so much to you,and is so dear,you want to keep it and hold it as close to your heart as possible.If you could just ball it up and keep it in your shirt ,or jacket pocket all day and just take it out and listen,and feel what is really being said here from time to time.How do you explain a movie that is so great and so full of passion,and explain,there are no explosions,no exciting 40 minute sex marathons,no non-stop comedy,but yet everyone should see this.I guarantee there is something in everyone's life that they are going through right now,This very day,this movie will move you,and hone in and kick that very emotion into high gear.I for once and kind of left speechless again,All I can say is the movie is Amazing yes,I say that alot,but saying it here is an understatement.Its beautiful its is simple,it's just like life,Enjoy this one,EVERYONE should see this.Men this is not a chick flick there is a story for you here too,I swear.=)
Hotaru no haka (Grave of the Fireflies) 1988,  Unrated)
Hotaru no haka (Grave of the Fireflies)
Absolutely Heartwrenching! I am so glad that you guys send me your recommendations.I would have never ever known about this wonderful movie without having my Flix buddies.Have the tissues ready was right (Alex) lol.Oh my gosh this is so sad.I was ready for sad,not ready ready for a gut-wrenching overflow of tears.A story about a boy that is forced into a parent role of his little (adorable) sister Setsuko due to the death of his parents.He does everything he can for her,but is so young himself,just does not have the life skills,or means to do anything.Through the many bombings they had lost everything it was pretty much the 2 of them with a few stray belongings.But his love for her was fierce,she was all he had left.I don't want to say too much more,but this is such a deep,touching movie everyone should see this.I absolutely recommend this movie be the very next one you see!! =)
Shortbus 2006,  Unrated)
Alrighty then!!! eh Hem.Next time I will do a lil more research before I just pop down and watch the next friendly Flix recomendation.Ok so no this isn't porn,but its right up there,and a lot of people I know would have not made it past the first 5 minutes.But because I am open minded I wanted to give it a chance.Not all scenes were for me,saying that there actually is a great story that goes along with this film.About real people,with real problems,and real sexual issues that are just trying to get their lives sorted out.If you can be open minded and know there will be guy on guy scenes you will be fine.If not don't bother,You will just get mad at me for not warning you.Have fun =)
The Business of Being Born 2008,  PG)
The Business of Being Born
A documentary with an eye opening look of the cash crop that should have NEVER been.This film shows that although we have moved leaps and bounds from the unreal barbaric Labor and delivery rooms of the 20's and 30's advancing but maybe in the wrong direction.In the U.S. it is no longer about what is safe and best for Mom and baby,its about get em' in and get em' out.Like a factory,and how much drugs are pushed on laboring women (whether they want it or not) to help speed that process along.I was really shocked by alot that I saw.Also this movie shows that C-section births are now more than 1-3 births,If that is not a jaw dropper alone.It's now become the norm to completely remove the womanhood and natural process completely from the mother of the birth experience.Anyway its been 15 years since I have been in a delivery room,and lucky enough with both boys to never need a C-section.Ladies,If you are pregnant or already a mom you will appreciate this film that none other than Ricki Lake has put together,very well done.You might even need a few tissues,I guarantee,seeing all those sweet little newborns will take each and every one of you right back to the moment you first looked into the eyes of your little one.=)
Fried Green Tomatoes 1991,  PG-13)
Fried Green Tomatoes
Another superior movie that has eluded me for far too long.I have always loved Kathy Bates,In this movie you cannot help fall in love with her character.She is the greatest person,would do anything for anyone,except herself really.Her underdog tone in this movie is very believable,so does get a backbone down the line but the journey is sad and funny at the same time.I also have loved Mary Stuart Masterson forever,this was a stellar cast of women,although this is not just a movie for women or your typical chick flick at all.I will also add this every once in a while to break away from the glitz and digitally explosive hollywood is a great thing.You take a story that is very special and combine it with such a well rounded cast you create magic.The amazing thing is,For any woman if you are 17-75 you WILL find some part of this movie or one of the characters that you can relate to,or are maybe in the same sort of situation,there really is something here for everyone,I am truly ashamed with myself that I let this one go as long as I have.See it!!!
Layer Cake 2005,  R)
Layer Cake
I really liked this one,reminded me of a heavy mix of quite a handle of other movies,Yet this was uniquely it's own.This is my first Daniel Craig film other than Casino Royale do it was nice to see him do something else even though still in the action category.Very cool,if you like the bumbling idiot lookout guy type thing and plans going all wrong,"accidental killing" stuff like that you will love this.For some reason I thought this was a Guy Ritchie film,It had him written all over it, just missing my man Jason Statham (sniff) lol!
Why Did I Get Married? 2007,  PG-13)
Snow Cake 2006,  G)
Snow Cake
This movie is powerful,,I am now a huge Alan Rickman fan him and Sigourney Weaver are are a tremendous force in this brilliant film.Why did I never hear about this movie till last week?I don't understand why this didn't get 10 Oscars!Amazing ,AMAZING acting on Sigourney Weaver's part as an autistic mother that loses her daughter in a car accident,Alan Rickman (not wanting to spoil anything) is there with her to pick up the pieces of her life. seriously this is a beautiful MUST see film,alot of very funny moments too.Oh,and I will never ever play scrabble the same way again,I like their set of rules MUCH better. SEE IT SOON! =)
The Kite Runner 2007,  PG-13)
The Kite Runner
I swear I don't think I have seen a more beautiful story about the true meaning of friendship in my life.This movie made me cry me eyes out.This is truly an amazing story ,so much so I will be watching it again before the weekend.I am highly recommending this one.
Maria Full of Grace 2004,  R)
Maria Full of Grace
Great film,a startling look at the Columbian drug trafficking trade.Girls known as 'mules' swallow these pretty big pellets full of drugs then deliver them to New York then get paid and turn around and go home to Columbia.I don't want to ruin anything but this is coming highly recommended,Check it out!
O Brother, Where Art Thou? 2000,  PG-13)
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Hot Dam!!! It's the Soggy Bottom Boys!!! OMG! This movie is too freakin Hilarious! This is now Easily slid into my top 5 favorite George Clooney performances.If you have not seen this yet you need too,Very soon!
House of Flying Daggers 2004,  PG-13)
House of Flying Daggers
Wow!! What a visual stunner! This was my homework assignment from my Flix Movie buddy and I am so glad I watched it,even though I already got an 'F' for the week =(.Anyway although I don't think it's quite as good as Hero,this was a beautiful movie it's got all the elements that the good movies are made of,Love deception,loss, oh yeah and daggers lol.Great great movie,If you have not seen this movie and have an appreciation for the 'older' tradition martial arts movies you will love this one!! =)
Oldboy 2005,  R)
A truly disturbing,action packed thrill ride.If you haven't seen this yet don't waste anymore time.The funny thing is every time you think you have this somewhat figured out,ha ha think again,Plot twists everywhere and a journey of a very simple tale yet very complex ride to get there.Just see it! =)
Le Pacte des loups (Brotherhood of the Wolf) 2001,  R)
Le Pacte des loups (Brotherhood of the Wolf)
Wicked cool movie.This was another recommendation from my Flixster buddy.Totally loved it.Great story its got it all,action ,adventure,fantasy,love,betrayel ,deceit,lol.Anyway if you are ok with foreign films definitely check this one out.GREAT fight scenes in here as well.=)
Choke 2008,  R)

Didn't read the book so again I get the edge of having a complete open mind on a movie with no set up pre-conceived visions of "How this better turn out or else".Anyway I really liked this movie,I watched it for what it was and although a very interesting kind of dementedly sad film in some aspects Sam Rockwell and Anjelica Huston pull off quite an original story.See this one for yourself and you decide.=)
The Big Blue 1988,  R)
The Big Blue
I watched this one last night.A bit long however the beautiful underwater diving scenes and dolphins scenes are breathtaking.Jean Reno is awesome in the movie and his character he portrays will either make you cringe or feel very bad for him that is so ridiculously competitive that he obsesses about the dives and almost pushes his best friend out of his life over it.Which brings me to the very appealing Jean Marc Barr the 'star' of the film is amazing. Always living in the shadow of Jean Reno and being put down his whole life is constantly trying to break records and also so fiercely obsessed not only with the deep dive sport but just the ocean in general that it nearly rips his life apart.Again a little long but very worth the watch.check it out =)
The Graduate 1967,  PG)
Good Dick 2008,  R)
Good Dick
Great film,I might have passed this up by slipping into my old ways of judging a movie by the title,lol I remembered I am not allowed to do that anymore.This is a great story though and NOT what you are thinking.It was sad at times to see Jason Ritter in this,he looks so hauntingly like his dad John,right down to the adorable dimple in his chin.He is gonna turn pt to be a great actor like his Dad was.Check this movie out you will see what I mean.=)
Amélie 2001,  R)
Loved it! This has been on my see it soon list forever.A film desidned to have the viewer fall in love with the story.I have never really seem anything quite like it.Its amazing what one random act of kindness for a stranger will spark off in another persons life.See this movie if you haven't already!! =)
Keith 2008,  PG-13)
Very good,I wanted to see this because I had seen that so many of my Flix buddies had seen it and loved it.Now I see why Jesse McCartney is incredible.Sad but deep down emotional and one that makes you think.How you live your life,your way or the way someone else wants you to act?Its great For preteen I would say on up check it out.

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    i think this list is terrific! she or he did a great job making it! flyboys is a pretty cool movie! but theres still better movies then flyboys! i love your list!!!! hey guys if you wanna look at mine my username is tfry11: thanks for the list!

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