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Enter the Void (Soudain le vide) 2010,  Unrated)
Enter the Void (Soudain le vide)
With its visceral, "trippy" imagery, Enter the Void is an undoubtedly ambitious film; however, after a while it starts to become relentlessly repetitive. Eventually, it seems as if you are waiting for it to peak, and it never does. When the film finally comes to a close, it offers sub-par satisfaction.
Oldboy 2005,  R)
A skillfully made story of revenge. Chan Wook Park is an excellent director and the dark tone throughout makes for a movie that you will not forget.
The Matrix 1999,  R)
Mulholland Drive 2001,  R)
Mulholland Drive
Endlessly watchable.
Rashômon (Rashomon) (In the Woods) 1951,  Unrated)
Rashômon (Rashomon) (In the Woods)
It's easy to see why Kurosawa is so revered. With its excellent direction, wonderful acting, and a great story, Rashomon is something that can truly stand the test of time.
Fargo 1996,  R)
A powerful story with great performances. Fargo is an unforgettable film filled with bleak winter cinematography and a great score.
There Will Be Blood 2007,  R)
There Will Be Blood
Flawless directing along with amazing performances from Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Dano make for an amazing film.
Donnie Darko 2001,  R)
Being John Malkovich 1999,  R)
Being John Malkovich
When Charlie Kaufman's peculiar writing combines with Spike Jonze's directing, the result is a truly unique movie. Add that to the great performances by John Malkovich, John Cusack, and virtually everyone else in the cast, and the product is an unforgettable film.
Amélie 2001,  R)
A beautifully colorful film, both visually and dramatically.
Magnolia 1999,  R)
Paul Thomas Anderson skillfully intertwines the stories of several different characters in this great story of forgiveness.
Run Lola Run (Lola rennt) 1999,  R)
Requiem for a Dream 2000,  R)
Requiem for a Dream
Undeniably powerful. Emotionally riveting performances and wonderful direction makes for one incredibly intense story.
Apocalypse Now 1979,  R)
Blade Runner 1982,  R)
Minority Report 2002,  PG-13)
District 9 2009,  R)
District 9
Puts transformers to shame.
The Dark Knight 2008,  PG-13)
8 1/2 1963,  Unrated)
8 1/2
A flawlessly directed film. The story of a movie director who tries to make a film influenced by his own broken life, 8 1/2 is an excellent piece of cinema. We are allowed inside the mind of Guido and we see his flaws and how he finds his way to what he truly needs.
Hour of the Wolf (Vargtimmen) 1968,  Unrated)
Hour of the Wolf (Vargtimmen)
Despite its old age, Hour of the Wolf is significantly more frightening than most (if not all) current horror films.
Eraserhead 1977,  R)
It seems for David Lynch that the first time is the charm. One of the strangest movies you'll ever see, Eraserhead is a wonderfully shot surrealistic story that is undoubtedly interesting.
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street 2007,  R)
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Beautifully dark.
Drunken Angel 1948,  Unrated)
Drunken Angel
A brilliant masterpiece. Kurosawa's breakthrough film is something that must be seen by anyone and everyone.
Weekend (Week End) 1967,  Unrated)
Weekend (Week End)
Ambitious, unique and quite strange. Weekend combines history with the apocalypse and political satire. Undoubtedly one of Godard's best.
Chungking Express 1996,  PG-13)
Chungking Express
A wonderful film. Some may find the ending unsatisfying, but Chungking Express is endlessly watchable, and it's one of my favorites to date.
Fallen Angels 1995,  Unrated)
Fallen Angels
It's strange, it's unique, but most of all it's incredibly enjoyable. Wong Kar-Wai's skillfully crafted Fallen Angels is a colorful journey through the night lives of several Hong Kong citizens, and it leaves its audience feeling glad they stayed along for the entire ride.
The Element of Crime 1984,  Unrated)
The Element of Crime
Murky but beautiful. Lars Von Trier's first feature is a beautifully shot take on noire film.

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