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Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope 1977,  PG)
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back 1980,  PG)
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
How do you write a worthy review for a movie trilogy that means so much to you, that you keep returning to it year after year for inspiration and joy? The truth is I can't, for no matter how many adjectives of praise I throw at it, it can never do justice to the unparallelled magic found within their frames. Although "The Empire Strikes Back" is my absolute favourite, I have just as much love for "A New Hope" and "Return of the Jedi". Heck, I even like the Ewoks, despite being savage little furballs who nearly made a BBQ out of our heroes. I still remember to this day the first time I saw these amazingly wonderful classics. I was at my grandma's house and found some VHS tapes she had labeled "space adventure". Little did I know that they would contain the greatest adventure of them all. George Lucas' opus is every sci-fi nerd's ultimate fantasy. It wouldn't be fair to accredit him alone though for its spectacular and ever-growing success. If it wasn't for directors and screenwriters Irvin Kershner, Richard Marquand, Leigh Brackett and Lawrence Kasdan, along with the wonderful cast and special effect makers, they wouldn't even be half the movies that they are. Now, if only Georgie Boy would have left them alone, I would have been a content and sound-sleeping fan, but I suppose his alterations is something I'm gonna have to learn to live with. In any case, this galaxy far far away will forever remain my favourite destination.
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi 1983,  PG)
Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981,  PG)
Raiders of the Lost Ark
My love for this great classic is truly beyond words! As a kid, it was a moment of magic for me every time Indy in his iconic adventure gear appeared on screen. Whether it was narrowly escaping a giant boulder of death, or opening a can of whoop-ass when faced with some Nazi bad guys, you could always count on him to deliver some first-rate fun. And there couldn't have been anyone better to execute it than artisan story-teller Steven Spielberg. Nor any better music composer than the legendary John Williams, whose instantly recognizable themes are classics in their own right. Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Paul Freeman and John Rhys-Davies - there's not a single performance in here that isn't totally fantastic. So prepare yourself for a helluva good time. Because whenever Indy whips up some action, it's impossible not to stick around and watch.
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 1989,  PG-13)
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Very rarily does a sequel match the greatness of the original, but with "Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade" it all shines just as brightly. There's nothing I don't love about this stellar adventure gem, that tells us more of Indy's backstory and invites us to some of the key events that made him what he is. In the heart of the film, we also have the strained and intricate relationship between Indiana and his father Henry (played by a wonderful Sean Connery), that adds a bit of family drama to the plot and makes it perhaps the most emotionally powerful in the whole series. That scene towards the end where they rescue each other from certain death, is two incredibly touching moments, that I regard as among the finest in all of Hollywood's long history. The hilarious interplay between Ford and Connery gives it quite a humorous touch as well, with some of the most memorable lines of dialogue ever written for cinema. Nowadays, we'd be lucky to even get one such piece of extraordinary wit. The only thing in this film that can be considered a flaw is the awfully dated blue-screen effects. Easily neglectable, however, as you're having too much fun to be bothered by such trifles. Because in all other regards, this is pure adventurous perfection. A phenomenally entertaining entry, in a trilogy that never withers, but just gets better and more valuable as time trudges on (and yes, I'm saying "trilogy", because I refuse to acknowledge the fourth film as part of the franchise). Simply put, it's Spielberg at his very best and a masterpiece of which qualities I doubt will ever be re-created. Now, if only it could have ended here, with Indy and his friends riding off into the sunset. Then I could have slept really well at night, knowing there would never be any aliens to drop a deuce upon my childhood memories. But alas, the fridge was nuked nevertheless.
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 1984,  PG)
Alien 1979,  R)
Whenever I hear the word "timeless" I think of movies like this one. I mean, considering it's still scary, and still looks good after almost 30 years since it premiered, is a true testimony to Ridley Scott's brilliance as a director. It may not be my favourite among the Alien films (the sequel by James Cameron still holds the crown to me), but it's still one of the best movies ever made, in the sci-fi and horror category alike. I think I've seen it about 6-7 times by now, and I'm bound to see it many times more.
Aliens 1986,  R)
James Cameron's thrill-a-minute action spectacle is an impeccably executed masterpiece, that not only honors the original, but improves upon it. I have nothing but love for the first film, but in terms of sheer adrenaline, Aliens takes home the trophy on any given day. Epically entertaining throughout, it's the perfect union between sci-fi, action and otherworldly horror. There's just so much awesomeness going on at the same time, that it's hard break down its success to any singular component. Much the same way that Ripley and the "grunts" combine their resources in battle, it's the team effort that gives this film its golden and hard-earned glow. Apart from a first-rate cast who act their heart out at every opportunity, we also have the marvellous set design, outstanding special effects and a script as well-written as to put most sci-fi actioners to shame. It also strikes a blow for female heroines in cinema, with three strong and fearless women (including one brave little girl with some seriously impressive survival skills), who displays more cojones in the face of danger, than all the men in the cast put together. So if you're under the impression that this is a guy movie, think again! It's so unbelievably good, that I seriously doubt they'll ever make a movie quite like it again. They may get close, but there won't be any cigars. For this is the mother of all action movies, that is yet to find its equal. A no-holds-barred pulse-pounder, that serves up an unparallelled buffé of scares, excitement, suspense and cool dialogue. Or as Corporal Ferro would say it: "In the pipe, five by five!"
Alien3 1992,  R)
Alien Resurrection 1997,  R)
Alien Resurrection
Best known to the world for his wonderful gem Amélie, French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet was a rather unlikely helmsman for a project of this nature. I mean, going from flowery and lighthearted comedy to something as dark and gritty as an Alien movie, is quite the artistic leap. Even more surprising, however, is his success in adding a worthy installment to the franchise. I know many consider this the weakest in the quadrilogy - and yes, it does get a little cheesy and over the top at times - but all in all, I think it's a great and underrated installment. Having Ripley resurrected through the magic of cloning, may be a cheap way to return her to the story, but I'd rather see her present in the film, than not at all. Backed up by some really memorable supporting characters - including a half-crazy Ron Perlman and the equally exceptional Brad Dourif - it's quite the wild space ride, filled with excitement, badassery and skin-crawling close encounters. That being established, I don't really care what they critics say. Because this is a highly entertaining sequel that more than meets my requirements for a fun and action-packed evening.
Ghostbusters 1984,  PG)
There are a lot of reasons to love the 80's and this is one of them. After seeing it now for the umpteenth time, it's still as ingeniously funny as ever. Some of the special effects may look a little dated compared to what we're spoiled with today, but it doesn't really matter as it's all conceived in such tongue-in-cheek fun. If you for one reason or another haven't seen it yet, make sure you do, because this movie is a total blast and the perfect marriage between sci-fi and high-concept comedy.

"We came. We saw. We kicked its ass."
300 2007,  R)
Visually stunning and 2 hours of solid entertainment. Lacks a bit in story and dialogue, but then again its meant to be visual candy :-) Best movie of 2007 so far
Family Guy - Blue Harvest 2008,  Unrated)

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