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Matrimonio all'Italiana (Marriage Italian Style) 1964,  Unrated)
Divorzio all'Italiana (Divorce Italian Style) 1962,  Unrated)
Revolutionary Road 2008,  R)
Scener ur ett šktenskap (Scenes from a Marriage) 1974,  PG)
Scener ur ett šktenskap (Scenes from a Marriage)
Very complicated movie to watch. It is hard, long, and intense. But is a great effort that is worth to watch, by far. It is full of content, analytical, gets psychologically inside the characters. In the same way Ibsen analyzed the role of woman in Scandinavian society in its time, Bergman has dissect marriage and the attitudes of men and women (incredible analysis of the development of a woman in the middle of the movie), their contradictions, mistakes, what they look for, their selfish way to act, insecurities, problems, forms in which they spoil what they have, etc... All this is supported by strong, well-profiled actings from the two main actors, which make a outstanding role. It is history from a generation, or from the generations of First-World countries who acquired comfort but lost their happiness and discovered they were not nice and did not get what they wanted, if they could ever get it. Great work.
Blue Valentine 2010,  R)
Blue Valentine
Really depressing story about a broken relationship. Nothing really bad done, nothing really original, just the good and the bad moments in a classic low-class US family, so, don't expect for such a more elaborated drama as in Revolutionary Road. Not even high-voltage sex scenes as it was said, just a story of two people that met together and in a certain moment, it doesn't work. I expected a little more.
The Beaver 2011,  PG-13)
Normal 2003,  Unrated)
El Coronel no Tiene Quien le Escriba 1999,  Unrated)
How to Murder Your Wife 1965,  Unrated)
Adam's Rib 1949,  Unrated)

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